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What a lovely blog Paulina; love the way you photograph the places. This is quite an exhaustive post on things to do and I loved reading about all of them. My perception of Europe was always limited to Spain, France,Austri but this post has opened my eyes about things to do in Germany!!

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your kind comment! Oh yes, Germany has definitely a lot to offer. And if you are looking for that fairytale feeling, you can easily live it in the middle Rhine Valley. On a river cruise you basically see castles every 5 minutes. let me know if you go!

Aisha Sylvester • 1 year ago

I had no idea there was so much discover in this region! It all looks fabulous and I think you soooo much for being so detailed! Between your information and photos I know everything I need to plan to truly enriching trip with wine tasting being at the very TOP of my list :)

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your kind comment. Indeed there are so many things to do in the Rhine Valley, I think my favorite is still a river cruise which allows you to see as many castles as possible. Oh and I totally agree with you on the wine tasting ;)

Taylor Johns • 1 year ago

Wow, thank you so much for putting together this great resource with everything you need. Bacharach is the first place I want to go! I have seen the Rhine in France but now I think I need to go to Germany next.

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Thank you so much Taylor for your comment, I have never been in France at teh Rhine! Do they also have as many castles on the French Rhine?

Parnashree Devi • 1 year ago

You have made me fall in love with Rhine river valley and the castles. I would love to spend a month there to absorb everything. So many places and castles and their enriching and mesmerizing beauty. My favorite from the list is undoubtedly Bacharach. I am in awe of this stunning destination without even visiting it. Thank you for introducing me to this part of Germany. Its on my list now.

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Aww thank you so much for your kind comment! This part of Germany was fairly unknown to myself as well. If you like castles and good food, you'll be very happy in the Middle Rhine RIver Valley. I particularly recommend the cruise, as it allows you the enjoy the beauty of the region in a slow way.

Ma. Clarice Lao • 1 year ago

Wow! It has been a dream to visit as many as possible UNESCO World Heritage Sites and we will definite include this wonderful place along Rhine river on my list. We had been contemplating to go to Africa or Germany next summer but after reading your post, this looks like a wonderful idea.

We would be so happy to do castle hopping, wine tasting and of course a cruise at the Rhine River.

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! That sounds like a great decision! I particularly like the idea of doing a Rhine river cruise as it allows you to see many castles without any stress. Let me know how it went!

Anita • 1 year ago

I would love to follow the same path one day! This river and castles along are so beautiful! I have seen just two so far, but the weather was bad and I have to come there during summer, as you. Wine tasting sounds just perfect there!

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Oh really? Then you have to come back to the Rhine Valley, maybe a river cruise would be great to explore more castles and on top they stop at several villages. Thus it is not so hectic and you still get to see a lot of things.

Susanna Kelly • 1 year ago

This is such a fantastic post. I've only been to Koblenz for a weekend and need to come back to explore some of these awesome castles and other charming towns. I really liked the photos from Bacharach, and am definitely putting that on my Rhine River bucket list.

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your kind comment. So cool that you have been to Koblenz, did you also go on a ride with the cable car?

Lisa Rivera • 1 year ago

What a beautiful part of the Rhine, and such quaint towns too! I'm a wine drinker, so really appreciate you sharing this with us. Your photos are wonderful, and that cable car in Koblenz looks wonderful!

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Oh if you like wine, you gonna LOVE the Rhine valley. It is one of the oldest winegrowing regions in Germany. And add to that the castles!

Annick Lenoir-Peek • 1 year ago

I hear everyone talking of visiting the Middle Rhine Region by river cruise so it was great to hear a different perspective. Koblenz is perfectly situated as a base point but it also has so much to offer! I appreciate the views gondolas provide so I’m glad they decided to keep them! And how fun that you found a nearby winery that even few locals know about - that’s a gem! Now I have more reasons to go visit castles in this region.

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your kind comment Annick. Indeed it would have been a pity if they quit the cable car. If you want to spot as many castles and quaint wine villages as possible, I recommend to do a river cruise... it is so dreamy and relaxing.

amar Singh • 1 year ago

Honestly speaking was never aware there were so many castles in the while Valley and thanks to your post for the information. It is not something that is promoted as widely as some of the more popular cities and touristy places. I think the weather with the colours of nature is the perfect backdrop to these places you visited. A Rhine cruise is high on my list ad one I would love o do soon. Indeed like you say the Middle Rhine Valley is one of the most popular travel destinations in Western Germany and one I would love to visit

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your kind comment. Indeed the Middle Rhine Valley has attracted visitors since the 18th century, because of its romantic setting. A river cruise will allow you to see as many castles and quaint wine villages as possible. Let me know when your travel plans become more concrete.

Nastja • 1 year ago

Omg i think i'm in love. I just love this German charm. Such a cute little towns and i've seen quite a lot of photos from Rhine valley lately and it looks like a dream!

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Oh yes, I can totally relate. I mean you can easily spend a week at the German Rhine Valley and just hop from one castle to another.

Amanda • 1 year ago

This is so cool! I've never even heard of these spots... but they look incredible and I would LOVE to visit!

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Thank you so much Amanda... if you are looking for that fairytale Germany , you got it right there at the Rhine!