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aleksandarmih • 6 years ago

Alles scheint nur ein gewöhnlicher Betrug. Ich habe 5000 Meilen und keine Zahlungen.

News Online Income • 6 years ago

Yep Aleksandarmih, ist Whitepinsplus 100% schlecht und Betrug Unternehmens. Das ist , was wir in unserem Test , wie oben geschrieben .

LUCKA • 7 years ago

I think whitepins. com is not scam because scamadvisor. com evaluated whitepins .com as 100% safe and trust worthy. I have been clicking images for 91 days and Will be able to tell you if my work is paid by the end of the month.
Reading all these comments and thinking this company may have some financial or other problem I suggested everyone who can afford it to buy 100 miles. I, myself, tried to buy 100 miles but have been unsuccessful so far.
Two days ago somebody tried to prove whitepins. com is not scam by 'asking' scamadvisor. com which resulted in that whitepins. com is NOT SCAM. Me, too,
tested whitepins. com via scamadvisor. com and got the same, positive answer that whitepins. com is 100% safe. What did I do then? I share the news using Facebook . . .
and the consequence today is that I can not log in whitepins. com because of heavy loan.
I am afraid now whitepins. com can turn into scam because too many people are trying to
join it. I don't know if something can be done about it. Maybe we can help the whitepins
company by buying miles but it's up to the whitepins. com management to tell the registered people about their eventual problem and to ask for our support if they need it.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Lucka,
First of all, we like to tell you that scamadvisor check website against virus and bugs. If any website is clear with virus and threats, scamadvisor will declare it as legit company. Scamadvisor doesn't observe the business model of that company and what they are doing with their client.
However, after we see your comment, we test it in scamadvisor and report them about Whitepinsplus and now they had already change its status from safe to highly risk. Try to search again in Scamadvisor, now you will find Whitepinsplus is listed as very risky website list in Scamadviser.
But in online work industry, there are other many factor (specially the intention of owner of the site) to make each company legit or scam
Whitepinsplus is already SCAM, they had already stop paying. But, time to time you come here and write message about helping whitepinsplus by buying miles. Why anyone will help some company which had already cheat the money of many members and run away with it. Anyway, it seems that you don't want to believe that Whitepinsplus has already turn into SCAM. If you want to stay in your own dream world, then its your choice. Otherwise Whitepinsplus had already stop paying to their members, So, IT IS SCAM.

Goran Goran • 7 years ago

Its a scam alright, I just dont understand why in title here there is a word "THINK" !?

After 90 days they should pay me out, today is day 150 and still nothing, explanation is (after few weeks waiting) that they need to check accounts because some people were cheating with referral option there.
I told the guy I dont have a referral and that nobody is my referee, he just answer "dont worry, just click"

Now after some research I found out that they just use us through google adsense as that is how that guy gets income, we get NOTHING !

Report him to adsense, click on ads like crazy (adsense), google/adsense this deliberate clicks many times punish in a way that they will cancel ads for whitepins and everything related to that cheater guy !!!


News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Goran,
We use word "think" is that time when Whitepinsplus had just launched. We post this review after one week of launched of Whitepinsplus. So, that time we had already warn people not to join this company because from the beginning we think it will turn into scam. That time it was paying, but also we were sure that it will turn into scam. That is why we use word "we think" because this post was of that time. You can find "update" on top of this post which we have posted around 2 months before and in which we and already declare them as Scam.

Char0n • 7 years ago

Sue the Company. Many other already did.
This letter is from the prosecutor's office in Germany (Würzburg).
There is a complaint against Adolf Bauer for fraud.
This is the owner of Emotain / WhitePinsPlus.
You can use the file number (Akten / Geschäftszeichen)
http://map-team.de/wp-conte.... jpg

Jose Da Silva Mirra • 7 years ago

How can i join the case against Adolf Bauer from Portugal?

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Jose,
Different countries have different law. We are not from Portugal, so we don't know how to file case from Portugal. It is better you ask with lawyer in your country who take online scam cases.

Char0n • 7 years ago

Sorry, i don't know. Best is to ask a lawyer who know EU-Law.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear RoqueNE,
Thanks a lot for helping our friends around here. Thank you.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear RoqueNE,
This is the nice move. People should start to do something like this for every Scam Companies.

Sibtulhassan • 7 years ago

Where is the option of withdrawn on whitepinsplus...

