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Retief-CDT • 5 months ago

“I think it’s important to name,” Cunningham added. “That ‘dismantle’ does not mean ‘dismantle into nothing.'”



past tense: dismantled; past participle: dismantled
take (a machine or structure) to pieces.
"the engines were dismantled and the bits piled into a heap"
Similar: take apart, take to pieces, take to bits, pull apart -From Oxford Languages

As usual, when a word upsets a liberal they simply change the definition of it. Famous use of which was the meaning of "is".

Ron Pisciotta • 5 months ago

Liberal "I don't mean the words that I'm saying!..…. I mean kind of like what I'm saying now!"
If there's any American's left in Minneapolis you Best buy guns and ammo, I think you're going to need it.

Michael Myers • 5 months ago

These idiots deserve whatever they get. Rape, murder and theft will continue to skyrocket without law enforcement.

clmsadjman • 5 months ago

The dim bulb Democrat constituents that voted in these morons are getting what they voted for. I really have only sympathy for those who didn't vote for these morons the ones who did they have gotten the government they deserve.

Will • 5 months ago

No one deserves Rape and Murder.... However all government members, regardless of how they voted on the issue should be charged as accessories to any crime that causes life, limb or bodily injury that can be tied to a reduction in force.
All of the government needs to be responsible, not just certain parties. But we are to busy fighting each-other not and not fighting the real issue - Lack of accountability in government.

Joe • 5 months ago

Libs are just plaint stupid. Gangs and crime will thrive like never before. Immigrants join gangs for social reasons,.....it's their "family". Libs think somehow social programs will solve societies problems. LOL. Lack of jobs are the problem. College is 4 years of wasted time for a lot of people plus a pile of debt.

EileenDover • 5 months ago

Mom always concluded her lectures with "and don't come crying to me", so good luck to Minneapolis residents, lol

Fed Up • 5 months ago

BLM do not care about blacks-they only care about crushing this country and taking over with communism. Defund the police-what a joke....when your loved one needs help then, don't call them morons.

Bobby Green • 5 months ago

Your right. BLM are burning down black businesses. They're just angry people that want to tear everything down.

Fed Up • 5 months ago

BLM don't give a u know what about black lives-so many naive dumb people out there.

Nellene Lemmon • 5 months ago

They are much more than angry!!!!

rotbaron242 • 5 months ago

They weren't walking back their words, they were running them back. Sadly, the stupid people that voted you in will probably continue to do so.

BPatMann • 5 months ago

"Thank you for calling the Minneapolis Police Department. Due to recent defunding, all of our officers are currently busy on other matters. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please stay on the line for the next available officer. Current estimated wait time is five hours and seventeen minutes. If you would like to leave a message, an officer will call you when available. Please leave your message at the beep....."

BPatMann • 5 months ago

Para Espanol, marke el cinco; para Ingles, marke el uno.

Graciemae • 5 months ago

Also add Arabic

BPatMann • 5 months ago

بسم الله (ع) توقع أن تكون عروساً لألف ماعز.

MJABRTDK • 5 months ago

When Obuma imported thousands of Islamic refugee is when all this BS started it should heve never happened it's like welcoming the enemy of Democracy into your house.

Tyrone J • 5 months ago

“A conservative is a liberal that was mugged by reality”

Nellene Lemmon • 5 months ago

Well said explanation!

Juan Motime • 5 months ago

The choice they originally chose made them imbeciles. Flop-flopping makes them weak. Weak imbeciles is perfect for Minneapolis. You get the government you deserve. Wait until the democrats find out what they voted for. I will enjoy the look on their faces. Wait till they see what is left of their paychecks and the price of gasoline at the pump. I'm retired so I can afford to laugh at them. The rest of you are stuck with it.

Phil O. Chette • 5 months ago

They were born imbeciles, and probably had some good "liberal arts" education to augment their condition.

The Great Certainty • 5 months ago

This flipflopping is a real sign of immaturity. I guess at first these two wanted to be "popular" but then they started thinking.

Barnone • 5 months ago

stupid is a stupid does

charlie coof • 5 months ago

You mean pandering to blacks has real-world consequences?

Did I say that? • 5 months ago

Often the pirate captain has to wait until the "rat" reaches the last inch of the plank before he finally confirms his suspicions.

fedupwithpoliticians2 • 5 months ago

We can only hope that the imbeciles that want the police defunded will be the only victims of robbery, rape, homicide and the other serious crime.

NightOwl • 5 months ago

“That ‘dismantle’ does not mean ‘dismantle into nothing.'” Right, just like "depends on what the definition of Is, Is" Anyone remember those words of wisdom from Slick Willie. DemocRATs just love to tell everyone what words mean.

Hollis from the cornfield • 5 months ago

I remember Republican BTCHING about "Slick Willie," while doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT HIM... Republicans in the 90s... same as Republicans in 2020.

Speaking of LAW ENFORCEMENT....

Step 1. Secession.
Step 2. Trials. For DECADES of mass-theft, baby-murder, soldier-murder, engineered invasion, etc, etc...

