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Kathmandu • 2 years ago

Thank you Dr Lee Merritt. We need great intelligent hackers to transmit shows like this on every TV and Phone

yagma • 2 years ago

The original Chi Haotian biowarfare threat allegedly made by China that this US military death machine quoted is RIGHT HERE https://archive.is/M2tU and it explicitly states in the title "Independently verifying the authorship of the speech is not possible." So she is quoting unverified unsourced materials, which could be U.S war propaganda materials. There is no way to know or determine if this virus was man made and if it was man made, there is no way to know where it was released, or if it was accidentally released or not. Don't forget it was an American man Fauchi who was sending money to the Wuhan lab!.

Konstantin Ridaya • 2 years ago

Global Research spilled the beans long ago, the first case of COVID 19 was not found in China at all, but in USA already in the summer 2019, almost half a year before the first claimed cases in China. However, this virus most likely do not exist at all. It is just a PCR test scam and, what the PCR test is faultily setup to find is simply a common snippet of human RNA! I don't blame doctors like Dr. Lee Merritt or Joseph Mercola for running with the virus infection theory, simply because, unless you have a laboratory and can isolate the virus on your own, you kind of have to run with the data presented before you and the data do claim to prove the existence of this virus. However, it has never been isolated! Look up Dr. Andrew Kaufmann!

Kathmandu • 2 years ago

Yagma, Some very smart and informed organizations
< are saying >

The VIRUS was released as part of the geo engineering / chemical dispersal/ blocking the sun/ kills, bugs, trees human agenda >> using military jets...

It appears that >>>groups of countries ironically got hit with the virus a the same day__ then it happened again a few days later to a different group of countries.

Anybody else hear about This theory????

Konstantin Ridaya • 2 years ago

What virus? Look up Dr. Andrew Kaufmann, actually featured here on Redpill as well, and many other doctors and scientists, who has done the effort to look into the claimed isolation of the virus and found no proof of it. Actually, all these claimed isolations of virus is, all of them, is snippets of human RNA, which they have decided is a part of the SARS COVID 19 virus, but most likely exactly is just an expression of human DNA in certain epi-genetic circumstances. It for instance could be an expression of human DNA and cellular response to any toxic load, for instance poisoning. Dr. Andrew Kaufmann also interestingly says, that the first cases of COVID sounds much more, seen on the symptoms documented, like cyanide poisoning. No, I don't believe, that they spread any virus, which can not be verified in a lab, but is as CGI as the fake images of Earth from space, quite frankly. But, we do know, that they spread aluminum, barium and strontium already in chemtrails, which is all heavy metals and which absolutely do not belong in the environment and also do have detrimental effects on human health and all the biosphere. It wouldn't be much of a stretch for those sociopaths to spray cyanide, for instance, as well, would it? Or, what about spicing the water supply? Interestingly, after the great ebola outbreaks in Africa - another virus, which has never been isolated, by the way - many African mainstream news sites reported, that Israeli organ harvesters had been caught red handed spicing the local water wells with pesticides. Now those has been scrubbed from the internet. How easy would it be, for major cities like New York, to spice the water supply and just look the other way, waiting for an epidemic outbreak to happen? Actually, look up Natural News, it has been proven now, that many municipal water supplies simply has been looking the other way for decades, while lead, arsenic and detrimental pesticides like DEET has been found in the water! CDC by the way admits on their own website, that microcephaly IS NOT caused by any virus, yet they in the media continue to spread the lie, that it is caused by the most common virus on Earth, zika. In reality it is caused by pesticide and fungicides, which the government in Argentina and Brazil use in their municipal water "to keep it safe". Here in Denmark 3000 wells has been closed, because of pesticide residues. We used to have really good quality well water everywhere, and yet these pesticides is still legal to use. In reality nothing is done to curb the contamination of our drinking water. In USA they of course freely admits to ad fluoride to the municipal water already, one of the most toxic substances on Earth!

