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kiwiinamerica • 3 years ago

"Heal Me With Your Mouth". I don't think so, pervert!

Fernandez is a creepy, repulsive individual who oozes heterodoxy and homosexuality from every pore. The Jesuits are absolutely crawling with sodomites. What really interests me about this guy is the light he shines on his handler, Francis. These two are twins, separated at birth. They are tight! Francis made him a bishop within three months of his election and it's clear that Fernandez is Francis' alter ego. He's a homoheretic as are most of Francis' waterboys.

This is the lavender pontificate.

Barry Smith • 3 years ago

Have you read, or know anyone who has read Heal me with your mouth? The title is definitely creepy. But what of the content?

clintoncps • 3 years ago

“You have to realize that he is aiming at reform that is irreversible. If one day he should sense that he’s running out of time and doesn’t have enough time to do what the Spirit is asking him, you can be sure he will speed up.”

I pray that the true Spirit -- the Holy Spirit -- will deliver us from the "complex" formulations of sophistry that have run amok in the last four years. May our Lord Jesus purge the hearts of all our clergy from worldliness and a desire to exalt the sinfulness of man with a false "pastoral accompaniment".

Lord Jesus, grant us tears of repentance, and keep us from covering our sins with smooth names.

1d2a3v4id5 • 3 years ago

>> He [Fernandez] also repeated that there is a “pastoral door” opened with regard to the divorced and “remarried.”

The only pastoral door opened to adulterers is the confessional. The only mercy they should seek is absolution, which is freely offered if they reform.

Michael Dowd • 3 years ago

Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández is a stalking horse for Pope Francis sent out to see how the wind is blowing, figuring out how to maneuver in order to bring Pope Francis ship of heresy (Amoris Laetitia) safely to port. We can be sure of one thing. If Victor Manuel Fernández is involved bad things are happening. No need to put a finer point on it.

cs • 3 years ago

It is a bait and switch!

Their goal is to legitimize homosexuality and their " unions ", and hence the Sacrament of Matrimony and all that is holy and good. Sin is their pleasure. It was never really about Communion for the civilly remarried, that was a smokescreen.

Fernandez is but a foolish tool who takes the faithful laity eyes away from what is swirling around all of us.

We must see what is front of us. It is very ugly, but it must be called out.
Here is the elephant in the room question to Pope Francis, " Do you renounce homosexuality? Do you believe man was created by God to be homosexual? Do you renounce Father James Martin's activities in promoting homosexuality?"

Our Lord needs to put more spit on the eyes of our prelates and take the wax from their ears and fill their tongues with Truth!
I am reminded of last week's Gospel.
Until then, I remain very, very guarded of everything and everyone with Catholic in front or behind their name, or door. My trust has been brokered of the things and men of this earth.

standtall909 • 3 years ago

"Their goal is to legitimize homosexuality and their "unions"........I have been saying this cs since the day after A.L. was published. This is NOT only about "Marriage" and the destruction of it, the REAL GOAL is the acceptance of homosexual sex as 'normal, natural and even going so far as to say it is 'God ordained'!!! This is the golden ring they are after!

Thomas J. McIntyre • 3 years ago

Wouldn't the acceptance of homosexual sex as normal BE the destruction of marriage? Communion for the divorced and remarried sans annulment and acceptance of homosexual unions are two sides of the same coin

Ivan mi je ime • 3 years ago

Homosexuals Cause Nausea to Our Lord and Are Despised Even by the Devil

Saint Catherine of Siena, the great 14th century religious mystic, transmitted the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ about the sin of homosexuality, which contaminated some of the clergy in her time, the Renaissance. Referring to sacred ministers who committed this sin, He told her:

Our Lord speaking to St. Catherine of Siena:
They [the homosexuals] not only fail from resisting the weakness [of fallen human nature] .... but they do even worse when they commit the cursed sin against nature. Like the blind and stupid, having dimmed the light of their understanding, they do not recognize the disease and misery in which they find themselves. For this not only causes Me nausea, but is disgusting even to the devils themselves whom these depraved creatures have chosen as their lords.

