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Sam Topeka • 7 months ago

God save Archbishop Viganò.
God bless President Donald Trump.

gordon3186 . • 6 months ago

Soon to be FORMER President Trump.

CharlesMartel • 7 months ago

God Bless Archbishop Vigano.

Here is an interesting article on the World Economic Forum site. It is titled "Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better". That's what's in store for us if the WEF has its way.

And here is the link to Event201, which Archbiship Vigano mentions. Event201 was a large pandemic preparation exercise held in October 2019 - just a month or so before the Covid19 crisis broke out in China. The funders behind this event? The World Economic Forum, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Surprise, surprise!

A world where all human beings apart from Bill Gates and George Soros are deprived of property and have no freedom or privacy sounds an awful lot like communism. Could this be the Fatima prophecy coming true, i.e. "Russia will spread her errors (aka communism)" unless she is consecrated to her immaculate heart? We know the consecration has never been properly done, and now we have a fake pandemic used to usher in what very much looks like communism.

And isn't it ironic that Joe Biden tweeted in October 2019 that the Trump Admin was not prepared for a pandemic? Now why would he say that? The tweet is still on his feed! https://twitter.com/JoeBide...

CharlesMartel • 7 months ago

America's favourite doctor, Tony Faucci, was already warning there would be a pandemic during the Trump administration back in 2017.

Here is another interesting link. A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report forecasting a pandemic leading to governments drastically curtailing freedoms of their citizens (see p.18 onwards). By "coincidence", the Rockefeller Foundation is also one funder of the UN ID2020 initiative, the digital ID which is sure to be made compulsory to prove you have received the compulsory vaccine.

There is no question in my mind that we are facing an orchestrated attempt to establish a worldwide communistic state where the average human being is reduced to the state of cattle, with no freedom and no property. The Mark of the Beast vaccine ID and the anti-Christ one world religion cannot be far behind.

Frank Hannon • 7 months ago

Never trust a man who throws like a girl.

sam • 7 months ago

i love sexist remarks.

Frank Hannon • 7 months ago

...full disclosure: my wife, in her high school hall of fame, a college athlete, and a high school girls coach for two sports and asst. AD, is an exponentially better athlete than I am. I've told our three athletic sons that they owe their Mom a steak dinner. ...so there is a certain unseen irony in my sexist remarks, which she herself therefore appreciates more than most!!

sam • 7 months ago

lol. Knew a girl years ago married to a good friend of mine who played on her HS softball team and could hit, catch and throw so much better than her very sexist husband- a lot like Sam on TV's Cheers. It must've affected him somehow.

Frank Hannon • 7 months ago

The biggest test to our relationship occurred at a cookout right at we'd gotten engaged. I knew that she was a successful athlete, but, well, she was only a girl, after all, so, though not a hoops player, I figured what she had in skill I could neutralize with quickness and strength in a one-on-one. Well, I found out differently the hard way, and with an audience of my friends to boot. I think the best summary of the affair is "total humiliation." I got her back (a little) in a one mile race about a month later, though she was a runner and I wasn't : ) , but admittedly, the hoops affair left its mark; we still have "fun" with it these many years later.

sam • 7 months ago

didn't he have a connection to China?

Gerry. • 7 months ago

More from the Prophet
“A world where all human beings apart from Bill Gates and George Soros are deprived of property.”
Bergoglio & Fratelli tutti: Private property” (no.118, et seq.). Francis recalls that it is not exclusive but relative to its “social function” of helping the poorest. There is “the subordination of all private property to the universal destination of the earth’s goods, and thus the right of all to their use” [no. 123].

Deanna Clark • 7 months ago

Russians had private property...they even had their own plots to grow crops on the collective farms, which they worked on days off and kept the profits. The system was severe for sure, but not absolute, Sounds like our bunch want the absolute kind.

Thomas Storck • 7 months ago

This is a note appended to the WEF article cited here: "Author's note: Some people have read this blog as my utopia or dream of the future. It is not. It is a scenario showing where we could be heading - for better and for worse. I wrote this piece to start a discussion about some of the pros and cons of the current technological
development. When we are dealing with the future, it is not enough to work with reports. We should start discussions in many new ways. This is the intention with this piece."

It was written by Ida Auken, the former Minister for the Environment in Denmark (2011-2014). She is a member of the Danish Parliament for the Social Liberal Party and is Chairman for the Parliament’s Climate and Energy

pennpa • 7 months ago


Ben D • 7 months ago

Judgement time is here, God Bless Archbishop Viganò.

Rod Halvorsen • 7 months ago

Archbishop Vigano already in the past referenced the fact that at times in history men must take up arms in defense of the good and of virtue. As a past Apostolic Nuncio/Ambassador, he knows and loves the USA. He respects our political traditions and political system.


Even though he does respect our system and traditions, he is not appealing to them at this time. Pay close attention...he is addressing his letter to President Trump personally.

