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thunderbolt • 2 years ago

Hey guys ,I'm just checking to see if I can post. I have had trouble getting my post on the boards for a couple of days now. Is anybody else having the same problem? Even when I type it shows up so slow and the letters when typing , end up five or six words behind my typing speed, then it starts changing the order of the letters..........if I keep dropping off and coming back on I can get it to act normal. But if I stay on to long it always starts..........anobody else having these issues.............do you see me?

Jon Mills • 2 years ago

The Founders made sure to include in the Constitution that “[No State shall] make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;“. The FED is illegal. The government knows this so they still mint Gold and Silver coins you can use! It's amazing how long people have been in this trance...

Breathial WasHere • 2 years ago

I wonder what would happen, if the British people of today decided to obey a Higher Law, and threw off the shackles of their government, and their "royalty." Imagine if they grew enough spines, to stop the invasion of muslim hordes, bent on raping, beating and KILLING them? Do a "tar-and-feather" treatment on Sadiq Khan, "mayor" of London...?
Or is it already too late?

rbo120 • 2 years ago

I would say yes it may be to late! They have been disarmed and are spineless. What a shame, and the plans are the same for America. Guard your rights!!! and guns

bacerra sucks • 2 years ago

That would really be a fantastic thing wouldn't it? sadiq khan is a traitor and should be shot by a firing squad.

Guest • 2 years ago
bacerra sucks • 2 years ago

I don't think Putin has really ever been our enemy, if he was it was a long time ago. Trump and Putin working together could accomplish great things I think. Both are highly intelligent. People are not going for the new world order BS, rather have war first and I think if war did come then the elites would be big targets. TRUMP 2020

Tom Paine • 2 years ago

The two common law principles accord with Libertarianism.
The masses need to awaken somehow and realize government is not God but might very well be the Devil incarnate.

loftocracy • 2 years ago

The American war of independence was about decentralising political power away from the

"Please sir can I have Samoa" pirate interest group runing the British parliament

John Matthews • 2 years ago

Mysterious Street Lines of Washington D.C.


Tony Dartford • 2 years ago

The ships may have been small but the American colonists travelled back and forth and were not as persecuted as we are made to believe.

bacerra sucks • 2 years ago

the ships may have been small but you can bet the balls were really big.

California D.R.E.A.M.ing • 2 years ago

When Betsy Ross and George Washington sat next together in church pews and discussed the design of the American flag, they were breaking the law.

Stephen Tassio • 2 years ago

It is indeed a good thing the Patriots were not liberal soy boy gurly guys.

Propaganda Sponge • 2 years ago

I eat at Chinese joints most nights since my fortune cookies are smarter than my own decisions.

California D.R.E.A.M.ing • 2 years ago

Their Lotto number picks suck.

George Washington FAILED to mount a counter offensive,
attack London, and failed to put to death the entire Royal Family.

Had America counter attacked and captured London, the world would be quite different.

FRANCE did follow through on their revolution, inspired by the USA revolution:

Col_Haugnaughty • 2 years ago

That does not follow the outline of prophesy, However, Ephraim was to become a great nation and company of nations (common wealth) before the rise of the first born Manasseh who would become just one great nation (The Untied Sates of America). Read Gen 48 and 49, ancient Israel did not fulfill that prophesy but Great Britain and America did.

California D.R.E.A.M.ing • 2 years ago

Explain further. You are saying that those who call themselves Jews today are liars?

"They delivered speeches and wrote pamphlets informing others, and
they eventually overthrew their government and set up a new one more
closely in agreement with Higher Law.

The highly advanced, prosperous civilization we now enjoy was the
direct result of their enforcement of Higher Law, and this civilization
will continue only if Higher Law is reapplied, soon. Tell others."

oh how nice and fluffy that all sounds

You know that Adolf sHitler, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Mr Mao Pants in China, Pol Pot , Castro, Marshall Pertain of France, Rooservelt and many many other Country leaders all did Masonic Handshakes or the Hidden Hand right ?

According to Henry Macow the Bavarian "illuminati" Central Banksters run all those Freemason Puppets

look, there's a photo of Adolf von sHitler doing Masonic handshakes with Marshall Pertain of France...the Country Hitler looted, oh look, there's a photo of PUTIN doing Masonic handshakes with Heinz von New World Order Kissinger


Kim Jong Rocketboy the Commie Dictator is a freemason too land he likes to sing the Bavarian Volk Songs he learned at the Lieberfeld (sounds German eh?) school in Masonic Switzerland

Stephen Tassio • 2 years ago

Who cares who is in the old boys club?

Despite their corrupt influence America is still the greatest country on earth.

That is American Exceptionalism.

And now the Post Communist/Globalist ERA is here America will become even greater than before.

Legalize Freedom • 2 years ago

"Common Law had evolved from two basic principles: 1) do all you have agreed to do, and 2) do not encroach on other people or their property. These are the two principles on which all major religions and
philosophies agree. Each expresses them a bit differently, but all agree on these two laws and not much else)"

This has been eliminated through the US government Civil Asset And Forfeiture laws. Slaves are not allowed to own property. Get the picture?

The AmeriKan government today is a totalitarian government. If with everything going on today with the violation of Americans rights, there has not already been a violent revolution against said government, then there never will be.

"But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American War? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people, a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations.

The key word here is religious. In Adams’ analysis, he said a sermon delivered by Reverend Jonathan Mayhew on January 30, 1750, was “read by everybody” and was crucially important in leading to revolution.

