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Roberto Cordero Murillo • 9 months ago

Hola Paulina, una consulta, como cuánto cuesta el paragliding y el alquier de las bicis? De cuánto es el tiempo de vuelo?

Paulina On the road • 9 months ago

Hola, muchas gracias por el mensaje. Hay que preguntar directamente al proveedor. Puede ser que los precios hayan cambiado mientras. El vuelo duró 20 min y fue una pasada!

Eva Wrann • 1 year ago

Really nice written! I live 20 minutes from Liechtenstein and was always thinking, that I even don‘t want to be buried there ; )
Very nice to see is Vaduz on the national holiday, the 15th of august – then, there is a big street festival with great fireworks.
In Schaan, which has more inhabitants than Vaduz, you can enjoy very nice concerts and bars.
If Liechtenstein is too small, Vorarlberg (Austria) and Switzerland have amazing destinations to visit.

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Aww many thanks for writing in, Eva. I Would have loved to visit Schaan as well, but the time was limited :( I loved Liechtenstein, despite the small size, there are loads of things to do especially when it comes to outdoor activities. I hope to be back some day. What is your favorite place in Liechtenstein?

manjulika pramod • 3 years ago

Wow, these are some cool pictures. I dint know about Liechtenstein until I read this post even though I have been to Switzerland. The hiking pictures pictures look great. I like your hint when you say, 'don't look down'. I would love to walk around and indulge in the food.

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks for your kind comment. Oh Switzerland is very pretty too! I didn't know the area before and know I can't wait to go back. Hahaha I literally meant it, that you better don't look down... it's really steep :) Did you go hiking in Switzerland as well?

Ankita Singh • 1 year ago

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Amy • 1 year ago

Great post! I'm planning a trip here in August to do some solo hiking but now I can't wait to try the paragliding too! Is it safe for solo travellers and will I need to learn a bit of German or do people speak good English?

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Hey! Many thanks for your kind message! Yes it is ABSOLUTELY safe and quiet for solo female travellers. The paragliding is a fun AND safe activity with some adrenaline kick included :) Let me know how it went and enjoy a lot.

Nick Oh • 1 year ago

Excelente resumen!!!! Muy bien escrito. Saludos

Paulina On the road • 1 year ago

Mil gracias. Me alegro mucho de que le guste! Cuando va a ir?

Abby Strangward • 2 years ago

This is such a cool post! I love these photos and all this info, really great resource. So glad I stumbled across your blog x
Abby - www.seafoaming.com

Corinne • 3 years ago

You know, I didn't realize I know so little about Liechtenstein until reading your post. Now I'm ready to visit just for the alpacas!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks for your sweet comment. I didn't know neither.... and I the alpacas are my main reason to go back as well :)

Monica Suri • 3 years ago

That's such a gem. I wish I came across your post ten days ago. I was in Austria and Germany just exploring the place work no fixed itinerary and this could have been an easy fit. Though I feel sad I missed this time but great find for the next one. Lovely pictures and very fun looks

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many many thanks for your kind comment Monica. I am so glad that you enjoyed the post. Liechtenstein is really such a pretty place and has so many things to do. You definitely have to come back, especially if you are into outdoor activities like hiking or cycling :)

Kim Bui • 3 years ago

Wow, this is my first time hearing about Liechtenstein! It looks absolutely gorgeous, every single thing you listed is enough reason to visit Liechtenstein. Number 6 speaks to me though, I'm one of those who travel for food, haha. Great pictures and wonderful guide, would love to cycle the Alps one day!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Haha I am glad that you liked the food point. That's just what you need after all those long hikes and cycling tours. Liechtenstein is definitely worth a visit, especially if you are into outdoor activities.

Erin @sevenwanderers • 3 years ago

I had no idea Liechtenstein was one of the richest countries in the world. You don't generally hear a lot about it at all. It's a place I have always wanted to visit though, it just looks so picturesque! I'm like you - travelling is definitely a lot about the food and that food looks great. We loved the German food especially when we were in Europe so this sounds right up our alley!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks for your lovely comment Erin. Oh if you are into German food, you'll love the food from the mountain huts in Liechtenstein. It's basically hearty food but in front of breathtaking Alpine panoramas.

Vicki Louise • 3 years ago

It's incredible how much there is to see and do in such a small country! I spent an hour in Vaduz a few years ago (I was driving from Austria to France and thought it would be the perfect spot for a detour!) and loved walking round the practically empty streets - you're definitely right in saying it's one the quietest capital city in the world!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Hahaha yes I was also totally surprised how quiet this capital is. I guess that most of the people are all in the mountain... Because as soon as you leave the capital and go to Triesen or Triesenberg, then you can spot some locals :) I guess I would do the same: spend all my day in those breathtaking mountain panoramas.

