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John • 2 years ago

Just more Democrap BS.!!!! really sick of it, How can anyone be a Democrap ? mind blowing.

Joe "Pike" Hiden • 2 years ago

How much money did this little turd's family deposited into their account????

lifsabsurd • 2 years ago

Are conservative, mostly white, females the ones who are not reproducing or are immigrants, mostly non-white, meant to replace the children that Leftist/Demon Crap females are not having? If Western females, mostly white, were reproducing at or above the replacement level then how could this strategy of replacing American voters work?

Are Jews or blacks making Western females, mostly white, refuse to reproduce? Are they making females elect to murder babies? Where the hell is any evidence of that? Is it not clear that we can credit FemiNazism for that?

If Demon Craps tend not to have their own children then they have two ways (at least) of getting more Leftist voters in the future. First they convert other people's children with media lies and propagandistic schools. Secondly, they import more Demon Crap voters.


mcd1948 • 2 years ago

"Replacement theory". Yes, that is EXACTLY what the Biden Admin and The Left is hoping to accomplish by establishing open borders and ignoring our immigration laws. They hope to overwhelm the white population with illegals who they home will vote Dem.

SciFi_Freddie • 2 years ago

The Dhimmi-crats and the Marxist Left hope to outnumber and replace loyal, law-abiding, Constitution-respecting Americans with dependent illegals whom they KNOW will vote for Dhimmi-crats. They don't really care what color they are. They're using color/race/ethnicity to appeal to the shallow thinkers among them. It's the lowest hanging fruit.

mcd1948 • 2 years ago

Within the past few days a black male suspect has been arrested for shooting up Korean shops in Dallas, Texas. The FBI has entered and is investigating the issue as a "hate crime". The MSM? As far as I can see - generally silent about it. Doesn't fit their political narrative apparently.

j95lee • 2 years ago

99% of the nation has never heard of this "replacement theory". The left talks demographics "destiny" way more than the right.

But 100% of the nation have heard BLM shouting "ACAB" and burning down cities. The BLM lunatic who killed police officers in Dallas in 2016 had to be taken out with an armed robot, which was the first time such method was used.

Cyberxion • 2 years ago

We all know that there's no such thing as 'hate speech' where the First Amendment is concerned, and that these skeevy opportunists have only invented the distinction and attributed tragedies to it for the exact same reason they've done the same thing with the Second Amendment.

Colt4548 • 2 years ago

I would include the infamous Skokie Illinois case from the 70's where the ACLU defended ACTUAL NAZI speech. My how things have changed.

Randy Jordan • 2 years ago

"This, of course, goes against the shooter’s alleged manifesto, in which he describes himself as a former communist who now falls in the “mild-moderate authoritarian left category.”

Hmmm...he sounds like the average run of the mill Democrat, to me. He could have gotten a job in the Biden administration.

Hyperion • 2 years ago

Well, I mean it for sure wasn't Tucker's fault. It was gun manufacturers, or the NRA, or climate change, or probably Trump, or Putin.

Just because that guy made a few good points, and Tucker is always right, doesn't mean Tucker even told him to do it.

buzzsawmonkey • 2 years ago

It's funny, isn't it?
The Left is all-in for "New Math," which ensures that the kiddies won't be able to figure, but they still are promoting long division in the society as a whole.

lifsabsurd • 2 years ago

It seems to me that the Demon Crap Crime Family had ideas of bringing in more Democrat voters from other countries way back in the Clinton/Gore days or even before. Demon Craps in general want to replace conservative voters with socialist ones. That is IMO the true replacement policy. In practice it does mean a lower percentage of whites in America. But the real factor lowering white population in the Western world is the white-female-determined low fertility rate as well as the female practice of abortion. Females make up over half of the Demon Crap Crime Family.

IMO replacement policies are real but only if properly understood. IMO they have nothing to do with a Jewish cabal or with a plan by blacks to take over the country.

From my perspective I seem to be witnessing a widespread argument involving equivocation over the accepted meaning of this term, Great Replacement.

