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Lesli • 4 years ago

Looks like such a charming place! I would love to visit sometime... SOON!!!

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Oh yes definitely. Tenerife has so many things to offer, from hiking to beaches, lovely food... I can totally recommend it.

Eldin van der Dussen • 4 years ago

Truly a perfect place for everyone! I've been there for quite sometimes, and honestly Tenerife catches my heart. The place is very relaxing, calm, and peaceful. Foods are tasty and full of flavour. And the people are really welcoming and approchable. Full of adventure and plenty of things to do in Tenerife. You can also include Masca, one of the places in Tenerife for your next travel.


Neha Verma • 5 years ago

Absolutely beautiful places. And equally awesome people. Tenerife seems to have all the components for a perfect vacation.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Neha. Yes, Tenerife is a lovely place. And you still get good value for your money. :)

sophie • 5 years ago

would love to be there someday. after reading everyone 's comment this made me more excited about visiting and I would surely visit this place in 2017.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Sophie. Yes you are absolutely right. It s a wonderful place to live or make a vacation. It has beaches and inifinite hiking options. The food is amazing and people are super kind.

Ha Lef • 5 years ago

Paulina, your post is always great, and your pictures are simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I honestly wonder why I have not been to Tenerife yet, especially after reading all of your selling points. You sold me the place!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Ha Lef. I am glad that you liked. Selling Tenerife is not a very difficult thing to do ;) So much intact nature, so many outdoor options, great food and so kind people...

NowThatsAHoneymoon • 5 years ago

Wow, all those pictures are amazing. Thanks for the list! We're planning to visit Tenerife sometime next year, hopefully we get to do everything that's on here! Cheers

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot. Oh lucky you to visit Tenerife There are so many things to do. Please let me know if you need any advice :)

Adrianna Vogel • 5 years ago

Tenerife looks wonderful! I heard a lot about that place, but after reading your blog post I just wanna book my flight and go today :) Looks like amazing place for hiking ! The food looks fabulous as well !

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

thanks a lot Adrianna! if you book your flight today, you'll defiinitely not regret it :)

MOzek Igor • 5 years ago

Great article! We always look for insider tips and this is absolutely fantastic! Nature, sightseeing and of course the food! We love hiking ant the trails you recommended seem interesting. And the volcano... You just put Tenerife on our bucket list!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

thanks a lot Mozek! Tenerife IS fantastic... I hope you ll book your flight still today ;)

Alice Cardillo • 5 years ago

You sold Tenerife to me hands down!! I would have never thought it had so much to offer but now I'm seriously considering visiting and maybe even relocating there! I love hiking, and the volcano looks like something I'd really like to see. Also... banana liquor?... Count me in!!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Alice! You are right, Tenerife is a great place to relocate...there are so many nations living on this relatively small island and the Canarians are very open minded. And I better dont talk about the food ... ;)

Gareth Thompson • 5 years ago

Speaking as a Brit, Tenerife always kind of gets lumped in with all the package holiday options and while this is definitely a type of tourism that goes on, I think many people are surprised at how much more there is to the Island than just the tourism-swapped hotspots. Certainly, as an expat you have an even greater insight into the workings of the place and as something of a hiker, there seems to be no shortage of options. That being said, a little Papas con mojo never goes a miss!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Gareth... papas con mojo were the best! I am glad that the post shows a different side of Tenerife. Many consider it just as a boring/massified tourist destination due to the holiday packages. But it's just the opposite the authentic Canarian traditions are still very alive, you have so many outdoor activities, and I better dont start talking about the food ;)

Mel • 5 years ago

I love hiking so I think Tenerife is right up my alley. Thanks for the restaurant tip! We usually pack bread and cheese (or something) when we hike, but it's nice to know there is an affordable veggie option. I'd also love to hike up Teide volcano. Seems like that would be quite an accomplishment!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Mel! Me too I usually pack some cheese and ham for a trek, but here in Canary islands the food was so cheap and healthy, that quite often I preferred to eat out ;)

Daisy Li • 5 years ago

I remember my visit to Spain was a quick, two day thing in Barcelona. I knew I was missing out on a whole other world, but didn't know how much! There seems to be so much to see here, it's absolutely beautifull

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Oh yes Daisy, you missed a few things then ;) Besides the Canary islands, I can also recommend Andalusia, one of my favorite parts in Spain: the mix of Moorish and Spanish culture is truly unique! :) I guess you have to come back ;)

Sonja Thomson • 5 years ago

I so want to go here! I lived in Spain for a year but didn't get to any of the islands. I love how as an expat you have more of an insight into life and things to do there and I've bookmarked this for later. I also didn't realise it was such a great place for hiking!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Sonja. You are absolutely right, as an expat you get some meaningful and interesting insights. At first I thought Tenerife would be spoied by tourism, but then I had to acknowledge that there were so many areas that were still unspoiled and pure. Where did you live as an Expat?

