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Amy • 6 years ago

Oooh a very different side to Tenerife! Thanks for sharing - it must have been an interesting experience to live there rather than just visit.

Diana - MVMTblog • 7 years ago

I'm usually not a big fan of urban centers because I live in a big city and want something different when I travel, but Santa Cruz looks just lovely! I love the architecture there - esp the Little Me building. I'd love to visit Tenerife someday - looks like the perfect mix of nature and city.

Paulina On the road • 7 years ago

Thanks a lot Diana. I am not a big fan of big cities neither. But Santa Cruz was a welcome change to everyday beach life. And in the end the town is not so big. Some wouldn't even consider it as a capital :)

Looks like you had a great time :) I haven't actually visited Tenerife but I know how popular it is for us Brits! The views of Anaga Natural Park look excellent and love to eat Spanish seafood :) Some extra reasons to visit (other than KFC and Primark ;) )

Paulina On the road • 7 years ago

thanks a lot katie! i can't actually imagine that there is a Brit that hasn't visited Tenerife ;) there are many in the south in Adeje, but as soon as go a bit farer away, you ll be surrounded by intact nature and lovely people and amazing food. i can only recommend it :)

Vicki Louise • 7 years ago

I've been to Tenerife so many times on family holidays but we always stayed around Playa de las Americas/Los Christianos - I had no idea that there was anything beyond that. Santa Cruz looks lovely, with a city look but a laid back vibe - the perfect combination for Island life!

Paulina On the road • 7 years ago

thanks a lot for your comment. i also enjoyed Playa de la Americas, it's perfect for going out and if you want to enjoy the beach. but I was particularly surprised how much the island has to offer: infinite hiking options, qualitative food and lovely people :)

Abby • 7 years ago

I love the laid back vibe of Santa Cruz. From the squares, to the beach... it's my kind of place. The architecture is stunning too! So many great subjects for photography!!

Paulina On the road • 7 years ago

thanks a lot Abby. Santa Cruz is the only "real" city in Tenerife. And sometimes I really missed the urban vibe while I was living there. And you are right...the vibe is really laid back.

Tropical fruit, sandy beaches, & the best pizza in town sounds amazing!! It looks like such a beautiful place. I hope to visit someday

Paulina On the road • 7 years ago

thanks a lot Christie. Yes indeed, Tenerife is a great place to visit. And I might think that Santa Cruz is one of the European capitals with the best weather ever :)

It certainly is a very beautiful place with lots of culture and character that is evident by the architecture. My partner's aunt retired there from the UK and he went to visit here for over a month many years ago and he told me what a beautiful place it was. Between his telling me and reading this post with your photos, I really would like to go and see it for myself someday.

Paulina On the road • 7 years ago

Thanks a lot Nicole. I am glad that your family is enjoying Tenerife...and they are absolutely right! The island has everything: great food, not so high prices and so many outdoor activities due to its perfect weather conditions.

Recovering Hippie • 7 years ago

I went to Tenerife when I was a kid and I had alway thought it was where devorcees went to retire, but this post has painted it in a whole new light.

Particularly love the shots of plaza españa and little you! :) thanks for sharing and changing my impression of the place.

Paulina On the road • 7 years ago

thanks a lot my dear hippie. i have to admit I thought the same about Tenerife before settling there for 3 months. but spending a little bit more time there, got me to see a whole new aspect of this little island. it s a paradise for hikers with true natural gems...everywhere. :)

Tracy Chong • 7 years ago

I think Santa Cruz has just too many things to offer. From city, history, urban life as well as natures. Perhaps their food, too. Mercado de Africa sounds good! :)

Ed and Jenn Coleman • 7 years ago

I have fantasies about spending six months in Europe starting with Carnival but I want it be warm too. Tenerife sounds like a good warm weather celebration. Love the pictures of you on Playa Benijo. The still waters on the beach look peaceful. Canaries as the launch point for the New World holds a special place in my heart.

Paulina On the road • 7 years ago

Thanks a lot Ed and Jenn. If you want to spend carnival in a warm climate in Europe, then Tenerife is the place. Another option would also be Cadiz, which is also well known for its carnival. Playa Benijo beach is a bit off the beaten track, but the most beautiful beach on the island.

Ed and Jenn Coleman • 7 years ago

We'll put Cadiz on the radar too. I just don't know if we want crazy carnival or beautiful carnival. We can always go back.

Paulina On the road • 7 years ago

Oh both Cadiz and Tenerife have a crazy carnival, especially during night. During the day it is more the "beautiful" carnival that you'll get to see. Then, still in Spain, Nerja and Sitges also have carnivals, they are a bit smaller, but still very beautiful and less touristy.