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kiwiinamerica • 3 years ago

The ecclesial equivalent of a guy deliberately knocking over your drink in a bar room then staring you straight in the eye with a.... "so what ya gonna do about it?", look.

This is good. It removes plausible deniability and draws a line in the sand which will position all cardinals on one side or the other. No more weasel words, no more verbal gymnastics, no more fence-sitting (are you listening, Cardinal Mueller?).

Your move, Cardinal Burke.

Memento Mori • 3 years ago

Would be the best punch since bishp St. Nicholas knocked out bishop Arius!!

Peter the Roman • 3 years ago

Arius was a priest not a bishop.

Just so you know.

Memento Mori • 3 years ago

True, mea culpa!

Convert • 3 years ago

Talking of St. Nich , there are some bishops who want to eliminate the Last Sun. of Advent on Dec.24 because it falls on a Sunday. This spirit of Vatican ll is alive and well. Is it that hard for people to go to Mass 2 days in a row?
I remember when Jan.1 was eliminated as holy day of obligation if it fell on a Sunday. This was just an insult to Our Lord and His Mother. Jan. 1 is still a Feast day in my book.

BlameTheFed • 3 years ago

I sing in our parish choir, and we are singing at mass on Christmas Eve and also on Christmas Day. To fulfill my obligation for the last Sunday of Advent, I will attend the Saturday vigil mass Saturday on the 23rd. That will be three days in a row. Between the Feast of the Immaculate Conception this Friday, a White Mass I had to go to with my doctor husband this past Saturday, and another "special" choir mass with the Bishop at our parish next week, there are a total of TEN masses I HAVE to attend this month! I also work full time and have two children at home. However, I do NOT see this as a burden. I am gratefully looking forward to worshiping our Lord all the more (and hopefully receiving even more of His graces)!

Leo D Lion • 3 years ago

Is yo nanny going to?

Mike44R • 3 years ago

Oh, poor baby! You sound like you are bemoaning the fact that you have to give more time specifically to the Lord, despite what you say at the end. And we are supposed to be giving EVERY moment of our existence WILLINGLY AND JOYFULLY to the Lord SPECIFICALLY. Sorry, but no sympathy here.

I daily pray the Divine Office and how I wish that each and every office was integrated into a Holy Sacrifice of rhe Mass which I could attend.

Guest • 3 years ago
Mike44R • 3 years ago

Muat have missed them. Yet, if all this was not a burden, I can't helo but ask, why the laundry list? It sounded like complaining or patting herself on the back. Sorry, but that's my viceral reaction.

winslow • 3 years ago

I answered one complaint about this with, "Get used to going to Mass every day and your problem goes away."

Convert • 3 years ago

THIS FRI. IS A HOLY DAY , Dec.8 (Immaculate Conception)
“We declare, pronounce, and define that the doctrine which holds that the most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the first instance of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege granted by Almighty God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the human race, was preserved free from all stain of original sin, is a doctrine revealed by God and therefore to be believed firmly and constantly by all the faithful.” BLESSED Pius lX

Peter Santos • 3 years ago

That pathetic priest is the priest of the father of lies.

Margaret • 3 years ago

Sorry, I couldn't resist:


And for his Feast Day:


standtall909 • 3 years ago

Yep, it's the first thought that crossed my mind: "The ball is in your court Cardinal Burke"...

Edison Frisbee • 3 years ago

The ball has been in Burke's court for some time.....now it's just undeniably obvious.

It would not be unwise to send him letters urging him to act...

Mike44R • 3 years ago

About a week ago I submitted a short, time sensitive piece to 1Peter5. Although my submission was acknowledged, it hasn't been gotten to yet. Therefore I am reproducing it below:


All Things Have Their Season (Ecc 3:1)
Michael J. Ryan

And "A time to keep silence, and a time to speak." (Ecc 3:7)

For fifty-five years, from the laying of the foundation of the destruction of the Catholic Church with the hijacking of the Second Vatican Council until now, the laity have kept silence, meekly accepting (and often welcoming) each error and ill-advised innovation in a developing structure intended to replace that of the Church. With Amoris Laetitia it became all too apparent the new ediface was incompatible with the Church founded by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, entrusted to the apostles, affirmed and preserved by the fathers and doctors, embraced by the saints and expounded and taught by the Universal Magisterium through two thousand years. In response to this "awakening" four cardinals sought definitive clarification from the current supreme pontiff, Pope Francis, concerning statenents and propositions made in the afore mentioned document under his name. More than a year has passed with the pope obstinately refusing to answer the legitimate and respectful Dubia raised by these cardinals. During the intervening months two of the four have died and no others have had the courage to either take their place or swell their ranks. Consequently, the bulldozers of the Catholic Church's demolition crew continue to pursue their goal. The dubia cardinals promised a possible "filial correction" would be forthcoming. Yet, we whose very salvation is in jeopardy, are left groping in the dark, waiting for an action which is vitally necessary but which appears will never be made.

