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Jessica Minerd-Massey • 6 days ago

Excellent film about CPP.
I felt I could tell it was made by one, as it sometimes focuses on aspects that someone without that intimate knowledge of pain, wouldn't think about or notice.

Cherie Neumann • 1 month ago

Everyone is too afraid of the CDC for this to be fixed. Lawyers won't even go near it.. I believe Drs have committed suicide because they broke their oath of "do no harm". My primary Dr changed professions not long after this came out. She probably realized how difficult it would be to help those with a pain causing illness. I have been looking for someone versed in law that would go after the CDC but nothing yet. Even with major dental surgery there is no help with pain. The internet keeps changing and I can't find the CDC newest on trying to fix their blunder. They keep blaming the deaths on overdose, even the thousands they caused by causing people to make the choice of life not worth living or ending it. Alcohol sales have skyrocketed due to CDC.. if people won't look for street drugs to ease pain they will do something legal. It will hurt the body to drink too much, but maybe that's the whole point.. they want people to look for alcohol or other drugs and destroy themselves so only physically useful people are left.

Bev • 1 month ago

The illicit fentanyl flows throughout the country, with the wide open border, and more will die and the meds we need will be blamed.

Carole A • 1 month ago

Why aren't we focussing more on getting the government to do something about the fentanyl & heroin still coming and that's what's killing the 100,000 people meghan McCain is blaming on doctors but I'd like to know what drug was Cathie Griffith taking and how did she have 100 plus to try to kill herself?

R Michael Maddox • 2 months ago

Haven't seen the e tire movie, but plan to. I am and know personally so many cpp's that I am pretty sure what I will see. I wish we could force Every lawmaker to watch it. Then let them continue their Stupid policy making, concerning pain medication. ✌🤨

Dana Miller • 7 months ago


Kimalee Hansen • 7 months ago

I have taken pain medications for 20 years exactly as prescribed. I hold ME responsible for every medication in my home. I have been on prescription medications since 18 months old (for a variety of chronic illnesses). I treat pain med's like I treated insulin for 36 years: TAKE AS DIRECTED. I have never had any issues with pain medications, I do not have a criminal record AND I DO NOT SEEK DRUGS. I just want to live a semblance of a life without horrible chronic pain. CPP'S ARE NOT THE VILLAINS!

Dana • 11 months ago

Dr. Ibsen, you are a true gift to mankind. Thank you for doing the right thing, always.

This film was a much needed part of this war to relieve pain, but I know it's not enough. We need to do more and I will follow along and do my part to spread awareness.

As the mother of a true addict, I can tell you that no amount of control is going to stop her from getting her next fix. I do not blame the dr. who prescribed her first opioid. She is one of the unfortunate few with a predisposition to addiction, and though the first dose triggered it, I also know NOW that it could have happened any number of times.

I consider myself an expert in opioid addiction as I have watched her destroy her life, lose her home, her car, her job and son and will one day lose her life to this. I accept that as inevitable as I have watched it for the past 20 years and I know exactly how it happened. She may have started with dr. hopping, but she was the problem, not them. Of course, she quickly moved from opioids to meth, but I still don't blame anyone other than her genetics.

Everyone is not an alcoholic, however, a certain percentage are. This is no different with drug addiction. That said, we still sell alcohol quite freely, so why are we treating the prescribing of opioids as a criminal act. We should not be ignoring the pain of many because of a small percentage of addicts. Criminalizing the prescriber does nothing to help the addict.

Jessica Minerd-Massey • 6 days ago

Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story, realizing it's not the dr.'s fault and supporting Dr. Ibsen.
I'm so sorry you & your family are dealing with addiction, I wish you all the best & hope your daughter might someday be able to find something that clicks with her & helps her come back.😞
The traditional treatment available in the US is notoriously lacking.
Maybe Ibogaine, psilocybin or ayahuasca might help?
I, personally, haven't heard of it being used for meth, more for opioids. Psilocybin has been very promising in helping longterm treatment resistant depression & good results for use in addiction. It may sound counterintuitive, but it's a different class of medicine.
Hope things have gotten better since your original post.

Mark Ibsen MD • 9 months ago

God bless you. And
I hope you can support your loved one by taking exemplary care of yourself. To get coaching I. That approach, consider attending an Alanon meeting, or Naranon if yiu can find one. They are similar, and Alanon much more commonly found.

