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Jones2112 • 2 months ago

The difference in the side by side samples is night and day, I'm not a virologist or doctor but the vaxxed blood doesn't look healthy.

Neither my wife or I have been vaxxed but she is concerned that she'll get the "delta" version and is thinking about getting vaxxed because the fake media keeps pushing the vaxx. I told her to stop watching the MSM because they are creating fear so people get the vaxx

sharon • 2 months ago

I beg her not to. My cousin's wife was the same way. She is now bedridden just days after her 2nd jab. She is in her early 50's. Watch a video on brandnewtube with Reiner Fuellmich & Dr David Martin dated 7/9/2021. Dr David Martin explains the variants including the "delta". There is also a "lambda" just not talked about much yet. It's a fcking hoax. Make sure the Mrs watches/listens as well. The vaxxed are the ones getting sick just like happened in ALL the animal trials. Read about the fully vaxxed senators/congress people from Texas who are now testing positive for covid. There were 3 at first, as of Sunday 7/18/21 there are 5 now. Fully vaxxed past the 2 week time frame after vaccination. They ALL should have been safe. It's a hoax. The largest EVIL upon the world.

Lone Ranger • 2 months ago

Count me as one ,who is very afraid ,my wife will take it ,The shot that is and I can't do nothing to stop her .She is a wonderful person but very trusting of governmental authorities .She will not look at anything ,the great danger staring us in the face .If she would see with her own yes ,someone who had their life destroyed by that poison it could make a difference . What I fear is that without the poison ,we will be disconnected from life ,by not allowing us to enter a store to by food and all other activities we need to live . The possibility of forced injections is very real .that armed teams forcing one to the ground and inject ,including being roughed up or worse .

Lighthouse331 • 1 month ago

Praying for your wife to SEE this, and read comments, and see thousands of lives already gone or ruined. There are videos, but I see this was 22 days ago...can only pray more see it and DON'T GET THE K-ILL SHOT. Yes, we will lose freedoms, but if you trust in the Lord alone, He will protect us, or, if we do have to lose our lives, WE WILL NOT LOSE OUR VERY SOULS, AND BE WITH HIM IN PARADISE. RESIST AT ALL COSTS. It is not just physical destruction, but spiritual and battle for our very souls.

James Jennifer Lang • 1 month ago

If she gets the shot it will probably 'shed' onto you and you'll have the same problems as a vaxed person. Some men can't get erections anymore, women start having horrible periods, menopause women start having periods again, even babies start bleeding from their privates - it strongly affects some people's reproductive organs. So if she gets it, it's not just 'her body her choice' - she's probably going to destroy you with it as well

Rob • 1 month ago

My ex wife now got the Pfizer before I could stop her and if she dies in less than two years it’s because she a brainwashed liberal democrat. I was with her for years and she a goner

Deprogram US People • 1 month ago

Same as my entire family. They are ALL goners and they are brainwashed libtards, completely arrogant, self-righteous pricks. Well, they are mostly women. The only one I really worry about is my daughter who I think at libtard college decided I was a crazy conspiracy theorist so when she asks me why she can't breathe and I tell her to get rid of her 5g wifi and not to get vaxed (again as I fully vaxed her and had her adenoids and tonsils out because I just blindly followed the doctor and didn't ask questions then) she tells me mom, I don't want your conspiracy theories I just want to know if I had asthma when I was a kid.

Lila Christina Polutta • 11 hours ago

There is plenty of research and evidence on Children's Health Defense. Maybe show her little by little. Ask her to look at it even if she doesn't agree. They also have documentaries on the Tuckaseegee Incident and Medical Racism, the New Apartheid.

Joy C • 1 month ago

I think there will always be ways around it. Maybe you can't shop at A, but b and c are ok. Ask your wife if she wants to get sick and possibly die? Why risk it for a very unlikely virus?
Ask why she trusts them? And not you?

Jones2112 • 1 week ago

Update, we both caught virus shortly after my post. It was rough but we survived and are back to normal. My wife now doesn't want the vaxx since we've already caught the virus

Thomas Guitarman • 2 months ago

Yes but also remember the tests are meaningless but dangerous in their own right

Deprogram US People • 1 month ago

yes they are for multiple reasons.

