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SkippingDog • 4 years ago

Claiming to be a whistleblower doesn't make you one, and even whistleblowers don't have a "get out of jail free" card if they're in possession of stolen documents.

Roberta Massaaga • 4 years ago

Joe Miller - you are right on the money.

Paul Elder • 4 years ago

Imagine if he had a private email server that he was using while employed by the government. Oh wait... nothing would have happened in that case.

Bruce Robinson • 4 years ago

Mueller is investigating Trump and the Russians for collusion while he covered up dealings for Hilary and the Democrats with Russians for years. Incredible, unbelievable they continue to get away with this. and are not held accountable. There is not enough prisons to put all those people in.

Snorktoo • 4 years ago

For close to 30 years now the Clinton 'mystique' has had an increasing stench the more anyone digs into it...and the Uranium One deal has that characteristic 'mystique' written all over it. But throw in contributions to the Clinton Foundation...big money speaking fees from Russia for Mr. Clinton? More Clinton 'mystique' (someone else might call it influence peddling at a minimum). But no one at the FBI seems to be listening, just employing strong-arm and intimidation tactics I thought were relegated to governments like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. More evidence of a 'deep state'? I think so. Then enter an 'interesting' Robert Mueller, former FBI head, who conveniently DIDN'T investigate Clinton, now in charge of investigating Trump as a special investigator. Even more 'interesting' is Rod Rosenstein essentially ignoring the law, specifically 28 CFR § 600.1-600.10, when appointing Mueller to special prosecutor, since one can only be appointed if a criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted, and the scope of that investigation detailed by a specific factual statement of the matter to be investigated. Also, 'interestingly', this whole matter started not a criminal investigation but as a counterintelligence one. It was more that two months later that Rosenstein referenced a detailed factual scenario...and when he did, it was one that had no connection to the presidential campaign. I wish this was simply a conspiracy theory, but the irregularities are too many and too well-documented. You just can't make these things up.

James_in_texas • 4 years ago

There is no sure thing as "questioned practices" in the Clinton's or the Democrats! Thing like that only happen to the Republicans and Conservatives in these day in America. Also, the Rules and Laws don't include the Democrats, only the Right-side of the Congress and the Peoples!

Dr Steve Goldberg • 4 years ago

The FBI and DOJ are corrupt to their core ... stocked to the brim with former Obama Muslim Brotherhood and other extremists. It will not change without a thorough house cleaning. They no longer serve American interests as seen by the Uranium One deal.

Joanha • 4 years ago

Once again, "all animals are equal, but some animals are MORE equal than others".

sally coder • 4 years ago

well at least he's not dead.... via "suicide by team Clinton" ....yet !! Mr. Cain, you had better watch your back! And another example of 'federal officials failing to investigate potential criminal allegations" involving hillbillary. Hillary claims it's a 'vast right wing conspiracy"....nah....me thinks it's called DEEEEEP state.

MillieK • 4 years ago

Hillary Clinton is a liar, and everyone with one eye and half sense knows it. Evidently many, many Washington people are afraid of Hillary Clinton.... are they afraid she will have them killed? Is that it? She is a sick, fat old woman who would do this nation a great favor if she would just bow out of politics as gracefully as she can manage. This country would be a WHOLE lot better off.

Wesley W • 4 years ago

Welcome to The Swamp.
Nothing will ever be done to the key players.

PD • 4 years ago

The Dems control everything... deep state money and everyone turns a blind eye, how can this happen in front of everyone? The FBI, DOJ, Social Media, Mainstream Mass Media, and the list goes on and on. The corporate money is so powerful. Now Clinton is running again in 2020?!?! She probably has no choice the powers that be told her- “we have you all this money you still owe us.” Anyone that gets in their way get found floating in rivers or dead in dumpsters

KingdomOfTheBlind • 4 years ago

It's a conspiracy theory. There is no proof. Of course the whistleblower is suspicious!

Joe Miller • 4 years ago

So basically the DOJ by taking these documents from Cain are still protecting the Clinton's and Mueller.....am I right or wrong here??

Ace Manifold • 4 years ago

Sounds right to me. The corruption of our intelligence and justice agencies were document in a book called Deep State (2015) by Mike Lofgren, who had been a budget analyst for congress for 28 years. The DOJ and other agencies were further "weaponized" by Obama (who placed left-wing extremists in prominent positions), and these evil deeds are all possible because the press in America refuses to cover the crimes involved. Many Republicans as well as Democrats benefit from the corrupt status quo. How? Same as Deep State federal employees they are manipulated by lobbyists and given lucrative consultant positions on retirement. President Trump is our only real hope and is badly out-numbered in Washington. In decades to come his tweets will provide the most reliable history of this troubled era.

THer • 4 years ago

Talk, talk, talk for years!........no action!....very corrupt justice system!!!

Brian Niles • 4 years ago

Wow. Our government has been infiltrated by a group of people that will do anything to pull the strings of their puppets and steer the USA wherever they want to go. It's like something out of a spy movie. And meuller shouldn't even be able to play the game "clue", let alone head a FBI investigation. What a criminal hack!

SeniorBosco • 4 years ago

It's all a right-wing conspiracy theory, but if you blow the whistle, the corrupt FBI will search your house for 6 hours, because there is nothing there, because it is all a silly conspiracy theory. Can we please! send Clinton to prison, please!!

lisal • 4 years ago

Just more evidence that the FBI is corrupt and should be shut down. They will stop at nothing to promote democrats and liberal politicians. They are criminals with badges!

MillieK • 4 years ago

It certainly looks that way. Are there no honest people in Washington, who can see the truth? Lord, help us.--