Gigi Holloway-Brandford • 11 months ago

The forced taper has done irreparable damage to my health causing heart problems, causing my incurable bone disease to spread down my spine! Hippocrates Oath FIRST DO NO HARM = what happen to that, I have been greatly harmed by the Unscientific Guidelines that CDC has put out. Imagine living with a rare genetic bone disease that has no cure, that causes excruciating and debilitating pain. Then imagine the prescribed pain medication that effectively alleviated that pain for 29 years is abruptly stopped. Not only is the pain unbearable, but the resulting stress placed on the body prevents an individual from being able to exercise or participate in physical therapy, which is vital to preventing accumulation of Homogentisic Acid (HGA), a toxic acid that can contribute to chronic joint pain and inflammation, in someone with Ochronosis/Alkaptonuria. After being diagnosed with Alkaptonuria (AKU), also known as “Black Bone Disease” as it causes bones to turn black and brittle, I was placed on a very high dosage of morphine to prohibit my body from producing HGA levels that devour my bones, turning them black and stripping the cartilage and cushions from in between them. AKU, a genetic disease, is caused by a missing enzyme which means a patient cannot fully break down HGA in their body have shown that AKU is the oldest metabolic disease on Earth, and found in Egyptian female mummies! My former physician of 32 years eventually identified morphine as a pain medication that helped without causing a negative reaction to synthetic chemicals or harming my liver and kidneys. I was able to reduce monthly `Ohana chore services from 85 hours to 45 hours. In 2017, because the CDC Guidelines were adapted by my state as law, and my doctor was driven out of practice,I cannot find a doctor who will take me as a patient? They all see my need for the medicine I was forced off of, and do not want to risk their livelihoods by being my doctor.Meanwhile I am abandoned by a doctors and left with NO HELP - I am being HARMED by the state and No ONE will do anything to help me!! Due to my morphine dosage being reduced to half of the original dosage, the HGA accumulation has eaten two holes into my heart valves, resulting in a life-threatening heart condition. HGA has also spread to my upper cervical spine, my lower cervical spine, my heart and liver and kidneys. Every doctor I have been referred to has refused to accept me as a patient. I have been abandoned by healthcare providers. I am scared and feel all alone.

Mooninleo27 • 1 month ago

Gigi, I’m truly sorry to hear of your genetic condition. My heart truly feels for you. Everything you’ve stated is so true. If doctors are going to turn patients away then they should lose their licenses to practice medicine! My morphine was cut as well and oxycodone completely taken away and the rotten doctors and surgeons and hospital made $373,000.00 for my spinal cord stimulator surgery and my new pain management doctor has discovered I probably didn’t need to have that surgery because it’s my sacroiliac joints 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’ve completely lost faith in a lot of medical “professionals” and of course the medical arts building where my surgeons office is has all new remodeling, expensive flooring you name it!!!!! Please if you feel alone and need a friend please don’t hesitate to message me. You take care now

Carole A • 1 month ago

That makes me sick to hear you seem to have been forced off meds that were working and now I see how this spinal cord stimulator is an unbelievable moneymaker for them. How did you find out $373,000? I was confused as it seems a handful have said that stimulator helped them but others like yourself, no . I'm seeing a spinal doc next week and I will not take a chance on something like that. I'm fortunate to have a wonderful PM doc & I'm only limited by CDC guidelines as far as meds which make standing & walking bearable but my life is so restricted...I don't leave the house except for groceries & doc apts etc. I wonder what it would be like to take more as needed as I use to have a pretty good quality of life since 2003 & only got worse two years ago. My back/hip issues have gotten worse but I guess I'm already at the MM limit so I'll never know unless I found some underground source but I couldn't afford that anyway. I'm going to watch that movie today too.

Bev • 1 year ago

I had every emotion possible while watching this movie. It felt like it was 20 minutes long, it was THAT good. I lost my PM Doctor almost a year ago, to the DEA. Dr. Ibsen reminded me of him, caring more about his patients than himself. He believes in his Oath to First Do No Harm, above all. This movie is for CPP’s and their families, but everyone needs to watch it to prepare themselves for the current lack of compassion in the American Medical system. It will surely touch every family in their lives.

As long as the DEA goes to our doctor appointments, healthcare will NEVER be restored.