Tondi • 2 years ago

The left has no Interest in anything less than a race war so let's stop pretending otherwise.

RJ Richards • 2 years ago

And they're going to get it! This summer or next.

cheatemandhowepartdeux • 2 years ago

Dims offer nothing but division and hate, most people are beginning to recognize that fact. Instead of promoting understanding and healing, Joetato just launches into an incoherent attack on Republicans, very ugly.

Paul O'Brien • 2 years ago

The problem with the left is that they truly believe their own banana oil. If a lawmaker cannot or refuses to recognize the signs of extreme unrest within their own country, they are certainly not able to fix it. This weak minded shooter acted out his crazy ideas, no doubt fueled by the leftist rhetoric.
Notice they double down on the hateful speeches.
Where now is there a person listening, thinking...planning?

Tony V • 2 years ago

"he describes himself as a former communist"
As I said before, I am all for abortion, but not before or at birth. But after at least 18 years to see what the kid grows up to be.
In this case, he should have been aborted at the time he become a communist.

Ashley Squishy • 2 years ago

The important element of their "claims" is not so much as the First Amendment should be suspended, but that THEY should be the ones regulating speech.

I think those of us on the other side should join them in agreement, except that WE will decide what THEY can say. That's all perfectly acceptable to me.

bobd111 • 2 years ago

No wonder they're so scared of Tucker. He speaks so clearly. And makes them seem so small.

Hun Kame • 2 years ago


Abendigo14 • 2 years ago

This bag-o-scum, says he is a DIM.... the hate the facts, but came right from the horses mouth.... neo lefist dim who leans eco nazi... no surprise... majority of mass killers have been DIM or lean far left.... facts are facts.... of course huge majority of murder/rape/molesting in this country is by the left, been that way for well over 100 years.... Why do you think DIM are always trying to get these criminals out of jail or sentences reduced,,

Look • 2 years ago

Cowardly Chuck Schumer says Tucker invited him
on his show, then uses invite to attack Tucker

Carlson invited Schumer on his show today to debate a letter
he sent Fox News about ‘replacement theory’

But instead of being a man, accepting the invitation and defending
his position, Schumer used the invitation to publicly attack Carlson:

I'm declining. Tucker Carlson needs to stop promoting the racist,
dangerous ‘Replacement Theory’

hermesten1000 • 2 years ago

Anyone who thinks all the left wants to do is hurl insults, stomp their feet, and get their way at the ballot box is both naive and ignorant of history. All of this is staging for the eventual extermination of their political opposition.

Clockp • 2 years ago

DemoRATS broker trillions in spending, charged against my son's national credit cart after Hunter and demoRAT cronies get a fat cut off the top.

Anything to deflect their amateur hour negligence, incompetence, stupidity and racism. Did I mention war on children?

Deplorableme • 2 years ago

so does this mean the libbies will stop blaming tucker for climate change

2thegates • 2 years ago

How many unsuspecting non-POCs have been sucker punched, stabbed, beaten, or killed over the last few years due to the constant drumbeat of "white people are evil" coming from every corner of society? That along with police ambushes that are immediately swept under the rug because they were somehow "justified" because "George Floyd." Race relations are horrible because Demonrats made them horrible. People of God know whose hand is moving to create this chaos and hatred.

TheDeplorableX • 2 years ago

The Left is desperate to get Tucker off the air.

2thegates • 2 years ago

I am married to Tex-Mex girl who is absolutely enraged by this invasion into our country because like the rest of us she sees that they are coming here for one purpose and that is guarantee Democrats stay in power in perpetuity. They are coming here and walking into our country like they own it and worse they expect their hands to be filled with food, money, housing, clothing, and transportation. Over 50% of the country's children already qualify for WIC. That number is about to skyrocket. If you thought our cities were dysfunctional now you haven't seen anything yet. Now even more American kids won't be able to get jobs in their own country because the ability to speak Spanish will be a requirement like it is in so many places in Texas. That is only one indication that the requirements for citizenship have been watered down and ignored to they point they are now irrelevant. But that will not be the case when the county Balkanizes even worse than it is now. All of our immigration laws which were formed to "Americanize" incoming citizens are now moot. Good order and procedure has been replaced by anything goes chaos. Our border has been dissolved and our border agents have been turned from law enforcement officers to a welcoming committee. Mexican cartels taunt or border agents and usher invaders across the Rio Grande. Anarchy reigns and more crime and death from overdoses will follow. It already has. So welcome to Los Estados Unidos Nuevos. Agui no hay ley. (Here, there is no law.)

