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I'm loving your Belgium series. Gonna follow closely and plan my travels!
Didn't know that the world's smallest city is in Belgium. The historical centre looks impressive.
I hadn't known of Anticline. Gotta go there & see!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Many thanks for your sweet comment. There is so much to visit in Belgium... and I am only discovering it now that I am living in Luxembourg again. Let me know in case your travel road brings you to BENELUX :)

Bailey Mills • 5 years ago

Your food looks way too amazing, wow! I love the beautiful gardens you were wandering through. And the streets! Those streets are beautiful, I have always been a fan of architecture that includes brick and cobblestone. Reminds me of Beauty and the Beast!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Many thanks for your kind comment Bailey. I have to agree with you... the bricks and cobblestones create a magic village. I would definitely see it as setting for Beauty & Beast.

oh wow what an incredibly beautiful and perfect village to visit! I have never heard of it before but will definitely think about taking a trip next Christmas!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

many thanks for your sweet comment katie. Durbuy is definitely a great place to visit during the winter months... the Christmas Market has sooo much food. And the restaurants are the coziest.

Raghav • 5 years ago

This is just like a little fairy-tale town that I had no clue even existed even though I have been to Belgium a few times. I guess Ghent and Bruges has everyone's attention right now. Beautiful photos and I love the description of the place. Maybe the fact that it isn't as easy to reach by public transport makes it all the more special. Hope to visit it the next time i'm in the area. Thanks

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Oh yes its' definitely not as known as Bruges or Ghent. But at least as pretty. It's becoming increasingly popular though, especially during the summer months.

Archana Singh • 5 years ago

I had been to Belgium before but never been to Durbuy. Looks like a great find, especially for Christmas season. BTW I love your pictures. I am intrigued who takes them.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Many thanks Archana for your sweet comment. Durbuy is often overseen by travellers, even thoguh it's not far at all from Brussels. BTW it's my partner who takes the pictures :)

Guest • 5 years ago
Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Many thanks for your kind comment. Durbuy is definitely worth a visit and it can be easily reached from Brussels or Luxembourg. I read a bit about your South American adventures, that's such a fascinating continent.

Carol • 5 years ago

Durbuy was quite a find for you! Thanks for sharing with us. It's the first time I have heard of anticlinals. I wonder how 350 people can sustain such a great place for tourism!

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Many thanks for your kind comment. It was the first time for me too.... never saw an anticlinal before! I've heard that the village has a very strong community.

Marielle • 5 years ago

Léift Pauline, villmools Merci fir den Tipp! Do muss ech onbedéngt hin! An dann ass et och nach sou no
Léif Gréiss,

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Hallo Marielle, villmools Merci fir dain léiwen Kommentar! Durbuy ass wierklech super: mega kleng awer super léif. Den Chreschtmaart ass nach bis den 7. Januar op, an am Chalet "La Patate au Foie Gras" geet owes nach eng mega ab (och wann een lo keen Fan vun Foie gras ass). So ma Bescheed wéiste et fonnt hues :)

Ed and Jenn Coleman • 5 years ago

Durbuy seems like a foodies dream. I love Belgium chocolate (and beer) and can only imagine the decadence that rolls out for a holiday feast. That anticline is dramatic and I absolutely agree that a river makes any town more scenic. I wonder if you can catch and Uber from the train station. We just got our Sprint World Plan and hope to take advantage of international data.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Dear Ed, many thanks for your sweet comment. Every time I visit Belgium, I eat wayyy too much! It's not only the chocolate and beer, but also all those sweets and different kind of meats etc. They definitely serve huge portions all the time. As by now, you still can't catch an Uber, but there is a shuttle connecting the train station to Durbuy.

Looks like a beautiful place to spend some time relaxing and exploring. I am amazed that there are so many things to do here. I am a camper and would love to visit and pitch a tent sometime. The river looks gorgeous and I could spend a lot of time wandering around the wonderful little town. Of course I would want try the local beer and enjoy the magnificent foods,not to mention the 'Belgian Chocolate'.

Paulina On the road • 5 years ago

Many thanks for your lovely comment Nicole. Durbuy is a paradise for outdoor lovers as well. The Ardennes region surrounding the smallest town in the world has some great hiking trails and is used to host campers. I will definitely go back in spring or summer. Let me know when your travel plans to Durbuy get more concrete.