Mooninleo27 • 1 month ago

Bev, no words have ever been truer! You totally nailed with the in compassionate American Medical System. What a disaster and all the while people are suffering and dying😪

Carolyn Rombardo • 1 year ago

I wish every Dr...had been like Dr. Ibsen..fighting for the patients care..maybe things wld b different today ??..instead this Dr who took his oath seriously..n..has apparently an abundance of empathy (rare quality in todays world)..is being unjustly punished..This is a travesty..a world where we punish our healers..im praying hard for this Dr ...and all the other Dr.s who put everything on the line..bc..they cared....

Mike Roberts • 1 year ago

All I know is we have to be heard, we have to be seen. The public needs to know there are people like us that don’t function like them regardless of being the same age and looking physically ok. We are not ok, if you see us in public we are probably putting on our brave face because at least for me , just a trip to the grocery store ends up with me lay in bed, crying and withering in pain. That is where the difference is. People don’t see our illness so to them it doesn’t exist. This film shows some of the things that separate us from other people! Raw and very emotional film .

Mooninleo27 • 1 month ago

Really profound words my friend, I led the same life and yet your words are so touching. Completely agree with the brave face - even at the doctors, I don’t think they truly ever get to see us at our absolute worst because we need to muster up everything it takes just to show up 🤦🏻‍♂️ I honestly believe the only people that understand chronic pain sufferers are other chronic pain sufferers. These doctors know nothing plus they’re so arrogant......... blah blah blah, please stay strong my friend I really feel for you. I guess it’s only us pain people that have empathy for one another as well. Hugs buddy

Deb • 1 year ago

Totally agree Mike...chronic pain and mental illness can both be invisible and therefore, sadly, must not be real🤬🤬. I guess we have to be stumbling around with an AXE in our heads to be deemed legit. They would definitely see that. I am grateful to hear more voices and see more CPP advocates popping up over the past couple of years - but we need more. We need louder voices AND advocacy from long-respected medical sources. I know they’re out there, but it’s going to take willingness to face risks like Drs. Ibsen, Tennant & others. CPPs are great, and testimonies are needed in mass quantities !!!BUT!!! - the way this misguided “war on opiates” with its skewed information has played out - it resembles the same scenario as asylum docs vs patients in 1900(ish)...the very minute a patient said “I am NOT crazy” was the very minute the doc made his dx of insanity. For some, narcotic pain medications maintain some quality of life and functionality. For others, it’s a combo of medications. For still others, well...you know, I know, we all know how endless that list can be. But, back to the way this “war” has played out - as with the asylum patients - our credibility has somehow been called into question, if not entirely dismantled. The “experts” have portrayed us as ‘deceitful drug-seeking addicts who concoct fabricated ailments’ and do not warrant the professional benefit & kindness of a respectful listening ear when asked what works for us. Facts: WE live in our skin, WE rattle around with our own bones every day. WE are each infinitely different one from another on every conceivable level. Yet 1 or 2 agencies have gotten together, wadded the facts above into a nutshell/buttshell, with random (no establishing process of scientific calculation or clinical eval & research) decrees about pain, pain tx, moral judgments, dosages, patient needs, dx’s, regulations etc. It’s obvious the efficacy of that useless buttshell doesn’t even factor in. MY doctors and I can’t make decisions about MY care without extremely impersonal & severely uninformed faraway organizations shoving their snoots in??! 🤬Crazy-Making. But I’m sure it has all been said in this and other forums way better than I could...keep fighting the good fight guys and gals✌️

Mooninleo27 • 1 month ago

Deb, trust me I don’t think anybody has said it better than you! Your words speak volumes and I appreciate everything you’ve said. I think they must’ve thrown out the Hippocratic oath cause “healthcare” nowadays is the bottom of the barrel with nothing but sleezballs making money off suffering people 🤦🏻‍♂️ Stay strong my friend

davidbecker2 • 1 year ago

We are seen- as problems, and cash cows- but not as people- we are the "missing subjects"- but whats missing is morals and values in medicine and govr. They, in Orwellian fashion are dehumanizing us all for the sake of domination and profit. We can counter their atrocious lack of morals and values in every encounter- make it unpleasant for them to be the monsters that they are- then they may realize there are costs to them for being a**holes.

