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Coolercoleman • 4 months ago

Will this nonsense ever end?

Booger • 4 months ago

Spoiled boob needs a nut kick

LLeClair • 3 months ago

Please stop with anything about the "ROYALS".

T F • 3 months ago

Will corrupt dementia laden Biden be attending the festivities standing around with leaders of the world farting and smelling up the place ? There is precedent on this.

Steveb • 3 months ago

I saw a video of this guy getting ready to sit down and there was something sitting on the table. he started making wooshing motions with his hands until someone moved it. He couldn't even slide it over himself, he made a servant do it for him. What a pompous ass

GodsGoldenBoy • 3 months ago

Agreed. He’s just Andrew with better PR.

MikeCee • 3 months ago

It's a shame that the people of the UK, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji, Australia, and several other countries are still foolish enough to fork over money to the British royal leeches. You'd think by now they'd have thrown off the idea of leadership by birthright (still practiced in countries like North Korea), but apparently a majority of the peasant class prefer their royal rulers.

juliet • 3 months ago

The vast majority love their royals; poll after poll shows that; assuming you're not British, you don't understand that, it appears; the tourism industry is in the billions because of the royals. The Brits love it, we just say, meh.

DKD0615 • 3 months ago

What a waste of time and money. The village idiot will be crowned King and the world will be the poorer for it. This climate hoax supporter will try to change the world for the benefit of the elites at the expense of the commoners.

Xidenisfascist • 3 months ago

Charles is a lib clown

VoiceOfReason2023 • 3 months ago

Who cares! The entitled British royal family should have been eliminated a very long time ago.

DD593 • 3 months ago

They better not wait too long because Charlie doesn't look as healthy as his mother did at 74.

Seaside • 3 months ago

Charlie is an evil elitist globalist. There is no such thing as royal blood. GOD Almighty is the Creator of the Universe, mankind and all of nature's beauty. GOD created male XY and female XX to be fruitful and multiply. GOD did not create royal blood. However, thousands of years ago farmers who owned land and acquired more land pretended to have royal blood and ruled over their serfdoms. See how that works. Not much different from today's elitist globalists who think of themselves as gods and want to rule over you with their Great Reset.

Libertarianski • 3 months ago

and who cares??

Did I say that? • 4 months ago

☘☘ (dupl reqired)
Let no one doubt that this man has long been a twisted pervert. He brought shame upon a warped family with a long history of deviance of every sort. I think the "Royal Family" has been bilking the good British people for eons and he and his perverted brother have few good attributes. I'm glad our forefathers pointed their muskets at his ancestry. I'm not part of any of this "pageantry." I respected the mother for her resilience and history. But this guy did what? Fluck "Doti's" girlfriend? The UK is being overrun by foreigners who abhor the history of their "host" organism. They asked for what they have and for what they shall loose. I fear for the common man over there. We are of the same stock.

Steveb • 3 months ago

great post.

DeploribusUnum • 3 months ago

There's only One King and, at least for now anyway, He's sitting at the right hand of God the Father in Heaven.

titus americanus • 3 months ago

LoL Elvis is no one's right hand man.

BiggerHorns • 3 months ago

I'm sure i'll miss it. There are more important things for me to do, like shovel up the yard after the dog.

FN-2187 • 3 months ago

Well, that's dumb, he may not live that long.

NightOwl13 • 3 months ago

Is MeGain and her lapdog invited?

This sums it up perfectly.

"You can't know how little I care." Monty Walsh.

Ann Nymous • 3 months ago

Why any country still supports a monarchy this day and age is just mind numbing. I guess ewe will always be ewes in some parts of the world...

Scouser • 3 months ago

Don't we support Saudi Arabia with arms? Did we not support the Shah.

Noel's Destroyer • 3 months ago

In all fairness, they are a Constitutional Monarchy. They're far more parliamentary than monarchy. But point taken.

Brian Barkley • 3 months ago

Their Parliament sits at the behest of the King.

titus americanus • 3 months ago

The House of Commons is an elected body and holds the power of government. The lesser branch, the House of Lord's sits at the behest monarch ( they do not make law or prevent laws from becoming)

Brian Barkley • 3 months ago

They have the ability to pull the strings behind the scenes.

titus americanus • 3 months ago

Rich people everywhere do

Brian Barkley • 3 months ago

The richest can pull the hardest.
Being Queen helped.

hidad • 3 months ago

He'll be THROWN OUT OF POWER LONG BEFORE JUNE 3RD. The man is a real piece of work.

He's going to be answering for his part in the election steal of '20. He'll have to explain his 'business' dealings with ep s t e in. He's also involved in the traffic king of children. He's SOLD HIS NATION OUT. The man is a traitor.

He 'helped' his own mother 'leave' prematurely and was involved his first wife's d e a th. When the Brits learn of all this junk they'll be screaming, "OFF WITH HIS HEAD".

Charles isn't exactly on 'friendly' terms with a lot of the rest of the family and you can expect FIREWORKS. The tabloids are going to have a field day.

GodsGoldenBoy • 3 months ago

What power? Where on earth do you get that stuff? Hilarious

Brian Barkley • 3 months ago

How'd the Queen stay the richest woman in the world for so long?

GodsGoldenBoy • 3 months ago

You don’t know much about the British monarchy do you.

Brian Barkley • 3 months ago

I'd say I know more than you if you think she was merely a figurehead.

Budgetbuster • 3 months ago

Is this news? This is the main reason why the U.S. broke away from England to start with. Just a bunch of inbred fools.

1tempusfugit • 3 months ago

? The vast majority have German roots....never realized how German the British royal family was.

Jamfer Jones • 3 months ago

Look at the bright side UK, the USA has Sniffy Joe and Cackles Kamala so King Charles III doesn't look quite so perverted.

Budgetbuster • 3 months ago

Who cares? The U.S separated from England to get away from all this inbred nonsense.