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pseudo-intellectual • 2 years ago

Nova Scotia's ban on highway gatherings... probably doesn't apply to BLM-Antifa.

DangerousDanMcGrew • 2 years ago

If the truckers shut down for a week Canadian gov officials would be brought to their knees.

uther.pendragon1000 • 2 years ago

Truth persuades. It doesn't coerce

Those two short sentences really say it all with regard to the whole Spotify flap. I'm know I'm late to the party, but Weinstein's directness really stood out for me.

tanarur • 2 years ago

The message of people like Young and Mitchell back in the 60's was "push against the establishment". Today, they want you to shut-up and obey the establishment without question.

Tartanthistle • 2 years ago

And now the woke royal couple are demanding that Rogan be censored. They didn't get that, but they did get a trigger warning implemented on his podcasts. Lizzie needs to strip Harry of his titles. He's stepped out of his traditional role. Once that's removed, it's just a sorry cuck ginger and woke Libtard. See how much Spotify wants to spend on them then.

crabtown • 2 years ago

I just decided to go rogue and bought a Polish Solidarity Tshirt. Those of a certain age will know what it means. The young won’t. That’s the way I want it.

tanarur • 2 years ago

I remember wearing that shirt back in the late 70's. Good times, bro. One could actually be optimistic without being a lunatic.

Jack Amok • 2 years ago

Neil Young and Joni Mitchell aren't just on the wrong side of history. They are history. I doubt one out of a hundred Spotify listeners even knows who Joni Mitchell was, and the majority who know who Neil Young is probably know about him because they've heard Sweet Home Alabama was written in response to his crapping on the South.

Butt Head • 2 years ago

I would have sworn that Joni Mitchell fell into a coma and died a few weeks later. This was back before the corona years.

Barryd • 2 years ago

The whole point of Spotify is that your listening list is your own choice.

You can be a Spotify Premium member and never listen to Rogan, or anything else.

It was bad enough when "activists" wanted to censor someone who was on the big radio station at drivetime, back when there were few choices.

It's really far over the top when they want to eliminate Rogan's programming from a 100% on-demand platform that never does anything beyond suggesting "if you liked this, maybe you'll like these songs or podcasts" which you can freely ignore.

Spotify's whole corporate mission is to offer as close to everything as possible, so the listener can get whatever they want without friction.

Trying to censor Joe Rogan or anyone else who is simply available on a "we provide whatever YOU want to hear" platform, goes beyond even the worst censorship of the past.

RAO • 2 years ago

So if 10,000 people show up show up, can they arrest them all? Maybe the police should support the people and not the dictators.

Ann in L.A. • 2 years ago


Schmuck Choomer • 2 years ago

"... they should be worrying about the trucks not coming at all."
That will be step two, when the convoy doesn't produce the desired result.

Guessed • 2 years ago

Good point. Truckers could refuse to drive in Nova Scotia until the leadership has been turned out. Let's see who has real power.

Dale Betterton • 2 years ago

This from the same country that actively supported a long-running "Indigenous Peoples" blockade of multiple highways and trains.

Hawkeye52 • 2 years ago

Libs will use this to push for self driving trucks.

We_Are_Toast • 2 years ago

We'll all starve before that fever dream comes true.

ultramarine73 • 2 years ago

All my liberal friends on Facebook are making Neil Young jokes. I don't think this is going the way the Neil think it's going.

Guest • 2 years ago
HughdePayens • 2 years ago

Well you make a good case...but like Mike Tyson says...everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.

Guest • 2 years ago
HughdePayens • 2 years ago

Yea blah blah much ado about brains and your station in life but you forget that once the talking was done the founders were forced to shoot the British in the face, stab them in the belly, and blow them into small bits with cannister rounds from cannons. So the British had a plan, Jefferson and others talked to them and then Mike Tyson punched them in the face...and blew them apart. You only win wars by killing the other side.

Guest • 2 years ago
HughdePayens • 2 years ago

And you remind me of every single GOPe Apparatchik who always want to reach across the aisle and find common ground with those who have thus far:
1. Worked with the worst mass murdering country in history to make a virus more lethal.
2. Lied about working with that country
3. Lied about the virus
4. Lied about how to treat the virus, killing millions needlessly to enrich their benefactors in Big Business/Big Pharma/Big Government/Big News
5. Lied about the vaccine and it's efficacy.
6. Lied about the election, which President Trump won in a landslide
7. Worked with big tech/big news to censor everything about what they did.
8. Worked with big tech to cancel everyone threatening their play for power.

You made a point of asking whether or not the Founders were plain men or not. Many were not, some were, but the main point is they knew that words alone wouldn't defeat the British...that soon enough they would have to actually fight. When they did the called on those plain men and women you so pitifully and shamefully denigrate to rise up and fight alongside of them. It was the regular fishermen who ferried Washington across the Delaware when it seemed impossible in the conditions. It was plain men who won the battles...it was pirates and misfits who stood alongside Andrew Jackson and kicked even more British ass. This country is proud of it's plain men...that you are not says all that needs to be said about the GOPe. And look at that I said all of that and didn't attack you personally...imagine that.

And btw Mike Tyson types actually DID punch British faces....there were a good number of criminals who won freedom by fighting...