Jessica Minerd-Massey • 1 year ago

Great documentary and by a CPP too!
Every story hit home....so much, but I'll never get that little boy Hunter out of mind, he knew exactly what I know...no one that young should be eye rolling as they tell the-med-trial-stroy, it was heart breaking.
I hope Dr. Mark Ibsen sues the crap out of that medical board.

denverdiva • 1 year ago

I am so terrified! My son, who's in my profile picture, is living with severe sciatica pain daily. He has degenerative disc disease and from his MRIs, the doctors say he has the back of a 70 yr old man. His first back injury was in 2014 when he lifted some boxes at work and popped a disc. He went through chiro, PT and other 'first line' treatments and he reached MMI. He was doing well until we (he and I) were rear-ended in an auto accident in 2016. Two more discs were buldging. Same deal, chiro, trigger point injections, PT, traction etc. He finally agreed to spinal injections - epidural Steroid, RFA and facet joint injections. He was on a maintenance program with those and we settled the case. Last year, he was riding his motorcycle (he's a very safe rider - he always wears ALL of the protective gear, EVERY time) and was headed to the corner store. He was riding in the neighborhood, because I always tell him to avoid the major streets due to traffic. He was making a left hand turn at a T intersection and a guy assumed he was going to go straight, and plowed right into him. More sciatic pain. But it was managable. We decided to get a different lawyer than we had from the car accident, and this lawyer and their medical 'team' worked in tandem. I'll back up - during the car accident treatment, we had our bills paid through a 3rd party lein holder. They paid the doctors, and when the settlement was reached, the settlement paid them. All was good. However, with this new team, they did NOT work with the lein holder. We were not able to go back to his original pain management doctor that he had during the car accident. Not only did this new doctor team charge outrageous prices for the shots that he needed, they screwed up his back even more. He went in for a epidural sterioid set of shots, and came out with worse sciatic pain than he had ever had in the past. Finally, it all came to a head late January. My son had the flu and had been coughing so badly, that it did something to his back and the sciatic pain flared up so badly, he was incapacitated. We went to 2 Urgent Care facilities, and they basically said, ice, heat and Advil. REALLY? It peaked on a Wednesday night, when I went into his room to find him crying/screaming at the same time. Do you know how gut wrenching that sound is?? I called an ambulance and we went to a real ER hospital. They were awesome and did a lot to help him. He was admitted overnight and I worked frantically to get his previous pain mgmt doctor on board for him again. He was able to see the Dr. we knew and got another set of epidural steroid injections that got him back to somewhat normal. It doesn't last, as we all know. We wanted a more permanent solution. He qualified for the spinal stimulator implant and it took an arm and a leg to get it all set up. A psychiatric evaluation, referrals, etc. It's set up for June 16th. But right now, his sciatic pain has come back within the last week. Last week, he was able to walk and stretch and get the pain under control, but now,it peaked so badly we went to the ER hospital again. They gave him Dilaudid while he was there and he started crying. He's never been that pain free. Not in 4 years. He started talking positively about the stimulator, and how, if it works like Dilauded, he will be able to do all the things a 25 year old should be doing. I haven't seen him that relaxed in years. We got an RX for 3 pills which were to last him until he could get back into the pain Dr. the next day. They refused to give him anything! Now, he's in is bed 18 hours a day, and laying down the rest of the time. They won't prescribe ANYTHING for his pain - not even for 10 days!!!!!! WTF??? I'm praying that this spinal stimulator works - but if it doesn't, he could be the younger version of all of the horrific letters I've read about men and women who spend their lifetime in nauseating pain. I can't have my son suffer like that! What if this continues and gets worse and worse! He won't live like this. I can't imagine him at 30, 40, 50 living with this kind of pain. He'll become another statistic. I'm sick, I'm terrified and I don't know what to do.

Carolyn Rombardo • 1 year ago

Im so very sry to hear about ur sons pain..i do no how heartbreaking that is..my son has psoriatic arthritis n his joints swell to ridiculous size and i see his pain he can barely walk n he has 2 children under five..i am also a CPP.of 18yrs...and the only thing worse than our pain ...is having to watch ur children suffer..and no one helps them..as parents its our instinct to help them..n..having no help towards that is as frustrating n heartbreaking as it gets..what makes me livid ?...when theres all this outcry for parents who have kids on drugs (ilegal drugs)....n..yet..its okay for our kids to suffer with real illness's....its an absolute disgrace whats been done to all of us...I will keep ur son in my prayers..

Jessica Minerd-Massey • 1 year ago

I cant even imagine going through this with my child, I'm so sorry, I wish there was more that I could do, I will definitely be sending healing thoughts & hoping the SCS helps him.

