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Tom Williams • 6 months ago

It looks like dialogue did not work too well in his arrest. I wonder how Pope Francis would explain that.
One cannot dialogue with liars, thieves or those opposed to the Truth.
We are in a time that demands the type of courage Fr. Leonard manifested and ask for his prayers.

Maggie • 6 months ago

On reading this lovely story, how sad I feel as Ireland, more or less, has sold her heritage for a bowl of Pottage. When I think of my Irish/Scottish parents and grandparents, and ALL those fine Roman Catholics of my youth ...... should they return today - they would think they had entered the Gates of Hell - certainly NOT the Roman Catholic Church! God Save Ireland ...... God Save Us All !!

mary_podlesak • 6 months ago

I've commented once before that I knew Columban missionaries, born in Ireland, who were expelled from China in the late 40's, early 50's. They were courageous men. I met two of them at a retreat house they ran in Derby, NY. They don't ordain them like that anymore, but I know Chinese Catholics have faith made out of steel. Xi Jinping doesn't have a chance against them.

Maggie • 6 months ago

YES! Here is a holy priest to be emulated! And there is also the marvelous Fr. Willie Doyle, S.J. who was another holy Irish priest that deserves canonization. Sadly, instead, we get the praising of some post VIIs....who are not of the same stripe shall we say.

Maggie • 6 months ago


Lisa • 6 months ago

Beautiful story! Being half Irish I could invasion the family table, and joy at the young priests return home. The tears shed later must have been severe and copious, at the news of his death. Interesting that the young priest held up, being a man, a great importance. He knew what it meant to have dignity in the role God gave him in life as a man. Wonder it would be for young men today to esteem such qualities. Let alone a calling for the priesthood. God bless this Holy Preist.

Pete • 6 months ago

A beautiful story. It's a coincidence that I had recently begun reading "The New Glories of the Catholic Church" which is a similar recounting of the martyrs in Asia during the 1800s.

clintoncps • 6 months ago

Thank God that, through the death of martyrs, many a Communist would have witnessed self-sacrificial love and been converted. I recall hearing a story of a young Russian Communist soldier who was about to kill a Catholic woman who calmly awaited the death blow, but he couldn't do it -- he felt himself physically held back from delivering the blow -- and then he burst into tears and fled the scene. He later escaped from Russia a became a believer in Jesus.

No one is beyond hope, and no one is "a devil". All can be saved, for such were some of us. Our job is to love our enemies, bless those who curse us, do good to those who hate us, and pray for those who abuse us. Easier said than done, and yet it is the command of the Lord Jesus. And Jesus said, "If you love me, you will obey my commandments".

Sweet Caroline • 6 months ago

Calling a murderer of a Catholic Priest a devil was incorporated into my 'righteous anger' to which I think I am entitled upon reading of such a violent crime against a Priest of God. I too hope that the pervert converts and will say a prayer that he does. Don't u think he was driven by a devil? Anyway we are allowed to have righteous anger. Ok? I will say my prayers right now.

Maggie • 6 months ago

I think you are wrong "some" are the Devil .....

Sweet Caroline • 6 months ago

Thanks. What else could be driving them...

Sursum corda • 6 months ago

Compare this holy priest to Cardinal Dolan. A life of mortification, penance and love for Our Lord and Our Lady. Dolan, very little penance, no humility and gluttony. He loves notoriety and to be loved by the world. This world is not worthy of men like Fr.Leonard.

Maggie • 6 months ago

Cardinal Dolan is symptomatic of all that ails the present Church - from the top down!

James • 6 months ago

This is the kind of historical narrative that simply is not supposed to be told in this day and age. And that is the reason it needs to be spread far and wide.

Margaret • 6 months ago

Exactly right. It's too politically incorrect these days.

As a Ukrainian Greek Catholic, I admire the steadfastness of our underground Chinese Catholic brethren.

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church suffered horribly under Soviet Communism, but many martyrs like Blessed Vasyl Velychovsky are brilliant stars in the court of heaven.

Sweet Caroline • 6 months ago

'Tis true! It brought the tears. Knowing how the Irish love their land, it is even more of a heroic virtue in the heart of
this priest, Father Leonard, so good, to leave for foreign China. He left behind his big loving family to win souls for heaven and ended up being butchered by Communist devils. How they do hate Catholic truth and light! And as Our Lady of Fatima prophesied, their 'errors' are spreading throughout the world. Their errors which stem from atheism! They lack the grace of God and it doesn't look like there is any stopping it ... and there won't be any stopping it without the consecration of Russia, the source of the errors (after hell), to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and the Bishops. Yes, it needs to be spread around because most of the people are asleep. They don't think it can happen to them ....