Therefore, I submit the time has come for us, the faithful, to speak, to make known to those with the authority to take the needed steps to halt the destruction of the Church. Our message needs to be loud and clear yet respectful. It should not be issued as pressure, but to communicate our concern regarding the souls who are being led astray and to encourage and to plead with Cardinals Burke and Brandmuller to take the next step in the correction process. To this end I am about to create a petition on change.org to obtain as many signatures as possible by the first of the new year. The contents of this petition will be a final version of the following letter.


His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
His Eminence Walter Cardinal Brandmuller
Palazzo della Cancelleria,
00186 Roma, Italiatt
Piazza della Cancelleria, 1

Dear Eminences;

We are writing on behalf of the many faithful and orthodox Catholics around the world. All of us have grave concerns regarding the direction in which the leadership is taking the Church, a direction which we believe places the salvation of every Catholic and, indeed, every person on the planet at far greater risk than ever before. We are aware the Church changed course with the Second Vatican Council, virtually every document of which contains at least one error through contradiction, misinterpretation, misdirection, denial, ignoring, ambiguity, omission or other deviation from Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition or the perennial Magisterial doctrines and teachings of the Church which have been established, confirmed and re-affirmed over the past nearly two thousand years until the 1960s. The innovations following the council have served to weaken the faith of a vast number of Catholics who call into question most of the precepts of the Catholic Faith with a corresponding loss of belief even in the core doctrines such as the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist and His very divinity. These errors have compounded over the intervening years culminating in the words, writing and deeds of Pope Francis and those aligned with him which deviate in the extreme from Divine Revelation and the Magisterial pronouncements given through the centuries.

We know Pope Francis has refused to respond to the proper and respectful questions raised by the Dubia. We sincerely believe his silence is indicative of obstinancy. Although we are aware that many concerns and issues regarding the next step must weigh heavily on your hearts and minds, we would dare to remind you that the salvation of souls is the expressed will of God, for which Jesus gave His life and founded His Church. We deeply believe His will and the true mission of the Church override and supercede all other concerns and issues. We likewise know that there is a proper protocol for any correction to the Church's course laid out and followed by the licitly elected Vicar of Christ. Yet, far more than a year has passed since you delivered the Dubia to Pope Francis and he remains silent. With each passing day without the formal correction more and more souls become enmeshed in this tangle of error and an increasing number are lost forever as more people die while following the Church's deviation from its perennial Divine Revelation rooted and Holy Spirit guided Magisterial doctrines and teachings in disobedience to Our Lord's will. We are also keenly aware the possibility exists that the end result of the correction process could be the removal of Pope Francis for heresy and a corresponding schism. However, should this occur, as tragic as these results would be, it is, nevertheless, imperative that the True Church of Our Lord be restored to complete fidelity to Him, to His Word and to the historical, Magisterium led Catholic faith handed down to us from the apostles. Furthetmore, the true, authentic and restored Catholic Church resulting from a schism caused by the correction and possible removal of Pope Francis, while smaller in terms of numbers and less wealthy, would surely be the remnant which has been promised by Almighty God in whom we place our complete and utmost trust.

Therefore, after months of prayerful consideration, we believe it is our bounden duty as faithful Catholics to earnestly and respectfully plead with you, for the sake of the Church and its mission along with the souls of all of her members and the world, to take the next step in the correction process by immediately issuing the first of the two required warnings while simultaneously making preparations for calling, convening and conducting a general council to address the serious errors contained in Amoris Laetitia, among others, should Pope Francis deny the first and second correction warnings and refuse to repent and recant his errors. Furthermore, although the contents of each warning of a formal correction are to be privately communicated to Pope Francis, we believe, as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, we have a God-given supernatural right to be informed, immediately upon the delivery of each warning, that said warning has bern issued.