Carolyn Rombardo • 1 year ago

I will definitly watch this on prime....i listened to a podcast with Dr. Ibsen other day about this...on RAPP REPORT OPIATE CRISIS CRUSADE..its new n they advocate for us...thier excellent im sure if ur a CPP..u will want to hear these interviews thier also on FB N TWITTER...the Dr went into the story of this movie ..I just want to thank everyone who advocates for us...

angelas4819 • 1 year ago

Now, we need to get others to watch this film. I have a sad feeling that the audience will be only those who have chronic pain. I wonder if there will be any promotion to general audiences? It should be a must watch for those setting pain management guidelines.

kimmarie • 2 months ago

The public needs to see to see this they have no idea what's happening to us all.. Suffer and be torture to death 💔😢

Pain News Network • 1 year ago

Pain Warriors is now available on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/...

cc scafuri • 1 year ago

We are an extremely cruel society compassion is seen as weakness common sense and clarity of any kind is gone. I too.am dealing with all of this your never alone in your suffering although it feel like you are. Love to all of us.Celeste

Sherry • 1 year ago

Thank you! I will definitely watch this on Amazon Prime. I am on pain meds, but I've still been in very bad pain many days due to my spinal stenosis, herniated disk, sciatica pain that won't go away! The shot (Epidural) from my anesthesiologist hit a nerve making the (new) pain on the top of my thigh horrible! I limped for 2 months after shot. I never dreamed that would happen, but I did read other peoples warnings about ESI's.

Renesme Cullen • 1 year ago

I have ankylosing sponditytis plus RA & I lived abroad. I was medicated properly for the entire time I was abroad.
When I came back to the U.S. for CANCER surgery In 2007 I was dealt with A WHOLE NEW BUNCH OF crap.i WAS rX'D demerol for my Back pain, my hands are so Mangled that before the Covid-19 kids would scream I was a "WItch" I am only taking 60 mg. Codeine.I am 65 yrs. old.I have been in pain since adolescent yrs. & my Family Dr. who (RIP) is no longer so I am having to put up with this constant crap from my PCP. AFter 15 years he is more than willing to "send me to a Pain Clinic" I need serious pain meds & I need them NOW! My Dr. does not give a crap about me only his Lahey Clinic KICKBACK for him.MY PCP has 2 Practices, he's in with Lahey Cliinic & he does not give a CRAP.His Name is Dr. Marc Pifko, Winchester Physicians

Jessica Minerd-Massey • 1 year ago

Where were you living, if I may ask. I'm thinking about moving out of the US, if anyone will allow me into their country, lol.

Nancy • 1 year ago

Can anyone tell me when this documentary is going to be available in CANADA? Thank you

Mark Ibsen MD • 1 year ago

It’s on Amazon Prime now.
I watched it last night,
First time in several years.
This documentary is a far cry from the Skype interviews we did seven years ago. It is so professionally done. I am impressed and honored to be part of such a highly professional enterprise.

Jessica Minerd-Massey • 1 year ago

It was nice to see more of your story Dr. Dr. Ibsen, you're such a decent human being, so nice to see you in a warm place that at least gives you respect and gratitude for doing the job you love.
We lost one of the 'good' ones when they did this, and as usual the citizens suffer all the more when Big Brother gets involved.

Nancy • 1 year ago

I couldn't agree more, Dr. Ibsen! I watched it a few days ago and to be honest, I was in tears. I want to thank you for your sacrifice Dr. Ibsen and I pray that other physicians will join you in support of chronic pain sufferers, like me. You are my hero! God bless you, and please stay safe & healthy

Pain News Network • 1 year ago

Nancy, you can stream the film on iTunes or Amazon Prime or order it as a DVD.

Nancy • 1 year ago

I tried that by going to my canadian amazon prime account but they don't have it. I also tried on Amazon.com (US Amazon) either to rent or buy and again, it says I must have a valid US address for payment. I appreciate your assistance, however.

