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damercer2850 • 7 months ago

One of the classic fallacies is the false dichotomy. The reality is, no one wants Kaepernick in their locker rooms. No coach wants to be stuck with a disruptive player of uncertain skills who might claim racism if he doesn't start. The NFL tried to give him a showcase and he deliberately sabotaged it. I don't think he wants it. He's a sad little boy raised by parents of a different color who is blindly seeking an identity. In his way, he's as sad as Rachel Dolezal.

GothamGadfly • 7 months ago

Why do white liberals insist on telling black people how to be black and express themselves politically? Black people don’t have to “take a knee” or vote for Biden to prove their authenticity or civil rights solidarity. If this lady wants to do these things, she’s welcome to kneel all day long. But she doesn’t get to choose for everyone else.

Sufferinginabluestate • 8 months ago

Crapperneck is making too much money to work in the NFL.

It would be below his SJW paygrade.

Besides, he's really not a good quarterback.

Sufferinginabluestate • 8 months ago

"Journalism" again, at its finest.

"Three white cops" ??? I guess Asians are now woke-coded as "white" - much as European Muslim invaders were woke-coded "Asian" for press purposes.

All with their knees on his neck? Floyd was a big man, but not big enough for his neck to fit 3 knees upon it.

This kind of illogical, emotional, unhinged drivel comes from a truly deranged mind.

Leftism is clearly a mental disorder.

PJGood • 8 months ago

Democrats encourage this kind of attitude in order to virtue signal their voters. They realize encouraging this attitude is edgy because it gives vicious, ignorant people a reason to riot. They always disown the rioters by trying to separate them from "peaceful" protestors. To an extent, riots will aid the democrat narrative. This time they went too far. All their sycophants in the media are pushing such things as this ideologically brainless woman along with white supremacists, antifa, and now the Russians. Antifa is a legitimate violent hate group that the democrats always try to run away from but actually support. Follow the money as they say. However, this time, with blue cities burning for a week now and many minority businesses and neighborhoods destroyed, the Democrats may be taking a hit. Depends on how thoroughly indoctrinated their voters actually are.

Doug Israel • 8 months ago

Paul what you need to understand is that to reporters like Sally Jenkins, Kaepernick's views and actions aren't radical. They are mainstream.

Jerry Parker • 8 months ago

Virtue signaling at its finest. The amount of stretch needed to tie the two together is amazing. Somehow she twists to put the NFL as some moral authority that has to define this or that. They are a business, in the entertainment industry. Looking for moral authority pick up the GREAT BOOK.

J.S.Foster • 8 months ago

The NFL's response to Kaepernick was far too little and far too late. The owners have the right to set the standards of employment and requiring that the players not demonstrate for political causes during the national anthem is within their purview. He violated policy. If the Players Association felt it was a bad policy and their members should have the right to do whatever they wanted during the anthem, then they could have taken that to the owners. Kaepernick chose to set out on his own and thus, he owns the consequences of his action. The fans made it clear to the owners. The owners responded. From my perspective, if it is going to create too big a problem for the ownership and for the clubs, then quit playing the anthem. Problem solved.

Elliot1234 • 8 months ago

I think you neglect to recognize the depth of her feelings. She feels deeply. Very deeply. And she is sincere, deeply sincere. Not only that, she is angry. Very angry. You may pick away at minor details of what she says, but she feels deeply about the narrative.

Palamas • 8 months ago

"He's got a greater depth of feeling...
He's so deep."

--Tom Tom Club

J.S.Foster • 8 months ago

Then let her post her drivel on Twitter and Facebook.

Henry • 8 months ago

People in the media like this disgusting person are the enemy of the people and should be exiled to a country where they will serve more appropriately - like china or venezuela.

Dan Hudson • 8 months ago

As a Maryland resident I stopped getting the Wash ComPost delivered when I realized I could buy a roll of brown paper to eat my steamed crabs on.

BostonMary • 8 months ago

According to Washington Post Democrat Carl Bernstein, who only got his Pulitzer prize story, spoon-fed to Bob Woodward by the ddisgruntled FBI agent DDeep-Throat, “It's Trump's fault Democrats are ddestroying American cities” ???

BostonMary • 8 months ago

TRUMP 2020

Snarkasterous1 • 8 months ago

Libbie asserts: “ The truth about Kaepernick is that he’s not a radical or a SOB.”

And, as so often happens, reality intrudes: [Kaepernick is] a fan of Fidel Castro. He donated $25,000 to an organization that honors cop killers.

Libbie Truth - it’s an oxymoron!

J.S.Foster • 8 months ago

And he wears Che Guevara tee shirts.

freak4life • 8 months ago

Babylon Bee.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Colin Kaepernick arrived at the Minneapolis riots last night, saying he was excited to be a part of the looting and violence.

Kaepernick tried out for the riots by throwing bricks into windows but missed every time. He was able to rush a Molotov cocktail into a target window and then spike it on the ground, but then he caught fire. Finally, in a last-ditch effort to get selected for one of the riot squads, he filmed a workout video and sent it to various protester organizations but hadn't heard back as of publishing time.

