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oldguy • 1 month ago

They got to Gowdy didn't they?

Babaganoush • 1 month ago

Why would I consider anything Trump hating AFNC (all flash, no cash) Gowdy says as truth. He only blows smoke.

Smoke&Shoot • 1 month ago

There is no such thing as a proper surveillance warrant. We aren't debating process. We are exposing corruption that is not possible without surveillance. Time to abolish the spies.

locate_de_atar • 2 months ago

It's simple, the Fisa are older than the dossier, end of discussion.

Michael • 2 months ago

Gowdy speaks out of both sides of his mouth.
Good riddance.

Linda • 2 months ago

Bs!! Gowdy u r as dirty n complicit as the traitorous politicians and thugs u have pretended to b angry n questioning n so are sessions n majority of Congress

NMx • 2 months ago

Gowdy you are a fraud... speaking out of both sides of your mouth... don't believe anything you say anymore...

Billybob9 • 2 months ago

The FISA court judges wouldn't particularly care who paid for the PP Dossier ~ there's your even bigger bias, and Comey knew that!

We need to REMOVE those judges who were serving on the FISA court assignment lists NOW before they do even more damage to this country.

Smoke&Shoot • 1 month ago

Just burn that court to the ground! It serves no legal purpose.

alleyboy59 • 1 month ago

write your congressman. they have the authority to establish courts (and limit them).... constituiton 101

Linda • 2 months ago

Agreed100%!! I trust none of them nor Congress n Senate!! Overflowing with lieing double agents n commies n Marxists!! Their investigations r nothing but B's money-grubbing schemes!! Traitorous thugs

Jayo • 2 months ago

This is horse shit. Is anyone else sick of these politicians playing the big show for the people? In fuckin tired of it. These guys like gowdy, which by the way isn't for us, should know what happened and act like they're doing something but nothing ever happens. "We'll never know". . . fuck you do your job. They know

Bronc Nagurski • 2 months ago

Nothing is going to happen it never does. It's all about selling garbage to the American people who eat it like candy.

Go-Go Gadget Dossier • 2 months ago

Yeah, sure...
Does Gowdy have a buzz going on?
Look at those eyes.
♫ We gonna lay around the Congress, mama...
And put a good buzz on. ♫

Sylvia Et Les Matagots • 2 months ago

Why would they have needed the paid stuff, if they had enough evidence?

David Eberhardt • 2 months ago

Ever notice how the FBI and other intel agencies have missed identifying and stopping some of the biggest spies in US history? Every once in awhile, we'll see another major story break that somebody has been spying within the US and selling secrets.

And then there are the major events that our intel agencies have been surprised by, most notably 9-11.

And yet how easily many of you are so willing to accept this never ending deep state effort to paint Trump and the Russians as some sort of evil force, plotting together. After 18+ months of non-stop intel and media scrutiny, all you have is imaginary thoughts of something nefarious. You type of people are the most dangerous kind we have to deal with and fix.

IAmBetterThan YourDumbAss • 2 months ago

Documents Confirm The FBI Paid Christopher Steele for the Phony Pee-Pee Dossier

"This weekend we found out for certain that the Obama FBI paid for the phony Steele pee-pee dossier, they then used this bogus piece of rubbish to spy on the Trump campaign.

This is likely the largest political scandal in US history.
And the liberal media will not report on this because they hate Trump and support these Deep State criminals."

--The Gateway Pundit

WANDERER • 2 months ago

Corrupt Lying FBI is creating a Case against Carter Page. Al they have a Fruit of a Poisonous Tree. All Fabricated. Lies. They are working to Entrap Page.

IWeWatchThemSelfDestuctMore • 2 months ago

The whole dang thing is a scam to waste time and stop arrests of everyone working in collusion. Well nearly everyone with some possible side switchers, but so far words are endless while actions and results are minimal. I'm still getting harassed real time, while these people operate with impunity for profits on all types of media everyday. Hmm. Don't worry they get their just rewards often many times more severe. I'm trying not to enjoy watching people increase their self punishments, but sometimes you just have to understand those who lie, do wrongs and crimes most cannot even comprehend deserve what they Choose to bring on themselves. Over and over and over.

retired • 2 months ago

If Gowdy is in charge we will never know.Judicial watch is running circles around these colluding RINOs

WANDERER • 2 months ago

Tom Fitton is good.

dexter • 2 months ago

The information in the dossier was given to Steele by the Russians, some of whom are government officials. So why are the Democrats asking us to believe information from the Russians that hurts Trump and then demonizing the Russians as our enemy because they love Trump? Rather schizophrenic.

Billybob9 • 2 months ago

We have only Steele's word for any of the PP Dossier being sourced back to Russians.

It's been obvious for quite a long time that it was an FBI work product that sought to SPOOF something Russian intelligence might produce.

I Love My Freedom • 2 months ago

Geezus, if we can't legally derail these people, the only recourse we will have left is to kill them, because they cannot be allowed to win!

Billybob9 • 2 months ago

There are certainly few avenues of recourse ~ but at some point we might try using our existing laws against them.

Leon Kennedy • 2 months ago

Gowdy is a another traitor.

Meltzen • 2 months ago

Trey sounds like you answered your own question ..... dossier was definitely used to start this investigation any one with common sense can see that

Billybob9 • 2 months ago

The FBI/DOJ obscured all the information in the affidavit ..... most likely because it was all about the PP Dossier and no other source!

