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horse man .... • 3 years ago

I just wonder what BioWeapons Lab this deadly strain was engineered in?

Wayne Kennedy • 3 years ago

Africa now feels entitled to move to western nations while they also plan the gov. wants mobs to attack farms est. over generations without compensation to run whites out of S. Africa. https://commons.wikimedia.o... Many now are Islamic as well.

Fedupublicsectorworker • 3 years ago

entitled? Migration has been going on since year dot mate! You lot migrate all over the [place, why can't Africans? They are just human beings like yourself you know!

BIoodEagle • 3 years ago

Conquest is not an entitlement.

Steve Nickerson • 3 years ago

The Globalist have these arrows ‘on the ready’ in their quiver....Economic collapse, civil unrest (think Parkland students, BLM etc), global war and pandemic...They are not taking Trump’s success well and at snap of finger can trigger any of the above calamities to look natural....Behind such tragedies will be fingerprints of likes of Soros, Gates etc...

Mark • 3 years ago

Well, at least the percentage is dropping. The first story was 50%, then 40%, now it's 38.3%. By this time tomorrow, it'll be down to Tylenol levels and no one gives a sh*t about that.

Star • 3 years ago

hahaha: Tylenol levels :-)

A-Braces • 3 years ago

They did the same thing here in BC (Fraser Valley) in 2004, 2005 and a little again in 2011 or 2014ish - - it is just to INNOCULATE ALL THE POULTRY - and mandate the new state rules - so you get chemicals in all the eggs and chickens, ducks, etc.

It was really bad in early 2005 we all (a lot of us) got double flues - one flu would end after a week or 2 and then WhamO another dose of another very bad strain of INFLUENCED INFLUENZA!

Always keep garlic (ail) on hand now.

Free • 3 years ago

Bill gates said a few months ago a terrible flu outbreak would be coming.....seems to me he is the one behind it......why bill gates foundation exists is beyond me. He is a list and murderer.do nt vaccinate you will regret it. Bc he makes vaccines that react with whatever in environment..he is evil.

Mark • 3 years ago

Yep. If ol' Bill "I will vaccinate African blacks before I spend a penny on my own neighbors" Gates says something is coming, you can bet it is. This guy is an elite insider using his billions to lay waste to the human race. He gained experience early on by laying waste to personal computers with his Windozer product.

Bart Dumpcake • 3 years ago

What is the easiest way to depopulate targeted areas without any blame and make it look natural? Biowarfare. They could taint the planes running chem trail programs national with a 1% solution of whatever they saw fit.

This would also be the best way the globalists pigs could slow down Trump and really brings the US and others to thier knees.

Being prepared with legit masks and body protection coupled with having a pretty remote outpost is your best chance of survival should something as wicked as this come down.

Be ahead of the curve.

Fedupublicsectorworker • 3 years ago

Lol real tin foil hate stuff! you keep prepping mate spending your dollars making someone else rich!

Bart Dumpcake • 3 years ago

Proud prepper and I would rather spend my money on preps that for NFL tickets and jerseys.

Mark • 3 years ago

Many have suggested that some of these chemtrails they've been hitting us with for four decades have contained a coded agent of some kind, that can be activated with some other substance or perhaps RF frequency. Once activated, then it starts wrecking our health or killing us.

I don't doubt that one bit. If I were a bad guy hell bent on mass murder, that's how I'd do it.

disqus_CbFK3MPhJu • 3 years ago

heard wendy's get their chicken from china.

Smokey • 3 years ago

It's a bio weapon that created and released by the deep state in order to kill off half the world's population in order to use fear to user in their New World Order.
Look what it says on the Georgia Guidestones

Bonok Pabulu • 3 years ago

You bet. It's going to be like in the handmaid's tale,except everybody is going to be homosexual
and they will hang your dead beaten and abused carcass from a wall for not being inclusive enough.

