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Sign the Petition Asking Trump to Intervene for Tommy Robinson!!!!!!!!!!

AlexanderMaunu • 5 months ago

Would like to help but Trump isn't going to have any influence in this matter.

Brad Ward • 5 months ago

Bullshit! You're not paying attention.

spirit • 5 months ago

I am afraid of President Trump caving. The left is giving him the bums rush - anyone in a leadership position has to be able to remain tone-deaf to the evil individuals who are trying to manipulate you. What President Trump should counter with is the REAL OUTRAGE: 64,000 Americans dead of a drug overdose and American babies being born addicted to drugs. See this horrific video: babies scream in agony, twitch, cry: https://vimeo.com/10038566

Ron C • 5 months ago

Such hypocrisy from the socialists....the liberal won't shed a tear for the children of the USA, that being raped & murdered by the illegal aliens....but they are so out-raged by the false premise that the child are being separated from their mothers bosom, while the sex trafficker's sell the kids into slavery... liberals don't a wit about any children...they just want power & money...period!

Tiger • 5 months ago

You bet and Trump won't. He is on it and he played these Left Loons like a fiddle. Oh those children going to be together alright in jail til parents get a hearing. He will be setting up areas for judges to hear cases quickly and tighten the asylum claim then off they go, deported.

karl • 5 months ago

So? The PC now cry child abuse!! So the USG will keep the families together..What the PC will cry put children in a camp with adults?? Horrors they may be abused...but dont separate them I know just let them all go...amnesty for all ..how special

IowaCorn • 5 months ago

It doesn't matter if President Trump ignores any "screams", the aim is to keep attention away from the IG report.

C Sense • 5 months ago

Many people seriously watch too much tv and see too much internet news these days and get too involved and too easily upset by biased modern leftist news media.!
This is all a product of too many people with free time & obsessed with news instead of getting on with real life.
This is also because of today everyone has a smartphone and is exposed to endless excessive news and over dramatic headlines & lefty media corporate news with headlines & news stories designed for clicks, ratings, people to watch, money, sales.

Don't get stressed or fall for the always dramatic lefty news stories and news headlines.

Good on you President Trump and farage.

John C Carleton • 5 months ago

Washington DC wants all these illegals.

Send em to Washington DC.

A Washington DC "citizenship", gives one the right to live in Washington DC.

Washington going to get mighty crowed, they keep passing out Washington DC citizenships to all the Gentuza they can coax to come with free everything.

Cause, at some point, in self defense, the Sovereign Staes, will have to ship all of Washington DC's "Immigrants" and "citizens", to Washington DC.

Wonder high high they can stack em in Washington?

BobFalfa • 5 months ago

Farage was NEVER the Brexit Architect,The UK was done over by two Tory boys having a pissing contest instigated by Farage,who is incidentally not of British origin
Farage is a complete idiot,the
DF wrecked the UK,,,,,,,,outside the UK folk don't realise he has NEVER
won an election as a person or party OK he got a seat in the EU,but that
is a completely different electoral systemFarage
sees Trump as a way to more wealth and as such he's inserted himself so
far up Trump's backside an enema will be need for his removal,

Sylvia Et Les Matagots • 5 months ago

Farage may not be flawless and no question that we must have a close eye on also those we have reason to hope they make changes for the better, but Farage is an audible voice against the globalists.

BobFalfa • 5 months ago

I do want change for the better, that is why I support an Independent Scottish Republic,

Protestant • 5 months ago

Farage is a hero for battling against the EU COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP for 20 years, and the Tories embezzled party funds by sending 4000 party agitators to Nigel's constituency during the election campaign, going door-to-door warning voters that he would "ruin the country", to prevent him from winning a seat in Parliament. Then they appointed Champion Ditherer Teresa May to stall Brexit as long as possible.

Protestant • 5 months ago

Nigel has proven to be a MUSLIM APPEASER who threw Tommy Robinson under a bus, spoke out in support of MUSLIM TRAITOR Priti Patel, and tried to foist MUSLIM TROJAN HORSE Raheem Kassam onto UKIP as leader, stepping aside as leader himself to make way for him. This is exactly how all Muslims, Sikhs & Hindus come to power in the West, by western "enablers" holding them by the hand, then stepping aside for them. Just like Muslim Traitor Sajid Javid climbed to power in his career, by three different female politicians stepping aside to make way for him.

Nigel's favourite Muslim Trojan Horse Rajeem Kassam has been trying to take over the Freedom of Speech protests for Tommy in London, and being massively pushed onto us as a "British patriot".

destiny • 5 months ago

Shut up those dumb females in his camp and just turn everyone away. Put a Fema camp at the border. No immigration allowed by anyone for three years. No benefits for noncitizens and people who do not speak English.

Close the border. No more trade with anyone. Make our own stuff. Deport, deport, deport!

Hatman • 5 months ago

While i think that many of those are good ideas, the President of the Executive Branch is to "faithfully execute the laws of the land," not make up his own, no matter how brilliant they may be. America decided not to have a king for this very reason(and others). So, as unwieldy as the process may be, he's got to work with Congress to get laws changed.

Technically, Executive Orders are not Constitutional(see Article 2); Lincoln got the "War Powers" acts "passed," unlawfully, with a rump Congress that had adjourned "sine dae," and every president since has re-ratified them - mainly because they like the power, i suspect. Lincoln himself planned to revoke those Unconstitutional powers, i read, but the assassination sort of made that plan kaput.

Protestant • 5 months ago

Well said!

T.A. Parnell • 5 months ago


Batters Box • 5 months ago

Trump caved, and lost support from his base all for nothing they played him. Farage is spot on as usual, Trump needs to tell Ivanka,Jared, and his wife to STFU..

