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Margaret Costello • 8 months ago

God bless this wonderful priest! Keep fighting, Father Clovis! May Our Lady send her angels to help you lead souls back to Our Lord:+) Tradition and Truth...mixed with courage and love...are the weapons we need for this day and age. God bless you Father Clovis!

Melissa H • 9 months ago

Wow, I'm flabbergasted by this talk from this holy priest! God bless you Fr. Clovis. If Holy Mother Church had more priests like him we'd all be so blessed. This is a priest who is living his vocation to the fullest. Saving souls, and not leading them astray. Thanks Mr. Matt for this wonderful, awe inspiring interview. Yes, devotion to our Blessed Virgin Mary, mother to us all. Wear your Brown Scapulars, practice the Five First Saturdays, say the Rosary, pray for the Pope and hold tight to your loved ones, while attending the TLM; The Most Beautiful Thing this Side of Heaven.

RedRobin • 9 months ago

Very nice video. What a blessed priest! Can anyone identify the Ave Maria composition that was the lead in and trailer to the talk?

RedRobin • 9 months ago

Very nice video. What a blessed priest! Can anyone identify the Ave Maria composition that was the lead in and trailer to the talk?

Guest • 9 months ago
David M.Lord • 9 months ago

Bravo, Fr.Linus!

Suriani • 9 months ago

Father Clovis is a model of Catholic priesthood. What a pope he would make!
Such a contrast to this piece of oecumenical nonsense which HH Pope Francis seems to inspire.

David M.Lord • 9 months ago


Suriani • 9 months ago

On the saintpauldenver site the following encapsulates the consequences of the Bergoglio messy church.

What Do Roman Catholics Believe?
The Basics
Catholics agree with Lutherans on all fundamental Christian beliefs—the Holy Trinity; the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; the simultaneous nature of Christ as fully man and fully God in all things but sin; in the Father; and in the Holy Spirit. One of the most important recent confessions of the Roman Catholic Church can be found in the Augsburg Accord, signed together with the Lutheran World Federation in 1999. It shows that what once separated the Roman Catholic expression from the Lutheran expression of Christianity separates them no more: salvation comes by faith alone (a gift), and not by works.
Apparently the heresiarch Luther got it right after all!

Mortie121 • 9 months ago

You are mistaken. The Church has always taught that salvation comes from Jesus. At the same time, we ARE REQUIRED TO respond with an ACTIVE FAITH.

Don't believe me? Check the Bible for yourself. The only place where the words "faith alone" appear together in the Bible is in the book of James. ("Even the demons believe...")

Fatimagirl • 9 months ago

Be not fooled by what this website claims to be true about the Catholic Faith! It is so watered-down in its attempt to synthesize Catholic and Protestant belief. This is a "cancerous cell" in the body, inspired by Francis. It is just like the attempt to admit Protestants to Holy Communion. All these “fresh cells" being added without true conversion to the traditional Catholic Faith are malignant cancerous cells, which will destroy the Catholic Faith even more than has already happened! Protestants are, by definition, "a la carte" Christians, who chop up and discard various teachings of the Catholic Faith based upon their own feelings and whims! They do not accept with obedient and Catholic Faith all the doctrines and dogmas of the Catholic Faith. So, in addition to the fact that they have not gone to Confession before receiving the Lord in Holy Communion, they most probably deny the Immaculate Conception, the Perpetual Virginity of Our Lady, Her Glorious Assumption, Our Lady's Mediation of Grace, the intercession of the Saints -- and some even deny the Virginal Birth and Conception of Our Lord, Jesus Christ! There are also those who deny the Lord's physical Resurrection! In short, the varieties of cancerous cells that would be admitted is astronomical, since each Protestant is, by definition, a "law" unto himself or herself. To allow such deviants from the Catholic Faith to "enter" or "comingle with" the Mystical Body of Christ on earth is the final death blow to many remaining faithful Catholics, who are already totally confused about what it means to be Catholic. Additionally, what sort of sacrilege would be going on in such a mixed community of Protestants and Catholics as regards the Holy Eucharist! Protestants, by definition, deny transubstantiation! This is also another reason why Protestants cannot be admitted to Holy Communion in the Catholic Church, without first converting to the Catholic Faith. We are living through the chastisement Our Lady warned about in the 3rd Secret of Fatima. The Great Apostasy has begun - and it is coming down upon the Catholic people from the top!

Pray your Rosary, daily, my friends! Only, She, the Lady of the Rosary, can save us!

standfortheFaith • 9 months ago

Bravo, Fatimagirl!!

