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Malcom Xray • 2 months ago

Be prepared for lock-downs, mask mandates and MAIL IN VOTING as we approach the mid-terms ... the voter fix is in.

Roha Waha • 2 months ago

Burn all drop boxs !

Troy Dynes • 2 months ago

A ballot soaked in lighter fluid and a match will resolve all of the bogus ballots.

Abel Washington • 2 months ago

Joe better not let go of that fence railing or he'll go tumbling. Joe is a jabbed mess.

sickpuppy70454 • 2 months ago

SSSssssshhhhh. Don't tell him.

Budgetbuster • 2 months ago

They have to extend Covic panic 4 more months. Nothing has changed, same rigged voting machines, same corrupt socialist poll workers.

Moronicus Magnus • 2 months ago

Who doesn't want a record setting president? You can't even count the records I now hold. I'll guarantee you, none of dead that voted for me will deny it. Record inflation, record spending, record crime, record illegals and record offensive farts,

I challenge anyone to completely wreck a country as fast as I did.

RLABruce • 2 months ago

And he did all that without even being President except by fraud--ANOTHER record!

Fed Up • 2 months ago

In person voting only!!!

Steveb • 2 months ago

and blue ink on the finger

RLABruce • 2 months ago

And hand-marking paper ballots that are hand-counted.

Troy Dynes • 2 months ago

People are naive in believing there will be fair and honest elections in 2022 whereas no one has ever voted their way out of Marxism.
“The struggle’s no longer just who gets to vote, or making it easier for eligible people to vote, it’s about who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all,” Joe Biden 12/15/2021
“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” Josef Stalin.

CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkey • 2 months ago

NYC just declared Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency

207s • 2 months ago

A revolution is the goal. We should expect all of it and we'll be expected to believe that most Americans agree and support the fastest decline this country has ever experienced when democrats hold both houses after the midterm. "It was the abortion issue and guns! That's what Americans are most concerned about, seriously!" Good grief!

unglaublich • 2 months ago

Hey China Joe, you made fun of President Trump when he got covid. You've had all the shots and boosters and now you've gotten it twice. What's up China Joe?

#Marsing83639 • 2 months ago

Biden will blame trump for catching it like the So domcRats blame him for everything they s crewUp

sickpuppy70454 • 2 months ago

I would expect no less from a DemonicRat.

Troy Dynes • 2 months ago

“We're eight months into this pandemic, and Donald Trump still doesn't have a plan to get this virus under control – I do.” Sniffer Joe Biden 10/15/2020

Otto Bellictoff • 2 months ago

The DNC cesspool of child raping pussbags are hiding him because they know they're all irrefutably guilty traitors destined for public execution.

Gerald Boesen • 2 months ago

One of the few times, one can read BIDEN and POSITIVE in the same sentence.

Fed Up • 2 months ago

Only time...

RLABruce • 2 months ago

"Biden is positively the worst president ever!"

Freeze Peach • 2 months ago

What a total clown show this administration is.

oilman_15106 • 2 months ago

Seen better clown shows at the circus.

Max • 2 months ago

Obviously Biden did not get one of those brain eating viruses, or it would have starved to death by now.

Roha Waha • 2 months ago

This is the Process of Biden stepping down from Presidential office. They have realized they can't keep playing this Puppet charade. The must have a new Puppet.

Fed Up • 2 months ago

Harris just as bad

Prattler • 2 months ago

Who knows what’s the truth about this guy and who really cares! These people are all about crisis and chaos! They are liars, cheaters and grifters!

Budgetbuster • 2 months ago

It's a pandemic of the vaccinated.

Steveb • 2 months ago

yep. I got it at christmas. Took ivermectin and supplements no problem. Now I have natural immunity. I do not believe the vaccinated have natural immunity because it has altered their DNA

Michael J. Johnson • 2 months ago

The only way that they can keep the human gaffe machine in check is to keep him hidden from the public. Just like they did in 2020.

Steveb • 2 months ago

I said from the start that when they were done with him they would dose him with covid. I just thought they would use a deadlier strain

DemocrapsR Communists • 2 months ago

Well when 61 million of the dumbest life forms in America's gene pool (Yes they are just that DUMB )vote based on their feelings for a known corrupt hair and ass sniffing pervert of children who sold his country out for the last four decades to communist China this is the incompetence corruption and communist leftist idiocy that you have leading the country into epic failure more proof that you can not fix STUPID when it comes to the American voters !

Steveb • 2 months ago

61 million is generous but you may be right. I was thinking more like 50. Thats still a LOT of fools

Joe Campbell • 2 months ago

But he did test positive for fascism.

mhess9 • 2 months ago

Because the vaccine works...lol

Troy Dynes • 2 months ago

“You're not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations." – Sniffer Joe , July 22, 2021

DemsCheat • 2 months ago

because those covid "tests" are so reliable...not. I hope everyone remembers the CDC added influenza A and influenza B to the covid tests back in August 2020. I knew the CDC wouldn't differentiate between the three, as long as it's "positive". How come no prominent politicians have died from covid???

A.marcas.Young • 2 months ago

Things have gotten so bad for Democrat communists that FoxNews is having to help them out. Shameful.

Brandon O'Malley • 2 months ago

Fox News is toast.

Gregg Nickens • 2 months ago

Biden has come back from the dead 'literally' to get Covid for a second time. Uhuh......

I believe that the writers of these articles better stop using hallucinogenics before they become their own victims.

Gary Doyle • 2 months ago

Biden said this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. I'm unvaccinated and I haven't gotten Covid. Tested for antibodies and had ZERO.

Gregg Nickens • 2 months ago

I wouldn't let DS medical industry hacks come anywhere near me especially under present day circumstances. There are better chances of survival w/o them. And, I especially don't trust their tests

Rumpelstilskin • 2 months ago

He got it a second time after he started crowing about President Donald J. Trump.

Steveb • 2 months ago

Pureblood here too. I got covid last Christmas. Ivermectin and supplements and I was fine. Now I have natural immunity which I believe the vaccinated do not have because their DNA has been altered

RLABruce • 2 months ago

Their immune systems are being destroyed as well.

DemsCheat • 2 months ago

hmmm, people that have been jabbed keep getting positive tests?

T F • 2 months ago

There are a number of reasons for us being told that corrupt dementia laden Biden having the Wuhan Virus. Number1, this way Biden can be kept in the basement and out of public view, stop making an azz of himself. Number 2, laying the foundation for the theft of the 2022 elections. Covid is back really bad, we need mask mandates, mail in voting only, limited poll watchers, inspectors. More complete BS from Team Biden and the Democrats.