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Billy Jack • 2 years ago

Really horrible people also go nuts. Those traits are not mutually exclusive.

He is cleary both to anyone paying attention.
After all, how many psychotic narcissists do you find enjoyable?

sonofroyrogers • 2 years ago

Seen it.

Mr_Scorpio • 2 years ago

Damn skippy.

кıƄⲟsһki • 2 years ago

It doesn't matter whether Republican leader Trump is mentally deficient or not. The fact is that he and his sycophants are ripping apart the norms that hold our system of governance in place.

Regardless of Trump's mental condition, the only solution to actually correct the problem is to remove the Republicans from power, for good.

sonofroyrogers • 2 years ago

Spoil a child, remove any CONSEQUENCES for his actions and as he enters the "work world" have all around him Kow Tow because he is the Boss's son and THIS is what you,NATURALLY, get.
As a life long New Yorker, only 3 years younger than the shmuck I can VERIFY, as many articles in the Press over decades can, he has always been this way, 1979, 1983, 1994..... Damn the Republican Party (once again) for RUNNING THIS BUM !

Guest • 2 years ago
MKey1 • 2 years ago

So true. He will tell a lie he thinks will make him look better in the public eye rather than tell a truth he knows will make him look bad. He knew being honest about the sculptures would make him look like a horrible person, so he lied in the interest of hopefully being perceived as someone trying to do the right thing but unfortunately thwarted by circumstances. That is the Trump way. Even now, he positions himself the same way with regard to the #ShitgibbonShutdown. His version of events: He *tried* to make a deal for the American People, but the evil forces in Washington thwarted the good man. Rolls eyes and spits.

sonofroyrogers • 2 years ago

I remember that well.
It was yet another broken promise.
You can also look into the "Polish worker" thing regarding the origins of his " Trump Tower".

John O • 2 years ago

Was that the one where the Museum of Modern Art wanted them and said he could set the cost of saving them against his taxes? Of course, when you don't pay your taxes ...

Guest • 2 years ago
John O • 2 years ago

Thank you.

osage1948 • 2 years ago


Despicable or insane, what matters most is the illegality/criminality of his actions. Muller's investigation must find and expose that Trump is a crook. Everyone ALREADY knows he's despicable and or insane or both and still the GOP congress props him up and does nothing. That won't change until evidence of criminality is UNDENIABLE and the GOP congress will have to choose whether to go down with Trump or put him down themselves.

The only sure way to rid ourselves of Trump is by first making him a lame duck in 2018 and voting him out of office in 2020. WE don't have any other means of protecting our country from evil and or insanity.

Smart Old Broad • 2 years ago


If Trump is DESPICABLE, he is RESPONSIBLE for his actions.

If he is INSANE, then he isn't.

jaycubed • 2 years ago

All of Trump's "Psychiatric Disorders" are what used to be called AXIS II, and are not considered (billable) "Insanity" or "Psychosis". Not legally crazy by the standards set by Law.

A good term for an AXIS II disorder would be a "Character Disorder": but they are usually called "Personality* Disorders". The behaviors associated with these disorders often lead to actions which are more appropriately dealt with by the Criminal Justice system, rather than in a mental hospital. Their Self-Esteem is usually very high.**

Trump clearly exhibits nearly all 10 of the classic (DSM-V) character disorders. He's narcissistic, paranoid, histrionic, borderline, avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive & anti-social. He doesn't appear more schizoid or schizotypal than the average American (not really saying anything positive here considering the reality testing ability of the average American).
* Personality being defined as "the set of enduring behavioral and mental traits that distinguish between individual humans"(wiki).
** In Freudian terms, they are "Ego-Syntonic" Behaviors. They accord with the person's ideal self-image. The disorder/behavior is in harmony with the Ego, not in conflict (no conscience).

Smart Old Broad • 2 years ago

Thanks. Indeed Trump is "narcissistic, paranoid, histrionic, borderline, avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive & anti-social" and egocentric.

Chica • 2 years ago

Buenas dias, RS!

Excuse the O/T, but I am so proud of mi hermanas/hermanos who marched yesterday. Here are some in Austin, TX. ☺

jimnotjimmy • 2 years ago
Chica • 2 years ago

I ♥ those pics, jimnot!

Gracias for sharing. ☺

jimnotjimmy • 2 years ago

De nada. My favorite from Texas was "Let's start teaching our daughters to be somebodies, not somebody's."

Chica • 2 years ago

That's my fave, too.

Ziggy Blue • 2 years ago

Very inspiring and uplifting. God bless these women and the men who love and support them. Vive la resistance.

Chica • 2 years ago


CocozL • 2 years ago

so much beautiful energy and determination! gracias, chica, for posting these!

Chica • 2 years ago

You are most welcome.


Billy Jack • 2 years ago

Simply awesome!

quasimoda • 2 years ago

Trump clearly displays the personality traits of a psychopath: lack of a conscience or sense of guilt, lack of empathy, egocentricity, pathological lying, repeated violations of social norms, disregard for the law, shallow emotions, and a history of victimizing others.
He's not clinically insane, but he's definitely dangerous.

MKey1 • 2 years ago

All of the traits you list, Trump fits, but I noticed the good doctor above does not make any assessment of Trump's reality testing or level of psychosis, how delusional he is. He sidesteps the issue entirely. It's not even mentioned. You, likewise, don't mention it. It's possible to be a psychopath and be non-psychotic or psychotic. It's possible to be an awful human being and be either non-psychotic or psychotic. If Trump is ALSO psychotic, in addition to all you mention, then he may well be clinically insane. However, he clearly demonstrates knowledge of right and wrong, legal and illegal, when he seeks to hide his criminal behavior from detection by law enforcement and the public, and that means he definitely isn't legally insane. He can and should be held legally accountable for his actions.