Raghav • 3 years ago

Beautiful post full of amazing photos and information. It's such a tiny country that so many people are unaware of and here I am who has been travelling in the area all my life for work and yet I have not been there - even though I know of it. It's really great you've highlighted some of its key attractions and I really hope more people get to visit it.

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks for your kind comment. How lucky you are to travel in this area. I was surprised how pretty it as. Usually I am more of a sea and ocean type, but here I felt in love with the mountains of Liechtenstein. I guess you have to go back to the area and visit Liechtenstein :)

James Smith • 3 years ago

There are some interesting things to do in the 6th smallest country in the world. I would definitely try the The Fürstensteig and Fürstin Gina trails, I'm sure the views are wonderful. Visiting Vaduz, Liechtenstein looks so much fun.

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks James for your lovely comment. I can only recommend a visit to Liechtenstein. It is surprising how many things this tiny country has to offer despite its size.

I'm seriously impressed that you managed to do so much in such a tiny country! Adding this to my list, I think! :)

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks for your lovely comment. How does the saying go? Small but mighty? That's how I would describe Liechtenstein. Despite its small size it has many things to do, especially if you are into outdoor activities.

California Globetrotter • 3 years ago

I really need to make it here! It's not far from me and you've just know given me a summer weekend idea to do with my niece and nephew!! #blogpostsaturday

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks for your lovely comment. I am glad that it is close to your place. Liechtenstein is definitely worth a visit, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities.

Kathi Kamleitner • 3 years ago

I'm from Austria, but I've never been to Liechtenstein (or even that far west in Austria). The hikes you did sound amazing though - would be cool to visit one day!!!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks for your lovely comment Kathi. Especially being from Austria, Liechtenstein is a lovely travel destination. I was in company of 2 Austrian bloggers and it was their first time too! But both loved it! :)

Doris | www.dorisworld.at • 3 years ago

Yes me neither before i was visiting this lovely countriy. I am also from Austria!
So you can also read in my blog about Liechtenstein in German if you want

chakrap2 • 3 years ago

Loved the post. So many handy tips and those Alpacas are darn cute!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks....hahah yes the Alpacas fascinated me as well :)

evekay • 3 years ago

I was there in December but with my 5-month-old baby so can't do half of the things you had there! Great list though and a stunning mountain view indeed!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Wow congrats for traveling with you little baby. I am sure Liechtenstein also has something to offer for young families. I would definitely go back and experience all the outdoor options.

Ipanema Travels • 3 years ago

I simply see how Lichtenstein turns into my next destination! Thanks for the inspiration!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

That is good to know! There are just so many things to do there: hiking, cycling, and eating of course :) Let me know if you go and I'll give you some tricks :)

The Stage Mommy • 3 years ago

Haven't heard of this country till now let alone spell! Love this post and definitely putting it on my travel wish list!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Hahaha yes the spell is a thing on its own :) Liechtenstein is one of the tiniest countries in the world and it's definitely worth a visit when you love breathtaking mountain panoramas.

Amy Butler • 3 years ago

So cool! Tiny countries always intrigue me, and Liechtenstein seems like it packs in a lot to its small principality! I'm not a particularly active person, so the trekking and e-mountain biking sounds like a great way to see all the country's nature!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks for your kind comment! You are absolutely right, despite being a tiny country, Liechtenstein has a lot to offer. Especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

Kiara Gallop • 3 years ago

Although I've heard of Liechtenstein, I admit to knowing absolutely nothing about it until I read this post, and now I find myself considering a Skyscanner search for flights there! The llama and alpaca trekking sounds right up my street :-D

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks for your sweet commend Kiara. Hahaha I felt in love as well with the idea of alpaca trekking. There is no airport in Liechtenstein itself, but you can fly to Zurich and get there by train.

Kristy Atkinson • 3 years ago

I knew of Liechtenstein but this is a great post to find out just what sorts of fun and interesting things there are to do there!

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks for your lovely comment. Liechtenstein has so much to offer for its small size. Especially if you are into hiking and cycling, this country is a paradise!

Tasha Jacqueline • 3 years ago

Wow, I've never heard of Liechtenstein before so I'm so pleased you shared this. The country looks wonderful. I love the fact there didn't seem to be many other people on the hiking trails. I love when places seem undiscovered! Also I can't believe you can cycle through 3 countries in one day!! Definitely adding this country to my bucket list.

Paulina On the road • 3 years ago

Many thanks Tasha for your lovely comment. You are absolutely right with putting Liechtenstein on your bucket list. It is such a pretty and tiny country. And not overcrowded with tourists at all!