For Me this sin against nature is so abominable that for it alone five cities were destroyed by virtue of the judgment of My Divine Justice, which could no longer bear their iniquity ....

It is disgusting to the devils not because evil displeases them or because they find pleasure in good, but rather because their nature is angelic and flees upon seeing such a repulsive sin being committed. For while certainly it is the devil that first strikes the sinner with the poisoned arrow of concupiscence, nonetheless when a man actually carries out such a sinful act, the devil goes away.

(St. Catherine of Siena, El diálogo, in Obras de Santa Catalina de Siena, Madrid: BAC, 1991, p. 292)

Aut Vincere... • 3 years ago

great stuff. thank you for sharing this. wow, very powerful.

Ivan mi je ime • 3 years ago

Homosexual Priests Must Be Deprived of Their Clerical Dignity,...

St. Pius V:
"That horrible crime, on account of which corrupt and obscene cities were destroyed by fire through divine condemnation, causes us most bitter sorrow and shocks our mind, impelling us to repress such a crime with the greatest possible zeal.

Quite opportunely the Fifth Lateran Council [1512-1517] issued this decree: "Let any member of the clergy caught in that vice against nature, given that the wrath of God falls over the sons of perfidy, be removed from the clerical order or forced to do penance in a monastery" (chap. 4, X, V, 31).

So that the contagion of such a grave offense may not advance with greater audacity by taking advantage of impunity, which is the greatest incitement to sin, and so as to more severely punish the clerics who are guilty of this nefarious crime and who are not frightened by the death of their souls, we determine that they should be handed over to the severity of the secular authority, which enforces civil law.

Therefore, wishing to pursue with greater rigor than we have exerted since the beginning of our pontificate, we establish that any priest or member of the clergy, either secular or regular, who commits such an execrable crime, by force of the present law be deprived of every clerical privilege, of every post, dignity and ecclesiastical benefit, and having been degraded by an ecclesiastical judge, let him be immediately delivered to the secular authority to be put to death, as mandated by law as the fitting punishment for laymen who have sunk into this abyss."

(Constitutionn Horrendum illud scelus, August 30, 1568, in Bullarium Romanum,
Rome: Typographia Reverendae Camerae Apostolicae, Mainardi, 1738, chap. 3, p. 33)

clintoncps • 3 years ago

“For it is this (sodomy) which violates sobriety, kills modesty, slays chastity. It butchers virginity with the sword of a most filthy contagion. It befouls everything, it stains everything, it pollutes everything, and for itself it permits nothing pure, nothing foreign to filth, nothing clean.”
- St. Peter Damian (The Book of Gomorrah)

We see how absolutely accurate St. Peter Damian was in his description of the demon of sodomy: it pollutes everything like a most filthy contagion. Is it any surprise, then, that so-called "educators" force Comprehensive Sexuality Education on kindergartners, even parading the youngsters around in opposite-sex apparel, encouraging them to fantasize and question their own sex? It is nothing less than "pedophilia-of-the-mind" performed on youngsters -- the mental and spiritual molestation of children.

The only way to stop such child abuse and to properly address this social pathology of homosexualism and all its LGBT/transhuman outgrowths is to tear out by the roots iniquitous laws that invent Transhuman "marriage", the Transhuman "family", and the Transhuman "person", and to re-list homosexualism in the catalog of psychological disorders.

Let's never forget to pray with fervent hope for politicians, judges, academics, media personalities, and even clergymen within the Church who are swept up in the mania of LGBT/Sexual Transhumanism, for if even a few of them are converted to the Catholic Faith, they will become great witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ's holy love and truth, which alone can set us free.

Holy Family, pray for us!

Ivan mi je ime • 3 years ago

"... for if even a few of them are converted to the Catholic Faith, they will become great witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ's holy love and truth, which alone can set us free."
- As this man, who was saved by our Lord on the very last moment of his life, which was everything but real life, which was actually what the lgbt 'lifestyle' always is,- a hell on earth: http://whatisupwiththesynod...

