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crion • 3 years ago

Yeah this is the truth but som mfs nubs didnt understand

زه خاره • 3 years ago

th is is my account

roo • 3 years ago


Aa0252650@gmail.com • 4 years ago

Sorry I didn't understand the method

Mary Grace Apsay Vibas • 4 years ago

Ive tried many bullshit procedures on how to hack a pass word on facebok. I use to this for a purpose because i cant no longer open my other facebook account. I forgot the email and other details also the password. When Im trying to recover it theres a word says contact your 3 trusted friend but I only got 2 codes bec. my one other friends cant open her account to. Is there any procedure here?

Arun Arun • 4 years ago

bro i deeply request for one help ( am not know much english so pls try to understand my small english sry to tell ) my life was struggle in so many i need u rhelp pls save my life i ask for u like my own bro plsssssssssssssss

OHC_admin • 4 years ago

The only working method is to ask facebook.

Arun Arun • 4 years ago

admin i deeply request for one help ( am not know much english so pls try to understand my small english sry to tell ) my life was struggle in so many i need u rhelp pls save my life i ask for u like my own bro plsssssssssssssss

Alfred George • 5 years ago

this is very true! iam able to bruteforce password but only if i have a very good password list. python and perl are capable of doing this.

OHC_admin • 4 years ago

You can bruteforce the login page but :
1. You will need a captcha solver
2. You will need several IPs as Facebook will ban you
3. Facebook will lock the account if too many errors.

Shit Break • 5 years ago

True. You can't do it. I got as far as someone's settings page, but a gay and annoying pop up offer box blocked me. It's all bullshit. It may be possible but you'd never do it from a website that "claims" to do it. Even if you complete offers their page just hangs and doesn't lead you to your goal. BULLSHIT.

AW • 5 years ago

Is it possible to get the hash code from the password if you are connected to the same network (Using Cain & Abel or other similar software)?

123 • 6 years ago

but is there any script or console that can a facebook acc?

OHC_admin • 6 years ago

Read again the end and the 5 tricks.

xxxmlgswegxxx • 5 years ago

Try to use the console

fuck you • 6 years ago

thanks for the info

Lucy Howard • 6 years ago

I do not know about you guys but i feel the writer of this post is just bitter pretty much. hacks are getting executed everyday y different elite hackers i once met 2Ton9 via kik in 2014 it was an amazing encounter, I was glad I told him my problem and it got solved.

OHC_admin • 6 years ago

Seems like you did not understand.
We wrote that there are plenty of fake facebook hacker programs bundled with malware.
Just test yourself, it's bullshit.
We also wrote that, yes, everyday hackers hack people's facebook account
but NOT thanks to crappy programs, thanks to one of the five methods described at the end of the post.

t0m • 7 years ago

u made it really clear simple and helpfull...

XEG • 8 years ago

lol all you really need is Cain & Able and to know what you're doing or you could get kali Linux

abdullahkhattak • 8 years ago

hoooooooooooo god

Kael San • 8 years ago

I used the keylogging method to get my gf's fb pword and it works.. what an ugly truth that I've discovered :-( Never trust your partner 100%, moral of the story. To those who tried to use stupid fb hacking software/websites to get the pword, better forget it. I've tried a lot, but none of them worked. There's always a stupid survey that you must completed before they give the password, and yes I did completed a hell lot of their survey but the pword given is totally bullshit.

Sarthok • 8 years ago

ok !!! bt ut how can i suspend a facebook id?

OHC_admin • 8 years ago

By suspend you mean deactivate ?
See www.facebook.com/help/www/2...

mercy • 8 years ago

I love you

annanomous • 8 years ago

can u teach me about social engineering

jino • 8 years ago

its very useful nice work...