Kathmandu • 2 years ago

Your essay covered many good points.
1.CDC website posted over 9500 people who already had both of their injections, by the 2nd week afterwards.... have tested + for covid19 and many have died. 48 states have filed reports.
2.Climate Engineering- I've thought they MAY HAVe added Toxin to the chemtrails. Why fuck up all the rivers, lakes and oceans, and not to forget humans and pets.
3. Water Contamination- yikes-it's a disaster in so many regions of the world. To process waste to become drinking water. Makes me Ill just to think about it. I took a collage field trip through a water filtering plant back in the early 90s ... It is a massive operation- the filtering and chemical added during each process. I checked with my local water dept..Thankfully they do not add fluoride. With the nightmare in Flint. Michigan- all city and well water was tested for contamination. In 2019
I feel for you in Denmark..Our world is in a bunch of shit..coming at us from every direction.

iwonna55 • 2 years ago

Before Covid, when we went to the doctor very, very sick with a flu or phemonia, with high temperature, NOBADY wore masks. Why now?

Konstantin Ridaya • 2 years ago

Here is, what the doctors here in Denmark would tell people, if they were stupid enough to go to the doctors office with a common cold or flu, before COVID 19: "I can't help you, there is no cure. Go home and rest and it will go over by itself. If you want me to do something about it, then go and roll in the snow. Then you will catch phneumonia and that I can cure with antibiotics!" Today these same doctors take part in shutting down all society, because of a virus less deadly than the flu, and by the way even a virus, which might not even exist at all. They have lost all common sense!

disqus_jAh9dCxxLT • 2 years ago

It's about Money, Power, and depopulation for the NWO.

Kathmandu • 2 years ago

The more I research and have listen to smart humans for a long while:

_____ it can't be about Money >>> they have billions and trillions already.

____is it about Power>>> most of the 1% have to much power already

____ depopulation of the world.
That's becoming more obvious everyday.


<< We know HOW >>
1. Manmade virus
a. Kills elderly,
b. Kills overweight,
c. kills - other health issues

2. Manmade non- vaccine
a. makes women/ men sterile
b. distroying natural immune system
c. Global killer
d. Vaccine Mutations .

3. Climate engineering for decades
a. releasing poison/ chemicals in air
b. dimming the Sun
c. slowly killing every Bug, tree, animal, fish and humans.
d. adding poison/ chemicals to every river, pond, lake and ocean.


Ren0911 • 2 years ago

Demonic possession?

disqus_jAh9dCxxLT • 2 years ago

Bill Gates is a reincarnation of Hitler and Fauci is his sidekick.

Konstantin Ridaya • 2 years ago

I'm a Christian and I don't believe in reincarnation. However, Adolf Hitler so obviously is of the Antichrist spirit, that many in his current times did believe, in all seriousness, that he was The Beast AKA The Antichrist AKA abomination of desolation in Revelation and other prophetic scriptures for our times. And I would say, that Bill Gates is the same. He is a devil, absolutely beyond redemption! As actually Jesus Christ said about Judas Iscariot.

lizard4445 • 2 years ago

Bill Gates Sr was in the eugentics program! So is Gates Jr! They are very very satanic and evil!

Phillip Picket • 2 years ago

You can't detox from hydrogel and/or quantum dot(s)..It's impossible..The patent on these shots say that they are gene technology NOT vaccines. They are vaccines in that the very definition of a vaccine is something/anything that promotes a immune response and they do that BUT anything you inject into your body will promote a immune response. Their patent says that it's motive in the body as mRNA is to turn into DNA hence the reverse transcriptase. Normally cellular transcription is DNA into RNA. Once anything becomes part of your makeup (your DNA) it's impossible to detox...

Thank you, Dr. Merritt! You are absolutely brilliant and incredibly informative and I am so grateful that you are in this "war" with us...

Virginia M Conway • 2 years ago

Stanford Medical released a recent study that maskes do not work & may instead cause problems! This has been said time and time again, but to no avail.

