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Lana • 1 year ago

Let's see if Abrams pulls the same trick she did last time, it's only cheating if a Dem loses. lol

attli • 1 year ago

abrams threw herself a condolence feast. Dinner for 10 and she dined alone.

Joe • 1 year ago

But Oprah was there virtually to console her.

Alvin Swenson • 1 year ago

I am happy tank Abrams lost.

Sirhogslayer • 1 year ago

Will she concede? The great red wave ? We actually lost ground!! How? What did they do this time to create such a turnout? Absentee ballots are indeed the vehicle used to get people out? And America's women decided to kill their babies and MAKE THIS ISSUE THE ONLY ISSUE WHILE AMERICA DEPRESSES AND BURNS? AND OZ LOST TO A GUY THAT DESIRES FULL BLOWN DRUG LEGALIZATION? NO FRACKING IN A HEAVILY FRACKING STATE? RELEASING HALF THE PRISONERS IN PA OUT INTO THE GENERAL PUBLIC? Something happened to have this outcome. I'm done with anyone from Pennsylvania!! They actually picked Uncle Fester!! They are stupid people!!
America seems full of them!!

Lakesha Scout • 1 year ago

Stacey Abrams lost the governors race in Georgia by about 10 points, to a man which many Georgians don't have much respect for (Kemp). Which means although Georgian's didn't want Kemp, they wanted the likes of Communist Missy Abrams far less.
So Stacey didn't loose to a Republican she lost to an Undesirable Republican candidate which is a outcome that speaks volumes to her as a potential candidacy as Georgia of governor.

lechevre • 1 year ago

Another porker sent to eat crow.

CVN65 • 1 year ago

You kept the RINO but at least got rid of the cow

attli • 1 year ago

Even a r.i.n.o. is better than a jackass.

Dave DaBaughm • 1 year ago

Nice to see that fat slob Stacey Abrams lost. One correct decision.

Nathaniel_Bennett • 1 year ago

We sent that cow packing!

Redlivesmatter • 1 year ago

Frankly I wouldn’t of cared if a democrat won, just happy she lost. Very happy.

Mune Shadowe • 1 year ago

Sad item is she'll be back again.

attli • 1 year ago

Treats the electoral process like an all you can eat buffet. Coming back again and again. Good thing with the electoral buffet her plate comes up empty.

207s • 1 year ago

Now we get to see the "good" election deniers again, like we did after 2016 and 2018.

Zemmi • 1 year ago

I am happy to see Georgia continued to keep abrahms out of office. States like New York, Pennsylvania and other Northern states have continued to vote for politicians who steal tax payer money, change the laws and law enforcement policies that benefit the criminal not the law abiding people! I do not understand this!

soldierI • 1 year ago

The uniparty should have enough votes for the draft and the war in Ukraine now.

attli • 1 year ago

Since when does a governor run foreign policy?

BB • 1 year ago

What a gutless dirtbag.

attli • 1 year ago

Looks to me like she has 3 or 4 peoples' worth of gut. ;-p

cp123 • 1 year ago

Won’t be visiting any more with her crime policy in place. Prefer not to be mugged or worse. Good luck New York.

soldierI • 1 year ago

The deal between the RINOs and the Communist DemonRATs in the Uniparty is they will take the state level government positions and the DemonRATS get all federal positions this time around.