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Sibtulhassan,
Whitepinsplus has already stop paying to its members and that is what we write in our review about Whitepinsplus as above. So, what is the use of withdrawing money if you can't get it?

saba • 7 years ago

hey plz tell me how can i remove my documents from whitepinsplus? and also tell me tabout libertagia mondel is scam or not?

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Saba,
Sorry to say, but there is not any way get back your documents which you had already submitted to Whitepinsplus because even you remove them from Whitepinsplus's account, then also they already have copy of your documents. So, at the moment forget about it. If in the future you get some troubles with those documents which you had submitted to Whitepinsplus, report about it to the nearest police department at that time. At the moment, just keep and save as many proof as you can which will prove that you had submitted documents to Whitepinsplus like emails from Whitepinsplus, screenshot of your Whitepinsplus's account etc.
About Libertagia, that is also not good company. We had already provide our detail review on Libertagia which you can find by clicking this link:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

razia • 7 years ago

Then why don't these fake sites got banned. is there any way to banned them.if yes then plz do this.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Razia,
No one can shutdown the sites unless the owner or the domain provider. So, no one can banned the sites. But like you say, we also think that some government entity must do something to control this internet crime. May be in coming future they come up with some new laws and rules. Anyway, at the moment there is not any such kind of laws. That is why internet is polluting by more scams day by day.

saba • 7 years ago

im from pakistan ,tell me true sites online earning . i dont want to invest :(

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Saba,
You ask us same question in another page of our website. We had already replied you there. Please click this link in order to go to that page and view our reply:- http://www.newsonlineincome...

saba • 7 years ago

thnku sooo much for guiding us :)

Alex • 7 years ago

I am on day 110 and nothing, I'm courius when they will shut down the site.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Alex,
We think they will not shut down the site because it seems they had already abandoned it. Now, when the registered date of site will expire, it will shutdown automatically.

John • 7 years ago

I got 10 extramiles today from Whitepinsplus. (referral has verified his account). I have verified my account already , and still working , I dont know why...when everybody is talking about whitepins -scam

Char0n • 7 years ago

That can not be. The referral system has been disabled. Take a screenshot please. But payouts not work anyway. The site is definitely fraud.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear RoqueNE,
Ya, Whitepinsplus is definitely fraud. That is what we write in our review. Thanks for supporting it.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear John,
It is very simple to find out why Whitepinsplus is Scam. Just try to cashout your earnings which you made within Whitepinsplus, they will never pay you. So, if some company doesn't pay to their members after they earn money within it, then sure that is Scam.

Ilona • 7 years ago

Dear Admin , I want to ask you about this game WhitePinsPlus. com why ninety days why not show the benefits of the table you need to choose ? Because I'm already playing ninety four days. And does not show the benefits of the table , and to charge extra meal

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear IIona,
Extremely sorry for such a late response. It is because you had put ".com" after the name of WhitePinsPlus and our system detect it as the full link of Whitepinsplus due to which our system mark it as harmful link and send your comment to our spam folder. There are lots of comments within our spam folder due to which it takes lots of hard work and time in order to filter genuine comments from the spam folder.
Sorry for you inconvenience.
We had already declare Whitepinsplus as Scam company and we had already explain why it is scam in detail within our review as above in this page. So, if some company is bad, then sure they will not care about their members, their system will not be upgraded etc. That is why you can't see the benefits of table and they will not bother to upgrade it.
Can we ask you one question? After your read our review on Whitepinsplus, you already know it is Scam. So, why are you still working in Whitepinsplus?

Igor Sikirica • 7 years ago

Can i ask you about Whitepins, what can happen if we send they ID documents can they falsifies that?

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Igor,
As per our review above, you can find that Whitepinsplus is not good company and even now it is already turn to be scam as we predicted in our review as above.
So, if you provide your personal information like ID documents to any Scam Company, then they can sell those information to 3rd party and those 3rd party can use it to make fake ID, fake passport, fake University Transcript etc. And if you had provide them your credit card details, then you must contact your bank as soon as possible to make necessary changes within your card.

Igor Sikirica • 7 years ago

Dear Admin,
I have not given a credit card :), just wondering for my documents it is really sick what people working.....
Thank you for your answer

News Online Income • 7 years ago

You are welcome Igor.