Sincerely yours in Christ,



I will gladly accept and welcome with gratitude all constructive criticisms, suggestions and corrections. Once the letter has been finalized I will create a petitition on change.org (which I want to do by the Feast of Mary, Mother of God) and will announce it in the comments section for this post. I urge every faithful orthodox/traditional Catholic to sign the petition and to encourage every like-minded Catholic you know to do likewise. I would like the signed petition to be sent to Carfonals Burke and Brandmuller on Ash Wednesday, 2018. I pray that what I have proposed in this article is in accord with the will of the Lord.

Edison Frisbee • 3 years ago

You were one of the guys who took umbrage at me saying Burke was "tiresome and weak"....now you want the average "Joe Pewsitter" to write to tell him to do his duty....incredible.

cs • 3 years ago

If I am correct, in the time of the Arian Crisis in the Church, the laity were strong in numbers.
Now, far worse, it seems that not only but a few bishops and cardinals would support Cardinal Burke's Formal Correction and possible calling of another imperfect Synod, but the overwhelming majority of laity
will be against Cardinal Burke.

Francis will become uglier than ever seen before, in my opinion.......( I do not know his heart.........but I haver a brain.)

For me, I do not bear these consequences and those that will be taken against the faithful.
Cardinal Burke will. And so, in my opinion, I believe this fact could be preventing +Burke from issuing the Formal Correction.

Cardinal Burke needs our support and prayers. So much on his shoulders now. And yet, it is very clear, that he must do what he must do. Perhaps with all this time gone by, and Francis's continued " spit on the Church's teachings", our Lord is showing the good Cardinal that there is clearly no other option now.

john • 3 years ago

We should all chip in, send him a copy of Archbishop Lefebvre's autobiograp, and The Mouth of The Lion," on Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer. Perhaps seeing how some relatively recent bishops who really took the office seriously, defend the Faith. Those men lived lives of meager creature comforts, were tough men. They didn't run from banquet to banquet, they stood tall, inspired their flocks. They also weren't infected by VII poison, as every current prepare is. Those considered "orthodox" in today's age, would be considered soft and borderline heretics in another time.

Convert • 3 years ago

ready to talk to Cdl. Burke, finally after how many months?

Guest • 3 years ago
kiwiinamerica • 3 years ago

Exactly. It says "don't I look merciful?"

It says all are welcome in my Church.....except those who humbly and obediently believe what the Catholic Church has always taught. They're "rigid" and I'll fight these people by "excluding" them.

Peter Santos • 3 years ago

More like: I'll be damned for teaching heresy.

And I wholeheartedly agree.

Caption should read : This My church and I will as I damn please.

Brian Ulmen • 3 years ago

seems to say to me: " I didn't get a harumpf outta that guy"

Peter Santos • 3 years ago

Aah exclusion. That overused word.

There's a shop that says no entry to those attired only in speedoes and two piece bikinis.

Is the shop excluding me if I insist on wearing only underwear, or am I insisting on excluding myself.

Edison Frisbee • 3 years ago

You're a homosexual, right? (machomachoman)

winslow • 3 years ago

I would like to know from the Cardinal what Pope Bergoglio could possibly do in addition to this latest act to cause the Cardinals and bishops of the Church to depose him. We have seen enough damage done to Holy Mother Church and we must not stand for more.

Under no circumstances will I allow this Marxist tin horn dictator to force me to be complicit in acts of adultery done by thousands all over the world.

Aliquantillus • 3 years ago

Whatever Francis does, there will be no end to the verbal gymnastics of the conservative Novus Ordo clique. Every time something shockingly heretical comes from the Pope or the Vatican dicasteries, they'll find new excuses and loopholes. They'll stay with him no matter what he does. His white cassock is their only point of orientation — that's why they're sometimes bewildered by the still white cassock of Ratzinger. They'll not even leave Bergoglio when he commands them ex cathedra to worship the devil. In order to avoid "the sin of schism" (Oh the horror!!) they are prepared to commit apostasy from the faith.

john • 3 years ago

Benedict is the Pope. Most of these softy Cardinals know that, anyway. His abdication was illegal, the Conclave was void. Daneels had admitted they rigged Bergoglio to be chosen, so that is another reason it would not have been valid.