Suzanne • 5 years ago

I have never visited Tenerife but I like that some places remain untouched by mass tourism. I would definitely go to Los Gigantes and do some hiking. The food also sounds like what I'd like and I always appreciate a place I can get good fruit.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Suzanne. There are some places tat are massified by tourism (like Adeje Coast) but then you have some areas that absolutely untouched. And then the good food and super kind people make a it a place to fall in love with :)

Delaine M├íria • 5 years ago

I'm jealous that you call this place your second home! The landscape is freakin' amazing! In addition to that, you've tempted me with those assorted liquors too.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Maria. Yes indeed, I was lucky to live there during 3 months. But even if you go just for a week, Tenerife will be worth a go: amazing people, good food and so many outdoor activities.

Rhiannon • 5 years ago

Okay so I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I've always been really close-minded when it comes to Tenerife (and the Canary Islands in general) and have totally dismissed it as a place for beaches and nothing else. Reading this has made me realise that it's totally not just beaches and there's so much more! The scenery is absolutely stunning and there's loads of hiking opportunities (I'm not a hiker but a sucker for a pretty view!). I might have to give Tenerife a go now :)

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Rhiannon, I have to admit that I thought the same about Tenerife. I needed to spend some time there in order to see how varied this place is: 1001 hiking options, good food and awesome people. Please let me know when you go and you'd need some tips :)

Nicholas Danis Bertrand • 5 years ago

I've been looking forward to going to this place for years now!Tenerife is my idea of paradise!It looks like it has some of the best hikes in the world!Love that you added so many restaurants and great places to eat in your article.I'm looking forward to go there even more now and I'm definitely saving this article to have another look at it when I'm there.Thanks for sharing your experience.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Nicholas, I am glad that it was useful to you. You are absolutely right, Tenerife is kind of a paradise: secure, great people and awesome food :) Please let me know if you have doubts about you upcoming trip to Tenerife :)

Nastja • 5 years ago

I really want to visit Tenerife, hopefully as soon as possible! I've never heard of La Orotava and Banana liquor before. Pretty interesting!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Nastja. Tenerife, as all the other Canary islands, are well worth a visit. Climate is always good, people are super kind and the food is amazing!

Siddhartha Joshi • 5 years ago

This place looks like a wonderland for nature lovers! However, my favorite part would be interactions with the warm-hearted people :) And the food looks delicious too :)

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot! Tenerife is truely beautiful. Climate is always great and interaction with the locals makes it even more fun to live here.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot. You're right, Tenerife is a little paradise to live. And the food is simply delicious and not expensive at all!

Mango Lady Diaries • 5 years ago

I had no idea of this place and it's oh-so-beautiful! Such amazing landscape. I am adding this in my bucket list and hope to visit someday. Overall a very helpful post with such culinary options and beautiful places :) Thanks.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thnaks a lot Mango, Tenerife is definitely worth a visit. Due to its nature and large leisure options you can easily spend there one week, without seeing everything on the island. And I m not talking about the food yet ;)

Sam Sparrow • 5 years ago

Had no idea Tenerife was so beautiful, although a friend just came from from a cycling holiday because of all the mountains! It's really nice to get an insiders view, as often in the UK we think of the Canary Island as a cheap package holiday place, but these pictures and suggestions show there is way more than that!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot! Tenerife as a cheap holiday package place?? :) The prices have increased insanely over the last 2 years. An they are investing now more in qualitative and eco-friendly tourism. Tenerife is definitely worth a visit, I would love to go back :)

Erica Coffman • 5 years ago

This place looks AMAZING! I love how green and mountainous it is. Seriously, so beautiful. Saving this for later because now I NEED to visit Tenerife.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Thanks a lot! Tenerife is truely beautiful. What I liked best about it, was that it has something for everyone: mountains to hike, many beaches, many top quality restaurants... :)