CaptainKirk • 2 years ago

If anyone can't see what's going on here, they are BRAIN DEAD. Regrettably, that includes most of the population.

lizard4445 • 2 years ago

Dr Lee Merritt has to be my favorite Dr to listen to for this covid plandemic! I'm NOT being partial because she works in Omaha Nebraska and I live in Nebraska either! lol

lizard4445 • 2 years ago

American Frontline Doctors are lifesavers!!!

Richard Miller • 2 years ago

Play Bill Gates' favorite game: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

disqus_jAh9dCxxLT • 2 years ago

What about the 12 men who got the J& J shot and had some of the same problems as the 6 women but this was never mentioned. What about all the side effects and deaths from Moderna & Pfizer in the beginning and still happening? They don't count?

J Walburn • 2 years ago

Like to see stats on % increase deaths for vac people

Synickel • 2 years ago

How do you save a video like this on Brighteon?

lizard4445 • 2 years ago

..but MOST of the 'covid death's were/are falsified for the death count! That's how they kept the fear and fake covid dial meter to rise for lockdown's and other fake measures!

lizard4445 • 2 years ago

Masks represent evil!! NOTHING more!

lizard4445 • 2 years ago

I thought there wasn't NO virus? Just a computer model? That's why this is a BIG hoax to get us to take the 'shot'!

Ephemeral Phoenix • 2 years ago

The vaccine is the real virus/pandemic.

Bob Merritt • 2 years ago

Wow! Marvelous!

Ren0911 • 2 years ago

Around 10:00 Dr. Merritt talks about the effects of isolation on people. Here's what puzzles me.
The people who support the lockdowns and masks aren't suffering at all. They don't seem to need human contact or ordinary connection offline. They're perfectly happy to live like the hikikomori in Japan. This has made me decide half the population prefers to live in isolation and loves the recluse lifestyle. They always were misanthropic cranks at heart and hated socializing and had no friends because they didn't want them.
They also hate the sight of human faces and don't like people seeing theirs because they hate talking to people when they go out. So for those people--nearly all Democrat voters--this has been a fun experience they want to last forever. I support their rights to quarantine and mask till they die. Too bad they want to force their own bizarre preferences on the rest of normal humanity who hates this and still think and feel like warm blooded social creatures. Us warm blooded, sociable "deplorables." Who would rather see children laugh and play than smothered and terrified.

Konstantin Ridaya • 2 years ago

I don't quite understand, why she believe this virus to be real at all. The most perfect description of, what all of this really is, I saw in a video long taken down on YouTube, where a girl in an apartment complex in Wuhan, China, in the first days of their hard lockdown, which should turn out to be a model from the rest of the world to follow, yelled at the major walking past below with all of her guards, "It is all fake, it is all fake!" IT IS ALL FAKE! Wake up, everybody and smell the coffee! The Bible talk about God allowing great deception in the last days, just before the church is caught up in the clouds with Jesus Christ and The Restrainer it lifted; that will mark the beginning of Great Tribulation or Jacob's Trouble, which will be a period of 7 years lead by The Beast. All, which is happening now, to me is fulfillment of biblical prophecy and I rejoice in the fact, that soon this fallen world comes to and end! In the same time, my heart cries out for all the lost souls in the world, who do not have Jesus Christ in their life and live in fear, because of this scam, and most likely will perish.

The virus just has not been isolated at all! Look up Dr. Andrew Kaufmann, by the way one of many doctors and scientists now, who has even bothered to look at the data for the claimed scientific studies of the virus, just to find that it does not prove a virus, but just snippets of RNA, which they claim comes from this virus. Most likely is it just parts of human RNA under certain epi-genetic expressions.

