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lynnenieman • 1 year ago

What a fabulous and informative post, Paulina. The Mosel valley has been on my list for a while and now I know where to go! Gorgeous photos too!!

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Thanks a lot Lynne for your kind comment. Indeed the Mosel river valley is so pretty, I can't recommend it enough for hikers and foodies.

Eric Wilson • 1 year ago

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blookery • 1 year ago

Love this!

I'm living in cologne but the last time i was at the mosel was many years ago. So i really have to go there again!

kind regarts


Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Dear Hendrik, many thanks for your kind comment. I can totally relate, I am based in Luxembourg and it took me almost 30 years to get to the Mosel and explore. The region is beautiful though and has so much to offer. I can only recommend to go, especially to discover the hiking trails

Teresa Wu • 1 year ago

All of the vineyards on steep terraces overlooking the river reminds me so much of Douro Valley in Portugal! I fell in love with Rieslings when I toured the Alsace wine route - I bet the ones here are just as good. Love the castles too.

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Many thanks for your kind comment. You are absolutely right, the Douro region looks similar, however I think the Mosel is much smaller. Their white wines for so refreshing and hiking from castle to castle is definitely a fun thing to do :)

sandsunandmessybuns • 1 year ago

I want to go on a journey from castle to castle! :) It looks pretty magical. Reichsburg looks most intriguing to me, but they all look incredible. BTW, love your outfits, especially the cute little lemon covered dress. :)

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Awww :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment :) Well that sounds like an awesome plan to do in the Mosel River Valley. There are so many castles in the area that you can spend an entire weekend hiking from one to another.

Gabrielle Soria • 1 year ago

Love this post! Thanks for highlighting so many fantastic sights in this "under-seen" region!

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Many thanks for your sweet comment. Indeed the region is still not so overcrowded which makes it perfect for hikers and travellers that love to travel off the beaten track.l Especially the small wine villages are so pretty to visit.