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Leviathan • 2 months ago

I can’t believe Democrat voters have actually out-dumbed themselves. I mean, Fetterman!?!?!?

Guest • 2 months ago
Lil Ho Hunter • 2 months ago

The early counts were near 90% Fetterman and that showed clearly what happened. They stole it early with mail in ballots and had a plan b in place to steal it late, if they needed to.

Hominid • 2 months ago

A self-described Indie voter in PA spoke up after the "debate" and said he wasn't convinced he should vote against Fetterman. He is representative of how impossibly stupid Indie voters are.

Susan Schoner • 2 months ago

yes I am expecting the mail in votes will conveniently put the Democraps in the lead that is why they forced them on us. I voted in person. The whole voting process has been changed to help the Dems. It used to be you had winners on election day not weeks later! SMH

elflaco222 • 2 months ago

Happy Kristallnacht
Today's a national holiday for all you bleach drinkers isn't it?
Nothing more fun than throwing a Republican off a second story balcony. I mean a Democrat of course. hahahah.

Andy Holland • 2 months ago

Do you really think Fetterman really won?
With mail-in drop-box Shapiro voting?

KeiMechiso • 2 months ago

Well, they did put Biden in as President and Kamala as VP.

Garrett Pyscher • 2 months ago

My parents vote blue still. The biggest thing they cite is crap they hear on NBC and all those crazy networks. I encouraged them to vote, even though they were going to vote blue. They did not vote.

Point being is that A LOT of older generations still see trump as the devil and the republican party akin to Hitler. It's sad. And these are the kinds of people that will say biden is good for the country. Let that sink in. A lot of these people voting blue have no clue what is going on in the world. I voted democratic for my local appeals court. Rest was red. Let's even out the governmental board.

Herb Daniels • 2 months ago

typical victim of censorship. Hard to communicate with them at all
Sorry. Millions of intelligent people brainwashed because information never reaches them.
Censorship. We must attack the problem rather than complain about the symtoms

Blackhawk553 • 2 months ago

that's because they won't open their eyes and do their own investigations! They take the crap fed to them and eat it up as good and truth.........

Susan Schoner • 2 months ago

seriously Democrats have zero brain cells!

help us • 2 months ago

Your party nominated Dr. Oz and thought it would work. Anyone, really anyone else would have beaten Fetterman

Susan Schoner • 2 months ago

OZ lost because PA knows he isn't from PA and they want someone that lives in PA

rouge1 • 2 months ago

Trump pick that loser.

Hominid • 2 months ago

No decent, intelligent, competent person chooses to become a politician.

Hominid • 2 months ago

Dem voters only care about the D.

Charlette • 2 months ago

Yeah, it's not a mistake, my maga friend.

DJT is done. Even a guy like Fetterman beat a Trumper.

Susan Schoner • 2 months ago

guess again!

RealAmericanRinoHunter • 2 months ago

communists love them some veggies.

Bill Cape Coral • 2 months ago

Do people understand that the federal government now has to borrow money to pay the interest on the national debt, we don't even pay on the principle anymore, we are now to the point we have to borrow money just to pay the interest.

I refuse to believe that Americans are voting for more Democrat corruption. The election system is now controlled in enough areas by Democrats that America is lost. I am just sad that America died while I am still alive to see it.

Angelo Mendola • 2 months ago

To answer your question, no they do not understand. We have very stupid popluation.

rouge1 • 2 months ago

Government educated lol.

Blackhawk553 • 2 months ago

Government "EduMedicated"

RealAmericanRinoHunter • 2 months ago

Government indoctrinated

rouge1 • 2 months ago

Is there a difference?

RealAmericanRinoHunter • 2 months ago


VigorousBoredom • 2 months ago

You're dead on accurate. Although I am happy that some republican candidates were able to win their respective races, we're not seeing a huge red wave when we should be seeing a massive red tsunami. There are several reasons but I think the main reason is that, just like you said, the democrats control the entire election systems in big cities democrat strongholds. There is a reason why democrats blocked any attempt to audit election machines in 2020. Tonight, we are seeing that reason play out.

Pathfinder • 2 months ago

I said this before this election even started. They cheated in 2020 which was their first big test on cheating. They have been cheating on a smaller scale for years. Now they know they can do it all the time with impunity, they will keep doing it on a scale that will allow them to control the majority. There's no way in hell the American people voted for this fiasco to continue.

rouge1 • 2 months ago

If there are no consequences why not cheat? The rino party and their leader DJT did nothing to secure elections or prosecute wrong doers.

Peter S. Guild • 2 months ago

The U.S.A. should export lots of oil and nautural gas and use the profits to pay down the national debt.

Anonymous • 2 months ago

A nice idea but that’s already happening. Oil and gas are commodities and are already traded globally, prices could be lowered to make it the cheapest on the global market but that would cause all sorts of unintended consequences.

Also the oil/gas companies aren’t owned by the federal government and some are publicly listed (with some foreign ownership) so other than taxes the extra revenue lines private pockets.

RealAmericanRinoHunter • 2 months ago

But instead we get tree humpers and communist vegetables and get inflation, dependence on foreign oil, and a failing nation.

Leviathan • 2 months ago

I’d give you 50 upvotes if I could.

Hominid • 2 months ago

He's a phony.

Hominid • 2 months ago

Wait a minute - you're the guy who complains he can't borrow money from the bank!

Harvich • 2 months ago

Ukraine is certainly laughing off at this, in modern day America the people can have the scraps but arms dealers and foreign goverments can have billion of dollars.

rouge1 • 2 months ago

They can also be armed while Americans are being disarmed. Your government hates you and your offspring.

#Marsing83639 • 2 months ago

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blames Vladimir Putin for gas price hikes 
Pelosi on track to be removed as speaker

Pathfinder • 2 months ago

McMullin has said he would work to cut healthcare costs, inflation and political extremism. Kind of hard to work on political extremism when you belong to the party that creates it glad he lost!

Stephen Jackson • 2 months ago

I'm not going to whitewash it. It was a bad night politically. Not very bad,
but "bad" I would say considering the high expectations. However there's
no crying in politics.

Seems like the best we can do in the Senate is a push, and that is if Walker wins
the Georgia runoff election in thirty days.

The House is still undecided, but the chances still look very good for our side
winning that.

Yes very disappointing, but not hopeless. Controlling the House is where the
money is. So in that regard, if/when we win that, it will at least be a big plus.

One last note for now. I think basically this result may end Donald Trump's
political career. Since he strongly endorsed a number of these losers. Our
candidates who won were favorites anyway, and would have won without
his endorsement.

So it's time to say goodbye to an old friend Donald Trump, and welcome a new
friend Ron DeSantis, as giving us by far, the best chance to win the presidency
in 2024.

Bill • 2 months ago

This is probably one of the sanest comments I have seen on this site. However, I think DJT will continue to be an albatross for the republicans for years to come.

Stephen Jackson • 2 months ago

If Trump loses the 2024 Republican Party primary, and especially considering his age, i think he will call it a day when it comes to politics.