This also leads me to her solution, hydroxychloroquine. I have been on that pharmaceutical drug and I was so for one of it's sole purposes, as a medication against malaria, when I had a serious inflammatory response to massive amounts of mosquito and ants bites in Sri Lanka and did show early stage symptoms of malaria. In those kind of cases I sure would use that kind of medication again, as a last resort, if colloidal silver and chlorine dioxide failed to do the trick, but I absolutely do have to warn loudly against using it as a prevention of anything. I don't believe in pharmaceutical drugs, they are all essentially toxins, that do harm to human health. Malaria medicines of all sorts are among the worst of the bunch, when it comes to side effects, just go to webmd and see the side effects for this specific medication. Definitely, I would never use this in any other case than a last resort, and why use it at all against COVID 19, if there is no virus isolated? However, many of the cases treated could simply have been influenza or pneumonia, and that of course could be cured with hydroxychloroquine, but I would say, that I would prefer to let the disease run it's course over taking this medication, unless I was so sick, that my life was at risk. In a healthy body with a working immune system, influenza never should be.

When it comes to taking the so-called vaccines, there really is not much hope! I'm sorry to be the bringer of bad news! I have heard, that a lot here in Denmark do detox, like Heels homeopathic detox, which I do myself right now and I did it after seeing rather serious damage after a hepatitis B vaccine years ago. I went from never being sick to always being sick after this vaccine; the last year before my detox I had the flu seven times in one year! Probably more times than I have had otherwise in my 51 year old life by now. I did that detox 8 years ago and I have not even had a serious cold since and no flu at all! But, here is the kicker, the hepatitis B vaccine actually contains a virus and there is harmful adjuvants and other toxins in it, which you can detox out of your body again. These vaccines, whichever one you have taken, essentially turns all the cells in your body into a chemical producing factory, that produce a spike protein, which they claim mimics the one from a Sars COVID 19 virus, that then will trigger an immune response. This will continue for the rest of your life and I can not see, how essentially a DNA change can be detoxed out of your body!

Instead I would suggest, that you look at Mike Adams' suggestion, The Health Ranger at Brighteon and Natural News. We do know, that all of these so-called vaccines, all of them, cause massive deaths because of blood cloths, so take preventive actions against experiencing that. As a last resort that cold be blood thinning medication, as for instance aspirin. Those are definitely all harmful as well, so I would only do that, if I already had seen symptoms of blood cloths, as for instance sudden headache or spontaneous swellings and bruises. However, with no harm effect at all, you could simply just take high amount of Omega 3 oils, in particular fish source oils, which do prevent blood cloths. Some fish oils are however not of clean source and contain a lot of heavy metals, but Dr. Joseph Mercola do on his website in particular highlight krill oils as the cleanest of the bunch, simply because krill is the first link in the food chain.

Also, whether you have taken the so-called vaccines or not, it is absolutely adamant, that you do, whatever you can to improve your immune system, and we actually can do a lot. Look up Dr. Vernon Coleman on own website and of course also Mike Adams/ Natural News and mercola.com, which all give good advice for improving the immune system.


Other than that, it might comfort you, that biblical prophecy also says, that Jesus Christ will return to Earth to setup His Kingdom on Earth for a thousand years and that He will restore Heaven and Earth and all things within it! I'm certain He also will restore all saved people, who has been harmed by these devils in charge of our world today, so get saved! Jesus Christ is the truth and my Saviour!

Greer Taylor • 2 years ago

tried to go to http://medicalrebel.com ... get message that this domain is for sale!??

Bob Shotter • 2 years ago

While I'm as skeptical as anyone why does the good doctor keep referring to people as 'THEY' who are these 'THEY'?

Paula Kay Reeves • 2 years ago

Pareto Principle meets Eugenics--100 people control 80% of the World's assets/wealth, etc.

Franklin E. Tompkins Sr. • 2 years ago

A "virus" is not the cause of any dis-ease. No scientist has ever isolated any virus. There is no proof that a "contagious virus" exist. We get sick because of toxins in our food, water, air, and EMF radiation (5G). NOT some "phantom virus." See: https://www.turmeric-life.com

Deb • 2 years ago

Chronic Lyme/COVID/Jab all have a lot of the same issues...If one and 8 people become chronically ill from the bioweapon COVID...we have to protect ourselves from the virus also IMO...not just the jab. We will wear N100 mask and pray that it works if we have to leave our farm...