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Fr. RP • 3 months ago

I am reminded of a deceased Holy Bishop who reminded me that good things come out of small places, he was referring to Bethlehem. The Catholic Church in Kazakhstan is a minority at best and yet they uphold the eternal Truth more faithfully and more clearly than Rome et al.

The perverts desire to pervert everything that is Good, everything that is Holy and they shamefacedly go about it calling their perversions accompaniment, pastoral, merciful, and even the Will of God.

The situation is so desperate that in most Diocese in the United States it is forbidden to Celebrate the Ascension of Our Lord on the Day of His Ascension...that's right, it is forbidden! The Faithful who love the Lord and rejoice in His Ascension are kicked to the curb and trampled upon so that the unfaithful who would refuse to assist at the Holy Sacrifice can be accommodated in their lukewarmness. And this is not off topic or an aside, it is a demonstration of the evil that has afflicted the Church for far too long. If we cannot Honor the Ascension of the Lord when we should because we do not care to be burdened by doing so, then how can anyone expect that sexual relations should conform to the Will of God?

Woe to all of the pathetic Bishops as Priests who pander to the masses and make the Holy Mass a mockery of God! Woe to them who regularly refuse to rebuke the sinner and often rebuke the faithful for simply desiring the Faith!

Let us not forget that Pope Francis went out of his way to authorize, while possessing no authority whatsoever to do so, the use of contraceptives for the sole purpose of Eugenics. Why doesn't anyone seem to remember that? https://onepeterfive.com/di...

I invite everyone to reread or for the first time read this excellent article by Steve Skojec. And, as an aside, the above article was the occasion that lead to my first comments on 1P5.

It would be nice if Steve would re-post that article attached to this article, as I think it clearly shows to which camp of the contraceptive debate Pope Francis is clearly aligned...as in the Father Maurizio Chiodi camp: https://www.lifesitenews.co...

Guest • 3 months ago
Fr. RP • 3 months ago

If Steve doesn't think it necessary to attach the aforementioned article to this one, then I do not wish to usurp his site in anyway. Especially by re-posting comments I made to that article. The link is there, if people want to read those posts (which I would edit the second one if I could) then they can click the link and read away.

Simon Platt • 3 months ago

Perhaps, rather than doing that, Fr RP might prepare something to go above the line.

(What say you, Father?)

Fr. RP • 3 months ago

I do not know what it means to go above the line? Sorry for my ignorance....

HudsonLink • 3 months ago

Above the line means to submit something to Steve for publication as an article, rather than below the line, which means in the comments section.

Simon Platt • 3 months ago

Sorry, Father.

This comment, and yours, are "below the line". Mrs Hickson's article is above the line. The line divides the original articles, above, from the comments, below.

Those comments of yours were worth reading, and I wished to say that, rather than repeating them, it would be better to draft a considered original article based on them.

Halina • 3 months ago

Dear Fr. RP,
Modern-Day Catholics have largely given up their own Faith, yes, given up the only religion of supernatural origin, in order to be more comfortably integrated into the world.
This is the reality of our day, the world's loss of Faith and defection from God has produced a state of apostasy that has permeated the very Church of Christ.....at every level (in the last 50 and some years), even its uppermost ranks, which the Blessed Virgin Mary had vividly foreseen and gave warning of at Quito Ecuador, LaSalette and again at Fatima.....specifically in her third secret.
Individual souls and families is where it all begins......we, Catholics have no excuse, we are sifted and tried in fire, for our own good........Our Father who art in heaven, the most Just Father, gives us accordingly, to our whims.....Miserere!

May God bless all soldiers of Christ!


Debby Rust • 3 months ago

Dear Father RP,
Thank you a thousand times for this post! Those of us who fight daily to keep our Faith, to live our Faith and who are persecuted in subtle ways are blessed abundantly by reading such as you have written. I give thanks for you and please be assured that you and your intentions will be remembered in my poor prayers. How we thirst for Truth! But today, you have satisfied that thirst! We are with you!

Fr. RP • 3 months ago

Dear Debby,

First of all, thank you for your kind words and prayers. Secondly, I am unworthy of any acclaim as I am a pathetic sinner, which of course, means I need your prayers all the more!

Thirdly, it is terribly sad that what I have posted is the truth of our times and that we are so starved for any truth that even negative truths feed the soul, though I admit that they do in the sense that they help guide us away from what is false and, hopefully, strengthen us to preserve the Faith and speak and act boldly in accord with the Faith.