Pandula Péter • 7 years ago

Thanks for this great article, it has pointed out all of my concerns about Whitepins+. The only reason I've been "working" on that site for months was that I couldn't find any bad reiews about it online and wanted to test it - I've been doing research weekly and only found the same blog posts and YouTube videos that were recommending it, I have no idea why I couldn't find this website sooner. Thank you for saving me from wasting more time on this scam.
P.S.: I can confirm the message Dumitru received a few posts below. Since then the earnings counter has disappeared from my acccount, but also, before that warning the way they calculated the earnings was very unpredictable and the website was getting increasingly difficult to load, making those daily few clicks very annoying and overcomplicated.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Pandula,
We are so happy to know that our article is able to help you. The main motto of our website is to warn people from scam companies before they can scam them and guide them to work in legit companies and new companies which are paying withing any issues. However, like you say, some people don't do research and waste time and money in scam companies. However, we are so happy to know that you do the research and find our company. Thanks for providing more insights about Whitepinsplus and supporting our article.

Andreas Delfinu • 7 years ago

hello, EzWealthBuilder it is scam or not? it's something new.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Andreas,
EzWealthBuilder is very new company, just launched at 31st January 2015 and we also need some time in order to investigate them.
However, so far from our investigation we found that there was one Scam website name Ez Wealthy Solution 5-6 years before. If someone want to open legit website, why they need to put the similar name of scam company or why didn't they research the name of company before they open it?
They have register their website privately and there is not any details about owner and their address. So, why they need to hide their information? None of Legit Online Work Companies register their website privately.
They register their domain under ".net" and even make their welcome video using Youtube. Why they even can't afford to make quality video and buy high domain like ".com" and ".org" if they are claiming members can earn $170,000 by joining them. To get rank in Google, ".net" is not consider to be good. So, why don't they care about those kind of facts?
Even they don't provide what is inside their system, everything is hidden. They only say that members can earn upto $170,000, but how, what is the way? To find that, you need to join that program. Most of Scam Sites do that. They never mention how members can earn within inside of it because they know it is almost impossible to earn using their system. However, they only mention about their product and compare it with Google text ads. How they can provide advertisers the traffic like Google if they have only less than 200 visitors per day right now.
The website loading speed is also not good. It seems they open this website with very low budget. Company claiming members to earn $170,000 has open their own website with low budget, doesn't it sound funny?
This company has just launched in 31st January, 2015 and till now they already post many payment proofs which they pay to many members. How can they pay to that much amount to members within 6 days? It look like all fake payment proofs. Even those payment proofs have not real screenshot. They just post that they pay to their members. More than that, Company was launched at 31st January, 2015 and they have post payment proofs from 24 January 2015. Members start to earnings before company was launched. We think they want to launched early but launched little late and forget to delete those payment proofs which was made before launched date of company. Totally fake payment proofs.
They have only 200 website visitors per day and they post that they had already more than 29,000 members. Another fake statement or may be after member join the website, they feel that it is not worth to work and just leave it. Anyway, this proves that there are even not 100 people working in this company at the moment. So, how they served more than 76,000,000 text ads if only that much members are working in that website. Another fake statement.
Other than this, right now we can't say anything about it because we are still investigating on it.

dumitru • 7 years ago

Dear Admin

Whitepins +
is SCAM?

I received
the following message languid:

„ Wichtige Neuigkeiten -
Important News

- English
Version Click here -

Liebe Trendscouts,

nach der Einführung der Freundschaftswerbung mussten wir immer häufiger
feststellen, dass das WhitePins+ System Opfer von falsch verstandener
Freundschaftswerbung geworden ist und immer noch ist.

Wir haben versucht diesen Umstand bei laufenden Betrieb abzustellen, was
uns aber nicht gelungen ist. Deswegen wird die Freundschaftswerbung und die
damit verbundenen Boni bis auf weiteres eingestellt.

Es werden alle Konten hinsichtlich ihrer IP-Adresse während der
Bildervergleiche überprüft. Zudem werden auch weitere Parameter in Bezug auf
Klickverhalten bei Verdacht auf Doppelkonto und die Verifizierung aller Konten
überprüft. Während dieser Phase bitte keine neuen Support-Tickets öffnen, da
zuerst die bereits geöffneten Tickets bearbeitet werden müssen.

Während dieser Überprüfungsphase können verständlicherweise keinerlei
Auszahlungen an Trendscouts geleistet werden.

Es werden alle WhitePins+ Konten auf Sleep-Modus gestellt. Sleep-Modus
bedeutet für den Trendscout, dass er seine täglichen Bildvergleiche bei WhitePins
machen kann aber keine weiteren Auszahlungen momentan beantragen kann.

Erst wenn alle Konten überprüft sind kann WhitePins+ sicherstellen kein
Geld an Fakekonten anzuweisen.