Pain News Network • 1 year ago
Nancy • 1 year ago

Thank you soooo much....vimeo worked and I am now going to watch. I am so appreciative of you help. Take care and stay safe.

davidbecker2 • 1 year ago

Pain care has been a civil rights problem for too long and its clear that the bigshots in pain care are clueless about what pain care should be and their learned incapacity to recognize the natural right of people to seek pain relief reflects the tragedy of our modern pain care system where miseducated moral mifgets dominate the care of people suffering pain.
Since the late 1960's activists called for new rights for people in pain- since the 90's advocates have mistakenly played the game of the heartless epistocrats and addressed issues of fact instead of issues of rights. But pain care is always about rights, values, morals and caring. Too many in government, health care and academia are morally unqualified to hold their positions and be paid for their epistocratic domination and disregard for individuals in pain. I have no problem crticizing their careless inconsideration.
I hope those debating facts with epistocrats will recognize the need to speak to issues of morals and rights. I have no fear speaking about mistaken facts and facing epistocrats head on on their false factual and epistemic claims- their vice epistemology and lack of intellectual virtue and flimsy methodologism is so easy to impugn- but like the bullies they are they run when someone stands up to their heartless nonsense.

Mark Ibsen MD • 1 year ago

I had the honor of working with Tina for 6-7 years on this,
And Eugene for 4
This story MUST be told,
As the tragedies continue to mount.
6 of my patients have died since my clinic closed and they lost access to my care. No one died while under my care. I’m still under the thumb of the board of medicine, and the blood of these six patients is on their hands.
Montana has become a waste land for pain management, and the entity that has harmed these patients is the board of medicine, serving as a subsection of the department of justice.
God bless us all,
Your Doctor No longer works for YOU.

Carolyn Rombardo • 1 year ago

Dr Ibsen...i had the honor of listening to u on a podcast that i had just found RAPP REPORT..and hearing what u have lost..its just incredible to me..that our own government wld attack our own good Dr.s..to say im sry to hear this...is an understatement..of epic proportion....I just want to say u are a heroe to millions of us..im going to find the movie..im atrocious with technology but im dam stubborn too..so i will find it..but i wanted very much to THANK U N GOD BLESS U...for all u do..

Mark Ibsen MD • 1 year ago

Thank you. When Dr Pamela Wible started losing doctor friends to suicide,
She generated a film:
Do No Harm.
At the very same time
For 7 years we worked on creating the film
Pain Warriors.

I am committed to this issue for the same reason
Chris Storseth
Bob Mason
Jennifer Johnson Adams
Jennifer Beausoleil
John Burke
Lynnette Chadwick
All died after losing access to my care.
This is what I stand for

Do No Harm
Restore the Sacred Relationship between Patient and Physician.

Pain News Network • 1 year ago

You can listen to the Rapp Report interview with Dr. Ibsen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/...

davidbecker2 • 1 year ago

It is time to truly revolutionize pain care in America- and i am not referring to Portenoy's report which was a resume builder for the APS and AAPM. Doctors and health administrators are miseducated on what care and care ethics is about-its not about epistocratic domination as their moral midget medical schools have egregiously taught- its about reverence for life and dignitarian care. I dont want some robopathic algocratic borg telling me or those i care about what pain care must be. Their science and research and experience isnt up to that- and may never be. In all relationships their should be mutual regard- and ultimately pain doesnt belong to society or experts. This is the 3rd rail politics that the iron triangle will not deal with- so in every transaction with the iron triangle we can speak about these fundamental issues of rights and what care should be. I ti stime for modern society to grow up and stop demanding people get with their ridiculously stupid "programs". Now that covid is raging as is the Floyd issue- let us take advantage of the old guards weakness and call for a new bundle of rights for all people who suffer.

Jessica Minerd-Massey • 1 year ago

"I dont want some robopathic algocratic borg telling me or those i care about what pain care must be.."
Do you think that's part of the reason this is happening. To clear out the 'useless eaters' for the future? I feel it's a eugenocide of the disabled, the sick & the elderly...as the future of robotics expands there will be less & less jobs and less need for actual manpower, so why not get rid of us first..? Or at least a large chunk.
Right now some of us are still useful as their test subjects, but once you're beyond broken, they want nothing to do with you & certainly don't want to spend money on healthcare of any kind.

davidbecker2 • 1 year ago

It might be but in any event its heartless exploitation and domination of others by lowlife greedy narcissists.

Carolyn Rombardo • 1 year ago

Well said...i think ur both right..but it boils down to ...too many people btw us n our Dr.s....too many people making medical choices for very sick people..that do not have a medical education....n..honestly we have been listening to people rage about thier rights..people from every walk of life...where are our rights ??..even for something as simple as human basic rights