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ushanellore • 9 months ago

This man is insinuating himself where he's not wanted. The accident happened because it was destined to happen. Freight train magnates have known for a long time that filling up train cars with highly toxic chemicals and rolling them along tracks through densely populated cities and small towns is a recipe for disaster, derailments and spills. They have not cared and this is not the only accident, there have been a steady stream. These trains should have been equipped with precision electronic brakes, the magnates knew it, deemed such brakes cost prohibitive and opted for not investing in improvements or making safety a number one priority and guess the name of the political party that indulges industry magnates and looks the other way when they err--Rethuglicon Party. For Trump to represent that party and be in East Palestine, Ohio, is rank hypocrisy. People, I hope, will not fall for it. Trump should stay home in sackcloth and ashes for the rest of his miserable life..

Rebecca Yoak • 9 months ago

Trump is there to get his share of the kickback from Norfolk Southern. Trump is still pissed that he missed out on the FirstEnery deal with Larry Householder.

KarenJ • 9 months ago

Trump was noted in another Raw Story article as "joking with the mayor of East Palestine". Neither of the two nor Ohio Gov. DeWine have bothered to acknowledge Joe Biden offered the very day of the February 3rd derailment disaster all federal help, immediately. DeWine still hasn't called Biden.

TB • 9 months ago

No paper towels? Maybe he could throw bottled water, that would go down well

Sarah Sahasbeen • 9 months ago

He would have to use both tiny hands to throw them.

Ancient_Mariner • 9 months ago
Deedee • 9 months ago

Wait until he dumps the bill for his visit on them.

BBWill • 9 months ago

Only the people who are actually present at the time will know how he handles it. The rest of his Klan Fans won't get past "TFG went there to support them & POTUS didn't." He could go and smear feces on them all, and the only thing that matters to the is that he went & Biden didn't.

Ancient_Mariner • 9 months ago
THE HOLY GHOST • 9 months ago

He's just gonna go there and cry about the "stolen" election. That's all his broken brain is capable of at this point.

Andy Dick's Sponsor • 9 months ago

"Not known for his empathy." There's a fucking understatement.

AlbertCamus • 9 months ago

I just read where the Ohio governor, DeWhine, I now focused on restructuring the education system with his 'Science of reading' liiteracy BS. Ohio, you are so screwed.

Trump's East Palestine stunt could backfire because 'he's not known for empathy': Maggie Haberman

I'm sure the fine citizens of East Palestine can't wait to have a fat, flatulent fascist prick lob paper towels at them like an asshole.

socalledbob • 9 months ago

What if it rains? Or snows. Or if we are lucky there is a tornado?

jillibrown • 9 months ago

Considering that trump is the guy who did away with the Obama safety precautions that would have prevented an accident of this sort, I expect another trump disastrous shit show.

BBWill • 9 months ago

They don't know that. They refuse to know that. Day one of this spill the were blaming it on the current administration for not overturning those policies, as if there were some sort of magic wand. They know absolutely nothing about how our government works.

Mr Joshua • 9 months ago

Hey, Trump has empathy. This is nothing a few paper towels and MAGA hats thrown into the crowd won't fix. Amirite or amirite?

Eyeball_Kid • 9 months ago

Trump should be "gloating" over his accomplishment: deregulating railroads-- the partial result of which is the East Palestine train wreck. But he'll blame Biden and the Dems. And he'll likely claim he's also been a victim in some kind of twisted accounting of reality. He can only repeat what he's said before. He'll pull out some of his old rhetorical stunts and FORGET that the small Ohio community is pissed off and suffering.

ellen weiss • 9 months ago

I meant 150 year old rails !

ellen weiss • 9 months ago

The person responibel is Donald Trump because he got rid of the regulation in 150 year old
now how stupid is that ?

Gary • 9 months ago

Can the average American go there and check out the site or is it blocked off for
"Authorized Personnel Only"? Either way he shouldn't be allowed within 100 miles of that place.

filo • 9 months ago

I can imagine his speech..

You people think you have it bad? The FBI has been conducting a witch hunt on me for years.


BaileysMom • 9 months ago

Hahaha - exactly! Hi filo!

filo • 9 months ago


Hi Mom!!

TV Guy • 9 months ago

Did he bring a case of paper towels to throw?

Eyeball_Kid • 9 months ago

By now, he'll descend into tossing used toilet paper.

vietvet1968 • 9 months ago

If the mayor of the town had any guts he'd show Mr MAGa clown the failed train brakes clown face deregulated as a fake president.

SanJoseNana • 9 months ago

The governor, DeWhine, will kiss tfg's fat a$$, will shine his shoes and share some of the money that Northern Southern Railroad has bestowed upon these a$$holes.
That's the real reason for tfg to show up.

IANAK • 9 months ago

"...as she said he's struggled to raise significant amounts of money during the early part of his campaign."

Two big reasons for that:
1) the big donors are over him
2) the little donors are broke

And knowing his inability to show empathy/sympathy you'll soon be able to add:
3) and everyone else, on the right now despises him

Remo • 9 months ago

Don't forget the paper towels.

John J Guy • 9 months ago

He is doing this completely for his own self interests and it has nothing to do with showing empathy.

F*@k this Tone Deaf Clown. He no longer has any relevance.

Eyeball_Kid • 9 months ago

Ah, but he still has 50% of his pathetic GOPers who want him nominated for prez again in '24. What's wrong with these people? The guy himself is a train wreck.

RosenCrantz🇺🇦 • 9 months ago

3 minutes in, (because he pauses a lot) he will swap to the 'Aggrieved Victim from Heaven. #2' schtick about how the elections were stolen from him.

Eyeball_Kid • 9 months ago

Yup. His band of worshippers still thinks he's been sent by God to reign over a crumbling democracy. Buck up, GOPers. Remember that war criminal and mass murderer Putin has his back. Kinda makes you feel good, doesn't it?

First of all, why is Maggie Haberman still making the morning show rounds? Can’t we be done with her “insights” ?
Second of all…. yeah that’s it.

Hal-Brown-MSW • 9 months ago

Anyone who has analyzed Trump's personality, whether a mental health expert or not, knows that Trump is the exemplar of someone incapable of empathy. Furthermore, they know he relishes making people suffer. This makes him a sadist. He is a bully. This is a characteristic prevalent among MAGA Republicans. See "Understanding the sadistic bullies in the GOP" here: https://www.halbrown.org/20...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

toonces_3 • 9 months ago

He still coming even if it rains?

Rick Hill • 9 months ago

You can almost see it. Going up to people and asking them if this is as terrible a thing as when the election was stolen from him...

sillyclucker • 9 months ago

No, Trump is not known for empathy. He's known as Mayor Loser of Loserville.

halfwayin • 9 months ago

He won't go. His hair might get wet.

Aghast • 9 months ago

He'll be ok as long as his handlers find something that he can throw at people. Maybe gas masks or water bottles.

Marcus14142135 • 9 months ago


Aghast • 9 months ago

Nah. Too classy for the likes of Trump.

Stylops • 9 months ago

Big Macs.

Aghast • 9 months ago

There you go. Perfect.

uaau • 9 months ago


Whirledpeas • 9 months ago
musicman80 • 9 months ago

Trump is going to be surprised they don't speak Hebrew in East Palestine.