Unter Verdacht stehende Trendscouts werden per mail angeschrieben und um
Stellungnahme gebeten. WhitePins+ behält sich vor bei begründeten Verdacht
diese Konten zuschließen.

Wir möchten hiermit auch bekanntgeben, dass Herr Ralf Gradl keinerlei
geschäftliche Verbindung zu WhitePins+ hat. Er war bis heute noch nie für
WhitePins+ tätig. Wir bitten deshalb die Privatsphäre von Herrn Ralf Gradl zu
wahren und zu respektieren. Vielen Dank hierfür.

Februar 2015 - Adolf Bauer, Geschäftsführer

Dear trendscouts,

After the introduction of recommending-a-friend we have ascertained that
WhitePins+ is a victim of misinterpreted recommending-a-friend.

We have tried to intercept this fact during the commission but we did not
manage it.

Because of this, the recommending-a friend and the bonuses will be ceased
until futher notice. All accounts will be checked concerning the IP-address
during image comparisons. Moreover, further parameters according to the click
behavior, with suspicion of twin accounts will be checked and also the
verification of every account. During this period please do not open new
support tickets because we have to answer those tickets which had been opened

During this check we can not do any payouts.

All WhitePins+ accounts are set on sleep mode. Sleep mode means that every
trendscout can do image comparisons but he or she can not request any payouts.

Only if all accounts are checked, WhitePins+ can proof that no money will
be paid out to fake accounts.

Those who are under suspicion will get an email and will be requested to
give a statement. WhitePins+ reserves to close an account if there is a reasonable

Hereby we declare that Ralf Gradl has no business connection with
WhitePins+. He was not engaged in business for WhitePins+ until today. We
request to adhere to the sphere of personal privacy of Ralf Gradl and to
respect it. Thank you.

February 2015 - Adolf Bauer, CEO”

It is obvious
deliberate tendency not to pay the debt.

Was filled
world of scammers.

Thanks in

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Dumitru,
Whitepinsplus is definitely Scam. We had declare it as Scam when they were paying. That time we already know it is Scam and even we warn people by putting it in our Bad and Scam Online Work Companies list and providing review as above. So, it is definitely 100% Scam.

dumitru • 7 years ago

Thanks for confirmation.


News Online Income • 7 years ago

You are welcome Dumitru.

Rocks sb • 7 years ago

Dear sir,
Yesterday one of my friend suggested to register in http://www.vivatic. com and assure me 100% paid company.Kindly investigate this site for and let me know the real fact.

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Rocks Sb,
Even Vivatic right now pays, they will turn into scam one day. We are sure about that because every information they provide within their website is fake, like member list, total payout, payment proofs etc. More than that their business model is not sustainable and they are not making enough profit in order to pay to their all members. So, if some companies lie about these kind of things, and doesn't care about their business model, then sure one day they will turn to be Scam.

Sinisa Mihajlovic • 7 years ago

Whitepines is SCAM,but PaidVerts is best PTC sites Iam ern 50$ on 9 days


Enyoy and earn money

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Sinisa,
Thanks for supporting our review on Whitepinsplus and providing details about Paidverts. We had already provided the detail review on Paidverts in our site at this page:- http://www.newsonlineincome...
However, sorry to say that any comments which have link in it will be automatically detect as spam by our system and it will delete the link automatically.
Sorry for you inconvenience.

deepak • 7 years ago

Hi.. I am Deepak I am working on 100 day but payout not recive my paypal a/c please what the process of white pin payment..

News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Deepak,
Did you read our review on Whitepinsplus before you post this comment?
Sorry, but we ask this because we had post Whitepinsplus in our Bad and Scam Online Work Companies list, and in the review as above, we had already mention that this company is not good.
Although, that time we we post this review, it was paying, but also we had already declare it as Scam at that time. And now it had already stop paying.
So, if we had listed some company on Scam list, then soon or later that will definitely stop paying.
And in case of Whitepinsplus, it had already stop paying to their members.

Guest • 7 years ago
News Online Income • 7 years ago

Dear Petr,
Before promoting any website to lots of people, we suggest you to do your own research. If you had already done it, then that is great. Always careful with Scam Companies. If you are 100% sure that company is legit, then only promote it. Otherwise promoting Scam company is also one kind of Scam.
If you are not sure and want our help to identify the company which you are promoting is Legit or Scam, then you are welcome to provide us the name of that company. We will investigate it and will identify Scam or Legit

Petr Kaporin • 7 years ago

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