Capital1 • 3 years ago
James • 3 years ago

Love the imagery!

Barry • 3 years ago
James • 3 years ago

A little bit of that action might separate the men from the boys over in Bergoglian LaLa Land!

Barry • 3 years ago

One of the Corporal works of Mercy is to Ransom the Captive, (those imprisoned within themselves who hold
toxic beliefs) and I would rather attempt to ransom the captive with a swift "dig to the head" than neglect a Spiritual
work of Mercy and fail to admonish a fellow sinner.
A much more serious sin, I would argue.

tpb • 3 years ago

“Kindness is for fools! They want them to be treated with oil, soap, and caresses but they ought to be beaten with fists! In a duel you don’t count or measure the blows, you strike as you can! War is not made with charity, it is a struggle a duel. If Our Lord were not terrible he would not have given an example in this too. See how he treated the Philistines, the sowers of error, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the traitors in the temple. He scourged them with whips!” Pope Pius X regarding Modernists

Chloe • 3 years ago

One of my all time favourite quotes!

Peter • 3 years ago

Unfortunately, I anticipate more excuses to justify their inaction. For example, they can pretend they didn't see or hear the guy challenging them.

Barry • 3 years ago

They did, but THEY apologized for the spilled drink and insisted on buying him another one!

davidc • 3 years ago

Good point.

Leo D Lion • 3 years ago

What you going to do about it? Get behind the bar and look at the spilled drink you caused, wipe it up and put it back in the glass, or figure out what was in the drink by closely studying it's aroma, color and other abstract evidence. Now do it or suffer the consequences.

Eva Marie Bryde • 3 years ago

Praying that he acts soon.

Kora Neferovic • 3 years ago

"na kojoj se strani borio gospodin Osama bin Laden u Bosni?"

Na onoj istoj na kojoj su se borili i Amerikanci. Samo naivčinama još nije jasno da su jedini istinski saveznici na području Hrvatske i BiH ustvari dvije strane zemlje koje na našem teritoriju nemaju što tražiti: Saudijska Arabija i Amerika. Te dvije zemlje i njihovo ortaštvo uzrok su današnjeg očajnog stanja u hrvatskim krajevima i servilne politike Hrvata. Izmanipulirali su narod podjednako i u BiH i u Hrvatskoj, posvađali nas, osiromašili, rascjepkali i politički uništili. Je li to rezultat dobronamjerne partnerske politike?

Bošnjaci su se naivno poveli za Saudijcima isto kako su se Hrvati naivno poveli za Amerikancima. Od toga koristi nije imala nijedna država ni narod, samo korumpirani pojedinci koji su se nekim čudom baš u to doba propadanja svoga naroda uzdignuli i obogatili. Drugim riječima, dinastija Izetbegović nije po ničemu drugačija od dinastije Saud. I jedni i drugi su izdali ne samo vlastiti narod (Saudijce, odnosno Bošnjake), nego i svoju braću (Palestince, odnosno Hrvate). Tko je u svemu tome bio "medijator"? Velika Britanija, Izrael i SAD. Saudijci su izdali Palestince kako bi se osnovala Izraelska država u Palestini, a zauzvrat su im cionisti ponudili Islamsku državu do BiH, dok je ostatak hrvatskih krajeva trebao pripasti Velikoj Srbiji iz zahvalnosti što je uvijek bila vjerna cionistima. Tko je danas glavni u njegovoj provedbi? Amerikanci na čelu s Donaldom Trumpom! No važno da blentavi Hrvati u njemu gledaju "spasitelja", odnosno da vrli katolici mole za obraćenje Rusije, jer ne vide da je Amerika ta koja se treba preobratiti, budući da se Rusija već jest preobratila i da zajedno s Iranom pod zaštitom Majke Božje brani katolike na Bliskom Istoku da ih suniti, židovi i protestanti ne istrijebe onako kako su to učinili u Europi.

