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GabUm2 • 3 months ago

Good talk and good vision all round. I wish him success in his endeavour and more importantly, the resolve, honesty and courage to implement what he has advocated for here!

DATMAN. • 3 months ago

ILets face the fact, it is obvious the RCCG created the political department which is quite unsual amongts Christian churches inoder to mobilise support for their members that are politically active like the VP Osibanjo, who's vying to replace his boss buhari as president But question is this, what if this becomes a trend amongst the religions as Shehu sanni rightly pointed out, the potential exists that fanaticism, intolerance and outright terrorism will likely be taken to greater levels in the country as mischievous religious teachers and influencers will take advantage to infiltrate into the political system and plant their wards into leadership positions. Sincerely I think that Shehu Sanni is making a very valid point here that should not be trivalised.

Nwafo Igbo Ochie • 3 months ago

Shehu Sani seems to know what Nigeria needs. But it is the knowledge of what Nigeria wants that will give him votes, though that will not solve much problems.

Dr Bunmi Binitie • 3 months ago

It is impossible!! The political directorate set up by PFN can never ever produce fanatics in the Christian Church and this is simply because Christianity preaches PEACE and LOVE at all times. Shehu can't make that comparison with what happened in the north at all at all!! There has been fanaticism and hate towards Christians in the north for generations....it is not a new thing. Meanwhile the Christian Church has never had violent fanatics in the South, not one!! I don't know why the directorate bothers many of you. It has come to stay and more Churches apart from RCCG will set theirs up!! Get used to it!!