In that sermon Mayhew argued that there is a Higher Law than any government’s law. The people, he said, are required to obey their government’s law only when it is in agreement with Higher Law. Indeed, he argued, if the government violates Higher Law, “we are bound to throw off our allegiance” and “to resist.”

What was this Higher Law? The ancient Common Law, which most colonists understood and obeyed faithfully even though they ridiculed and ignored the laws and taxes enacted by politicians."

The problem today is the American peoples religion IS GOVERNMENT! The bible told men to obey god rather than men. A god is to whom you ultimately serve. So why are all these Americans going to church on Sunday and saying that they serve an invisible man that lives in the sky, when in reality they serve and obey government?

"You are not Christians. You are not Jews. You are not Muslims and you certainly are not atheist. You all have the same god and it's name is 'government' You're all members of the most evil, insane, destructive cult in history. If there ever was a devil, the state is it. And you worship it with all your heart and soul." ~ Larken Rose

Christian Gains • 2 years ago

John Maybury has published Several Books, (From the "UNCLE ERIC'S MODEL of HOW THE WORLD WORKS" series).

Here's 3 of them:{ "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?"-- "Whatever Happened To Justice?" and "Ancient Rome, How it Effects You Today"} ... [ Published by Bluestocking Press; P.O.Box 1014; AR - Placerville CA. 95667-1014]


They're ALL a SIMPLY TRUE Early American History Education, similar to the above Article...It's FANTASTIC READING & LEARNING for ANY AGE!

He dispels the lies and exaggerations concerning BOTH the American Revolution AND the effects of BAD ECONOMIC POLICIES that have plagued America for YEARS!...(psss!...AND WHY!!...).

You CAN'T go wrong reading the SIMPLE TRUTH ... The "COMMON LAW" realty & truth!!!

Johnny Elvis • 2 years ago

Good history article. The early colonists actually referred to the lawyers as vermin, and right so, since they knew the collusion which occurred back home between their ilk and the royalty. http://gloog.us/wordpress/2...

If people are to resist, then they need to be enlightened. The 16th Amendment is a sham, it is truly the law that never was, but Americans are afraid to file "EXEMPT" when they truly have every right to do so, as long as their work is not paid for by tax revenue. https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...

Todd • 2 years ago

Perhaps I can enlighten you.
1) I filed "EXEMPT" on my w2 tax form, and they took taxes anyway.
2) from your article In 2007, and again in 2009, Benson's contentions were ruled to be fraudulent.
3) Just because they ruled it fraudulent does not mean it is fraudulent. They are the crooks. but the point is, that it has nothing to do with being "afraid" to file exempt. Actually, they won't let you file exempt.

California D.R.E.A.M.ing • 2 years ago

Laywers are not vermin. Step back. Lawyers are the only ones who defend your Constitutional rights. The District Attorney and Independent Prosecutor don't do that. Nor does the Chief of Police or Sheriff. Other than your lawyer, all you have between injustice and the State are the Jurors.

alleyboy59 • 2 years ago

Your point is well taken. On the other hand the actions of many cast a shadow over the profession. As a group, you have to be vigilant to impose discipline to improve the reputation, much like clergy or police.

Todd • 2 years ago

All he said was that the founding fathers referred to them as vermin.
so you should step back. also, I am going to call them vermin. Want a piece?

Johnny Elvis • 2 years ago

Oh they definitely are. After 2 divorces and going through probate, and then getting scammed out of a home by some shady lawyers, and then after being swindled by a lawyer couple, they are most definitely the scum of the earth. And they protect their own, good or bad. I've lost everything, almost, to fucking lawyers.

Guest • 2 years ago
Todd • 2 years ago

the requirement by government to file is an attempt to change a right into a privilege. That's why they want the exempt to file. Same reason they make churches file a 501c3.

Johnny Elvis • 2 years ago

G. Edward Griffin woke a lot of people up, but many are still asleep. https://archive.org/stream/...

California D.R.E.A.M.ing • 2 years ago

Dan Smoot woke up a lot of people up before G. Edward Griffin did. Note the similarity of their voices. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

The Walrus • 2 years ago

What was it, 93% of the Population was BORN here at the Time of the Revolutionary War?

Why does this lie of us being a Nation of Immigrants get told? /Rhet

You're not an immigrant to a place of you were born there. An immigrant is a One generation type existence.

Look at the one who speak this lie. They are the Ones who openly try to destroy this nation

allonright • 2 years ago

Legal "immigration" didn't suddenly stop after the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd (or later) generations, post Revolutionary War. To believe all peoples of the USA are direct descendants of the original colonists is folly, at best.

The above facts notwithstanding, illegal "immigration" must be stopped. Illegal invaders must be deported. Legal "immigration" laws must be revamped and modernized. Also, the 14th amendment must be either updated to strike the "anchor baby" allowance, or be repealed and/or removed all together from the US Constitution, otherwise "US citizenship" is a farce and will eventually become totally worthless.

Dermbo • 2 years ago

Expand thier logic and you come to the conclusion that the world is just one big migrant wave after another, that is history of man in a nutshell. They push this for World Dominance and we the plebs are to just shut up and grovel for scraps.
The type of government that the founders eschewed was one that works for the people in accordance with the laws written in the Constitution. Unfortunately we have been lulled into a stupor , for many , many generations and allowed those who view it as a God given right to once again control us and live lives of opulence at our expense.
Something has to change

allonright • 2 years ago

(Sea) Change is coming. It will begin with a Red Wave.