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Paul Lebow • 4 months ago

Good critiques by some of the commenters. Simon meant well. The PM message must be pure and focused on monetary reform. It is your Parliament's job as the people's representative to utilize the power that monetary reform releases.

counterpoint • 4 months ago

The trouble with insisting that the Bank should operate politically is that the outcome might well not be what you want. Others would seek different political directions, and might turn out to have more clout.

Roger Glyndwr Lewis • 4 months ago
Dark Optimism • 4 months ago

Glad to hear that their attempts to win you over by inviting you into the room and offering a selfie weren't successful!

An interesting and appropriate report, thanks.

Roger Glyndwr Lewis • 4 months ago
Roger Glyndwr Lewis • 4 months ago

Saving the Earth or Saving Capitalism? The Inconvenient Truth Behind Today’s Youth Climate Campaigns by Global Research News Hour via #soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/user...

Roger Glyndwr Lewis • 4 months ago

I do wonder why this young lady was not Embraced as enthusiastically by the Oligarchs as Greta.


Stephen Stillwell • 4 months ago

I’ve been offering them an out

If they don’t take it, they’ll have to answer to her


Hi Roger

Vince Richardson • 4 months ago

Well done Simon for getting in on this event.

I am sad to say that I have to agree with Carney on this issue of what the bank can do on climate change, I do not belive it is their responsiblity (nor do they have the knowledge/mandate) to act upon this concern. Martin Wolf also says that it is not the responsiblity of the BoE to combat climate change,that is a decision for Parliament and fiscal policy. Positive Money has always taken this stance too in the past,so we are treading on new ground here,one I personally do not see as wise,regardless of how important anyone thinks the subject is.

We would be safer and probably gain more ground raising the no 1 issue on the list which was inequality. But again, Carney has gone on record to say that this is really not in his remitt either,heartless though it sounds.

Are we pushing against the wrong door here?Should we not be putting these issues to our politicians and government?

Stephen Stillwell • 4 months ago

Where the money is created from is very much in his remitt.

https://link.medium.com/qO6... (4 min)
https://link.medium.com/A34... (2min)

Vince Richardson • 4 months ago

I'd agree ,the problem is where he can use it.

Roger Glyndwr Lewis • 4 months ago

It is somewhat ironic that https://p4ne.org/#meettheteam HERBERT “BETO” BEDOLFE a director of PM's largest funder https://positivemoney.org/f... is a director of https://www.influencewatch.... based upon inheritance from the Getty Oil Fortune. Further links to Bilderberg influence may be found at http://mava-foundation.org/... , I have not done a great deal of digging but it is apparent that Positive Money is being coralled into a dead end corner for the uncritical of thinking. Burns was quoted in Parliament the other day One of my Favourites of his in fact. A louse on a ladys bonnet.
"O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!"

Now as I was saying about gatekeepers, Useful idiots and controlled opposition.

You will find that that link is not working on my blog at the moment.

Stephen Stillwell • 4 months ago

Did you know, the charter for BIEN allows corporate members, so corporate representative officers?

And they have failed to inform every member of meetings and votes

I know, because I'm a member



Stephen Stillwell • 4 months ago

Appears you answer my questions to them....

Roger Glyndwr Lewis • 4 months ago

An appalling question and really what the hell is Positive Money doing . For many years hard fought argumentation has been made by PM community members, Its a suprise that some sort of gender identity or LGBT QABC question wasn't asked as well?
Frankly appalling. what is positive money doing really what a rubbish question! Sorry but CLimate change is not an issue, environmental degradation is but Positive interest rates are much more of a danger to human society and the pålanet than CO2.
PM is becoming a rather silly , distracted and ineffective joke these days, perhaps thats the idea.

Digger52 • 4 months ago

Is this post some sort of joke? Suggest some study of climate change would help you get real

Roger Glyndwr Lewis • 4 months ago

No this is not a Joke. Climate Change is one thing Anthroprogenic Global warming which is waht most people are referring to when they talk about Climate Change and The CO2 control knob hypothesis is quite another.
On Studying Climatology, which I do and Have extensively here are some references.
I am more than happy to Discuss the Physics, Chemistry, Oceanography, Geology, Mathematics and Computer modelling where the detail lives, if you so wish.