It is long past time that Faithful Catholics demand from their Bishops the ability to Celebrate the Essential Liturgical Sacrifices on their proper days and not based on legislation meant to accommodate those who refuse to attend the Holy Sacrifice on any other day than Sunday, and many times not even then!

How many Catholics have never even heard of the Novena to the Holy Spirit starting on Ascension Thursday? Simply because with the Ascension being moved to the 7th Sunday of Easter there are no longer 9 full days between the Ascension and Pentecost?

Debby Rust • 3 months ago

Dearest Father,
It is indeed a travesty that we thirst for Truth...negative though it be. It says to me that this priest (you) is defending the Truth, exposing the error and that for me, and for so many others, is sweet balm to a very battered soul. It is frustrating to say the least and at times very discouraging to engage in an effort to expose the errors (and countless they are) in the Church today to family, friends, etc. It is very true that a man is not a "prophet" among his own. I am made to feel less than Catholic....as if I am some kind of a nut case because I refuse to go with the flow...on the way to hell. For so long, "conveniences" have been afforded to Catholics...eating meat on Friday, the non-covering of hair out of respect for Our Divine Lord in the Holy Eucharist, the wearing of all things immodest, the moving of Holy Days to the following Sunday so we don't inconvenience the multitude of contributors to the Offering basket. The list is endless as far as the "breaks" afforded to Catholics and the fruits of that are evident. As contradictory as it may sound, I rejoiced when I read your initial comment. It makes me know that I am not alone and....that you have a truly Priestly heart. Thank you, Father!

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Pearl of York • 3 months ago

God Keep you good and faithful servant. You are a holy, most lovable priest. Thank you, Father.

Debby Rust • 3 months ago

A number of years ago, I was present for the Liturgy at our local parish. Not ONCE in the 10 years I attended that parish, did ANY priest speak of sin and the consequences thereof. Except for one.
I cannot now remember what his name was or where he came from. He was a "visiting" priest. I cannot remember how he began his sermon, but I will tell you this...I will never forget the fact that he spoke with the authority of a true Shepherd when he reaffirmed the teaching of the Catholic Church regarding the use of artificial birth control. A gasp came from the congregation and he looked directly in the direction of the gasp, and with the firmness of TRUE Charity for souls, he repeated not only that it is forbidden, but that it is a mortal sin. From that day on, there were pews left empty in places. The young couple who made the loudest gasp left the Catholic Church altogether.
I thank Our Divine Lord that one of His Own did not betray Him that day, but stood firm for His sake. I am grateful to Our Divine Lord for the Bishops who are not going to succumb to human respect, but are willing to speak the Truth. God bless and keep them!

Fr. Peter Morello • 3 months ago

God created us in his own image, in his own likeness. Therefore every human act between man and woman, every gesture that respects, cherishes the other especially related to the transmission of life venerates the Creator, whereas that which is simply for self gratification and impervious of life is insult to the same.

Barry • 3 months ago

A big Thank You to the Bishops and Ordinaries of Kazakhstan.

..."whereas that which is simply for self gratification and impervious of life is insult to the same."

Much more than insult of course Fr.Morello, it's a great cruelty and tremendously destructive violence to THE most powerful
dynamic THAT IS the cooperation of Man with God in the creation of physical life and the wonder, INTO BEING; a Soul which is
given the expressed purpose to Love, Know, and Serve it's Creator and thus Glorify HIS Great Majesty in future Eternal bliss, by
the Grace of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Word Made Flesh.

I would not hesitate to state that in ACTUAL reality the physical violence of life is much less violent by comparison.
Hence the "necessity" of Satan to cripple and otherwise attempt to make unrecognizable the natural order.

This is indeed THE Great Evil. { Spiritual REALITY }

Fr. Peter Morello • 3 months ago

Well said Barry. The Kazakh bishops are a great crew unlike some others. Humanae Vitae identifies true spousal love in the willingness to give and the willingness to receive and the nurture by both of the beginning of life to its maturity. It's the reason why looking at a woman with lust, pure sensual self indulgence is sinful whereas with grace the spiritual gift increases love for the person and the sensual is purified.

Barry • 3 months ago

Without such Grace we are doomed to failure.

At a higher level of Spiritual burning we realize that we are looking at shadows, illusion. The Soul through Grace
experiences ALL as SPIRIT. Without this Grace which is never earned but gifted to us by HIS Mercy (as we strive)
we could never break free and would continually fall.

True Devotion To The Most Blessed Virgin Mary is to me, the best way forward.

For as St. Louis Marie De Montfort has said: Though your Cross may not be small, SHE will ensure it's dipped in
honey and thus sweeter for the palate.

