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roberthoward • 1 year ago

Swedes angry because they may actually have to take a stand, instead of doing business as usual with all sides.

Quotidian18 • 1 year ago

NATO lied.
Biden bribed.
Ukraine died.
Why would Sweden want any part of that...?

Hominid • 1 year ago

It's an even split in Sweden.

Are you aware that, since Viet Nam, fewer than 5% of eligible American males have served in the military?

roberthoward • 1 year ago

Wouldn't surprise me. Many seem to be effete elitists.

roberthoward • 1 year ago

Hardly..but I notice no one of military age wants any parts of it. Kind of like in the U S.

Javanne • 1 year ago

Or anywhere else.

ReverendRob • 1 year ago

That is right in line with the usual standards. Nothing new since there are only a limited amount of jobs available in the armed forces. Viet Nam invoked the draft, since then it's been an all-volunteer military. That has made the Armed Forces a better unit overall.

The Ronster • 1 year ago

The downside? It has resulted in a loss of young, American adults having zero skin in the game...

larryjcr • 1 year ago

Vietnam did not 'invoke the draft'. Conscription was used starting with the Korean War straight through until after Vietnam.

Ed Ryan • 1 year ago

Conscription was introduced Sept. 16th 1940.

Hominid • 1 year ago

And, made society a lesser unit overall.

Mike Wilson • 1 year ago


Edgar Cayce • 1 year ago

Your point limpy?

Informed • 1 year ago

People don't want to die or risk serious injury in wars that are only vaguely related to US security or are doomed to end like Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan because of politically correct objectives and engagement rules.

War is an investment of lives and huge financial resources. When was the last time that investment was worth it for our soldiers involved in combat or for the rest of us? I don't know.

Hominid • 1 year ago

My point and your statement converge on the same conclusion - that you're one of a majority of Pajama Boys.

Poison Paul • 1 year ago

Hope they like Vodka and ccaviar.

roberthoward • 1 year ago

That's why some of them want to Join NATO, to avoid the items which yu mentoned, in YOUR post.

youkon-2021 • 1 year ago

Swedes are angry because they will soon be eligible to go to some foreign war so that Military Industrial Complex and their cohorts in Congress can make $$$$

roberthoward • 1 year ago

Better than being eligible for some war where afterwards they had better study Russian.

gunny • 1 year ago

Absolutely correct & I did not think it worked well for them during WWII.

roberthoward • 1 year ago

Actually, they stayed neutral, and kissed the German's behinds. But one thing which I give the Swedes credit, and that was the Swedish guy, Rauol Wellenberg, of Blessed Memory, who saved tens of thousands of Jews there by acting as an agent of the Swedish government, and giving Jewish People Swedish passports. e.

gunny • 1 year ago

you are also correct to be honest they have kissed everyone's ass to stay out of the war or make a decision. They could care less about anyone as long as they are left alone --- something we should think about. Let's see how far we get with that in the world. Kinda like of like standing up for a kid in the playground when he is being abused by a group of bullies.

T F • 1 year ago

If Sweeden joins NATO it will become just another country that the American citizen has to pay for their defense. The fact is the American tax payers pay the brunt of NATO's costs. It is time for these other countries to step up and take some accountability for their own defense.

Nawanda • 1 year ago

Sweden spends about 1.2% on national defense but a couple months ago vowed to increase that up to the NATO standard of 2%. They have the money and will contribute. Finland also pays. Neither will be a drain on America. You know what already is a huge drain on America? The invasion along our own southern border. And now, Putin's attack on Ukraine.

I'm not defending NATO, but adding Sweden won't hurt us.

T F • 1 year ago

The 2% is nothing compared to what we American citizens pay.

Nawanda • 1 year ago

The NATO threshold is 2%. Yep, America spends over 10%. Either way, whether good or bad for the rest of Scandinavia to join NATO, Sweden and Finland wouldn't be a drag on funding.

ChesapeakeWolf • 1 year ago

Dial it down. We spend 3.5%. Let’s not act like we’re spending double digits.

T F • 1 year ago

There is a huge difference between what we pay and what other countries pay. Look at the actual numbers.

ChesapeakeWolf • 1 year ago

Because we pay 3.5% of a far greater GDP. The other nations have infinitely smaller economies and government budgets.

You do get apportioned normalization;, right? Basic math…you get that right?

T F • 1 year ago

The point is they should be paying more than 2% . The United States taxpayers pay a heck of a lot more for other countries defense than the other countries citizens do. You get that right?

ChesapeakeWolf • 1 year ago

They also have higher taxes, lower GDP per person and have to spend less to operate their forces. Our military spending is hyper-inflated. We could easily make our ordinance and equipment cheaper but choose not to. We’re a slush fund with amusement parks.

stevens123 • 1 year ago

We're still waiting on the big EU countries to pay their 2% like France, Italy, Spain, etc.

Nawanda • 1 year ago

true. In fairness, those are different countries, not Sweden.

Only one president has actively attempted to get the European NATO laggards to pay up, and was beginning to make traction when lockdowns and unpopularity contests in congress sidetracked the effort. The current administration isn't interested in dealing with that at all.

Free-In Arizona • 1 year ago

They have become feminized just like the American liberal beta male has.

Hank H. • 1 year ago

Did anyone poll Greta?

stevens123 • 1 year ago

She's like 20 now. I'm sure someone has.

Was that inappropriate?

Az. Andy • 1 year ago

Maybe more like questionable.

roberthoward • 1 year ago

True..LOL..You could take his comment one of several ways, which was his intent.

Edgar Cayce • 1 year ago

She looks 50...

brightest Star • 1 year ago

lol, that was hilarious

Fustooge • 1 year ago


Nawanda • 1 year ago

This is what happens when societies systematically emasculate men.

Come a long ways from the Viking days....

Libertarianski • 1 year ago

Sweden has been lost to the Middle Eastern invasion

ManOfMettle • 1 year ago

Malmo is an Islamic city-state in Sweden

Michael G. • 1 year ago

By all means, stay out of NATO and if possible, get the hell out of the United Nations... They are as corrupt at the U.S. Congress is.

Capt Mack • 1 year ago

Of course young males oppose joining NATO. They want someone else to fight instead of having to fight themselves if the time comes.

Constitutionalist • 1 year ago

And those 43% cowards will be the FIRST ones begging the US for help when PUTIN comes knocking.

Allan Nichols • 1 year ago

Exactamundo! Then call us warmongers like have every day since WWII ended

stevens123 • 1 year ago

Idealism and experience cannot exist in the same person. The young are idealistic about how they think the world should be. Older folks have the experience to understand and the limits of what can be.

TruthHurts • 1 year ago

The headline makes it sound like the majority of young Swedish men are opposed to this when in fact it's an even split, and the fact that the majority of other groups are for it seems to be downplayed a bit. The ones opposed need to be reminded how you treat a bully. Appeasement never works.