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J Savage, ND • 2 years ago

Super nice job! I am just starting to build mine out using various containers and some buckets for a tomato and green pepper trial. Using covered quart jars for the smaller herbs and also some French Radishes as they are so quick to harvest.

rikpieters • 2 years ago

Mike, when the power goes out, your lights go to.

SB • 2 years ago

You can put these in a greenhouse, no need for grow lights.

Liberty denied • 2 years ago

We are using sun in our window sills.no lights.

Ruby Wolfe • 1 year ago

Not if you live in Alaska in the winter

worldcreator1 • 2 years ago

Is there an average temp it needs to stay? I mean if you're in a hot southern climate and have an outdoor greenhouse it gets pretty hot in the summer.

Liberty denied • 2 years ago

Vent fans . You can buy solar power eventing fans. Grow okra greens, peppers and tomatoes ....squash

C. A. • 2 years ago

Solar would run that easily. Just need battery bank for dark days. He also said can do this in greenhouse then lights not needed.

Nature Spirit • 2 years ago

Mike will have a generator

Laodicean • 2 years ago

If you are on a tight budget. Go visit Mike @ "Keep on growing" on YouTube. He also uses the Kratky system with some variations. Good luck!

DeLaVille • 2 years ago

Thanks, just took a look, it is great.

disqus_rnYDVtE5Rr • 2 years ago

Reminds me of the Aztec chinampas, but on a small scale. I remember in my third grade social studies book (34 yrs ago), in the chapter about the Aztecs, seeing their floating gardens. I thought that was the neatest thing, and I never forgot it.

Kathmandu • 2 years ago

Thanks - way cool
Did I miss this part >>> How does the water not get stagnant and icky without any water movement ??

Flofreedom • 2 years ago

Could be because it's not exposed to light. Many water containers are black for this purpose..not just wanting to capture heat if in the sun vs white container. Also see water buts where one captures rain from gutters..dark coloured and blocked from sun light getting on water. One angle of reasoning anyway.

SB • 2 years ago

You could also throw some goldfish in the bins. Ultimate goal is grow edible fish in an aquaponics system.

Kathmandu • 2 years ago

I'm not so sure that reasoning works.. for me

I store rain water in 5 gallon pails with covers - around my gardens...They WILL start to get algae and ick.. if not used.
But, I have found water I save in 5 gallon pails from dehumidifiers does stay cleaner longer.

GodsChild17 • 2 years ago

It’s called the KRATKY method and a scientist in Hawaii came up with it. Yes it 100% does work, you just need to research on it. There are actually THOUSANDS of people that do this and they do it in mason jars to grow lettuce and spices/herbs etc and then bins like Mike and also 5 gallon buckets with the net cup lid etc etc etc
if you search “the Kratky method” on Brighteon, youtube, anywhere etc etc you will find a TON!!! I recently started do it and haven’t had a single problem and am LOVING it!!! It’s amazing how much you can learn about it and what all you can grow with it (everything).

liveforHim • 2 years ago

How are you fertilizing? I don't need a brand (although I'd take a suggestion)...I just need the kind of nutrients and ratios. Ideally, I would be able to make my own if that's possible.

SB • 2 years ago
Donna Howard • 2 years ago

Thank you, that's what I was looking for!

Gordon Barnes • 2 years ago

control the PH

Tim_in_Insanityville • 2 years ago

I'm guessing it doesn't really matter if the water is stagnant since the plants are suspended over it and don't really touch it, except the roots. Also, the water is replaced over time, albeit slowly, through the trickle hose.

Susan Morgan • 2 years ago

I would sure like to know what type of nutrients and minerals we need to put in the water. Any idea?

Brent • 2 years ago

not counting on the stores to be open or the funds to afford "hydroponic solution".in my greenhouse (carport converted 20x20) I am going to be playing with rain water collection - 50gal storage, rabbit manure "tea" add other essentials like oyster shells and Epsom salt to make and maintain nutrients, macro and micro. I have a ph tester for the garden to monitor and adjust solution. planning and collecting materials to expand green house on a 20x20x6ft deep earth battery for sustainable temperature in winter and summer.

Tom • 2 years ago

Worm tea

Liberty denied • 2 years ago

Three components. Sold on Amazon, dry.