Timothy Strang • 9 months ago

I think that the Lutherans and Catholics agreed that salvation comes to us by grace

NDaniels • 9 months ago

Lutherans deny that God, The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity, Is The Author of Love, of Life, and of Marriage, rendering onto Caesar what belongs to God.

Gint • 9 months ago

Just checked myself and confirmed that. Also, this gem, "...and we regret actions and attitudes throughout the Church that may have inhibited or prevented access to Word and Sacrament because of age, race, socio-economic or marital status physical or mental capacities, gender identity, or sexual orientation...."

Because apparently the Catholic Church has been the most cruel regressive, oppressive unforgiving organization in history.

Suriani • 9 months ago

You have understood the tenor of my comment, unlike some, and detected the distortion of Catholic teaching that stalks the syncretic, liberal, fuzzy NuChurch.
The Catholic priest involved in this is probably ‘renegade’. LGBTQI etc interests may also be the driver of this congregation.
The official Vatican softening on Luther and his heresies in the name of cozy, pink and fluffy oecumenism gives oxygen to tendencies of this kind.
That the person of the Supreme Pontiff is responsible for this is indeed ‘scandal’.

Heloisa • 9 months ago

Don't worry - the word 'messy' in your original post illustrated and explained your viewpoint perfectly well. I didn't quite understand most of the replies myself! They should have been more clearly aimed at the offending site.

Mike • 9 months ago

Gint, Bigotry and hate are destructive . The true Catholic Church kept loyal to the teachings of the Lord Jesus the Christ, and He promised that the gates of hell shall not prevail. It is the last hope of the existence of true Christianity.

Suriani • 9 months ago

The liberal secular world views orthodox Catholic doctrine on matters regarding gender, sexuality and reproduction as manifestations of bigotry if not hatred. That is of course its problem not ours. However, that worldview is the one currently diffused through media and politics presenting Catholicism as the ‘enemy of humanity’.
Catholicism is not a sentimental faith unlike the modern world which seems awash with the emotional at the expense of the rational.
We need to stick to our guns despite the brickbats and barbs from secularists, and their neo-Catholic acolytes.

Theresa • 9 months ago

Do the 33 day consecration to Our Lady, if you haven't already.

In these wicked times, who knows what's ahead.

FeuerBomb • 9 months ago

Thank you for this. A voice of simple holiness, clarity, truth. A voice of sanity! Thank you Fr Clovis, especially for reaffirming devotion to Our Lady.

Mary Dalton • 9 months ago

God bless Father Clovis. I've been struggling lately, and this quiet conversation picked me up. Thanks for posting it!

John • 9 months ago

Chaos Frank is the culmination of everything that is EVIL in the Novus Ordo, the New Order, the New Sect that has taken over the Catholic Church and SUBSISTS within it as a cancerous disease that is taking every member straight to Hell. Going to TLM within it will not save you from it's disease. " If you follow a heretic you ARE a heretic"- Pope Gregory III If you believe Francis is a Catholic or the Pope, you are infected with the Novus Ordo cancer and know NOTHING of your faith! (good luck waking up to the truth Michael)

Hilary White • 9 months ago

His spiritual director was Hugh Thwaites!!!?

Holy moly!

Mark Robertson • 9 months ago

Wonderful interview Michael. All the madness in the Church and the world and then you see and hear Father Clovis and regain hope. He gives us a remedy to fight the destruction of our Catholic Church, devotion to Our Lady for starters. Father has so clearly seen what is going on with this pope and hierarchy in general. Right away he saw AL as a Trojan horse to abolish or at least make Humanae Vitae ineffective. This really is diabolical what is happening. You really do wonder what is going on and why they are doing this, because as Father pointed out, where the Catholic Church is strong it is going in the opposite direction and strictly defending Catholic Teaching.

Adriaan van Ginkel • 9 months ago

Excellent, excellent interview! Loved it.

Rory Donnellan • 9 months ago

May the Good Lord and His most holy mother bless you Father Clovis. Hopefully your recent talk to Catholic Truth in Scotland will help inspire Scots to seek out Truth amidst all the smoke and mirrors - both inside and outside the Church - including the sleight of hand involved in Libya being wrongly sentenced for the infamous bombing of the Pan-Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Heloisa • 9 months ago

It's a shame, but I'd like to bet that most of these talks by people such as Fr Clovis are only ever attended by those who already well acquainted with the truth etc. I really can't imagine the average NO Catholic going to them. Hopefully I'm wrong!h

What on earth has Lockerbie and Libya got to do with this?