"While we appreciate Kaepernick's enthusiasm, we need someone who can lob a Molotov cocktail accurately," said a representative for the rioters. "We wish him the best of luck in his future rioting career. We believe Kaepernick will land on his feet with another rioting organization. Maybe Chicago or Louisville will want him."

The former quarterback quickly blamed his failed rioting career on racism.

Onerun Juan • 8 months ago

Perfectly sums it all up .

MarkJ • 8 months ago

Just got a text from Josef Goebbels (1897-1945, current address Ninth Circle of Hell):

"Never would have hired Jenkins. Useless hack and no journalistic ethics."

JAW3 • 8 months ago

Is Sally Jenkins the daughter of Dan Jenkins?

rightwinghawk • 8 months ago

Yeah. He was a brilliant reporter and writer. Sigh.

Dave Conley • 8 months ago

Dan Jenkins' hilarious 1970s sports books, such as "Semi Tough," used *many* taboo words that would put him out of a job today. What Sally doesn't understand is that the liberal smart set could easily decide one day to use them against her, too.

Neo • 8 months ago

Simply, Kaepernick is past his expiration date ... and he knows it

Guest • 8 months ago
deetelecare • 8 months ago

What she needs is a pie in the face, televised nationally. And a one way ticket to cover curling in Samoa.

HOVDummy • 8 months ago

And she live in a sage, gated community where everyone has her same melanin.

deetelecare • 8 months ago

Safe. No sages live there ;-)

TGates • 8 months ago

Of course she never mentions that Kaepernick makes more money holding up Companies such as Nike ($10Million) for not talking about foreign sweat shops where products are made and then selling those products at inflated prices to poor black and white kids.

Dan Morgan • 8 months ago

"Either Jenkins hasn’t done her homework or she has no grasp of the ideological spectrum in American today."

My money is on both.

Snarkasterous1 • 8 months ago


Clearly, this is an opportunity to “Embrace the And.”

JimB • 8 months ago

Naw, the word play was just too cute to pass up.

lydia • 8 months ago

"Colin Kaepernick is back in the public’s consciousness."

Maybe in your world.

markinut • 8 months ago

He has been in my consciousness at the same level as vomit.

Clark Carter • 8 months ago

As well as not doing her homework or having no grasp of ideology, there remains the stunning possibility she is trying to use the deplorable conditions in Leftist-run cities as a weapon to hurt President Trump's re-election chances. The way most politically active people to the left of Mittens Romney have been doing.

The next time I deal with a sanctimonious Never-Trumper I'm going to ask her why whatever the President did to bunch her panties this time is worse than giving aid & comfort to those who would steal and burn their neighbor's livelihood.

Bruce Thompson • 8 months ago

To get respect, you first need to show respect for others.

Colin Kaepernick didn't even show respect for his own mother.

Someone ought to ask him about the way the "protestors" in Chicago targeted the Nike store. Will he pay Nike for the damages?

markinut • 8 months ago

I'm so sorry for Nike. Not.

Snarkasterous1 • 8 months ago

I once was a consumer of both Nike and Gillette products.

Then came the Kaepernick and “toxic masculinity” imbecilities.

Neither of those pathetic woke organizations has seen a dollar of my money since.

And neither will either of them, ever again.

Actions have consequences.

Schmuel Nachman • 8 months ago

Nike was always overpriced stupidity to me, My last Gillette razor was purchased in 2012 I still have it and have one cartridge left, That is how often I shave.

Mighty Whig • 8 months ago

There's no one more PC than a sports columnist. Probably it's the inferiority complex; just a guess.

Palamas • 8 months ago

Whenever the typical sports columnist ventures outside their field of expertise, they typically sound no more educated that your typical high school sophomore. Sports Illustrated has become almost unreadable because of such idiots.

Mighty Whig • 8 months ago

An insult to sophomores, but yes. SI became a joke years ago.

kjon • 8 months ago

If any organization had its knee on the neck of black America it's the Washington Post and like minded media through their support of government programs that have failed to deliver what they promised over the past 50 years.

Snarkasterous1 • 8 months ago

Well, Planned Parenthood, darling of the Libbie left, has PREVENTED the delivery of tens of millions of black babies.

So the left HAS done that for (more accurately, “to”) black America.

Joan • 8 months ago

It was never clear to me what the NFL knee bend was about. I saw men kneeling when the National Anthem was played ....?
NFL players are people who work half a year and make a good income. They could have funded and organized a targeted movement about police brutality issues, finding ways to specifically make effective changes in police procedures. Black Lives Matter was too polemic to be effective in making change. Sober recommendations for changes in training, especially if they were formulated in a non-partisan manner, could have been possible.
But Kaepernick wanted drama, more than change.

Guest • 8 months ago
Joan • 8 months ago

I got the creeps about female sportswriters when they invaded the post-game locker rooms.
I think that’s where trannies got their justification.

Guest • 8 months ago
deetelecare • 8 months ago

I am waiting for Antifa to sack Beverly and Holmby Hills. Throw in the Upper East and West Sides in NYC

Schmuel Nachman • 8 months ago

I think they looted Rodeo drive last night