Aut Vincere... • 3 years ago

Wow. Thank you for sharing this. Very powerful stuff. This is why I come to 1P5 (and share a few shekels each month in its support). Because it presents great articles and then its commenters share such powerful wisdom.

Heloisa • 3 years ago

Very interesting - do you know if this is still valid? I'm not familiar with ecclesiastical ins and outs.

Ivan mi je ime • 3 years ago

If this was valid once before eyes and ears of our Lord the God, then it is valid forever.

winslow • 3 years ago

In my view the elephant in the room question to Pope Francis is, "Are you a homosexual?"

Margaret • 3 years ago

God doesn't create homosexuals; He creates persons who have same-sex attraction disorder.

clintoncps • 3 years ago

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Margaret,

Thank you for your comment, as always!

I think a further clarifying point would be that God does not create persons who have same-sex attraction disorder; rather, God creates persons who are the children of Adam, and as such, are susceptible to sin under the devil's regime of temptation and deception.

Exactly when the devil introduces homosexual ideation into the minds of people who embrace homosexualism will vary from person to person, but for some, it will stick and become a life-long addiction. That doesn't make them "homosexuals" as such, nor does it even make them "persons who have same-sex attraction disorder", which expression formulates the problem into merely psychological terms that do not address the spiritual source of this grave temptation. Rather, the embrace of homosexual ideation by certain individuals, who are simply sinners like everybody else, shows that they have swallowed the devil's bait of sodomitic temptation and have formed a homosexualized persona.

I think it's really important to be clear on this point, because there are many (even in the Church, as we now see!) who want to portray homosexual practitioners as a special breed of human being -- a sub-species of the human race -- called LGBT. But we know God created humans as male and female, not as LGBT. So, LGBT is really about Sexual Transhumanism.

The article at the following link is amazing in putting this into perspective; I can't recommend it highly enough:


Let us pray that millions of people who are falling for the Sexual Transhumanist lie will be converted by God's grace to the Catholic Faith!

Your brother in Christ and the Holy Family,


Margaret • 3 years ago

Glory forever!

Dear Clinton,

Thank you for clarifying my remark in your post. I think we can go a little further and say that God does not negate our free will but respects it even to the point of death. If a person deliberately chooses to sin and does not truly repent of his or her sins and dies in that state, then God will not force him or her to repent. He will give good inspirations, send a good priest/religious/layperson to talk to them, good spiritual advice, spiritual reading etc; in sum, He will do everything possible short of violating that person's free will in order to repent. But once a person dies, his or her will is fixed at the moment of death just like the angels.
Many years ago, on my first Ignatian retreat, the priest told us that for ONE sin, a third of the angels became devils through their own choice. For ONE sin, our first parents were expelled from Paradise (c.f. Cheesefare Sunday and the first reading for the First Friday of the Great Fast). For ONE mortal sin, a person can be condemned to hell. Remember the Gospel where the man was thrown out because he did not have a wedding garment?

August 29th is the Feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist. In the Festal Gospel, it says that Herod (anathema sit!) liked to listen to St. John, yet he had him beheaded. When Our Lord stood before Herod during His Passion, He did not say anything to Herod. Somewhere in the OT it says (I'm paraphrasing here) that when God is silent, He is VERY, VERY angry.

Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us! Since we have no defense, we sinners offer this supplication to You, our Master: Have mercy on us!

Troparion of General Intercession and Penitence, Tone 6

In Christ the King,


Guest • 3 years ago
Michael Dowd • 3 years ago

Yes. Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez is trying to make official what has
been a defacto practice in many dioceses for years, particularly as
regards co-habitation before marriage. One of our priests told me he
requires that couples stop cohabiting two weeks before marriage,
presumably as a hat-tip to the morality (official) of it all. Nothing
like hypocrisy paying tribute to virtue. The entire annulment and
re-marriage business is pretty much of a fraud. If the Church is going
to insist on strict Catholic morality it is going to be much, much
smaller. That, I think, is the real issue.

