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Ramon • 6 years ago

Finally. Some Republican represenatives are finally being logical. If PP keeps getting defunded, then women who need contraceptive support and STD treatment will not get it, and many will likely get pregnant. Therefore driving up the pregnancy rates and, therefore, abortion. If you want unwanted pregnancy rates and abortion rates to go down, support contraception and family planning.

Lacey Sheridan • 6 years ago

If pro-choice advocates bow to this demand, they risk losing the support of their constituents, along with their respect. Religion should not overlap politics as per the Constitution. If people choose not to have abortions, that is their right, of course, but they do not get to decide that for others.

Carlos Santiago • 6 years ago

They fund our war machine 20% of the nations budget, nearly a trillion dollars a year. That sums up their sanctity of life. I doubt they will show courage and defund planned parenthood.

Truthteller • 6 years ago

The cowards will end up funding the murder mill.

Chris Jackson • 6 years ago

Modern history says you are right. I hope they surprise us and stop the murder.

Susan • 6 years ago

So sad that we have to have this disagreement. You would think that we could ALL be in agreement about something as basic as LIFE.