Guest • 2 years ago
HughdePayens • 2 years ago

heh...that's all you got? You don't like my anonymity? Breaks my heart but still doesn't change the fact that you are full of shit. Once the talking stops the fighting starts and the regular people step up to provide their contribution to freedom. Both are necessary because neither work without the other.

Tartanthistle • 2 years ago

Respectfully, very few of the professional classes have come forward, and those that have have been viciously attacked by the establishment. This can only be addressed by the working class as they are the only ones that can bring the elites to their knees. Canada is showing the way. Afterwards is still up for debate.

Guessed • 2 years ago

Truckers should stop driving in Nova Scotia. That would be more power than a bunch of "professionals" have.

MichelleOrwick • 2 years ago

We've reached Atlas Shrugged level dystopia.

JK Brown • 2 years ago

It has been declared that these are useless or harmful liberties and it is the right of the state to curtail them. The People cannot judge these things. Only the state

The Fascist State organizes the nation, but it leaves the individual adequate elbow room. It has curtailed useless or harmful liberties while preserving those which are essential. In such matters the individual cannot be the judge, but the State only.

--“The Doctrine of Fascism” (1932), Benito Mussolini

ErnieGjr • 2 years ago

I went to the Joe Rogan page at Spotify and saw a long list of his podcasts. Which one is the controversial one?

ErnieGjr • 2 years ago

Found it. #1767 Dr. Robert Malone MD

JK Brown • 2 years ago

Spotify is to put up warnings. I suggest:


David Lundeen • 2 years ago

All the fuss got me to download spotify to listen to Rogan. And I like him. Wonder how many of us that happened to.

As for music, I've always listened to my own lps and cds and don't stream as a practice. I wonder if Neil Young will want to come by and pick up his albums if he hears I'm listening to Rogan?

Wunderkind • 2 years ago

I wonder if Neil Young will want to come by ---You don't need him comin' around, anyhow...

KyPerson • 2 years ago

You are like me. I like Rogan. I might not listen to him every day, but if there's someone on who sounds interesting, I'll give him a listen. And when it comes to music, I have a YUGE stack of CDs, and my teenage grand daughter has begun to collect vinyl.

Matt Harris • 2 years ago

The Streisand Effect

Firecapt • 2 years ago

Is "Big Tech" going to commit suicide by censorship?

Man_in_PA • 2 years ago

I used to like Nova Scotia. Now, FNS!

Michael W. Perry • 2 years ago

Don't confuse a people with their leaders. What is being banned is their support for these truckers. Give them time to throw these politicians out.

jubadoobai • 2 years ago

Truckers need to boycott Nova Scotia.

Michael W. Perry • 2 years ago

Boycotting Nova Scotia would only hurt its ordinary people. Those going after these truckers will still eat well. There needs to be other responses.

I've been told that the U.S. Army teaches its officers to never give an order they know will not be obeyed. When it comes to these already much harried truckers it does appear that the fools in Canadian politics don't realize that 'will not obey' line has been crossed.

These officials would do well to learn from the militarized response to the 1932 Bonus March in D.C. Hoover responded to a peaceful protest with army troops, including tanks. One result was FDR's 472 to 59 victory over Hoover in the fall of that year.


Guessed • 2 years ago

Well, did FDR campaign against Hoover on that issue or give Bonus Marchers early bonuses, once elected?

Michael W. Perry • 2 years ago
Instead of worrying about truck convoys, they should be worrying about the trucks not coming at all.

Glenn, you bring to mind the basic plot of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.

It is the year 2076, and the Moon is a penal colony for the rebellious and the unwanted of Earth. The exiles have created a libertarian society in order to survive in their harsh and unforgiving environment, their motto being TANSTAAFL: "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch". Looming over them is the Luna Authority, the heavy-handed Earth administration, who trades life necessities to the "Loonies" in exchange for grain shipments to the starving populations of Earth.

As the situation steadily deteriorates the inhabitants of Luna come to realize that they have little choice but to revolt against Luna Authority in order to save themselves from resource exhaustion and a subsequent environmental apocalypse.

A small band of dissidents emerges to lead the revolution. This consists of a one-armed computer jock, a radical young woman, a past-his-prime academic, and a nearly omnipotent computer named Mike. These people ignite the fires of revolution, despite the near certainty of failure.
Akaky • 2 years ago

Spotify paid $100 million for Joe. He probably pulls in more revenue in a day than Neil Young and Joni Mitchell pull in in a month. The idea that Spotify was going to sacrifice the golden goose to cater to the woke whims of a cohort of aging baby boomers is and was nonsense on stilts.

Dishman • 2 years ago

He probably pulls in more revenue in a day than Young and Mitchell have, total.

HughdePayens • 2 years ago

Those clowns keep pushing and they won't have to watch a movie to see what this was like...


Tartanthistle • 2 years ago

Justine, Creepy Joe et al are not Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. They are, in fact, Robespierre and his cohorts. They think they have already executed the king (western tradition), when really their necks are so close to the blade. As Glenn long ago educated me on the Preference Cascade and the end of eastern European communism, that is what we are seeing right now. We are not alone.

Hawkeye52 • 2 years ago

Cue Rush' Bastille Day

jubadoobai • 2 years ago

Nothing like losing your head to clear your mind.