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Bob Rich • 1 year ago

Patriots coming together to save our great nation. Thank you President Trump and Senator Cruz.


oldtimer • 1 year ago

You need to add the IRS and CIA TO that list of storm troopers. However, none of this happens without the complicity of the media. The propagandia-spewing media provides cover for the treasonous acts of the politicians and bureaucrats.

Hominid • 1 year ago

And, primary school teachers, and university professors, and Hollywood, and Big Sports, and "green" Corporations.

Purplewave • 1 year ago

And anyone else that earns over $7.00/hour.

onemad scientist • 1 year ago

A lot of it comes from the top of the media's food chain. It is they who are responsible for what makes it out of their organization. More focus needs to be put on those at the top.

Crystal Metallic • 1 year ago

The top of the media's food chain don't allow focus on themselves.

oldtimer • 1 year ago

Gallup poll shows 16% of the public have confidence in newspapers and 11% have confidence in TV news. Just more evidence that real journalism is dead and is now mostly propaganda.

Hominid • 1 year ago

I don't have a clue who is at the top of the AP - do you?

nowwhat • 1 year ago

God Bless America

mary • 1 year ago


Troy Dynes • 1 year ago

The FBI is the CNN of law enforcement.

global citizen AFVet • 1 year ago

If you love America, you must love our President Trump!
Incredible the power and stamina he has. The never ending fight for our USA!
He does has a pair standing up to these traitors, anti American, NWO self serving mother puggers!

Let's go Brand*n!

Hominid • 1 year ago

Ted Cruz wrote the well-reasoned analysis of the evidence, not Trump.

Byron Sosebee • 1 year ago

He knows that, Homo!

Bill • 1 year ago

If Hominid had a brain, he'd be dangerous.

Hominid • 1 year ago

Evidently not, you moron - he ran away.

nowwhat • 1 year ago

i don't think he could have done it without trump

Hominid • 1 year ago

That's absurd. Cruz was an effective champion for Americanism long before Trump ever bumbled on the scene from his phony rep developed in a TV reality show.

Jay Campbell • 1 year ago

That is an imbecilic comment. You can watch Trump giving interviews on how corrupt the system is long before Cruz was in office and long before Trump did his brief stint on a reality show.

Marshall • 1 year ago

True. Trumps been interested in politics since way back. I'd been watching Cruz IN politics for way longer though. I actually pulled for him or Paul before Trump became the nominee. Both have what it takes to tackle the job. Glad Trump did a great job after all.

Hominid • 1 year ago

Cruz argued cases before the SCOTUS long before either of them were in office. Trump is a charlatan - always has been - and a life-long Liberal. You're a Trumpsucker who doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

Guest • 1 year ago
Hominid • 1 year ago

Media mythology. Trump was going under and was rescued by a cheap reality show that re-created a false image for him as a tycoon. He parlayed that false image into a presidency by duping low-info, low-intel, protest voters, otherwise known as Trumpsuckers. Was he better than Hillary - of course. Was he as good as Cruz - nah. Was he ultimately destructive - yup!

Deplorable Pony Soldier • 1 year ago

And it is time we all do the same, and vote these criminal CREEPS out.

Bob Rich • 1 year ago


Hominid • 1 year ago

There's that pesky "we" again.

monorprise • 1 year ago

The FBI have been a secrete police type organization since the beginning. They have long been used by effectively unaccountable leaders both unelected and elected to spy upon and persecute their political enemies.
The only thing new here is they have finally become bold enough to go after a President thus making them a political threat to a politically relevant population.

The sheer size of the "federal jurisdiction" they claim in combination with the incompatible nature of their elected leaders responsibilities has always conspired to keep whatever abuse they engage in politically too insignificant to matter.

This is why any such 'federal' LEO organization will always be largely unaccountable and thus the subject of abuse. Hence why the Founders did not include any such power in the 11 page Federal Constitution of 1787.

Harvich • 1 year ago

I wander how long will it take for Garland and the FBI to try to smeer him using false corruption allegations.



Crystal Metallic • 1 year ago

That leaves out all democrats.

Troy Dynes • 1 year ago

Why don’t we shut down the FBI for two weeks to slow the spread of tyranny.

Hominid • 1 year ago

"We"? The reason "we" don't do that is that "we" don't have the power. Not to mention "we" doesn't exist outside fevered imaginations.

nowwhat • 1 year ago

+ homeland

Psylocke • 1 year ago

So the FBI and DOJ went to a federal judge and got a warrant saying that trumpy was storing classified documents in his basement at Mara a Lago. The FBI went through all channels for a year to get those documents before executing the warrant. trumpy's lawyers even signed a legal document stating there were no documents at Mar a Lago, this happened in June. The FBI and DOJ were exonerated because they found 11 boxes of classified documents many of them labeled Top Secret, just like the warrant stated. So please tell me how they are corrupt and need to be defunded. They jumped through all the legal hoops dotting their i's and crossing the t's. This was a perfectly executed warrant and they found what they said the would. End of story.

Hominid • 1 year ago


IDAHORETIRED • 1 year ago

Yes, lies. Anyone else remember that all-time classic operation by the feebs when they raided a small "colony" in North Idaho? The location was called Ruby Ridge. The feebs murdered a wife of one of the men living there. (minding their own business.) Why did their sniper team shoot her? Trying to force her husband to do some undercover work for them!!!

Or how about that abandoned building in Texas where they burned more than 60 "homesteaders" to death? Why that happened was never well explained, and no charges were ever brought against the feeb agents involved. Reminds me of the Gestapo!

BTW, if I remember correctly "gestapo" means Geheim Stats Polizei, which translates to Secret State Police.

AlbertFriday • 1 year ago

Cruz is an American Patroit!

ManOfMettle • 1 year ago