Of course, nobody has a small Cross, but De Montfort expresses well that special touch HER way brings.
Thank you, Fr.Morello.

Ivan mi je ime • 3 months ago

And thank you too Barry.

Al The Silent Crusader • 3 months ago

What? No cardinals to sign?? Nothing to see here. Move along now. Sorry for the downer comment, but the prelates wearing red continue their ostrich head in the sand approach. Kudos and prayers to the signatories.

kiwiinamerica • 3 months ago

"Catholics do not need to breed like rabbits"
Bergoglio Vitae, 2015.

Christopher • 3 months ago

Dear Kiwi, The expression that he used "breed like rabbits" really demeans the act of bring a child into the world.

kiwiinamerica • 3 months ago


Ivan mi je ime • 3 months ago

Doctrine of Christian marriage - The Sacrament of Matrimony

For Christian understanding of marriages, the Old Testament Book of Tobit is extremely important. Especially those warnings given by Archangel Rafael to Tobit 6, 16-17, and Tobit 6, 22.

In the Vulgate this is what Tobit 6, 16-17 says:
"Tunc angelus Raphael dixit ei: Audi me, et ostendam tibi qui sunt, quibus praevalere potest daemonium. Hi namque qui coniugium ita suscipiunt, ut Deum a se et a sua mente excludant, et suae libidini ita vacent, sicut equus et mulus, quibus non est intellectus -- habet potestatem daemonium super eos."

("Then the angel Raphael said to him: Hear me, and I will shew thee who they are, over whom the devil can prevail.
For they who in such manner receive matrimony, as to shut out God from themselves, and from their mind, and to give themselves to their lust, as the horse and mule, which have not understanding, over them the devil hath power.")

According these words, we can well judge how much today there are marriages over which the devil's rules. Is it weird then that there are so many divorces? And so few children!

Another important point came from those words from Tob 6, 22, which in the Vulgate are:
"accipies virginem cum timore Domini, amore filiorum magis quam libidine ductus"

("thou shalt take the virgin with the fear of the Lord, moved rather for love of children [offspring] than for lust")

This places from Tobit are cited by the Catechism of the Council of Trent (https://books.google.hr/boo... in the chapter about marriage (when talking about the reasons why men and women enter into the Sacrament of Marriage), and remarks:
"Atque una etiam haec causa fuit cur Deus ab initio matrimonium instituerit. Quare fit ut illorum sit scelus gravissimum, qui matrimonio iuncti, medicamentis vel conceptum impediunt vel partum abigunt: haec enim homicidarum impia conspiratio existimanda sit."

("And this is also one reason why God established from the beginning the marriage. For this reason, it is the most difficult crime of those who, together in marriage, are preventing conception, or doing abortion: this should be considered as evil conspiracy of the killers.")

It is worth repeating here again the purpose of marriage according to the Code of Canon Law from 1917 (Can. 1013 § 1):
"Matrimonii finis primarius est procreatio atque educatio prolis; secundarius mutuum adiutorium et remedium concupiscentiae."

("The first purpose of marriage is procreation and raising children; second, the mutual help of a spouses, and a cure against the lust.")

As we probably know, the modernists (especially Cardinal Suenens) took a real war against this doctrine, at the Second Vatican Council. Unfortunately, the progressives have partly succeeded in putting ambiguity (as they always do) into some documents.
A result of this is the new Code of Canon Law which came in 1983., which has mixed purposes of marriage, so that puts an abstract concept of "common good of the spouses" in front of the procreation and raising children!

S https://uploads.disquscdn.c... ource: murusinexpugnabilis.blogspo...

cs • 3 months ago

Beautiful. Thank you.

William Murphy • 3 months ago

"Since May of 2017, there are reports coming out of Rome that there are plans now to re-interpret Humanae Vitae."

I am not surprised by this suggestion that HV is going to be reinterpreted. If Pope Francis can directly cancel the teaching of a previous Pope, then any future Pope can instantly overturn PF's teachings.

Much better to get a Papal crony to draft a subtly worded explanation of the pastoral and merciful application of HV to real life situations, avoiding Gnosticism, Pelagianism and Phariseism, of course.

honeybadger • 3 months ago

It can no longer be simply said....

João Pedro • 3 months ago

"Si pentiranno! Si pentiranno ammaramente!" (BerGOGlio)

Robert • 3 months ago

Is it too cynical to think of this as an opening "salvo" in anticipation of a potentially less-than-orthodox statement on Humanae Vitae coming from the Vatican?