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Hermes Tresmigistus • 4 years ago


servant • 4 years ago

Not just chem trails being sprayed out in America. How many larva of these have they sprayed all over the nation.
U.S. Germ Warfare in Korea

savour4truth • 4 years ago

Geranium oil and Pennyroyal oil also help deter them, as well as diatomaceous earth everywhere there is laundry, shoes, or animals traveling in the house. These also carry other worm-type parasites.

c • 4 years ago

The Ticks that were %100 engineered with LYME disease [easily curable] was a testing round. With certain modifications and using nano-technology, the New Ticks would be considered 2.0 of the old program that ran from 52 - 67 on the small island on the outskirts of New York City.. Look at why its harder to kill = nano-tech upgrade, more fatal = disease upgrade using virus mutations,
They also most likely changed the acquisition patterns and intensity in the creatures brain so that it becomes more voracious then previous versions. Insects can be used for lots of things, they already use it for spying, by creating AI powered nano-fibre/tech flies, mosquito, bee's etc.

Its all real and irrefutable my suggestion is use catnip, its a great flea and tick deterrent and used for many other things humans need.

c • 4 years ago

Next time you see a fly , go through your house and you know it shouldn't be there take a closer look at it you might be surprised and catch a spy.

The Illiterati • 4 years ago

Ticks do not automatically carry diseases, they aren't hatched with them.

Ticks have a 2 stage life. Once hatched, they're adolescents with only 6 legs, (Arachnids normally have 8.) it gets the final 2 legs once it becomes an adult.

If it's lucky, it hatched by where animals walk by.... and it get on one walking by. The tick simply climbs up a plant and waits for one to come by. Once it sucks enough of the animal's blood... it has the chance to pick up any compatible disease the animal might have. It then falls off and undergoes the transformation to the adult stage and tries to get on another animal.

If it finds another animal, it feeds off it, and has the chance to pass whatever disease it might have picked up from the other one. Then it falls off, goes to ground, and leaves eggs.

This would have to be the stupidest bio weapon delivery system ever.

tom carr • 4 years ago

Ticks weaponized to carry and transmit deadly disease, a WW2 NAZI Globalist ideology. Same old Nazi Industrialists, Same old tricks

Liberty Repost • 4 years ago

More love from the fine folks at Plum Island

Wokeup823 • 4 years ago

Ticks are a way of life in jersey, they hang out in woods, pines they love and tall grasses are full of them. Check animals daily and check yourself in shower daily. Nasty little buggers.

Probably hitched a ride from China inside a wood pallet or boxes containing live plants or similar. Remember only 20% of the stuff that comes into the US is inspected. The rest is passed along and 'rubber-stamped' at the Port or Dock then loaded onto a flatbed trailer or Intermodal and delivered to the customer. Think about this for a moment! With an average of 25,000 ocean-going containers arriving into East and West Coast US Entry Ports on football-field size container Ships from China a Monthly basis, how is anyone possibly going to check them all for contraband, invasive insects, illegal products, counterfeit goods and whatever else? It is PHYSICALLY and LOGISTICALLY impossible.

Guest • 4 years ago

More blood suckers....

Guest • 4 years ago


Nick T. • 4 years ago

Nice work buddy, best wishes.