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Elizabeth Strick • 4 years ago

Chapter 8-5
"I did?"
"I'm nothing like that." +7

Chapter 8-10
"Okay." +7

Chapter 8-13 Magic Challenge
Embroidered Rosy Wedding Dress (room) 1000 coins
Short wedding dress (room) 500 coins/10000 lune

Happy Ending - 21 tickets
Normal Ending - 8 tickets
Unhappy Ending - ?

Vehura • 4 years ago

Dang. Thank you again for your hard work! :)

sassy_panda • 4 years ago

Chapter 8 Part ?
Magic Challenge - Magic Grade needed 17000

Vehura • 4 years ago

Thanks, SassPan~ :D

Elizabeth Strick • 4 years ago

Chapter 8-5

Elizabeth Strick • 4 years ago

Chapter 7-7
"I'm so glad."
"Don't push yourself." +7

Chapter 7-12
"I'm going with you."
"I'll stay here." +7

Chapter 7-15 Magic Challenge
Ocean-view Wedding Aisle (garden) 250 coins
Pure White Wedding Site Background (garden) 400 coins/8000 lune

Chapter 8 (15 tickets)

Vehura • 4 years ago

Updated! Thanks again!

Elizabeth Strick • 4 years ago

Chapter 6-6 Magic Grade 10000

Chapter 6-6
"Don't be glad!" +7
"Thank you."

Chapter 6-10
"You're right."
"Stupid!" +7

Chapter 7 (15 tickets)

Chapter 7-4 Magic Grade 13000

sassy_panda • 4 years ago

Welp, I guess I’m not needed

Aaaaand here I was wondering if perhaps you guys might need my help at all.....but...lol...
(That's what I get for putting it off for a few hours while concentrating on Mystic Messenger instead, lolol)

Vehura • 4 years ago

If you would confirm her answers, that would still be of help. :)

Also, now they're releasing Hiro who will apparently be the last of the "Cursed Labyrinth" series. They've done the 2 teaser announcements, so from past experience, my guess is they'll release him anywhere within 24-48 hours now (though I really don't *think* it should take anywhere near 48, I'm just trying to give a large enough likely timeframe since my connection with time is...tenuous at best, shall we say? Lol.)
Anyway, I definitely do plan on doing his route and so I'll take notes as I go along and I will try my best to be as accurate as possible so that I can be as much help to you as possible, should you need it. Just let me know and I'll be more than happy to help. Thank you again for all of your help Vehura!

Elizabeth Strick • 4 years ago

Chapter 1 (16 tickets)

Chapter 2 (16 tickets)

Chapter 2-10 Magic Grade 2500

Chapter 2-11
"No way!" +7

Chapter 3 (13 tickets)

Chapter 3-6
"Yeah!" +7

Chapter 3-11 Magic Challenge
Pink Diamond Tiara (room) 250 coins
Rose Crown (room) 50 coins/500 lune

Chapter 3-12
Go. +7
Don't go.

Chapter 4 (18 tickets)

Chapter 4-2
"Forget it."
"I'm sorry, too." +7

Chapter 4-11
"I can't do that." +7
"I want to quit."

Chapter 4-12 Magic Grade 5500

Chapter 5 (14 tickets)

Chapter 5-6
Apologize. +7
Make an excuse.

Chapter 5-9
"That's not true."
"It's true..." +7

Chapter 5-12 Magic Challenge
Rosette Flower Bridal Hairstyle (room) 400 coins
Wavy Bridal Pigtail (room) 100coins/3000 lune

Chapter 6 (13 tickets)

Vehura • 4 years ago

Thanks for these, Elizabeth. :)

Elizabeth Strick • 4 years ago

Considering how much I utilize your walk-throughs, I am happy to be able to help on this. ;-)

sassy_panda • 4 years ago

Chapter 1 Part 7
“Okay” +7
“I don’t need practice”

Chapter 1 Part 15
“I guess you’re right” +7
“No, it wasn’t!”

1-15 Magic Challenge
Colourful Bouquet (Room) - Charm level 5 - 50coins/ 500 lune

Chapter 2 Part 2
“That’s a good idea” +7
“I think I’ll stick with the cute type...”