Jacques Dumon • 3 years ago

Paul VI did exactly alike with the communion in the hand that many Dutch and German dioceses had begun to practice in the wake of VATII though it was obviously forbidden. Once it began to spread, the Pope authorized it instead of clinging hard to its interdiction.

Dominic Lombardo • 3 years ago

The same thing happened with altar girls in the 1980s.

Michael Dowd • 3 years ago

Yes, tacit approval is how most bad things happen in the Church. This shows a lack of faith and courage and will not be tolerated by Christ come judgement day.

cs • 3 years ago

ah...excuse me here?
I am understanding the priest has no problem with the couple having relations prior to two weeks before marriage?
How little this priest thinks of this man and woman.

Michael Dowd • 3 years ago

cs. Guess so. I was told that some time ago Florida Bishops told their priests not to speak about co-habitation to couples seeking to be married. Times do change--and only for the worse. This is the spirit of Vatican II at work.

Heloisa • 3 years ago

Such things weren't discussed by the Priest 25 years ago - neither was much else which should have been. in fact I'm not really sure why we had to see the Priest at all! He discussed football with my husband (who hates it anyway).

Michael Dowd • 3 years ago

Helosia. We were married 60 years ago. I only recall seeing the priest in order to make the marriage arrangements.

Margaret • 3 years ago

WOW. Congratulations!!! What's your secret?

Michael Dowd • 3 years ago

Margaret. Yes, we were married 60 years ago but my wife died after we were married 40 years. I know of no special secret other than God gives you the grace to do what He wants you to do.

Heloisa • 3 years ago

That's actually really interesting. I married in a NO church (to an atheist although I didn't know this at the time (dont ask!). I'm wondering now when all these courses/meetings with Priest (3 if I remember rightly) were introduced? After VII perhaps?

To be honest we were expected to attend 'group' sessions. Personally, I'm not a 'group' type of person at all, but we attended the first meeting, which was embarassing. Most were about 20 years old and frankly, I thought that if the material was suitable for them (or anyone) they shouldn't have been getting married! Straight forward Catholic talk from a Traditional Priest would have been far more useful and he would presumably made sure I made a proper Confession etc beforehand and was in a state of grace.

I was older and my now husband even older, so I then arranged for us to see the Priest privately. Sadly, he didn't discuss anything which, even in my NO befuddled mind I expected him to, and with hindsight and a Traditional outlook, it was a joke. He didn't speak much at all to me as a Catholic concerning traditional Catholic marriage topics and because of those 'comments' he did make. I came away with the idea that everything had changed re rules/teaching etc.

I suppose my point is simply that, as this was 25 years ago, I can't imagine what most people get these days (although I realize there are a few exceptions!).

Thomas J. McIntyre • 3 years ago

My wife was very upset that our "pre-marriage workshop" (or whatever it was called) was not more spiritually uplifting. It was dreary, I'm reasonably certain more than half of the couples were already living together and when they made a half-hearted, token effort to explain the Church's teaching on contraception, I thought there was going to be a mutiny. As I told her then, I was only to endure it in order to check the necessary boxes so we could get married. It was really a penance more than anything else.

Heloisa • 3 years ago

A penance? Got it in one! :-))

What made the 'groupie' session worse was that my (now) husband's cousin was one of the ones running it (hubbie should have been Catholic).

Michael Dowd • 3 years ago

Thanks Heloisa. Good comments on present day reality. About 20 years ago after my wife of 40 years had died I decided to get married again. This time lengthy personality tests were given, we were interviewed separately and together, we had to take a series of classes. The priest that advised us told me we were incompatible and shouldn't get married. I went ahead and did it anyway with another priest because the first one refused to marry us. Stupid me. One year later I was living elsewhere and we were divorced and annulled 6 years after marriage. I take my case to be a positive as regards the Church. All the problems were my problems. The Church did it's job.

