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Went Dark • 2 months ago

Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘We’re Focusing on Wokeness in Our Military as Opposed to Readiness’
“We’re focusing on wokeness in our military as supposed to readiness,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said
while describing the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as a “disaster.”

Please F Joe Biden • 2 months ago

You make it sound as if Americans being murdered and a country overthrown by terrorists is a bad thing.

My dad always told me the only thing for a guy to remember was to pull out fast or I'd get into big trouble.

ButtWheat • 2 months ago

Always good to get that patriotic pep talk Joe.

James Almost Black • 2 months ago

Joe's way ahead of us. Probably in advanced stages of Alzheimers.

John G Alt • 2 months ago

CNN Finally recognizes slo-joe's frail state of incompetence, . . . on ALL issues.

Terrell Williams • 2 months ago

What is that thing next to him in the picture????

Chris Fairfield • 2 months ago

Someone "woke"...

Trzo9veuha • 2 months ago

It is a field grade what ever it is. Has scrambled eggs on its hat.

Why isn't it in afghanistan helping get the remaining live US citizens out?

Terrell Williams • 2 months ago

We just don't understand, it is here Because it is a caring and feeling woman

Just what the Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters need, more Women in charge

It has worked out well in our own Congress

Pelosi, Feinstein, Chaney, Collins, AOC just to name a few

I guess it would be easer to name the good ones if I could think of any

dirtywork • 2 months ago

Joe's new sniffing toy.

Alex15 • 2 months ago

That guy, "Going Dark", as many others supporting MAGA and Trump, are pure old fashioned patriots, which have no idea, how good it is to get America "transformed", as Obama openly stated back in 2008, into a "Global village".
Back in 2016 they dared to interrupt that Global plan rejecting Washington DC "swamp" favorite "vote for her" and dubbed by "says like it is" Trump as "Crooked Hillary".
And they refused to understand that "democratic" Open Borders policies presented in 2020 by Biden/Harris ticket were never meant to be abandoned after the "win" as plotted ahead.
There was no kidding, in fact, when dubbed by Trump as "Slow Joe & Phony Kamala" openly proclaimed welcoming illegals as the major goal to increase "D" party base along with giving citizenship to over 11 Millions of so called "undocumented" roaming inside our homeland and hiding in "sanctuary cities" as illegal aliens, for decades, too.
So, you as "Job Killer in Chief" aka. "Sleepy Creepy Joe", right that Biden was and is dead serious in his prediction that "the darkest days are ahead of America", and he works hard on that matter being run by his handlers towards the goal of America's Sovereignty destruction, by any means at any costs and as fast as it's possible.

Chkitout1 • 2 months ago

America will not survive this buffoon president we have today.

Alex15 • 2 months ago

So, what American patriots are going to do to Save America from ruin?
God is watching, but clocks are ticking, and faster then ever before.

Cogito42 • 2 months ago

We survived Trump; we will certainly survive Biden.

Sue Guenette • 2 months ago

thanks to the orange clown who let the 5000 taliban criminals free because he thought he was the best deal maker...what a joke.

John G Alt • 2 months ago

It won't work this time, Sue
Little shrinking brain Joey is an absolute failure. an embarrassment.
Even CNN has finally admitted it. . . . That took some genuine teeth grinding, to do that.

Manibus Pedibusque • 2 months ago

Free rent TDS idiot, Buhahahahaha does it hurt being stupid on purpose?

Guest • 2 months ago
Ted Hernandez • 2 months ago

TOS is good TDS means that you haven't moved on.
Now that you and company placed a clown (S) into the White House? The general feelings are WOW WTF did we do. Buyer's remorse is very prevalent in your crew.

Guest • 2 months ago
Ted Hernandez • 2 months ago

No not working....However unlike you? You're working way to hard to be worth any credibility.
BTW? I picked up on the implication as to my surname....Pretty cheap shot from a dope. Not unexpected tho.
Proud vet and retired owner of two businesses. Enjoying my life now with the perks that come with it.
I get the impression that you're still sitting on the can trying to figure out which way to go in your pathetic lazy azzed life.

Adler_Devotee • 2 months ago

Tell that to CNN. Apparently they haven't got the memo from you yet as they are flipping on Senile Biden.

Katashe • 2 months ago

Funny how you said nothing about the divider in chief that came before him that let go over one thousand terrorists from Gitmo who promptly made their way back to their terror groups and have been responsible for more attacks the world over.

But of course, it's only wrong when Trump does it (and no, I don't agree with him doing this, that is, IF he did this)

Trzo9veuha • 2 months ago

"resident xiden, the figurehead of fools, just let 5,000,000 tally-ban criminals go free. He also turned his back on allies, and even US citizens living in afghanistan. May he R I H after his demise.

roberthoward • 2 months ago

Sorry,, that was under biden's watch..keep trying!

Harle • 2 months ago

who released more than that right here in the U.S.!

tdc • 2 months ago

idiots like you who trashed President Trump are why there is chaos today.

Martin van Nostrand • 2 months ago

Please, hook your wagon to a doddering fool.

roberthoward • 2 months ago

Remember, sarcasm intended.

Allan Nichols • 2 months ago

Nah he has just been on a long strange trip that began one night at a Dead concert in the 60’s.

DWELLS1 • 2 months ago

"You make it sound as if Americans being murdered and a country overthrown by terrorists is a bad thing."

How many Americans have been murdered during this operation ?

roberthoward • 2 months ago

All teen age boys should get such advice.

Cogito42 • 2 months ago

You make it sound like there was a choice.

Balto • 2 months ago

Absolutely and CRT and calling us racists, mask mandates as he let's in COVID at the border, transgender surgeries funding.
The list goes on and on.
He was so bent on eliminating Trump agenda. Biden is politician and nothing more.

Pathfinder • 2 months ago

The sad thing is I really doubt the old fool is calling any shots right now. Somebody in his cabinet or persons need to be jailed for all these failures. They are deliberately sabotaging our country.

Barney • 2 months ago

BiteMe is no politician - he a grifting demented dipwad with no buisness being where he is.

DiploBear • 2 months ago

Much more BALTO, he is an absolute ARSCHLOCH, and so are you for understating it.

Ted Hernandez • 2 months ago

And JOW BAI-DUNG suks at being a politician too. The recent debacle is total proof of that.

Guest • 2 months ago
Texas Dad • 2 months ago

Hehe, you're joking right?

Chris Fairfield • 2 months ago

Sober up before posting that drivel, k?

roberthoward • 2 months ago

Can I laugh now at the bullschiff you just posted?

Ted Hernandez • 2 months ago

Your movie suks.

roberthoward • 2 months ago

I think I'm going to puke!

Ted Hernandez • 2 months ago

Rated reminded me of something important......Gotta dump.

racqueteer • 2 months ago

Leaving Afghanistan this summer WAS the Trump agenda. He MADE the agreement.

Lindell Cyber Simp • 2 months ago

not joes fault if afghanis don't want to put up fight against taliban

roberthoward • 2 months ago

With no back up? What else could they do?

Lindell Cyber Simp • 2 months ago

apparently afghan military outnumbered taliban by 4 to 1. and they had us military equipment and tens of billions in training over 2 decades along with trillions spent by the us government overall. when the taliban rolled into town the afghan military said "here you can take this city along with our weapons"... that was basically the end of that.. no fighting or resistance on behalf of the us backed afghan military.

my guess is that the taliban won't support al qaeda or other groups that will attack foreigners because they don't want the major powers like US, russia, china, etc getting involved and banishing them to the mountains again

roberthoward • 2 months ago

Sgt Schults...I see NOOOTHING