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D.A. Joseph • 6 years ago

What happened to the pictures on this post?

Melvin Tendilla • 8 years ago

wow wow wee... i wish i had something more constructive to share-- i just love riding bikes, guys. whitney, stellar pictures; what an afventure!

Ryanisinallofus • 8 years ago

I'm ordering the basket for my Haul'n rack. Anyone know if that's the "medium"?

"The MEDIUM one is 9.75" x 14.75" x 4.5". AKA Wald 137 (52 grams)."

Whitney Ford-Terry • 8 years ago

its the small

jakeszy • 8 years ago

Anyone know where to get that small accessory cord that's used to secure the bar tape? Looks awesome!

Whitney Ford-Terry • 8 years ago

I used Micro paracord instead of twine. Same method. Available at any local hardware store.

Justin Phillips • 8 years ago

New Mystics represent! I see that NKO sticker on her water bottle.

D.J. Bolles • 8 years ago

This set up makes me want to do a handlebar swap on my Raleigh immediately! I always go back to drop bars but, these Jones bars seems just right.

Drew Mabry • 8 years ago

Beautiful bike

Logan N. Everly • 8 years ago

And, has anyone had the pleasure of trying out Compass' tires? I'd love to get some Barlow's, just haven't read too many reviews for being an all-arounder. I ride gravel, some dirt and lots of pavement commuting. Any thoughts? Good puncture protection?

Nils-Erik Hilliard • 8 years ago

I'm very happy with mine as well. Rode Compass Barlow's for the past 3000 miles here in LA and love them – commuting, pavement, rando, gravel, dirt, glass, small rocks – they roll like butter over it all (except, in my experience, goatheads are instant death.) Over that time got about 12 flats, compared with 3 flats and one torn sidewall over the previous 3000 miles on Schwalbe Marathons; from my experience, Barlow's were slightly more flat prone but I judged worth it for ride quality. I'm putting Compass' on again next time :)

I've been running them for a while now and love them. Never flatted riding in Austin or in LA during goathead season.

Ace Metric Cycles • 8 years ago


Whitney Ford-Terry • 8 years ago

not this time

trololo • 8 years ago

I'm very happy with mine. No knobs so obviously you're not going to shred gnar on them but def big and supple enough to handle a bit of dirt. I've had one flat in a year; keep an eye on your tire pressure, avoid rolling straight through broken glass and you'll be fine.

Logan N. Everly • 8 years ago

I agree with the pens. Never go anywhere without a trusty pen.

D.J. Bolles • 8 years ago

pens for the win!

Cooper Mittelhauser • 8 years ago

Is that a Tubus Tara rack? I contacted Tubus USA just a month ago to inquire about getting a silver and was told they don't import the silver into the US. Big bummer. I want a lightweight, silver in color lowrider rack that works with a Nitto mini-rack.

Ben • 8 years ago

I'd vote for the Tubus Nova (available through Peter White Cycles or The Touring Store). Same design as the Tara, but in Stainless so it's a better match (both visually and in terms of corrosion resistance) with the Nitto racks. Give it a polish if you want to match that Nitto shine.

Whitney Ford-Terry • 8 years ago

I bought it in the UK

hondoresard • 8 years ago

pretty sure this my most favorite bike i have ever seen on this website

Ryanisinallofus • 8 years ago

Me too. I'm copying the shit out of her.

duboisterous • 8 years ago

total babe. bar tape?

Cinelli Hobo

PS • 8 years ago

Cinelli Hobo

shankshiv • 8 years ago

Looks like you have put long miles on your rig!
Those pedals look good for riding with boots.
Any one know waht they are?

Whitney Ford-Terry • 8 years ago

VP, and I took out the middle pins as to not tear up my boots too much and still had plenty of grip in the rain & snow.

PS • 8 years ago

VP pedals for sure--maybe vp-001 http://www.vp-usa.com/categ...


Mark Robinson • 8 years ago

This bike rocks.

Judging by the wear pattern on her pedal surface I would be surprised if she isn't getting foot fatigue on longer rides. I switched to a pedal with a recessed spindle (DMR V12) and it made for improved comfort and traction.

Whitney Ford-Terry • 8 years ago

actually no.

cdoett • 8 years ago

What shifters are these? Been looking for those kind for my new bike and can´t fing them in Europe,... yet!

Colin • 8 years ago

looks like Paul's Thumbies - http://paulcomp.com/shop/co...

Dave York • 8 years ago

I'm pretty sure they are the SL-A10 SL-T10 by microShift, I have the same ones on my commuter build :D


cdoett • 8 years ago

thanks for the info, did´nt know you can convert the TT shifters;)

Mark Robinson • 8 years ago
cdoett • 8 years ago

perfect! that´s what I was looking for! thanks Marc

Austin Priebe • 8 years ago

Ahhhhhh! that weld makes me cringe... On another bike I wouldn't even comment, but everything else is so perfect and well thought out. On a custom frame built for an amazing person riding it around the world I want to see stacked pennies. Everything else is beautiful though: the photos, Whitney, everything else on the bike. Thanks for the story.

_okra • 8 years ago

"Everything else is beautiful though: the photos, Whitney, everything else on the bike."

ahhh whitney as an object - yay, misogyny!

Nils-Erik Hilliard • 8 years ago


Kyle Deven • 8 years ago

I love this. Thanks Kyle for writing this piece up!

Drew Leigh • 8 years ago

So jealous of this rig!

Morgan Taylor • 8 years ago

Love this build! What's the fork offset like under that beautiful bag?

Whitney Ford-Terry • 8 years ago

I know right?

PS • 8 years ago

I love the hobo wrap on the Jones bar! Something to think about for my setup--a Cross Check with a Jones bar, Barlow Pass, and Wald basket! It's a work in progress which hopefully will eventually feel as classy as Whitney's.


alexander g • 8 years ago

what sort of front rack is that? i'm looking for a similar rig for my macho man. thanks!
your bike looks so good!

PS • 8 years ago

thanks! It's a Blackburn MTF 1. Took me a while to find one on ebay as I don't think it's being made anymore. http://www.blackburndesign....

Max Dilthey • 8 years ago

Already looks sweeeet!

PS • 8 years ago

Thanks! Aren't you on reddit? think I saw your Soma/Karate Monkey there before!