Thomas Guitarman • 1 week ago

Yes the graphene oxide and those diabolical star shaped micro devices are in the swabs and in the masks

disqus_RZ6Y6bIfNJ • 2 months ago

The so called 'pandemic' is actually a flu, if you get covid take flu medication and ride it out, I've had it and I'm 73 and smoke a pack a day, if you have existing medical issues this flu IS a danger to you but, the 'vaccine' is MORE dangerous for you.

Lone Ranger • 2 months ago

I agree with you .I had colds ,or flu many times and got over it ,with simple common sense remedies .I'm past 85 never had any shots ,but practiced living healthy . I always cooked my own food ,from scratch ,even when I still worked and still do it now .We can see already what can and does happen when one trusts the needle more than living as naturally as possible . There are times when we need help from a doctor from one we can trust . We live in a time however when good trustworthy doctors are silenced or lose their licence . The main medic industry is one big crime syndicate ,even killing for profit . The COVID is a cash cow. Not for you or me ,we are the cow ,who gets milked

Tana Stoiberg • 1 month ago

You are a smart man. I wish my 95 year old mother would have listened to me. She got the Astra Seneca shot and recently has not been feeling well. It's been several months since she took it. But, it has become clear that the effects of the vaccine are affecting her. She has all of the symptoms that the doctor on the show has verified. It concerns me that my mom will become gravely I'll because of the jab.

Lila Christina Polutta • 11 hours ago

Im so sorry. Much love to you. My mom took it too even after I begged her not to. She said she saw the numbers of people dying from Covid on on her phone. She did it to help others. It makes me so mad. She is 84 and the only thing wrong with her was high blood pressure. She is fine so far, but I don't trust it at all.

Rob • 1 month ago

I had flu diagnosed as influenza B dec 2019 and was given z pac amd recovered

Lighthouse331 • 1 month ago

That's right...the flu will end, but the effects of this "jab" will never end...rather it will end you. I know, as I've been suffering for a few decades now from the Hep B vexines, which, if I'd only known then, were the first Genetically modified vexines. But now...they've perfected them to be the end all for their depopulation schemes.

RangerRick • 5 days ago

The Delta does not exist. It is all hype. Do not take any Vaxx.

CG ELMORE • 1 month ago

Delta is a mutation caused by the VAX. OMG tell her not to be bullied intp the death shot. Plenty of proof out there but big tech/pharm stopping yjr truth. ALLis owned by a handful of people.

Thomas Guitarman • 2 months ago

There is no other variants make it clear to her she will die if she takes it its possible to protect ones immune system and not live in fear of the plandemics there is no cure for the jab

tiredofthemedialies • 2 months ago

If your wife wants her blood to look like something that came out of a sewer, then she should go right ahead. Ignorance kills (quickly) in this age.

Guido • 1 month ago

Apparently so does being obstinate ! lol

Why his wife refuses to even look at any info, to me, is extremely closed minded and stubborn only for the sake of being stubborn. An attribute that will end badly for MANY !!

LoanRangerSeattle • 2 months ago

My family tried to shame & bully me into getting the jab, but I didn't. What can I recommend for them to take to defend against the jab adverse effects? I'm really worried about them!

Saxon Warrior • 2 months ago

Avoid inflammatory foods. Avoid processed foods. Take natural herbal remedies. Boost up on vitamins and minerals especially ones that boost the immune system such as Vitamin D3, l-ascorbate Vitamin C, zinc, selenium, and magnesium . Detox in a borax bath or in a bath containing alfalfa pods. Try drinking pine needles tea. Drink distilled water frequently to remove toxins. Dandelion extract may be useful. Avoid any exposure to 5g radiation at all costs. Pray to God.

Tana Stoiberg • 1 month ago

Thank you for the information. Is there any way to detox from the vaccine and remove the poison out of the bloodstream? Would the pine needle or dandelion tea help clean out the toxins from the blood? Just wondering.

Saxon Warrior • 1 month ago

Yes to some extent, but it will be a combined effort of good nutrition as well as detoxing - such as all or most of the things mentioned above.

I've also heard that NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) can destroy the graphene oxide that is in the jabs. NAC tablets or capsules are available from herbalists and health food stores.

Jason • 1 month ago

I believe that the NAC increases the level of glutathione in the blood, which neutralizes the graphene oxide in the jab. You can supplement with glutathione, as well. Fight the good fight, Patriots!