Rory Donnellan • 9 months ago

I only mentioned Lockerbie as a Scottish example of smoke and mirrors outside the Church. Mueller was head of the FBI at the time and paid 2 million dollars for false testimony to implicate Libya.

Heloisa • 9 months ago

So, in your opinion, Gaddafi accepted Libya's responsibility for the Lockerbie
bombing and paid compensation because......? Or are you just saying that Libya was responsible but the methods you think Mueller used were wrong?

Al The Silent Crusader • 9 months ago

Father Clovis, I pray that our Lady will protect you, and that, if it is God's will, you will someday become a bishop and cardinal. God bless you!

Mary's Girl • 9 months ago

I was hoping there would be a transcript. Even with my hearing aids in sound is not so clear over the internet. And if anybody has an accent, forget it! Sorry. I really wanted to enjoy the video.

Paul Bev. • 9 months ago

Did you select cc (closed captions) button on the lower right of the video?

slyphnoyde • 9 months ago

As a (presumably another) senior citizen, I had a similar problem. I found the video hard to understand and probably missed a lot of it. In fact, I didn't even get where Fr. Clovis is from. Some island is all I managed to figure out.

Adriaan van Ginkel • 9 months ago

Over to Michael Matt. Please provide this nice lady with a transcript.

Maggie • 9 months ago

What a lovely priest and what a lovely video/conversation. Father Clovis is right about Our Lady, she will never leave you!

standtall909 • 9 months ago

Absolutely correct Maggie!! Pray the Rosary, consecrate yourself to Our Lady and she will indeed NEVER leave you!! Through all of my trials, and they have been many, she has always, always, always pulled me up on my feet again!! She is amazingly untiring in 'rescuing' us from ourselves! She is and always will be my 'rock' in leading me ever closer to her Son.

Thank you Fr. Clovis for your faithfulness to Christ in His Church. May Our Lady help you and guide you in your pursuit of souls for Christ. God Bless you!

yvobalcer . • 9 months ago

It is nice to hear a priest preach the truth.

James • 9 months ago

I think I would be totally safe in betting all the little bit that I possess, and whatever I could borrow, that Pope Francis will not make Father Clovis a Cardinal.

If I were Pope, I would make him a Cardinal responsible for reconverting the entire Caribbean, with the TLM front and center, with Cuba his first focus.

His being a mathematician is important, as he well knows. I think most people get lost in numbers larger than a few hundred thousand and in large changes measured by percentage or fractions. They may be able to do the math, but they will not face what the numbers mean unless forced to so so. Father Clovis knows that St. Lucia going from 95% Catholic before Vatican II to roughly 50% Catholic today is a disaster of epic proportions: that is a larger loss in Catholic faith and affiliation than the Black Death was in life in Europe. Such a collapse is so large that it will force many people who learn of it to turn away in horror, refusing to face a single implication.

And that guarantees that nothing gets corrected, and that almost everything gets even worse.

I agree fully with Father Clovis that Jorge Bergoglio/Pope Francis is the fruit of Vatican II. He is not an anomaly; Bergoglio/Francis is inherent in Vatican II. I would draw attention to the Father's use of the term 'incarnate' applied to Pope Francis: he is the incarnation of Vatican II, Father Clovis says.

Yes, the good Father means that Bergoglio/Francis is the epitome of Vatican II, but his use of the word 'incarnation' should lead those who hear him to examine how the 'Spirit of Vatican II' folks sacralize the conference and its implementation, in effect declaring them at least equal to Scripture, as perhaps even above Scripture in a way eerily similar to how THE Incarnation, Christ Jesus, is above Scripture.

If you think you can change Scripture, add to it or delete parts or turn the meaning of Scripture upside down and inside out to make it fit the age and its perversions, or fit your deepest fears or fantasies or bleeding heart hopes, then you, like the heresiarch Martin Luther (who is adored by Bergoglio/Francis), are at least acting as if you are another incarnation, for another Pentecost.

The Spirit of Vatican II is that blasphemous, just like Martin Luther.

veritude • 9 months ago


I really enjoyed the video.

It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference in London, and to hear Fr Linus Clovis there. I got the audio CD so I will enjoy listening to your talk which I could not attend.

Fr Linus outlines the the simple and profound remedy: trust in God; keep close to the Church; its sacraments and Our Lady.

God bless,

Jamie Waldron

Michael Eberl • 9 months ago

God Bless this fine Priest. I loved his final story at the end of the interview. Pray for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.