Smokey • 3 years ago

Destroy this temple and God will raise it back up.

abinico • 3 years ago

The best defense is to keep your blood level of vitamin D as high as possible - get plenty of full body sun.

Franklin Wisman • 3 years ago

What happened to we were all to die from Ebola in 2014? Guess that just went away, eh?

Mark • 3 years ago

That entire operation was very, very fishy. It really looked like they were setting us up for a mass attack over here, by bringing some of the sick here. I was expecting to wake up one day with the news saying that the bug had escaped quarantine on one of these patients, but it never did.

Nimadan • 3 years ago

Interesting. In the past couple of days, I've noticed several East Asian immigrants*, in the West Coast city where I live, wearing filters over their mouths and noses. There are no reports of a flu epidemic going on here right now so that can't be what they're reacting to. Yeah, it could be a coincidence but...

*I specify "immigrants" because the experienced eye can usually distinguish FOBs from asian-americans
& "East Asians" because epicanthrian folds notwithstanding, Southeast Asians tend to look a bit different.

Guest • 3 years ago
n_iz_4_nazarene • 3 years ago

All of you probably know this already, but face masks will do little to nothing to stop a virus as they are too small to filter. Wearing them is a placebo. However, you can make them more effective by misting the mask before wearing it with a simple salt water solution. And, as always, washing hands often is the best deterrent for spreading germs. The doctor is out.

Mark • 3 years ago

Well, my guess would have been that it reduces the risk, not eliminates it. Viruses can float in the air, yes, but they also float on particles like mucus, and air currents and HVAC can kick these particles around, and I suspect that might be the larger benefit to the masks, as well as blocking direct mucus spray from coughs.

HeartFeart • 3 years ago

Nothing new. They've basically been doing that everywhere ever since the SARS thingy a decade or so ago. Notice that all of the new diseases come from Asian countries? We can thank Orville & Wilbur for that.

Nimadan • 3 years ago

I'm aware of that but I haven't seen Asians doing the facemask thing since then.

HeartFeart • 3 years ago

I see at least a dozen a day here in my small city of around 750,000. Many live in the downtown area as i do & I see them all the time. Not as bad but still as unnerving as a burkah when dealing with them in a government office.

HeartFeart • 3 years ago

I had to take the bus the other day in about 30 years & I thought it was being robbed by bandits with all the masks

Xilinx_guy • 3 years ago

Stop having chickens living in your house

CCW4allPatriots • 3 years ago

Man made?? Maybe. 1918 bird flu killed 50 million, one fifth of the world population. 675,000 Americans died. More than all the wars put together (except to Civil War). Now the world population is 7.6 BILLION Globalist want a few billion gone (you know - dead), but not them. What a nice way to do it.

Nimadan • 3 years ago

"50 million, one fifth of the world population."

That would mean the total pop in 1918 was only 250-million which can't be right.
I'm sure we already had a billion people by then or close to it.

CCW4allPatriots • 3 years ago

my mistake

Nad Navlis • 3 years ago

World population in 1918=1.8 billion. One-fifth of the world population were affected by the flu, and @50 million died. Records were not terribly accurate at that time.

CCW4allPatriots • 3 years ago

My mistake.

Antithetical clown • 3 years ago

I hope it kills everyone of those dog eating
Parasites! DIE!

KISS keep it simple • 3 years ago

The testing ground. But eugenics requires 95% culling. Back to the drawing board.

Brian Deneau • 3 years ago

This is what happens when you stick 1.5 billion people in a country -right where the USA is going.

aby smith • 3 years ago

the NWO almost has it perfected. At a 83% mortality rate they will be good to go...

sustoismo . • 3 years ago

Deja vu of WWI. It will come here too.

Stephen Tassio • 3 years ago

Simply kill all the chickens and sterilize or burn down the barns and start again.

Why sit around counting the dead?

Yep let's have a BBQ, good idea!!!
Or sell them with 25% discount to McDonald's, art of the deal.