CocozL • 2 years ago

these are traits common to children of first generation wealth. he didn't ever have to work for anything; even his education was bought and it was a foregone conclusion he would end with a degree from whatever university would accept the pay-for-degree. with the hefty "stake" he began with, and daddy swooping to the rescue when he fucked up (which he did from the get), to the paid minions he has always had around him, he has never suffered a negative consequence and therefore doesn't even know what one is. i think he is beginning to get SOME idea that not everyone and everything can be bought (although his party hasn't done a thing to dissuade him from THAT idea) and that he does not have complete control of his situation. we still see that those around him with-hold negative info from him but he can't POSSIBLY be that oblivious to it, he just can't. yes, i want him and the whole administration shitteree out on their hands and ass but until we get control of congress again, it's just a gesture.

Smart Old Broad • 2 years ago

Dr. Allen Frances is right on all accounts: Trump is reprehensible and grotesque. He is the product of a life without CONSEQUENCES, accustomed to INDULGENCE.

Frances is correct when he says Trump is responsible for what he does and calling him "mentally ill" sets a dangerous standard that lets him off the hook for his actions.

Like so many whom the popular voice pronounces as "crazy" or "insane" -- mass shooters and rapists -- Trump is simply a petty fool who gives in to bad impulses and makes choices based on whim.

Portia McGonagal • 2 years ago

Exactly. Let's stop looking for "reasons" or excuses and accept what's in front of us. He's an evil, racist, misogynist horrible person, full stop.

bastardsquad • 2 years ago

And we have to take political action to fix it. Conservatives have proven too many times over that they are unfit to govern.

DonnieBrascoTrump • 2 years ago

I agree that Trump’s dysfunction is not mental illness per se.

It’s much worse than that.

We have someone leading the country who is pathologically cruel, dishonest, narcissistic, racist and very likely criminal.

I’d take Lincoln’s depression over that any day.

OCDHedgehog • 2 years ago

Quite simply, Dump is evil.

Conshius Bean • 2 years ago

Amen. I don't ever want to hear Michael Moore or Bernie Sanders talk about white disenfranchisement ever again. Call it it what it is - bigotry, racism and sexism.

VoltAire • 2 years ago

Trump reminds me of my toxic mother-in-law. She had borderline personality disorder. She always had to be the center of attention. She constantly played family members against one another. We eventually learned not to discus anything meaningful unless we were all present, as she would blatantly lie about what was said or agreed to. But she did know right from wrong. When she feared she had gone too far, she would do something nice. Although this was ultimately done to keep us from walking away from her sick mind-games for good.

sceptick • 2 years ago

How can Dump not be insane? He should be the very definition of insane. The article is very well written but I think it's bullshit. This is stated early in the article: "Nearly 70,000 mental health professionals have signed a petition alleging “Trump is mentally ill and must be removed.” As far back as 2015, psychologist George Simon told Vanity Fair that he had “archive[d] video clips of Trump to use in workshops because there’s no better example” of narcissistic personality disorder."
The writer's opinion vs. 70,000 other professionals? I'll go with the majority in this case. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

MIguel Geronimo • 2 years ago

Allen is full of it on this one. He is "grandiose".

Smart Old Broad • 2 years ago

Did Allen blow his load in your mouth? You seem to have a grudge that makes you want to smear.

republic1954 • 2 years ago

Why are you being so damn nasty? do you not believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion?

Smart Old Broad • 2 years ago

Was that too nasty for you? Too bad.
I'm just trying to figure out why MIguel Geronimo comments are so nasty toward Dr. Frances. Aren''t you curious?

dubbleplusgood • 2 years ago

Back in 1996, "Black Hawk Down" author, Mark Bowden, met and visited Trump and his family (before Melania) in Florida for a 3 day weekend. Bowden wrote a profile article for Playboy magazine based on that experience.

Here's what he had to say about Trump.

And then I had a chance to really talk to him and observe him in action. And I came away feeling like this is one of the most loathsome human beings I've ever met in my life.


Guest • 2 years ago
soverytired • 2 years ago

idiot savant apparently with a knack for manipulating republicans and other idiots

Lefty Wright • 2 years ago

I think incompetent is a better description. And he lacks any curiosity about knowing how things really work or anything that does not out a dollar in his pocket or some striking of his ego. One thing I do agree with the writer on is that he is not suffering from dementia. He intentionally speaks so no one can really understand what he is saying, peppering it with a few slick slogans but no real details. He has no details.

So in order to pull off his con game, people equally lacking in curiosity must think he's communicating ideas when it's actually bullshit. Ask anyone attending his campaign rallies what he stood for and they will say "lock her up" or "build that wall". Ask why you would lock her up or how the wall will help and why Mexico would pay for it and they will look like the 5 wattt bulb just went out in the empty space between their ears. Comparing their thinking capacity to a swimming pool, they definitely are not in the deep end. A lot of them are still splashing around in the kiddie pool.

flying monkeys • 2 years ago

BUT he's hella hot!

Geoff Alnutt • 2 years ago

Yup! Just ask Nikki Haley.

angry_old_bastard • 2 years ago

how do you get puke out of a keyboard?

CocozL • 2 years ago

with a flamethrower. since i saw the haley/trump "connection" posited yesterday i can't seem to get rid of seizure inducing flashes of their "affair". i mean, who cares about an affair but anyone having one with trump is ick factor 2 million