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Swamprat • 6 months ago

This shows just how corrupt the Federal government is. The time has come for we conservatives to drain the swamp physically. Only an armed rebellion will save our freedom .

Blastme • 6 months ago

Barr has done NOTHING ! Absolutely NOTHING for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. PERIOD ! Add his name to our list.

tom mages • 6 months ago

Bar is a Democrat plant just likeComey. both traders.

Webfoot • 6 months ago

Party is irrelevant. They are both bought and paid for.

oonicole • 6 months ago

You are right , I bet that there are a lot of rhinos on the list too.

Regina Notman • 6 months ago

As a Texan, Cornyn was a Judge before he entered politics and has betrayed Texas citizens with DACA, and S 386. He must not be re-elected we must recall him.

krazo • 6 months ago

Yes, another Deep Stater!

Fed Up • 6 months ago

too bad firing squads aren't legal here. the line would be a mile long!

Tony Sammartino • 6 months ago

Sorry. You would be very hard pressed to find a court in this country to convict anyone but us deplorables of treason.

Sanctified Common Sense • 6 months ago

Kind of hard to convict anyone of anything when all the prosecutors and judges are no longer in this world. If they will not administer justice, they are the criminals and the people are the judges. What a tough spot to be in but it is looking more and more like it each day.

Bher Rabbit • 6 months ago

What has legal got to do with it? Courts don't prosecute anymore. Oh, I forgot. You must be a professed Communist/Democrat to qualify for the get out of jail free plan. Courts are useless. They don't stop criminals anymore just political rivals. How about a good old Tax Revolt?

James_ _D • 6 months ago

We knew he was going to do this exact thing. The plan is POTUS replaces him after Jan. 20th. Has been for a long time.

Fedei Defensor • 6 months ago

Why would hidden Biden replace him? Seems he was a plant from their team all along.

ConservativeWarrior • 6 months ago

CORREC, same as sessions was before him.

BushwackJack • 6 months ago

Lock him up!

ConservativeWarrior • 6 months ago

Oh the other hand he has done much AGAINST the American People. Harsh punishment is due him.

Spyeye • 6 months ago

He's one of the "Good Ole Boys". He was never loyal to President Trump. Trump should fire him.

RMW61 • 6 months ago

He always did say he wasn't a yes man. I thought he used to be fair but when he said there was no fraud and there was fraud, he lost me. Why would he want Biden to win?

DWELLS1 • 6 months ago

He kissed Trump's behind, from the day he accepted the job, until a few weeks ago when he said the DOJ found no fraud in the election which would change the outcome.

Dan Spencer • 6 months ago

so far..........

John Kellock • 6 months ago

Hope springs eternal.

DWELLS1 • 6 months ago

Good Luck to you.

State prosecutors with the Manhattan district attorney’s office have issued subpoenas to Trump’s insurance broker and lender.

New York D.A. Vance’s employees questioned two Deutsche Bank employees about the lender’s procedures for underwriting and issuing loans.

New York’s Department of Financial Services issued a separate civil subpoena to insurance broker Aon last year, after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified to Congress that the Trump organization would inflate the value of its assets to insurance companies.

Trump has zealously fought any attempt at scrutiny of his business and financial dealings.

Once Trump leaves office, he’ll lose protection from criminal prosecution granted to sitting presidents.

RMS • 6 months ago

not true bud get it straight before posting

James_ _D • 6 months ago

That isn't true. They have his records. He fought against the bs. Has been since day one.

ConservativeWarrior • 6 months ago

Another communist liar, posts.

Drive 'em Down • 6 months ago


Bher Rabbit • 6 months ago

Even if true, which is doubtful, he wasn't using his office to commit Quid Pro Quo as Biden did in Ukraine. BIG difference. Biden should immediately be Impeached for that. Don't bother with the "they" found no crime because "I" saw it with my own two eyes, heard it with my ears, the words flowing out of that moron's mouth were pure arrogance and bully. The "they" were probably the same corrupted jerks that are looking away from obvious election fraud.

Betty Burgersome • 6 months ago

This is BS , It would have already been brought out during the Presidency , It does not take 4 years

pisino • 6 months ago

Another Swamper

Guest • 6 months ago
James_ _D • 6 months ago

The Military is super Majority Conservative, Always has been. If anything they will help. Makes you wonder why we keep our military in foreign countries. Could just be that the so called "elites" know the one group with the power to stop all this BS is the US Military! Just goes to show how much you think you know but really don't.

Varangian Guard • 6 months ago

Aye, oaths of service last a lifetime

john • 6 months ago

and we are definately under assault from domestic enemies

Bher Rabbit • 6 months ago

Foreign enemies are already on our shores. Our Founding Fathers never realized how stupid the government could become. Allowing people to just walk in? I'd venture to guess that a Liberal in 1776 would have been hung on sight or burned at the stake. For a very a good reason... Survival.

Chuck Shick • 6 months ago

Only traitors support trump.

Happiness Noel • 6 months ago

Donald J. Trump
Why didn’t the Fake News Media, the FBI and the DOJ report the Biden matter BEFORE the Election. Oh well, it’s OK, we won the Election anyway - 75,000,000 VOTES!!!

krazo • 6 months ago

Hey stupid, wake up. The Fake News only reports what they are told to by the Deep State and their corporations that own the media. And the lection was stolen, not won.

T F • 6 months ago

An oath to protect the constitution, something our government very obviously has no interest in.

julia911 • 6 months ago

Oath of service is to country, not party or individual.

Varangian Guard • 6 months ago

To the constitutional republic if you deem it necessary to state the obvious..... but your comment shows it warrants defining in your case.

Jack Stahl • 6 months ago

Not conservative enough to risk a court martial or death for a pathetically laughable cause.

James_ _D • 6 months ago

You never served or even knew anyone who did. If you had you would never say something like that.

Steve Bjortvedt • 6 months ago

James, he is among the 45% who are totally ignorant of the facts.

John graham • 6 months ago

these trolls have no idea what an oath is

Disgusted Oldman • 6 months ago

Give him a break. He's just a troll and not a very good one at that. Don't feed the trolls.

Sic Semper Tyrannis • 6 months ago

But you’re fine with the idiot who wants to rise up against his fellow Americans ? Surely you never served, Bozo.

James_ _D • 6 months ago

Did I ever say that?'
Go away, I bet you still believe in the magic bullet theory.
Or the Cia did not flood our country with poison.
If anything our military will just straighten this mess out without being partisan.

Sic Semper Tyrannis • 6 months ago

The military will do nothing, and you’ll like it.

Bher Rabbit • 6 months ago

Wait until Biden starts pushing those nuclear buttons to see what happens.