Hatman • 5 months ago

i suspect that this is true; like any good intel agency will do, they've worked up a psychological profile on their target, and know he can be manipulated by means of a real or pretended threat to children. Worked in Syria, didn't it, even though it is quite likely he knew before the launches that these "gas attacks" were completely staged.

No doubt you have noticed that the MSM globalist pedophile satanist traitors have already moved on to yet another sapper-type attack; they're very much like spoiled children themselves, who are never
satisfied. I suspect that they need a good spanking, both metaphorically and even physically, before they'll learn their lesson.

The broken • 5 months ago

Exactly right to he'll with those crying Mexican brats, I love trump but he's to damn nice

TruthWhetherYouLikeItOrNot • 5 months ago

Farage is always correct, always has the right pulse. Love this man.

Protestant • 5 months ago

Except he is a MUSLIM APPEASER who threw Tommy Robinson under a bus, spoke out in support of MUSLIM TRAITOR PRITI PATEL, and tried to foist MUSLIM TROJAN HORSE Raheem Kassam onto UKIP as leader, trying to take over the Freedom of Speech protests for Tommy in London.

BobFalfa • 5 months ago

You're not far wrong certainly about Tommy Robinson, Farage hung him out to dry

Batters Box • 5 months ago

He's spot on

Steve F1 • 5 months ago

i'm still waiting for him to do anything near what he promised. The Christian Hispanics aren't anywhere as near as bad as all the Muslims he hasn't stop coming. As proven in Europe that particular group won't assimilate and forms no go zones where no one else is allowed.

Batters Box • 5 months ago

Christian Hispanics are just as tribal as Muslims are anti-Christian why do you think most Hispanic citizens support the invasion from the southern borders to dominate the USA no different then Islamics.

Protestant • 5 months ago

That is actually true! There are some very interesting reports that the USA has long been the target of Jesuits, because it is the largest Protestant country in the world. So their plan is to flood the USA with Catholic Hispanics swarming across the border, to claim territory for the Vatican. It's called La Raza "The Plan of Aztlan".

destiny • 5 months ago

Hispanics have blood from islamic invaders who occupied and intermarried so they are related.

Philip Smith • 5 months ago

Spot on Nigel. Great encouragement for USA. Good against evil.
Light a match in a dark room. No more darkness? The light is greater than the darkness?

Running Beaver • 5 months ago

Bye bye's Mamma, bye bye's dada. Bye byes have good time at Aweschlitz. Barron Trump is the camp commandant at Aweschlitz

Bigkid • 5 months ago


duncmck • 5 months ago

when people realize the architects of the MSM are the dark side of the deep state .they will also realize they are being herded like cattle by the elites..the elites are the architects of the globalist dark side of the deep state = CIA-FBI MI6 -WTO-CFR-IMF.etc etc .not all alphabet agencies are dark...not all people working for these agencies are traitors either .they are un-knowing serfs who hesitate at looking a gift horse in the mouth.IMO this immigration scam is just another strategy ..when this one fails they will pull another out of the latrine...machiavillian protocol from human maggots.

owta spAc • 5 months ago

Maybe separating families that enter a country illegally seems unusual, but I'd hazard a guess it's what happens all over the world.
Next msm will be fuming that Trump is breathing he must be a Nat see .

koil • 5 months ago

The libtards must change the narrative from the smoking I.G. report to my kids in cages cages cages , stfu libtards and suffer , you bunch of child diidlers , your ass is caught and crying aint going to help you , no mercy on your soul , you will pay the ultimate price for eating kids and trafficking them you loser pos

Last days • 5 months ago

The satanic MSM is working 24 hours a day to destroy America and our Government isnt doing a thing about.
The MSM is the enemy within , Americas destuction.

Hatman • 5 months ago

i'm hoping you'll be pleasantly surprised, soon; according to the "fireman prophet," Mark Taylor, over 30,000 sealed indictments are near ready to be served, and he cites as evidence that many retired officers - including many from the JAG offices - have been recalled to duty, AND that the facilities at Guantanamo have been expanded to house many more prisoners. Taylor says that God told him there would be "military-style tribunals" coming, that The Liar would do time(and rat out many more) for her many crimes(both against the United States and humanity itself) as a sign that "the Jezebel" spirit has been defeated, and that D'Ohbama would be convicted of Treason and do time, too; don't know as he'll be executed, but the word Taylor got from God was that he would be "ripped and stripped of the presidency.

He has many more prophesies; the ones he wrote in 2011 concerning Trump have come to pass, which lends credence to the subsequent ones. They are viewable @ sordrescue.com free.

frank_J • 5 months ago

SURRENDER IS NOT WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. • 5 months ago

Trump was getting you ready for the mass murder of hispanics, but they were surprised people cared about the torture of these children.

They thought they had convinced you these were not human.

nastyz • 5 months ago

you should choke your mother for not using a steel coat hanger

Last days • 5 months ago

You are mentally ill and dangeous , You shouldnt be allowed on the computer more less , the streets.

. • 5 months ago

Trump panic.....his base were disgusted by his child abuse.

Batters Box • 5 months ago

BS there's no difference between a little invader or a big one they will both suck from the USA everything they can get.

Jean • 5 months ago

Trump doesn’t even have the support of his own party, Americans might have to go to the border and build the dam wall themselves just like the Domino’s
Pizza filled pot holes otherwise it won’t get done.

ted • 5 months ago

You're all to fat to do real work.

Janet Sharpley • 5 months ago

"You're all [too] fat..."