D4t4-3rr0r • 8 years ago

this is a pretty good and they are right

getting into someones FB is possible, hacking it is another story,

I use S/E social Engineering, its easy if you take your time and not be impatient. or

to make a R.A.T (remote administration tool) I used to use prorat. but now make my own.

compromise a computer making a mysexyphoto jpeg.exe I would send a
victim via email, zipped and password protected, telling my victim that
I will send them a password in another email.asking them to not give
or show other people that so called photo.

normally its good for
two weeks and then the antivirus picks up the Trojan but too late I
have every key stroke the victim has made on their computer for the last
2 weeks

just remember for all things negative there is a
positive, you doing a negative illegal thing your positive is getting
caught at it, as every one slips up eventually.

and if you do hack into emails of your girl/boy friends your not going to like what you see, so why try it,

Mahmoud Assi

that definitely does work, I do that most of the time and people still are to stupid and just change there password only

Flame • 8 years ago

Is there a way to do that without knowing the person's email address?

tony stark • 8 years ago

there is no facebook hacking tools,

KaliLAnonymous • 8 years ago

no password cracker; but there are techniques to gaining access.
MIMA (sniffing; or credential stealing) social engineering (befriend them and find out their password reset questions),
IF they have 2 STEP VERIFICATION; only way is to stealing their phone; or just the phones IMEI (if you are smart enough).
I have found the last method very useful for Gmail, and Facebook 2 step login.

ccc • 8 years ago

Hi, i just want to hack my BF fb password. i know him mail id and password but i cant reset the fb password. i just want to know currently using password. if i reset means, he ll find.. Kindly help me... its my life....

mansoor • 4 years ago

if u know his id and passwords it to esy to reset the passwords without nowing.

Usefa • 7 years ago

He must broke wid u
As u r so annoying

D4t4-3rr0r • 8 years ago

a woman scorned , hmmm no way, I feel sorry for your boy friend as he has some one that he shouldn't trust at all

help me please • 8 years ago

so for facebook to log you in there needs to be a place where its saved do you know where its saved or how to find out where its saved. i am of course using an element inspector to fing it but that did work on emails and i was hoping it would work for facebook. please reply. thanks.

OHC_admin • 8 years ago

I am not sure to understand your question..
This tool can help you in retrieving the passwords stored in firefox : http://www.nirsoft.net/util...

ali • 8 years ago


sohan • 8 years ago

i love hacker

mini yoo • 9 years ago

Is this real or a goofy joke?

OHC_admin • 9 years ago

The joke is all fake facebook websites.

haman • 9 years ago

there are alot of techniques using back track ;) .... but u dont have to get ur gf's password ,, so simple ,, if u dont trust her , just let her go and continue ur life with a better girl ;)

KaliLAnonymous • 8 years ago

learned the hard way; I keylogged "eagle-eye", ratted, and social engineered my way into my ex's accounts. I had every text/sms/mms/phone call and voicemail she sent and received forwarded to my e mail. every webpage she vistited was logged, as well as every key stroke.
(google "android app phone control")
Let's just say if you think there's something going on; and she's hiding/locking her phone, and wont let you see in her accounts.
The truth is ugly and you don't wanna know it.

Muneeb Ahmed Zia • 9 years ago

These websites,not all are fake.
When you search it on google,they obviouslywill not give you a true website,which will hack facebook passwords,because facebook would case google!
If you want to hack facebook accounts,you can only do it by clicking on forgot password and answering the security question correctly
By somehow knowing the email password of the victim
By choosing 3 friends,from that person's friend list,and asking them to verify that your account was hacked.
Other than this there is no way a comman man could hack facebook passwords.

Giwrgos • 8 years ago

You are naive. They are all just bullshit with almost no exception. I have tried a lot of them and I thought the problem is my country's stupid old bankrupt enterprises that can't validate the survey completion by sending back a completion response. Nononononono. They just catch your tendency to evil law breaking and put a spy on you. Just that. They exploit the common naiveness of the naive humankind.

Calingo Flanc • 9 years ago

den wat about ethical hacking ............ there are some real softwares .like HIV ...its the best hacking software since 2011 but now thw=e site is totally blocked
the domain hav been removed.

Steve Richard • 9 years ago

From here you will be explained each nd every thing .... Must check

nio • 9 years ago

i just wanna know how the hell those methods are going to work??? how the fuck will you send a fake fb page and they will login -_- is not like the type fb and get to the fake page ,keylogging you need to get to their pc completely useless,social enginiring seriously now who is gonna tell u his password -_- ,ask fb to reset password hmm well yes i d not like to destroy their fb page just get some info(for good purpose) ,the only legit but really hard to do is to steal cookies :((( how im supposed to get help from these and i know all the legit blogs say those methods isnt there one more?

SARTAJ • 9 years ago

Sir wanna to hach facebook id so can you tell some tricks PLEASE?

due to society situations?

shiek kiong • 9 years ago

something that i need to say to FUCK the fakers!!!! i need my GIRLFRIEND PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!