Pošteni mali ljudi, neovisno o vjeri i nacionalnosti, moraju progovoriti o ovom velikom problemu. Hrvati muslimanima u BiH nisu htjeli zlo niti su imali razloga za rat s njima. Mi se nikada nismo između sebe odjeljivali u "no go zone", niti je u hrvatskim krajevima postojao jedan zakon za muslimane, a drugi za katolike. U Hrvatskoj su muslimani i katolici uvijek mogli naći zajednički jezik ako su se pošteni ljudi susreli. No nekome to nije odgovaralo. Zašto? Zato što ako bi se muslimani i katolici ujedinili, ne bi bilo Izraelske države. Jer nijedan katolik ne bi mogao podržati silnu agresiju na Palestince, koja ide i protiv Boga i protiv čovjeka. Takvi dogovori u kojima dvije velesile kao Velika Britanija i Amerika dogovaraju okupaciju zemlje i etničko čišćenje malog naroda kakvi su Palestinci, to je djelo sotone, a ne razumne i dobronamjerne politike. Kako bi katolici mogli pristati uz djelo sotone? Ako mu se nisu u stanju usprotiviti, onda nisu katolici! No, nažalost, mnogi su mu se priklonili. Zanimljivo da je u toj priči jedino Iran shvaćao što se doista događa, a tek u novije doba i Rusija. Europljani i Amerikanci ništa nisu shvatili, iako su njihovi karizmatici "puni darova", koji navodno dolaze od Duha Svetoga.

E sad, da se još koliko-toliko pobožnim Hrvatima nije dogodio isti slučaj kao Palestincima, odnosno da zbog podrške Palestincima nisu nedavno nastradali Katarani i Libanonci, da li bi mi Hrvati uopće bili u stanju uvidjeti kakav je "igrač" Amerika i s kime je sve manipulirala, bilo u interesu Velike Srbije, bilo u intetesu Islamske države, bilo u interesu Izraelske države.Vjerojatno nikada ne bismo shvatili da Amerikanci nisu nikakav "medijator" nego da siju sukobe i razaranja gdje god nogom kroče! Što je najtragičnije, Njemačka i Amerika zajedno su okupirale Hrvatsku bez da su Hrvati to uopće primjetili. Tek sada kada su se Amerika i Njemačka između sebe razišle određene "nijanse savezništva" postaju vidljivije.

Za one koji se pitaju što devastirana, raseljena, osiromašena, goloruka, okupirana i izmanipulirana Hrvatska može sada učiniti, odgovor je jednostavan: javno o tome progovoriti i osuditi takvu politiku! To je napravio general Praljak, to je napravio general Čegar, i to treba napraviti svatko od nas, neovisno koje je vjere i nacionalnosti.

Hrvatima se dogodila Palestina! Ne osudimo li mi Hrvati nepravdu i agresiju počinjenu prema Palestincima, s kojim pravom očekujemo da će itko osuditi nepravdu i agresiju počinjenu Hrvatima? Tako kako su se "Bošnjaci" svrstali na stranu agresora u BiH, tako smo se i mi svrstali na stranu i svoga agresora u Hrvatskoj, i njegovog saveznika u Palestini (Amerike i Izraela). To je naša greška koju moramo ispraviti! U suprotnom nam nema spasa.

Sveti Alojzije Stepinac, moli za sve male narode koji trpe zbog svoje malenkosti i zaštiti ih od strukturnog (društvenog) nasilja!

P.S. - I da, Božji odabrani narodi jesu upravo ovi koji su se u stanju boriti za Boga, Crkvu i domovinu, a ne nekakvi lažni i izmišljeni "Izraelci", "Bošnjaci", "Europljani" i "Amerikanci". S obzirom na to da će istina o stogodišnjoj židovsko-protestantsko-sunitskoj zavjeri uskoro u svijetu odjeknuti poput "bombe", netko bi trebao reći Jorge Mariu Bergogliu da "Papa Franjo" ustvari "igra za pogrešnu ekipu" odnosno, da se "bori na pogrešnoj strani".

Your move, Cardinal Burke.

Miles Archer • 3 years ago

Maybe, maybe not.

Guest • 3 years ago
kiwiinamerica • 3 years ago

"Haters".....the vacuous, infantile pejorative of choice for those with whom one disagrees, employed by those who can't marshal an argument.

Veritas81 • 3 years ago

Burke's not the one who needs to convert...

Padre • 3 years ago

Sealed in the Redeemer and CoRedeemer as they will and intend in all ways, be silent satan and may Cardinal Burke and all disciples by prayer and penance bring the grace of conversion to Jesus and Mary by the Pope and all.....

Norah Holic • 3 years ago

I think it is time for Cardinal Burke to issue the formal correction.