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ivajesus • 3 years ago

the article is so cool with so many details! thank u so much

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Thanks a lot! I am so glad that you liked it! Are you attending a feria this year? :)

Erika Lyubomirova • 3 years ago

Loved your flamenco dress. Can you tell me please where you rent if from, please?

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Hey! I finally bought one in Velez Malaga for a very good price . The first one I rented it with Alpagui. Send me your pics once you got one :)

Colby • 4 years ago

I'm crying silent tears reading your post right now, knowing that I won't be able to attend the upcoming Feria in Seville :( But, there's always next year. I've heard it's such an incredible experience to be a part of. My friend, who's been in Spain for 6 years now, just bought her dress last weekend and it's gorgeous! Your dress is gorgeous as well, and I'll definitely be keeping the shop name in mind that you mentioned.

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Awwww your friend is so lucky! I couldn t assist any feria for a few years, and I am also crying silent tears. I really want to make it for the Feria of Malaga. It's just as you say: it is such a memorable experience. After seeing it once, you want to repeat all the time. Next year!!

Paulina Grabara • 4 years ago

the article is so cool with so many details! and I love your photo shoot ;)

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Many thanks :) Did you ever visit a Spanish feria?

toni✩ • 4 years ago

This guide really made me laugh, being blond I was constantly regarded to as guiri when I was living in Spain haha.

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Hahaha good to know that you had the same experience :) Some said I looked like the Flamenca from whatsapp haahha :)

Diana C • 4 years ago

I love your red polka dot flamenco dress! I've never heard of ferias before but it sounds so festive! I'll actually be in Spain at the end of next month so will have to ask around when I get there and see if there is a feria going on. Thanks for sharing about this!

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Many thanks Diana! Oh lucky you that you ll be going to Spain! Maybe the Feria de Cordoba will be on. If not, I am sure some small village will have their feria. Please let me know if you went and if you got a flamenco dress :)

Diana C • 4 years ago

Thanks Paulina for the tip about Cordoba. I will look into it! Are flamenco dresses expensive to buy in Spain btw??

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Yes they are! You can expect 100€ for a (very) basic one. I would rather rent one, I put a link in the post (I dont get a commission from them). They sent it to an address (hotel will work out too) and they come pick it up the day after.

Reshma • 4 years ago

The Flamenco dress looks gorgeous! Ferias sound so much fun and such a deeply ingrained culture in Spain. Would love to visit one day!

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Many thanks Reshma! Indeed, Spanish ferias are really fun, so colourful and the food is amazing!

Ha • 4 years ago

Such a fun guide! I've been to Spain twice but haven't tried Spanish ferias :D! Would love to try on the dress ;)

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Many thanks Ha! Spanish ferias would be a good reason to come back to Spain :)

Wow sounds like you had fun and this is a great guide! Love the Spanish dress too! makes it perfect! :D

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Many thanks Katie. Spanish ferias are great fun and a total immersion with the local culture.

Arzo Travels • 4 years ago

That looks like fun. I am ready to dance and wear such a pretty dress. You look great in that dress.

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Many thanks Arzo! Spanish ferias are such fun.

Mel B • 4 years ago

I love dressing up and this looks like so much fun to do. I love everything about Spain especially the culture and the food. I would love to go to a feria. It sounds like a great experience.

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Many Thanks Mel. I loved the dressing up as well. At first I didn't feel comfortable at all, but after some Spanish wine, I didn't want to leave the feria anymore :)

Birdontrack • 4 years ago

What a dress! Truly impressive and fits you perfectly. I like how you explain in detail about the tradition of feria and what goes with it. Even though I have been a couple of times to Spain, I still didn't know so many things that I see here. Interesting also the story about Feria de Abril with the Feria de Málaga. I can absolutely imagine a discussion about the best Feria with Spanish temper :)

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Hahaha yes you are right. Spanish people are already very tempered, but Andalusian people even more, especially when it comes to "their" feria. If you get the chance to assist a traditional fair in Spain, I wouldn't miss it.

Abby • 4 years ago

This sounds like so much fun! I have read about the Spanish fiestas and you are right, events like this is the best way to immerse into the culture and tradition of the country. To think that such events have been celebrated for decades and centuries already!

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Yes, it is a very cultural thing and the Andalusian people are very proud of it. For foreigners it is the perfect way to get to know a culture better and to connect with the locals.

Melissa • 4 years ago

This sounds like a blast! I love Spanish culture, and would love to attend a feria someday. Dressing up would be fun. You look gorgeous in your dress!

Paulina On the road • 4 years ago

Many thanks! At first I wasn't convinced at all to go out to the street dressed up like this... but then I didn't want to take the dress of anymore ;)