GreggorytheGreat • 2 months ago

Trey Gowdy is a Senior Executive Service member and works for SERCO !

Trump has to drop yearly $280,000 SES pay to $1 a year and watch everyone on SES leave like rats jumping ship !

It obvious that Trey Gowdy and the other idiot Goodlette is slow walking this investigation that no one goes to prison and they are intentionally are slow walking it to protect Hillary Clinton and the FBI and Justice Dept.

Ptesident Trump has no choice and have the U.S. Marshall and the Military intervene this active Coup against the President and the American people !

Trey Gowdy is one of the Coup operatives for the Deep State and it showed clearly on FOX News this morning !

Military Tribunals are warranted and Trey Gowdy is one that need to face the Tribunal !

These Senators and House Representatives think they are above the law and are covering for each other !

Time for President Trump to pull the trigger and let the chips fall where they may and get this country to law and order where these Gangsters in Congress are going to Gitmo with Hillary Clinton and the Bush Clan !

This Congress is the most corrupt in the History of the United States including Trey Gowdy and Goodlette.

No one in Congress is going to do anything to drain the swamp because they are all the Swamp and they are playing with the Trump Supporters thinking they are stupid !

Trey Gowdy believes Trump base of supporters are stupid !

President Trump can can his Executive Powers to shut down Congress because an active Coup by Congress to illegally remove President Trump already declared a National Emergency which he did through his Executive Order last December 2017.

All President Trump needs to do is order the U.S. Military to arrest and secure the FBI and Justice Department, the Federal Judges and the MSM which is the propaganda arm of the Intelligence Agencies involved in the Coup and President Trump can legally do this counter Coup !

Why can Trump do this because George W. Bush got this passed through through Congress and the Supreme Court in 2006.

The Deep State wanted protections if Patriots were to take over Congress and the Supreme Court the Deep State President would declare a National Emergency shut down Congress and the Supreme Courts call in the Military suspend the Constitution for 90 days and arrest all the Patriots in the Coup.

The Deep State never thought an outsider would become President and now President Trump can legally use these powers against the Deep State which at this point the President has no choice right now.

It is time Mr. President !

worldcreator1 • 2 months ago

Can't figure out Gowdy's angle. One minute he seems reasonable -- Next, he seems to be yet another stooge on soros' payroll. Can't trust anyone these days!!!

The Prisoner • 1 month ago

I think I can explain Gowdy. His tactics are readable.

Firstly, he complains loudly, expresses fake outrage. This gets conservatives to think he is on their side.

Secondly, when it comes to actions, such as investigations, indictments, ... he is against them. In this case, he says that we will never know if the warrants were OK, so he is against investigations.

Gowdy serves as an agent of the deep state. He tricks people.

Billybob9 • 2 months ago

Trey is making the mistake of protecting the institution ~ to wit DOJ/FBI ~ despite the fact all the top dogs are CRIMINALS!

Bill • 2 months ago

Trey.....we're glad you're leaving. We've put up with your legal misminded nothingness since Fast & Furious, or was it the FBI Ivestigation, or Lois Lerner, or Hillary or Bengazie. Oops, you lead the way, had all tbe evidence and STILL DID NOTHING! NOT YOU NOR ANY OF YOUR REPUBLICRAT HOMIES. So Trey by, by.

Guest • 2 months ago
dexter • 2 months ago

They get paid well for doing nothing.

JAFO • 2 months ago

Trey and his douchbag-moral-standards-to-the-world comment.... must have thought he was blabber-mouthing on CNN-platform instead of measly-FOX-news.... fair and balanced. The last eight-administrations compromised moral-standards as the norm at the expense on foreign relations... moral-standards had little to do with the realpolitiks that the Bush and Obama administrations practiced as standard on their foreign relations. Worry about your-job Trey and let the President do his. Trump is handling his way and so far his way has proven to reap favorable results.

AT3022 • 2 months ago

The dossier has already been posted to Scribd.

McCarthy's Sweetheart • 2 months ago

Disappointed in Gowdy. I thought he was a tough prosecutor going up against a degenerate zone of criminals in Degenerate Country (D.C), but he hasn't been able to put one criminal before him in one hearing in handcuffs. Don't know what they got on him, but I hope it has nothing to do with that "slush fund". These public servants are away from home an awful lot. Ashley Madison??? Hmmm...

Meltzen • 2 months ago

The problem is congess can’t indict anyone..... trump is getting his judicial picks in ... his 2nd term or near it a new AG will be nominated ....
With all the criticism of trump with these payoffs .... we will prob see that list of politicians who have used the taxpayer slush fund be outed

2HHEELS52 • 2 months ago

Trump and the Republicans think you are very stupid and this site is probing them right.

: O---l • 2 months ago

" probing" lol ...always with your mind on the underage boys.

2HHEELS52 • 2 months ago

You telling about yourself you little quer. You are as disgusting as they come.

Jameson • 2 months ago

Gowdy makes the weirdest f-ing comments, he needs to just STFU already.

stormchaser • 2 months ago

he still thinks mueller is honorable.

2HHEELS52 • 2 months ago

What service have you done you pig that comes close to the work and sacrifice Mueller has done for this country.

Gumbey • 2 months ago

Well non of us have 'sacrificed' the country's uranium to Russia so there's that. Mueller is a POS.