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Bill Mackenzie • 6 years ago

Now all we need is for Ginsburg to do the right thing and retire to make this a Constitutional Court once again.

Stan Marciniak • 6 years ago

It is time we have a supreme court that, once again, exercises their jurisprudence based on the rule of law, and not the rules of Hallmark Valentines.

JJF • 6 years ago

Despite his successful nomination, we cannot know for certain how he will vote on the issues coming before the SCOTUS, nor whether he will be as conservative as we would like.

Gene • 6 years ago

He replaces Scalia and I hope he inherits the same kind of backbone to stand up for the constitution as written. It is how this republic was first established and organized. The constitution stood for over 200 years, longer than any other republic due to its equal treatment, not bowing to any special interests or minority views. The majority still governs as it should.

Mrwizard • 6 years ago

I was hoping McConnell would not be the weak link in the chain of command. Any noise the Left is making is that their changing the rules is being used on them. May relate to the goose and the gander.

Carlos Santiago • 6 years ago

Pray for our Supreme Court and leaders. That they would seek and listen to God.

Ablebird • 6 years ago

The Republicans secured further influence on the supreme court for decades to come, and all they had to do was trample all over the constitution. But the supreme court is too important to play fair.

Jeffrey Taylor • 6 years ago

I'm sorry. Where in the constitution does it say that 60 votes are required to approve a Supreme Court Justice. That is something firmly based in Senate tradition with absolutely no constitutional authority dating back to a time when the Senate was a collegial and gentlemanly group allowing the president to choose those people he wished to serve on the court and his cabinet, not throw imaginary roadblocks in front of highly qualified candidates.

stoney • 6 years ago

They didn't touch the constitution. They changed a senate rule nothing more nothing less

James_in_texas • 6 years ago

One down, Two to go! The first time in many years I have seen the GOP leadership do the "Right Thing"!

Watcher • 6 years ago

God bless

Todd Hairgrove • 6 years ago

Welcome To SCOTUS Sir

Romeena • 6 years ago

Thank you, God. There's hope for America yet!

GQ4U • 6 years ago

I am glad Gorsuch was confirmed. Hope he doesn't morph into liberalism or activism like other's have done. He said he was a proponent of judicial precedent, I am not, but as a Justice on the SCOTUS it would be nice if he strictly followed the US Constitution as an originalist and gave it precedent over everything else.

johnp • 6 years ago


jerseyboy1 • 6 years ago

Wonderful news!
Hopefully, now the Court will stop taking away our rights in favor of the Wannabees.

Grandpa Dino • 6 years ago


Brickshooter • 6 years ago

I am sure the Left will call him an illegitimate judge appointed by an illegitimate president so they can ignore any 5-4 rulings that go against their wishes.

Wayne_B • 6 years ago

OK, we replaced Scalia so things have not really changed.