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Neil2 • 1 week ago

He's a serial liar. Remember the "Dangerous fantasy" of an EU army ?. Has he apologised for that lie yet ?.

Cliff Langdon • 1 week ago

Tuition fees?...

RiffRaff • 1 week ago
Cliff Langdon • 1 week ago

That's rather good! I've not seen that before.

RiffRaff • 1 week ago

Bloke is so easy to expose. Hypocrit and inconsistent at all times.


janetjH • 6 days ago

There was an expose in the Sunday Times three/four years ago by members of his staff saying that he changed his mind so frequently and lied so often that it was impossible to keep his office functioning.

Anyone got the link?

OscarG • 1 week ago


cynic • 1 week ago

The fools keep voting for him!

inggradon • 3 days ago

only remain Theresa dis-May and a Corebin
ps this site says it doesn't censor then says we only need hemail to cesure?

MrVeryAngry • 1 week ago

He's just a complete weasel.

Tom Collins • 1 week ago

I wouldn't trust him to put my wheelie bin out. And little timmie's no better.

Jenny Keane • 5 days ago

Oh, did you not see that Mrs. Clegg puts the bins out? She wanted to make the point that she is a Feminist and does not believe in 'Boy' job and 'Girl' jobs. A pair well matched methinks.

Vera • 5 days ago

For 'Feminist' read THE BOSS. She earns far more than him - who wears the trousers in their house?. I've no doubt that putting out the bins is not usually her job. Or perhaps he couldn't even manage that so she does it for him.

John M • 3 days ago

My guess is that late at night she uses a strap-on on him. Every single night...

RichardMitton • 1 week ago

Vote Mr. Fish Finger.

janetjH • 1 week ago

He doesn't mind you saying that.

He keeps getting appearance fees from the BBC.

Fido Gawks • 1 week ago

A shitweasal? from the Libidinous Demagogues? No!



janetjH • 1 week ago

The frightening thing about the EU Army that both Clegg and Cameron approved is that it was going to be run by Ms. Mogherini.

Who is Ms. Mogherini?

The last head of the Italian Communist Party.

You couldn't make it up!

mike watterson • 6 days ago

Wasn`t Ms Mogherini the author of the least read worst selling book of `Italian War Heros` ? Officially referred to as the smallest book ever produced.

John C • 6 days ago

She seems to have an issue with Israelis actually defending themselves.

Dave Edwards • 1 week ago

Could be worse if they appointed the vile Abbot......our venerable shadow home secretary.

Abitparky • 1 week ago

And she's a right dog as well.

janetjH • 6 days ago

As she is a raging communist, one wonders why she is so anxious to command the EU Army.

It couldn't be anything to do with Mao's saying "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"

Tom Collins • 1 week ago

Is she related to Andrew Murray?

Roger Hudson • 1 week ago

You know the public school (Westminster) creed," never apologise, never explain".

Jesus Actionfigure • 6 days ago

He suffers from a general ethical deficit, I'd say. This is the man who saw no problem with putting a crook like Laws into government.

Abitparky • 1 week ago

Total scumbag. people who vote for him should be sterilised.

Helen Smith • 6 days ago

Cleggy tried to defend himself by claiming Owen Paterson said 'only a fool would vote to leave the market' which as Brillo has pointed out before is a deliberate misquote as Owen said the exact opposite.

Jbush • 6 days ago

Clegg saying one thing andBoris saying the opposite, they cancel each other out

Gumblina1 • 1 week ago

Clegg is an absolute Dick - a manifesto for Brexit????
It was a simple yes or no on membership, we were told using £9 million of tax payers money on a leaflet sent to every household - a vote to leave meant leaving the single market.
What a lying POS he is.

James Cook • 1 week ago

These weasels are trying to retrofit caveats to a simple binary question because the answer wasn't the one they wanted.

DEvans • 1 week ago

Smoke and mirrors, the fascists favourite since 1933.

David Bickenson • 1 week ago

The Germans call it "Nacht und Nebel" - night and fog and Merkel is still using it.

Dreary Steeple • 1 week ago

It's worse than that, he is a toxic POS.

DEvans • 1 week ago

An expensive piece of propaganda which he had a hand in producing, the asswipe.

Nockian • 1 week ago

Clegg is one of those politicians who doesn't accept the premise of any argument. He epitomises the phrase 'that might be true for you, but not for me'.

IDrinkAndIKnowThings • 1 week ago

They've lost the argument on the 'single market' & the CU so next up is that there was no manifesto - from a cross-party supporting a leave vote who would be reliant on the Govt of the day enabling the decision reached to be implemented. The man is desperate.
I see that no-one has asked the limpdums, who want a final vote on the deal & if we don't like it we remain, that remain is 'just a direction & not a destination & to explain that destination...

Nockian • 1 week ago

Exactly. How could there have been a manifesto ? it wasn't a party, but a movement. That's why the question was stated very simply. Do you want it or not ? The people answered 'not' and TPTB are still trying to recover from the shock of discovering that they don't control everything and effectively telling the leave voters that they are confused idiots, biggots and every other insult available.

Tom Collins • 1 week ago

Desperation makes fools of politicians.

Fido Gawks • 1 week ago

...them not taking no for answer makes fools of us, when we vote them back in.
At this rate, I'm all for a return to absolute monarchy.

RiffRaff • 1 week ago

The mistake he makes is assuming people are stupid. Thing is, they aren't generally. They'll see clips of this or read it in papers or online and they'll quickly come to the conclusion that he is a grade A berk who hasn't got a clue.

Roanoake • 1 week ago

Labour and the Lib Dems exist because they think people are stupid and want to tell them how to behave. Not that they themselves need to behave that way, naturally.

John Sharp • 1 week ago

I think if we threatened him with the removal of his lavish pension his memory would suddenly return.

Rog Tallbloke • 1 week ago

That's the point though. He's angling for a job and then an EU pension by toadying for them now.

janetjH • 6 days ago

He's already got an EU pension.

He'd just like to have more power, more money, more privileges and more pension.

Rog Tallbloke • 6 days ago

I heard you lose your EU pension if you don't keep batting for it. Clegg should be forced to wear an 'EU bought and paid for' rosette and hat at every TV appearance.

Yorkman99 • 2 days ago

I think it is only the Lib Dem supporters who are stupid.

Malcolm • 1 week ago

Clegg represents the most dangerous type of politician because he oozes charm and gives the appearance of being a reasonable person. In fact he has always been a mendacious hypocrite who, like most so-called liberals, will say or do anything to achieve power and will never admit fault even when exposed like this. He reminds me of Macron because they are like two peas in a pod and if he said today was Tuesday I would demand a calendar to check. It is a great shame that these interviews do not reach a wider audience, limited as they tend to be to political geeks rather than the average viewer, so that it would ram home the message that these snakes simply cannot be trusted.

Frank • 1 week ago

Clegg reminds me of lots of management consultants, they have all the advice but none of them will be there when the sh1t hits the fan as a result of their advice.

peacemaker • 1 week ago

Well said.