The question put to Carney on behalf of Positive money was both ill advised and badly executed to boot. Positive money is about monetary reform pivoting into the propaganda minefield of Climate Change ( AGW, CO2 Control Knob Theory) is a gift to the Banking Oligarchy.

Stephen Stillwell • 4 months ago


I have asked many times for consideration of a specific rule change for international banking to equally include each human on the planet in a globally standard process of money creation, which produces fixed value money globally at a fixed and sustainable rate, regardless of currency.

So, fixed exchange, locally created, abundant, affordable money creation, exclusively for secure sovereign investment, and they can do what they want with it after, as long as the fees are paid, equally, to each human on the planet.

Why disregard a specific simple question?

Why should each human not be equally included in the process & profit of money creation?

When we shed the ownership of kings, that only transferred ownership to State.

This is simple, structural, self ownership.


Then ask for an argument against

bert • 4 months ago

The BoE is not a legislator. They are tasked with using their monetary policy levers to effect the banks and thus our system of money. You guys are losing focus and getting antsy about it at the same time. You should have pushed on the question of digital cash:

Lucy Thom • 4 months ago

Huge thanks to you, Simon, for representing us and expressing our concerns to the BoE. I watched your clip and understand your frustration - I’m glad you had a chance to talk with Mark face to face afterwards and that he apologised to you.

I would be keen to invite Mark and the BoE to consider their ACCOUNTABILITY: I heard Mark use the word responsibility several times and to my ears he was using this to suggest that the complex environmental and social challenges facing humanity are not part of the BoE’s remit?!

I wonder if Mark would say this to Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who recently addressed various audiences at Davos with her talk entitled “OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE” as well as the large TED audience she addressed in Stockholm last November with a talk entitled “THE DISARMING CASE TO ACT RIGHT NOW ON CLIMATE CHANGE”.

Perhaps faced with Greta Thunberg, Mark would be inclined to say: “Greta, I hear you and as an extremely powerful player on the world’s economic and financial stage, I think the BoE has a duty to make a positive contribution to the reorientation of banking and finance. We will stop financing fossil fuel extraction and instead financially invest in a global transition to 100% renewables.” When Greta speaks, I think most people would acknowledge that each and every one of us is accountable...

Simon, as a follow-up to your courageous efforts, would there be any mileage in challenging the BoE to acknowledge their accountability (instead of Mark simply stating that climate change is not their responsibility)?

Words that come to my mind are: “Mark, instead of contributing to it, you and the BoE could be a main player in solving the huge and complex problem that is climate change. You now have a choice: to ignore Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, Positive Money and countless others or cause the BoE to become a world leader in the stewardship of the planet - how do you want to be remembered?”

Rory Short • 4 months ago

I watched the video and as a South African what struck me was the condescending attitude towards the 'plebs' contributions that was displayed by the Bank of England staff. They really live in their own universe which is detached from that of the ordinary man or woman in the street. Therefore it is pointless to hope that they will ever be able to respond to the genuine needs of ordinary people.

If a switch was made to a wholly digital money system and new money was only created as 'new money debt' to enable people who were short of enough money to make purchases of goods and/or non-financial services with an enforced cap on the amount of new money debt at any point in time then the financial system would naturally become responsive to ordinary people's needs and there would be no need for the Bank of England to control inflation it would cease anyway.

Steve Golf • 4 months ago

climate change is for idiots.

Lucy Thom • 4 months ago

Indeed - it affects each and everyone of us...

Digger52 • 4 months ago

denial of climate change is a sure indication of idiocy

Mark Bevis • 4 months ago
Roger Glyndwr Lewis • 4 months ago

Jem Bendell is a catastrophist cult leader pushing the yellow snow cool aid as id Dr Rupert Read.