Guest • 2 years ago
General Robert E. Lee • 2 years ago

Left-wing teachers radicalizing kids?

I'm sorry, but you are wrong. The killer himself says he is a leftist. He is a leftist, period.

What? We no longer take a person at his word who wrote he is gonna kill people and states his political affiliation?

Lock'n Load • 2 years ago

Lft wing radicals & rinos, ridiots

cestusdei • 2 years ago

Biden is responsible for the Wisconsin BLM racist attack on the Christmas parade.

Sandy Reardon • 2 years ago

...and the 13 servicemen killed in Afghanistan. And the illegals that die trying to cross the border. And all the Covid deaths since he took office. And the murders that increased due to police defunding. He's got a lot of blood on his gropey hands.

Stephen Triesch • 2 years ago

Right in the wake of the Rittenhouse acquittal which was widely criticized by the left with very intemperate and inaccurate claims.

Stephen Triesch • 2 years ago

I see the bot "Eggplant" is once again wasting his time giving me down-votes. LOL

1mtnman • 2 years ago

If you check out its profile, it is a typical coward with a blocked profile and its' full user name is Eggplant...is a liar. It knows it is full of crap and does it just to be a pain. Cowards like that live miserable lives just like most dimocrats.

Stephen Triesch • 2 years ago

Gendron described himself as an authoritarian leftist, criticized conservativism as favoring corporations, criticized Fox News, and never once referenced either Fox News or Tucker Carlson as an inspiration for his views on anything. He cited various scientific journals to support his racist views (modern racism and eugenics were much influenced by Darwin), and his anti-Semitism (often masking as anti-Zionism) is more at home on the mainstream left than in mainstream conservativism. He also described himself as an eco-fascist, suggesting his agreement with leftist climate-change alarmism.

It is quite possible that his racism was fueled by the left's support of open borders and CRT indoctrination, which demonizes white people and presents people of color as victims no matter what their state in life and regardless of their personal behavior and beliefs. Why would that make a young white person angry? /s

It's the faulty syllogism of:
"The white supremacists talk about the 'Great Replacement.'
"Tucker Carlson talks about the Great Replacement.'
"Therefore Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist."

Whether he is or not, the conclusion does not directly follow from the premise.

But logic ain't a strong point for these clowns.

Stephen Triesch • 2 years ago

But the "great replacement" is a fact - not a conspiracy theory - and I have been told by leftist trolls more than once that it IS an attempt to put whites in the minority, gain votes for the left, and undermine national sovereignty and Western Civilization.

lifsabsurd • 2 years ago

But is it a conspiracy being orchestrated by Jews? And will America be replaced by blacks, whose percent of the population isn't in fact much changing? That is the part that is included in the idea of "great replacement" by some.

Guest • 2 years ago
Stephen Triesch • 2 years ago

It certainly is not a "conspiracy theory" but rather the stated policy of the globalists who want to undermine Western Civilization via the mass immigration of people with no sympathy for our cultural traditions and values.

Guest • 2 years ago
Stephen Triesch • 2 years ago

Just like they deny that CRT is being taught in the schools and then have a fit when it's removed or prohibited!

Conquest441 • 2 years ago

No need to explain to me Mr Carlson...It is just BS rhetoric from the leftist media and their pissant minions to divert from what they themselves have been guilty of the 20 years. When they clean their own house and start excepting their own faults and missdeads, then they may be somewhat relevant in they're whining.

Baron of Gray Matter • 2 years ago

Yep. And that means they'll never be relevant.