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Cobra14 • 1 month ago

What good is it for conservatives, if the GOP wins back the Senate but remains infested with spineless

The Hound • 1 month ago

That's why we have to primary these cowards. Will probably run palin against murkowski and that would be a vast improvement there. Polls have Doug collins gutstomping kemp for GA governor, and newly minted republican Vernon Jones will almost certainly beat ratburger for GA Sec of state. That would be three huge improvements over the status quo and there are plenty of other vulnerable Rinos we can oust. We have to put in the work. We can't just depend on others

Wes Lovelace • 1 month ago

You cannot get rid of the RINOS.... Last I checked there were 51 in the Senate alone. All the state houses in the swing states are mostly RINOS..... We have one party in DC, 3rd party needed badly, does not matter if Democrats control everything for a period of time.

Spock • 1 month ago

Yes, all efforts to reform the backstabbing GOPe have been, and will remain, futile. They have been betraying us time and again for decades. Time 4 a 3rd party.

Dennis Young • 1 month ago

Patriot Party, Trump Party call it what you like but splitting the conservative vote will mean Democratic Party will control this country for a very long time.

netsolution • 1 month ago

Necessity to leave the Republican party

rb • 1 month ago

"if Democrats control everything for a period of time."??? If dems are allowed to get away with this steal and the GA senate runoff, dems will never lose power. The only republicans that will win anything are rinos. If rinos lose in the primaries, dems will make sure that dems win the election.

Wes Lovelace • 1 month ago

I got news for you RB, they have gotten away with the steals. They will be in total power for a number of years. There has never been a better time to start a 3rd party and destroy the GOP. The GOP is why Trump lost, they would not allow the forensic audits....PERIOD!

Linda010 • 1 month ago

Conservative GOP ONLY !!

NinjaWarrior888 • 1 month ago

There are always the DemoRATic plants like Romney and more!

AskTheChief • 1 month ago

The GOP is Not Why Trump Lost. It's The DNC 401K Mega-Millions Retirement Plans That Won Way Too Many Peoples into HeartLessNess!

Wes Lovelace • 1 month ago

The GOP controlled the states and would not even allow a forensic audit. Please do not try to defend that. Why would you support a party that has lied and betrayed you for so many years. They cannot even find judges that support the constitution. THE GOP IS THE REASON FOR TRUMP's DEFEAT! THEY COULD HAVE LEGALLY STOPPED THE STEAL!

netsolution • 1 month ago

Same end result. We aren’t being governed, we’re being ignored and oppressed. Trump won 75% of the vote and we still lost. Do you think keeping rinos is a solution. Wake up. Something else has to be done. New party and bring some republicans over. The reality is the corruption in Washington is too deep and military rule needs to clean it up.

netsolution • 1 month ago

Exactly! We’re “F’ed for at least 6 more years. Throw everyone out AND start a third party.

Jan123456 • 1 month ago

Please....tell me what is the specific difference between a conservative and a RINO.

It seems to me that RINO is a term used to describe a Republican that the far right just does not like.

My guess? Ronald Reagan would be a RINO if he was alive today.

kelcraig • 1 month ago

Wrong, if allowed, they own everything. Banks, local and state DA's and Judges, Social Media, FBI, CIA, DOJ, you get the picture.

netsolution • 1 month ago

I’m sorry. Did someone say the election fraud was fixed? There ain’t no free elections anymore. Whisky Tango Foxtrot

Cobra14 • 1 month ago

That is a good start. I can name another dozen just in the US Senate, with the worst RINO-rat of all "Mittens Romney". The rest in order of how thick they are covered in slime, McConnell KY, Sasse NE, Thune SD, Toomay PA, Graham SC, Portman OH, Collins ME,Tillis NC, Burr NC, Rubio FL., Lee UT.

Fallout • 1 month ago

We need a new party.

Cobra14 • 1 month ago

Yes, yes we do!!!!

None...I'm perfectly content to watch the GOP-e never win another single seat...anywhere.

mdb420 • 1 month ago

How much have you been smoking? Lol. Its cyclical.

Cobra14 • 1 month ago

It does not matter what makes you content!

AskTheChief • 1 month ago

Mate With Lions and Tigers and Bears? Oh! My!?

TruthBringsFreedom • 1 month ago

What good is it for conservatives, if the GOP wins back the Senate but remains infested with spineless Trump despicables?

Cobra14 • 1 month ago


ironmike4134 • 1 month ago

How the hell do you win the Senate if you let the other side rig/cheat the election. Rick your a special kind of stupid

What part of "They Own the Dominion Machines", "Republicans Not Allowed to Witness", "SD Card, SD Card, Who Has the SD Card", "Let's Stop the Count and Have Six States Magically Flip to Biden From 1AM to 4AM" doesn't Scott understand?

The vote no longer matters...justice no longer prevails...the country has gone lawless...Biden promises to end gun ownership...

Welcome to 1776

FlamingSoda • 1 month ago

Don't forget no chain of custody.

The Hound • 1 month ago

Addressing that is up to us. State legislatures control elections, and we need to keep a very hot fire lit under them about this.

Ole Da Hammer • 1 month ago

The steal is on at all levels now....check mate. In the swing states, the state legislatures no longer matter if the supreme courts in those states are OK with fraud, which they have proven they are...AND the SCOTUS! SO, how do you propose to win those elections when fraud has been openly allowed?

That wraps it up.

The only cure for 2020 is 1776

OhSoGood • 1 month ago

You'd find it more like 1865.

Roger • 1 month ago

Very true! Some families will be torn apart.

AskTheChief • 1 month ago

'Martial Law' Will Fix It All! BAM! BAM! BAM!

Roger • 1 month ago

All of the main people in this takeover live in bigger cities. Most of us trumpers do not. Targets would be hard to get to.

Earnsie • 1 month ago

Best of luck to you. Maybe now your mother can finally have the abortion she always wanted...just a little later. Fun!

Eric Cassel • 1 month ago

or what ...they just get away with it and forget the census

Truepatriot • 1 month ago

No doubt, has he been asleep.

DrumpfJunior • 1 month ago

The irony of this post, lol. People who aren't idiots will know what I mean, and its not just the typo either; that happens to all of us from time to time, and I'm giving you the benefit of a doubt by assuming its a typo...

No Mas • 1 month ago

And you are the arbiter? Typical diptarts indoctrinated to be stupid thinking they are smart.

Roger • 1 month ago

YEP! HE did not raise an objection so he needs to go! Same with Rubio!

OhSoGood • 1 month ago

The messiah Rush Limbaugh said today on his show that putting all of this loss on some kind of "fraud" is simply wrong.

Are you going to turn on him now?

AskTheChief • 1 month ago

That's Right, There Were Bribes and Extortion Too! And Don't Forget DNC 401k Mega-Millions Retirement Plans as Well!

OhSoGood • 1 month ago


Roger • 1 month ago

Fraud only played a small part in this, so yes, he is correct. It comes down to what the democrats have tried to accomplish for the last century or so. NONE of it good for the U.S. . Are you turning on him now or are you just being ignorant?

AskTheChief • 1 month ago

Don't Forget AntiFA & BLM's Were to Blame as Well!

Skank_Hunt_1599 • 1 month ago
GOP Will Take Win Back Senate In 2022

This may be true, BUT in 2 years there may be no America left to save.

rb • 1 month ago

It is not true. With control of the house, senate, and wh, dems will have two years to make sure no other party will ever win again.

This_Is_Ridiculous • 1 month ago

Only if the voting machines stop counting the Dim votes twice