I believe Vigano is telling Trump not to concede no matter what. That the forces of evil have so corrupted even our political systems that the election outcome may already be "settled" by globalist forces. He realizes that they must be stopped at this time in history and that this is the moment when forces must be assembled to prevent this Great Reset. A couple months ago George Soros actually used the traditional Communist term "Revolutionary Moment" to describe the covid crisis as that which would serve to establish this "Great Reset".

Archbishop Vigano knows that the enemy in a similar way to that being done in the Church is using our systems and traditions against us in order to establish its own radical, revolutionary system. This has occurred many times in the past in other countries taken over by Marxist revolutionaries. Surely Vigano is aware of the threat to the United States presented by "One Man. One Vote. One Time." Threats to ensure this have already been made in the clear by American Democratic Party leaders: creation of 2 new perennially-Democrat states {Wash DC and Puerto Rico}, stacking SCOTUS, etc. The Antifa Black Shirts are and have been terrorizing our cities for months. Against UCMJ, serving military are voicing political opinions against the President. The media...say no more.

And now the Great Reset on top of Agenda 2030, UN Sustainable Development Goals and Weforum goals.

All supported by the Vatican as well.

Archbishop Vigano knows this is the time it must stop. There will be no others. Trump must not give up.

No matter what.

Barry • 7 months ago

Possible Leaked Roadmap for the Next Phase of the Agenda.https://www.youtube.com/wat...

DG • 7 months ago

Will people realize that a universal basic income is worthless if there's nothing to buy on the shelves?
And whatever happened to 'Give me freedom or give me death'?

sam • 7 months ago

lots can happen between voting day and the possible biden inauguration...

Frank Hannon • 7 months ago

"Trump must not give up. No matter what."

What does this mean practically? Are you personally prepared to take to the streets, armed, even absent any compelling evidence of widespread fraud by the Democrats, should Tues. go the wrong way? This is a sincere question. (That reaction of course would perfectly confirm the narrative that has been put forth by the left for months now.)

Rod Halvorsen • 7 months ago

I don't know what Vigano means exactly, but I know Vigano is an orthodox Catholic and from his past statements, is not a pacifist. If Trump can verify fraud and has support of at least one house of Congress and a significant portion of the military he should remain in power and fight through an investigation into that fraud.

As a contingent requirement of Just War {notice how the entire concept has recently been scrapped by the Pope!} there must be a legitimate leadership and possible chance for victory if arms are to be taken up against an enemy. Thus Catholics are barred from any form of terrorism. And also thus, Trump must not simply concede without investing support to remain in power.

In the event, we citizens will be presented with a decision: to side with a rigorous investigation into fraud while at the least taking up arms to defend our communities if attacked, or simply acquiescing to whatever the Left screams they want at the moment.

Realistically, I do not think Trump would remain in power if he had no Congressional and military support, obviously. He would simply be removed from the White House. He could of course die a martyr, which is unlikely but if it happened it would sure shame a bunch of popes of recent memory....

Catholics have been so infected with pacifism tho and the religion has so radically changed over the last half century that I suppose it is more likely Trump would be supported and defended by Protestants who would, curiously, stand more with Vigano's spiritual guidance than Catholics who have displayed an utterly rotten form of religion and moral fabric for decades.

Frank Hannon • 7 months ago

Fair enough; thanks. I ask because I've been contemplating my own reaction should things head seriously south, as I believe many orthodox types have, and I'm not just talking Catholics, either, of course, witness the thuggery that Hasidic(?) Jews for Trump were subjected to in NY only this past week. All I know is that the Scotsman in me is with William Wallace under these circumstances; I don't have a whole lot of tolerance left in the tank for my freedom being further usurped. We really need and Our Lady right about now.

P. S. My eldest is an active duty Blackhawk jockey; maybe his unit won't miss one bird if it comes to that.

Gerry. • 7 months ago

He that hath not, let him sell his coat, and buy a sword. Luke 22:36

gordon3186 . • 7 months ago

"Put your sword back in its place," Jesus said to him, "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword." Matthew 26:52

Frank Hannon • 7 months ago

"Every man dies; not every man really lives." William Wallace, Catholic Scotsman Freedom Fighter

Slappy Orange • 7 months ago

Funny .. I thought this narrative actually went in the opposite direction. Even as a left-wing narrative, and given the one-sided media coverage and suppression, it would still be an incredibly difficult tale to spin, that it's been the "right" taking to the streets, burning, looting, and rioting. In what world do the suburbs invade the cities to wreak further havoc and retribution, "even absent compelling evidence" should Tuesday "go the wrong way"? Never has a group threat been voiced so exclusively in one direction. That's not the election result we have most to worry about.

Frank Hannon • 7 months ago

I've actually been making the exact same point to a liberal friend who has talked for over a year about a Trump-led post election uprising, but it's somewhat of a non sequitur vis-a-vis this discussion, which specifically had to do with an implication by Rod that the something extraordinary after Tuesday might be in order precipitated by the right, which I was simply probing.