Lighthouse331 • 1 month ago

The main thing to combat the graphene oxide is NAC. N-acetyl-Cysteine. It replenishes the glutathione, which the Graphene oxide is destroying. So, they are trying to get NAC taken off the market, so get it while you can at swansonvitamins. Some suppliers are already sold out. They don't want us finding cures. You can watch info orwell.city or laquintacolumna dot net. Prayers that you can get it for loved ones suffering from it. There are also billions of nanobots in the vexes, that, sadly, can never be removed from the body.

Holly Summers • 1 month ago

I read some where that pine needle tea keeps the spike protein from getting into ace2 receptors , dandylion tea helps as well.

Baby • 2 months ago

LoanRangerSeattle There is probably nothing you can do to convince "true believers". Sooner or later they will pay the price for their ignorance in the form of a blood clot or paralysis. They are likely ardent CNN viewers so they are a lost cause. Pray for them.

Rosemary desris • 2 months ago

Is the vaccine contagious?

Dave Lebowitz • 2 months ago

Evidently it is. Some unvaccinated people have been getting weird symptoms from being close to vaccinated people.

Sue Wooldridge Mobley • 2 months ago

Dance Party on Farcebook has thousands of people reporting weird symptoms they are having just being around vaxed people. You have to be invited to join as is private.

Thomas Guitarman • 2 months ago

Its through human resonance transmission the vaxxed are now walking antennas for anything that can be programmed and sent via A. I and 5G , 6G and the cell phone network

tiredofthemedialies • 2 months ago

Look up viral shedding, or do you want me to do it for you?

Thomas Guitarman • 1 week ago

Its beyond viral shedding human resonance and more these people are now walking antennas

Think a minute • 1 month ago

Typhoid Mary on steroids!

Lone Ranger • 2 months ago

It can be deadly ,turning your blood into a Frankenstein brew .

Jayme • 2 months ago

Yes, it is shed from their breath and skin, through the sweat glands. When they autopsied a man who died after Covid vaccine, they found spike proteins (a cytotoxic) in most organs, and also the sweat glands.

Lone Ranger • 2 months ago

After the vaxx the body becomes a spike protein factory ,producing without end . Once the body is saturated that stuff has to go somewhere .It is excreted to the outside any way it can get out . Catching that excretion from some one next to you is the same as catching the flu, if that person with flu next to you coughs in you face .

Thomas Guitarman • 2 months ago

AND more than that, human resonance, we must now understand we are in an age of synthetic and digital biology

Lone Ranger • 2 months ago

Hello Loan Ranger in Seattle .I'm the Lone Ranger in Vancouver Canada .,Hi . I agree turning cultists in a different direction would take more than a D.9. cat. The ones here reading and commenting are not the ones needing help .The general public is addicted to T.V. and I POTS . as they are still wearing masks too. I keep to myself as much as possible ,cant look at them ,without thinking , my God they are retarded ,poor sheep . I don't do much LONE RANGING lately ,because at 85 one does not get very far anymore . No sorry I don't need a LOAN right now .

yamina • 2 months ago

Same here. Lots of docters who were for the vakksins are now started to say it isn't good to take it. Good docters who gave
up their licence said this all from the very beginning.....much appreciation for those real good docters!

tom • 2 months ago

"Kill shot"? What about the "moron shot", because it takes a total moron to fall for this scare campaign and take this shot!

Matthew Ronson • 2 months ago

Yes, and a surprising number if these willfully ignorant people are highly educated and SHOULD know better.

Thomas Guitarman • 2 months ago

Its truly shocking but even the educated can be hypnotized and programmed and thats what your seeing

Lone Ranger • 2 months ago

Sometime with that gov. education you come out more stupid than you go in . For most of us ,life itself should be our education . Real intelligent educated people are few and far between . Did you notice??? Einstein was one of them ,so are a number of scientists and DRs.I did watch on the internet . They did not learn that from a government school teacher .Reading and more reading was my education and of course nature offers free education also . Growing up in a war zone during WW2 I never got to sit in a school building .Surviving from day to day was what we were thankful for . That was education also .

Thomas Guitarman • 1 week ago

If your the lone ranger in Seattle contact me Ive made 14 straight podcasts cover this whole nightmare from a to z go to www.truthark.org /podcasts with treetopflyer I cover what no one else says