Fourth Carpenter • 2 years ago

When SHTF, back to Eden gardening would be easier. I grew organic and the no till method is the way it is in nature.

mrknowitall • 2 years ago

i bought several led plant lights at walmart in the closeout aisle for $3 each.. 4 foot replacement tubes. i was planning on experimenting this winter and see what i could do. I am going to swing by a pot grow store and see what i can find as far as baskets and the chemicals and fake dirt. Great Video Mike!

Kathmandu • 2 years ago

Hi, did you get a system going this winter?? Any conclusions that are working ??

Guest • 2 years ago
Tom • 2 years ago

Get mh or hps, LEDs are not there yet and require just as much power per output as the big boys

Down to Earth Thinking • 2 years ago

Thanks for posting this video Mike. I was going to give this a shot, but not now as the drawbacks are many. 12 plants ? HA HA HA .

Also your no electricity statement, so what runs the lights ? I still favor dirt by far for many reasons not mentioned. Mike you are a sucker for gadgets and schemes that are iffy at best. I have greens far superior all winter outdoors with very little effort.

Athena Harmony • 2 years ago

I was thinking the same that outdoor soil seems easier. You can compost your own fertilizer with food scraps. No need to worry about getting liquid nutrients (need to stockpile liquid nutrients) and measuring out the liquid nutrients and placing into the water, then testing and getting the correct PH of the water. Soil seems less work than water? But this water growing system advantage is the indoors isn't getting polluting by chemtrails and whatever else is outside in the soil. Also not everyone has a backyard or land.

Nelson Platt • 2 years ago

I think you are missing the point about growing inside rather than outside. It's about stealth and secrecy. Try growing food outdoors where you are likely to be found out and/or reported. Also, given the right circumstances, once someone sees you're growing food, you won't have it for long.

Down to Earth Thinking • 2 years ago

not where I live

Down to Earth Thinking • 2 years ago

we shall see ?

Guest • 2 years ago
Kathmandu • 2 years ago


As I do every year I bring some annual herbal plants in for the winter and yes, I usually get some spiders and fungus gnats.

This year-- besides using neem to treat and those yellow sticky pads...

I used some of the dried high nicotine tobacco - i grew-- and sprinkled it on the dirt and I and made a tea to spray the leaves.

After rotating the neem and tobacco- use for around 5 weeks-- those pesty annoying gnats are gone gone gone and some of those little spiders are writing words -in the corners of the kitchen.
I look forward to test the tobacco this year for the white flies , aphids and other bad garden pests that happen my way.

Guest • 2 years ago
Kathmandu • 2 years ago


By any chance - --- do you write down the f-or-m-ul-a for the feed store ------------- Iv-er-Me-ct-in brake down??

I can't locate my piece of paper.

I wouldn't put it past the snow bangel cat - I took in as a stray... has hidden it- somewhere safe.

She has a sassy pants - get into everything personality.

Thank you in advance

Kathmandu • 2 years ago

Interesting...Will have to check into.. Gnatrol...

Who did you purchase It from??


Tom • 2 years ago

Stop overwatering or using soil from outside

Kathmandu • 2 years ago

I dont agree that -Its plainly overwatering. In regards to fungus gnats and small spiders wanting to spend the winter months indoors.

Also if you are digging up annual holistic herbs-- they will come with outdoors dirt and worms.. organic neem and high nicotine tobacco has worked for me.

Just saying.

Down to Earth Thinking • 2 years ago

yep just buildup your own soil, something Mike never mentions ? wonder why ?

I bet Kat knows why and just does not want to say ?

Kathmandu • 2 years ago

Are you talking to me??

I know nothing

I've Seen nothing


Down to Earth Thinking • 2 years ago

no need to even try

Kathmandu • 2 years ago

Yes, and yes,.. i deal every season with those critters that want to enjoy the warmth inside..I noticed today my rosemary + others plants have hitchhikers.... spraying organic NEEM oil on the leaves and some of that dried tobacco I grew on the soil -- will keep things under control.

Tom • 2 years ago

Try Cayenne pepper

Athena Harmony • 2 years ago

I meant outdoor soil as in keeping it outdoors (not doing it indoors).

Guest • 2 years ago