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Red Idaho • 2 years ago

The last of a generation. May you join your fellow raiders in heaven for a drink.


Tito Puraw. • 2 years ago
Brad Hobbs (Wind Rider) • 2 years ago

This scam is a twofer - check what is actually said - it is usually a pledge to considering looking into a committee to "look into it".

The art of promising not a damned thing t people that believe it.

gizmoΖ3 • 2 years ago

Changing her identity yet again?

She really is inclusive and versatile.

ELRADO • 2 years ago

Maybe she''ll claim that, when her family told her she was part Indian, what they really meant was part 'West Indian'?

Snow Walker • 2 years ago
DJ9r • 2 years ago

Every time she opens her mouth, it's like the Babylon Bee has been brought to life.

EDIT: That was from a parody account.
In my defense, it can be pretty hard to separate stupid from parody nowadays...

Bernard Fischer • 2 years ago

well, sort of. @aocpress is a parody account

DJ9r • 2 years ago

Darn it, caught sleeping again!
I'll edit the original.
Thanks for pointing it out!

blue quasar • 2 years ago

In a word, hypocrisy.

Red Idaho • 2 years ago

Congrats Benjamin Netanyahu https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Bally Table King • 2 years ago
Snow Walker • 2 years ago
sabateur • 2 years ago

more likely the other way around though.

Tolbert • 2 years ago

Barbara Roufs early 70s


jaymaster • 2 years ago

And I say to any feminist, reverend, democrat, SJW, or whoever might wave a finger at me for liking this photo:

'If you got a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me -- your quarrel, sir, is with my creator'

ursa5000 • 2 years ago

"I'm proud to be an American......"

larry • 2 years ago

Nice headlights!

Chuck Pelto • 2 years ago

And they're 'high beamed' too....

CaptainFajita • 2 years ago

I call that "positive dihedral."

Hell Noway • 2 years ago
Sam in Texas • 2 years ago
Spanky Bernanke • 2 years ago

Those things could accidentally poke your eye out.

Old Guitars • 2 years ago

Those things could accidentally poke your eye out.

Well maybe not on the first try.....


andycanuck • 2 years ago

...try, try again!

ClydeDale • 2 years ago

Two sets of headlights.

Scratcheee • 2 years ago


rluser • 2 years ago

Don't forget Jungle Pam

Dr Why • 2 years ago

I haven't forgotten for one single second.

gizmoΖ3 • 2 years ago

My my, what an attractive pair of boots.

commander_vimes • 2 years ago

sshe's fast, hes furious

TeaPartyLee • 2 years ago

She doesn't look a day over 68.

Eric Raymond • 2 years ago

Sadly, she died at age 47 in 1980.

Bally Table King • 2 years ago
They call me ... Calvin • 2 years ago

I carry business cards that declare the space around me as gun free zones. I hand then to any prospective mugger and while they're reading the card, I run.

Yehiel • 2 years ago

Assuming he can read.

billyhollis • 2 years ago

Democrats who claim to speak for the working man:


socratease • 2 years ago

Because Black Labs Matter.

Old Guitars • 2 years ago

ALL labs matter!


themonkey69 • 2 years ago
andycanuck • 2 years ago

My Guinness! My goodness!

golfhacker • 2 years ago

When you're in the right place at the right time.

Lamontyoubigdummy • 2 years ago

The collective boners punctured half the boat hull, and all the dude-bros drowned.

Still...great legs.

KevinF • 2 years ago

When she says "My eyes are up HERE" it's because you're staring at her thighs.

Bally Table King • 2 years ago

I saw that image. But every copy I saw had stupid shit written over it. Dudes, just let the picture speak for itself.

blue quasar • 2 years ago

When you're in the right place at the right time with the right person.

ursa5000 • 2 years ago

The guys in the boat are all smiling...lol.

ClydeDale • 2 years ago

Where were you when we needed that eye bleach for the picture of Hillary?

Cybernetic • 2 years ago

I have to wonder about that one guy who’s not looking.

Kutsen • 2 years ago

He's loading his camera.