So... which party - BY NAME - have you been voting for, and how long?

American ex-Pat • 5 months ago

"In the meantime, Fletcher and Cunningham said the funds taken away from the police department will go toward implementing different programs.The new programs will include non-police staff and mental health crisis teams responding to non-threatening calls."

I've been told more than once that idiocy in a person can mostly be corrected thru education, while stupidity is genetically entrenched. This, ladies & gents, is a prime example of inherent stupidity!

Joe King • 5 months ago

feel good programs over law and order = more dead people

C181000HP • 5 months ago

Let the ismamic jihadis run your streets, that should go real well.

Graciemae • 5 months ago

Little Mogadishu is now suffering the consequences of their stupidity. Enjoy.

Bobby Green • 5 months ago

" The new programs will include non-police staff and mental health crisis teams responding to non-threatening calls." These idiots have never seen a drunk couple fight. I would assume that they would send out a mental crises team for this and probably get shot in the process. The most anxious moment for a police officer is when he/she knocks on a door because you never know what to expect or what's on the other side. So send in these mental giants and the first one that gets shot or beat up I'm sure the city counsel member would volunteer to take their place.

sail375 • 5 months ago

A lot more than just "Defunding " the police took place in these Democrat run Cities. They decimated the morale of the Police Departments, as well. Thus the higher crime rates. Passive Law Enforcement is the end result?

Self imposed hardship. That is all it ends up being.

chairman Joe • 5 months ago

As the crime and death rates rise, in typical political fashion, the people look around and realize they made a major mistake. In this case following the chants of the criminals to remove their obstacles and render society vulnerable.

Society needs those that protect us to be strong and available. Criminals only care about one thing, that is to take advantage of the weak, anyway they can.

Hollis from the cornfield • 5 months ago

"Society needs those that protect us to be strong and available."

Right, right.... for.... "lockdown" violators, right? For "seat belt violators?" "Click It Or Ticket?" UNCONSTITUTIONAL "War on Drugs?" 56 in a 55? Speed traps?

DOING NOTHING about illegal alien invasion? "Refugee" import? UNCONSTITUTIONAL federal attacks on citizens? TSA? ATF? EPA? BLM?


chairman Joe • 5 months ago

Funny, but all those things you pointed out were laws written by politicians, not the police. Maybe you have been choosing the wrong people for office. The police are there to stop CRIMINAL activity. They don’t write the laws, they enforce them. But nice try.

Howard • 5 months ago

Typical mentallity of...certain cultures.....

AtlasShrugged2021 • 5 months ago

Mental health and other social workers? Is this intended to help people like that guy who bit the nose off his infant daughter and threw her off the porch....then stabbed his girlfriend (the child's mother) in both eyes....then stabbed other family members in the house? All supposedly because he "didn't take his meds"? Ah, they're right. I'm sure a social worker could have handled it. Albeit, this didn't occur in MN, but it's just an example of what goes on out there that the police have to deal with on a daily basis. I completely agree. If they are THIS stupid to think the police are the problem, then they deserve the environment they will have as a result of dismantling the department. They can say what they want...it's clear that they stand with the CRIMINALS that don't want the police around to remind them that we still have laws!

Jabwob wobjab • 5 months ago

Why did it affect their paycheck??

Flashman • 5 months ago

You reap what you sow... Crime is UP in Minneapolis.

Charleen Knighton • 5 months ago

Police not defending you? Tuff stuff.

T F • 5 months ago

Never mind the vast voter fraud, just the fact that a lot of people vote democrat shows the world that the United States has some of the dumbest people on the planet.

Hollis from the cornfield • 5 months ago

Let's find out...

So... which party - BY NAME - have you been voting for, and how long?

T F • 5 months ago

I am forced to vote Republican because the Democrat Party was taken over by communists and socialists . In the past I did not vote along party lines, I did research and voted for individual candidates.

Jakes • 5 months ago

Are we back to defining "it"? Defund, dismantle -- same idiotic idea that puts the public at high risk for violent crime. The statistics already demonstrate the risk. Minneapolis should be Investing $8M more, not taking that from the MPD budget. Or send your social workers to answer 911 calls, without police backup.

Hollis from the cornfield • 5 months ago

How do pigs fight "violent crime?"

Have they arrested the Republicans who FLOODED their city with "refugees?" Have they arrested ANY "sanctuary city" leaders? Have they arrested any "lockdown" governors? Have they swept and deported illegal aliens?


Have any pigs ARRESTED "better" evil Republican voters, for decades of theft, murder and treason?

Guest • 5 months ago
HenryHudson • 5 months ago

Hollis is just saying the Republicans stood aside and did absolutely nothing to stop the "Progressive" Democrats, as Democrats socially-engineered our cities into a pile of ashes with their "helpful" programs.

Piso_Mojado • 5 months ago

"Dismantle" = to destroy the integrity or functioning of.

No wonder crime is skyrocketing.