Heloisa • 3 years ago

Well, interesting again. Was the Priest who advised you not to marry a Traditional Priest? Just wondering because if not, it shows how it's been a lottery for years now whether one gets good 'Catholic' pre-marriage counselling or just the tick the boxes type.

Michael Dowd • 3 years ago

No, I would say he was a very worldly priest and also a friend of mine.

Heloisa • 3 years ago

Ah, well, that's a different matter!

Guest • 3 years ago
Michael Dowd • 3 years ago

"But to me, while the transition will continue to be very painful, a small church would be an improvement, not an issue."

I agree completely.

Dominic Lombardo • 3 years ago

"Nixon's Attorney General, John Mitchell, said it best: "Watch what we do, not what we say.""

Or, as Earl Bush, then-Press Secretary to the late Mayor Richard J. Daley back in the day, exhorted reporters after one particularly garbled press conference, "Write what he meant, not what he said!"

Concerned parent • 3 years ago

You hit the proverbial nail on the head - Bergoglio gets others to do his "dirty" work while he puts on an air of "humility" and "mercy".

Love this archbshp (Schneider). for his courage and clarity :

WATCH: Bishop Schneider unmasks progressive Catholic doublespeak - https://www.lifesitenews.co...

Excerpt : Liberal prelates frequently use terms like “dialogue,” “pastoral accompaniment,” and “surprises of the Holy Spirit” to advocate for changes in Church teaching.

“Pastoral accompaniment” is a favorite buzzword of prelates like Cardinal Walter Kasper, who has long lobbied for the Catholic Church to change its teachings on sexual morality. He has declared victory in recent months, citing Pope Francis.
The pontiff himself uses language like “surprises of the Holy Spirit” and “dialogue,” much to the concern of many Catholics.

New Confusing and Scandalous Papal Statements

Michael Dowd • 3 years ago

You are so correct. Our perfidious Pope has got to go.

cs • 3 years ago

Be on guard Steve!

There is nothing I would trust from this man; absolutely nothing.
He does not speak with clarity. If a priest, or a bishop or a pope cannot answer the Dubia questions with a simple yes or no............be on guard.

Barbara Case • 3 years ago

Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no - anything else is of the devil.

RodH • 3 years ago

Steve, you say "but they appear to me to be moving away from the current position and in the direction of at least appearing to honor the Church’s moral norms."

Yes, the greatest danger is the use of taqiyya by this Pope and his henchmen.

In fact, I have been surprised he hasn't used this tactic more frequently.

Why, he could easily come out and answer every question in the Dubia in a totally orthodox fashion and nevertheless still continue wrecking the Church.

Indeed, that is how Catholic prelates have been doing it for years.

Pretend to be orthodox and then allow ANYTHING.

This is precisely why "men" like this Tucho heretic were excommunicated in the past. They are toxic and malignant tumors in the Body of Christ.

The Church needs a LOT more excommunications, laicizations and interdicts.

Steve Skojec • 3 years ago

Taqiyya is a good word for it.

RodH • 3 years ago

The Islamic doctrine perfectly describes it.

Early on after converting I found myself asking "How can the Church have all these doctrinal problems if all the prelates are avowedly orthodox?" Because, publicly, they all are "orthodox".

The reason is simple.

We have a culture of deceit and lying from the top to the bottom.

What we see now with the current pontificate isn't a pell mell, radical conversion of orthodox prelates to heterodoxy, it is merely the little-by-little coming-out of dishonest men, now willing to let out a bit more of what they believe/don't believe without the fear of any ramifications for doing so.

"And furthermore, the Church desperately needs excommunications, laicizations and interdicts."

Concerned parent • 3 years ago

The radical Muslims, gay activists and the present Vatican all have one thing in common - taqiyya.

James • 3 years ago

You are absolutely correct.
Anyone who has been in religious life since the council can affirm the rabid daily demonstration of your analysis. Manipulation and deceit in order to create a new entity which has no resemblance to the congregation one entered.
The formal concept of "taqyia" was unknown to me. My thanks to both you and Steve for bringing it up. Very illuminating.