DigitalLogos • 7 months ago

Some of us, who have been branded "conspiracy theorists" have known about this for months, if not years. Get on board the tin foil express people, the truth is stranger than the fiction the MSM has been manufacturing for you.

Flavia Verardo • 7 months ago

Brave and Saint, archbishop Vigano. God bless him and God bless Benedict, Ratzinger, the true Pope.

cs • 7 months ago

There are signs, not coincidences.
Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun
1929 - Our Lady requests all the bishops to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. They fail.
2029 -
2030 -

The weeping of our Lady at Akita was counted to be 101 times Something to think about, perhaps?
( amended to correct more specifically)

I do not see this letter as fostering despair, greater anxiety.
Archbishop Vigano is attempting to help us open our eyes, to trust in Jesus, and be prepared to stand with him in ways that few will see, but Him. Of course, God provides special graces to those who publicly are called to witness the faith, the Gospels. I say, " NO. NO. NO." to anything or anybody who preaches against what Christ preached OR remains silent.

James • 7 months ago

"What is surprising, however, is that there is no one to sound the alarm."
No, beloved Archbishop Viganò, there is you. Thank God for you.
Not many years ago such a pronouncement by an Archbishop, member of the Vatican diplomatic corps, would have been blazoned upon the front page of every newspaper in the world -- if not to provide credence, at least to undermine the Church -- the Church then credibly regarded as a moral force and an adversary against the powers and principalities. No longer. The institutional Church now sufficiently tamed by undeniable errant theology, moral scandal and financial malfeasance and whose most prominent "leaders" are emasculated trolls need not be dealt with. It has been not only tamed but muzzled. An episcopate largely constituted by mute eunuchs.
Archbishop Vigano's admonition should be included in every parish bulletin this weekend -- but then where is parish life active these days? We have just been locked down by the hysterical hypochondriac Democrat sychophant whose posterior is well planted on the local cathedra. No mention of the Archbishop's letter to President Trump in the venerable NCRegister this morning [Mother Angelica is turning in her grave].
Should we manage to dodge the bullet this coming week the war will only rage more virulently.
God save us.

Micah • 7 months ago

Love this guy - Vigano for Pope

DG • 7 months ago

Can't before Benedict dies.

Kathleen Ciavarella • 7 months ago

Will never be a pope because he will never rise to Cardinal. He has declared himself an enemy of the "deep church" in his letter. He'll be lucky not to be demoted for his bravery.

cs • 7 months ago


gordon3186 . • 7 months ago

Excellent!! Except he failed to incorporate Pizzagate. Pity.

Thomas Storck • 7 months ago

Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum. https://www.whitehouse.gov/...

Maurisa Mayerle • 7 months ago

Fast and pray.

Tin Foil Hat Wearer • 7 months ago

"A global plan called the Great Reset is underway." - OK, Vigano loses credibility when he repeats paranoid conspiracy talking points.

Steve Skojec • 7 months ago

It sounds like a conspiracy, but they put it right on the website of the World Economic Forum: https://www.weforum.org/age...

Here's an excerpt that should bother anyone:


Rod Halvorsen • 7 months ago

For a broader perspective, google Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Straightup anti-Catholic stuff the Vatican supports.

And of course all of this is tied directly to Vatican policy for China.

It appears the secularists in the Vatican have decided that Communist China is the future, and have modified their policy accordingly.

William Raymond • 7 months ago

People like "Austin Catholics" here betray themselves to be as dumb as stumps, because they never directly argue against the claims of those with whom they disagree. Instead, their seemingly uninformed minds can only spew forth irrational invective as they say again and again, “That’s a conspiracy theory!” No argument; just invective. Austin, please identify a conclusion and premises for us. That’s what being rational entails.

Steve Skojec • 7 months ago

I'll be honest, when I first read about it, I thought it sounded pretty paranoid.

But there's a thing called Google, and I decided to use it. And lo! I found information that tells me the conspiracy is real.

Rod Halvorsen • 7 months ago

I've been reading Vigano for a while now and have hesitated to come out strongly in total defense of him because some have been critical that he is "over the top". I'll be clear now. I did not and do not do not think he is. Not one little bit.

cs • 7 months ago


Warner • 7 months ago

I think his “hiding for fear of his life” is ridiculous.

It is definitely not a conspiracy but the mainstream media portrays it that way to ensure the sheep do not notice what is being done. This has all been planned for a long time! The only thing no-one counted on was Donal Trump winning in 2016. Remember how they all laughed at the thought? "He is not really going to win, right?" In order for this plan to work, they needed Hillary Clinton to win and they never thought she'd loose. Even with this, they still plan exactly what Archbishop Vigano says. He is spot on!

Mooneymite • 7 months ago

Time magazine is pretty main stream.....


Mooneymite • 7 months ago

I'm not sure why a reference to a global reset causes you to lose credibility in the author.
Do you doubt the existence of such a plan (https://www.weforum.org/gre..., or do you doubt that such a plan can be successful?

Has Vigano been unreliable in the past?