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Juergen • 2 hours ago

After the video and the .jpg, here's a gif: But that's just so cute

Susan Joy • 3 hours ago
Colleen • 4 hours ago
Colleen • 2 days ago

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Susan Joy • 2 days ago
Deborah T. • 1 day ago

Oh my, she has quite the collection, love that girl!!!

The GreatChickenWolf • 2 days ago

https://uploads.disquscdn.c... not the best pic but a very hungry wolf!!

Fennec • 3 days ago
Spartan the WolfDogYT • 4 days ago
Spartan the WolfDogYT • 5 days ago
Susan Joy • 5 days ago
Spartan the WolfDogYT • 4 days ago

Beautiful Beautys

Spartan the WolfDogYT • 5 days ago

https://uploads.disquscdn.c... I love watching these cuties sleep

Laine • 5 days ago

Lava has such funny facial expressions.

Spartan the WolfDogYT • 6 days ago
Colleen • 6 days ago
Juergen • 6 days ago

I like this snapshot! Tyke looks a little like after a long convival night, and by looking at Lava's ears you might think that there was also one or the other Leporidae in her family tree ;-)

Ultima Faith • 6 days ago

What happened to lava? why she being lethargic?

Colleen • 6 days ago

I was cold the last couple days

Fennec • 1 week ago

https://uploads.disquscdn.c... They like that platform

Juergen • 1 week ago

June 16, at this moment the queen of bone collectors prefers a tidy place

Jennifer P • 1 week ago
Gina • 1 week ago

MJ and Pup from Roger Williams' Facebook page https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Susan Joy • 1 week ago

Yes, I saw that. They still don't know whether the pup is male or female.

Athena • 1 week ago

What are you looking at?

Fennec • 1 week ago

https://uploads.disquscdn.c... Chilling with a pile of bones.

Susan Joy • 1 week ago
Susan Joy • 2 weeks ago

Tyke's brother MJ his mate and Pup

Claudine Weis • 2 weeks ago

Hi where are they located?

Susan Joy • 1 week ago

Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence, Rhode Island

Colleen • 2 weeks ago

Their baby is so beautiful! we should see some live on camera next year!

janet kaehler • 1 week ago

Colleen Are they getting a cam or do they have one now?

Colleen • 1 week ago

I meant tyke and lava puppies

Laine • 2 weeks ago

Lava and her big bear Tyke enjoying a nice breeze under some shady trees.

Athena • 2 weeks ago
Wolf_Lover • 2 weeks ago
Savannah • 2 weeks ago
Featherfetch • 2 weeks ago
Susan Joy • 3 weeks ago
Robin A. Kramer • 2 weeks ago

It's so good too see Lava back and happy again.

Susan Joy • 3 weeks ago
Athena • 3 weeks ago
Athena • 3 weeks ago
Christine • 3 weeks ago

Lava is keeping busy.... https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Athena • 3 weeks ago
Laine • 3 weeks ago
Robin A. Kramer • 3 weeks ago

Lava is still grieving her pup a girl who is Admin in Wolf Charmer where I posted a picture of Lava and she looked and said Lava looks grief stricken. I agree and glad to see she is with Tyke.

Laine • 3 weeks ago

Fortunately my work allows me to peek in on these guys quite often so I’ve been watching them both rather closely for a while. Much to my relief Lava is behaving more, and more like her playful old self everyday. Lava is once again spending much of her time with Tyke, and this a is a very positive shift from how sad, and lethargic she was just weeks ago. Lava appears to be moving through the grieving process in a healthy way, and Tyke has been wonderful. Sadly this season just wasn’t meant to be for them. The sad reality is that sometimes even when you do everything right, life is just not viable. But Tyke and Lava’s time will come.

Susan Joy • 3 weeks ago

Wolves are very resilient and Lava is spitfire and she is back to her normal self.

Colleen • 3 weeks ago

It was very sad but she seems to be with Tyke and he accepts it. He is there for emotional support and she definitely learned. Its something that we will remember for a long time. It was not a good way to learn but next year should be better. And if not, Lava bunnybear will have more time to growl at tyke and steal his food.