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Dave Constable • 1 year ago

Sometimes I think that in the 1940's the centre for Anglo hegemony on our planet shifted from London to Washington. A lot of what we do seems to fit in to Washington's attempts to reflect what it inherited from London: maintain and augment its position as #1 in power, and #1 in goodness.

robertjb • 1 year ago

Our national disgrace: https://canadianviews-ymo.c...

John J • 1 year ago

It feels like the US Democrats lost the US so they are now running the Canadian govt.

Checkmate • 1 year ago

Justin Trudeau like Obama is the elite's trojan horse. More unexpected and disappointing was the U.S.'s capture of the NDP. Depending how well Corbyn does in putting through his policies and negotiations with E.U., we could see support rising for Canada's Socialist party.

Canada continues to tie itself to a dying empire. The loss of the petro dollar may well be the final nail in the coffin.

robertjb • 1 year ago

You got it Chyrstia Freeland has connections to the Democratic Party and is a cat's paw and we have an idiot for a prime minister.